Julie Rosa Winter
Healing Classes in New York City

These classes use personal issues as a basis for expanding and deepening spiritual practice.  The work focuses on compassion, mindfulness and creating skillful means to experience all of life through being in the moment.

Our methods and topics include:

  • Our relationship to intimacy, prosperity, creativity and radiant health
  • Practices that explore the ongoing mysteries of manifestation and the power of intention, always leaving room for the unknown to appear
  • Intuitive training that develops clarity, integrity and the capacity to enhance emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • The exploration of shadow states; the hidden aspects of strength and chaos
  • Stories the ego tells
  • Silent meditation and guided meditation
  • The plastic and ever transforming capacity of the brain
  • Past life information as a guide to areas of present life resilience, choices and dilemmas
  • A variety of energy work, including chakra work, intuitive healing and other styles of  energy practices
  • Rituals of celebration and healing
  • Channeling/Altered states

The context of the classes is a commitment to the earth and its beings and to