Jon Child - Resume

Interactive TV
Director/Shockwave Lingo
UI & Information Architecture

36 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011


 jc at winterchild point com


 INTERACTIVE TV: Publishing Systems, User Interface and Information Architecture

  • CloverLeaf Ditigal LLC - [2003-] - Walled Gardens, Portals and Games
    • Designing and building a LAMP based publishing system that handles a wide variety of set top boxes, browsers and client requirements.
    • Determining optimal UI for each set top box and browser combination.
    • Creating a variety of scraping systems for authorized content from the web.
    • Creating a suite of tools for Customer/Community Generated content wth the ability to upload data, images and videos.
    • Created a suite of games for iTV in PHP that are completely server side for "challenged" set top boxes featuring Blackjack, Freecell, Minesweeper, Tic Tac Toe with Leader Boards and Admin included.
    • Creating system health checking scripts and web-based management tools.
    • Creating a suite of tools for customers for stats, surveys/polls, system messaging, etc.
    • Created an IE based localizable news and information portal that plays itself including web codec videos.
    • Creating widgets and content systems for various set top box manufacturers.

 DIRECTOR/SHOCKWAVE LINGO PROGRAMMING: [since 1992 - HyperCard since 1987]

  • i3 Information & Imagination Inc. - [1998-2004] (freelance) Lead Programmer and Interface designer for many projects
    • pdi3 - Their own proprietary shell program for Director based presentations with the ability to organize & create presentation elements and additionally to jump to PowerPoint, Acrobat, the web and return. "Looks, acts and feels like a 32 bit app."
    • AT&T Net.Working - Included an interface for updating the presentation easily
    • Bayer "Life after Residency" - featuring varied uses of QuickTime
    • MasterCard - A multi-player game with competitive score keeping for multiple PCs in a convention environment
    • PanAmSat - a rich presentation that can be run either within or outside the PDi3 environment
    • Additional presentations for: ADP, Barnes & Noble, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cdradio, Clarite, Concert, Dendrite, GE, IBM, InfoMedics, International Paper, JP Morgan Chase, Katz, Mobius, OmniLynx, Oracle, Perdue, Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, Scient, Starwood and WestLB.

  • "Focus On Fundamentals" - William Duckworth - [2000, 2003] Programming & UI Design
    • CDrom project as part of the best selling textbook on fundamentals of music. A series of exercises for learning and writing music.
    • QA department said it was the first time they had no bugs to report.
    • Developed a simple musi
    • cal notation engine.
    • The student can write and hear back scales.
    • A number of Flash elements used for menus, buttons and forms.
    • The latest edition includes a number of additional features such as 'practice' and 'quiz' modes with the ability to send results by email to an instructor.

  • Cathedral - "PitchWeb" - [1998-2003] Inventing and programming
    • Featured in winning ASCAP Deems Taylor Award
    • An ongoing Shockwave project creating and improving a musical instrument playable by multiple players in concert on the web

  • - [2000-2002] (freelance) Programming and game structure.
    • A game for the web played on advertising
    • Responsible for defining overall game structure and design
    • Totally responsible for "the LAB" of Shockwave pieces which are various forms of message encoder/decoders, some of which are my own invention.
    • Development halted but "LAB" elements are viewable at

  • SourceMedia - [2000-2001] Project Definition, UI design and prototyping
    • Prototyped version 3 of their LocalSource product for interactive TV

  • Pringles - "PopBlaster" - Programming
    • Musical Instrument for kids with the ability to send "tunes" to friends

  • CableVision Systems Corporation (with Sony) - Interface Design and Programming
    • Prototyped a "set top box" that allows the user to view and navigate between Television, Video On Demand, the web with email and Customer Service
    • Prototype can be controlled using a standard WebTV infrared "remote"
    • Prototype used in focus groups and to demonstrate the extent of possible interaction while retaining the simplicity of current cable television

  • Ikonic Inc - "AT&T Investor Relations - Website redesign" - Design & Program
    • Conceived a Functional Design Document (prototype) in Director
    • Demonstrated how the site would work with a way to collect ongoing comments and issues from various parties in the process.
    • Created utilities in Director to update existing HTML legacy content.
    • Created similar prototypes for the Annual Report and an Internal intranet.

  • Yoko Ono/IMA - "Rising Mixes" - Enhanced CD Plus - Programming and structure
    • Design consultant.

  • Thomas Register - Designing, programming and producing
    • Various modules for CD Rom. Each module was for a separate company. Source material came from print, PDF, HTML, Quark, Freehand and hand drawn sketches.

  • "Avatar Home Delivery" - Everything
    • Modular series of self guided meditations for niche market of "Avatar Masters" (teachers of Avatar Training)
    • Featured the ability to run the programs with eyes closed by mouse clicks or simple keyboard commands. (Earlier version in HyperCard)

The following projects were all for i2i Inc. prior to 1998

  • "DesignOmatic" - Design team, Creative, Programmer, Art Production
    • Created full blown WYSIWYG prototype for JAVA application to design and order office stationary on the internet.
    • Translated elements (primitives, etc.) for JAVA
      (Prototype completed to virtually complete functionality, JAVA portion "put on hold" after rudimentary interface completed)
  • "CEMA Home Theater" - Lead programmer, Design Team, Creative, Art Production, Sound Design
    • CD-ROM to teach Electronics sales people and consumers about Home Theater.
    • Features an animated Dog and Professor.
    • Has some game elements, a little bit of video and a lot of charm
  • "CyberRig Demo" - Programmer, Creative, Design Team, Art Production, Sound Design, Video Editing (on Avid) and prep for CD.
    • Demo for networkMCI Business installed in a truck that traveled all over the country and in their various offices. (Lots of quicktime controlling playback)
  • "Friends and Family Mail" - Programmer, Creative, Art Production, Sound Design
    • A kiosk for MCI to introduce E-mail to the masses.
  • "Mentor", "Ovation", "Recognition OnLine" - Programmer, Creative, Art Production
    • Various 1 to 3 disk projectors to support and encourage MCI staff
  • "PC Connect" - Programmer, Creative, Art Production, Sound Design
    • Downloadable projector for promoting MCI to Bulletin board services.
  • "COE Proposal", "i2i Invitation" - Programmer, Creative, Art Production, Sound Design
    • Various single disk projectors for i2i Incorporated.


  • CloverLeaf Digital LLC - Flash elements for iTV portals

  • Schawk3D [2002-2004] ActionScript programming
    Setting up several variants of sophisticated tracking for an interactive simulation of a shopping experience which includes a shopping cart and sending the tracked information to a database for further analysis.

  • Agile Mind, Inc., ThinkFive Initiative [2002-2004] Designer/Programmer
    (The project is an educational site that is designed to provide online course support for AP Calculus AB and AP Statistics, professional teacher support services and interactive student services with a Learning Management System back-end.)
    • Interaction Designed, Spec'd, Programmed question display shells which front-end for XML
    • Designed and Programmed interactive "illustrations" and utilities used throughout the courses. (Moving graphs, coin-flipper, Plinko game and analysis, lottery machines, etc.)

  • The Cremaster Cycle - Providing underlying ActionScripts and logic for extensive artist's site.

  • General programming and design [1999-]
    Many of the projects listed herein contain Flash elements included within Director/Shockwave pieces, some quite ornate. (See PitchWeb, ProtoStorm and Focus On Fundamentals)


  • SourceMedia - [2000-2001] (freelance) Project Definition and Lead designer
    • Developed version 3 of their LocalSource product for interactive TV
    • Created prototype to demonstrate innovative concepts

  • CableVision Systems Corporation (with Sony) - [1999] (freelance) Lead Design
    • Developed a "set top box" that allows the user to view and navigate between Television, Video On Demand, the web with email and Customer Service

  • Ikonic Inc - [1998] (freelance) Lead UI for "AT&T Investor Relations - Website redesign" - ATT.COM/IR website (about 800 pages)
    • Restructured the site
    • Created a Functional Design Document (prototype) in Director as a demonstration of how the site would work with a way to collect ongoing comments and issues from various parties in the process
    • Created utilities to update existing HTML legacy content
    • Took over care, feeding and modifying of their proprietary FileMaker Pro tracking/creating/QA database
    • Created similar prototypes for the Annual Report and an Internal intranet


  • Web design, construction and maintenance
  • AVID Media Composer Editor
  • Audio engineer/producer for records, radio and production sound
  • Award winning filmmaker and documentarian
  • Edited/Produced over 100 music video clips
  • Teacher and therapist with individuals and groups, particularly Group Process
  • Harvard Graduate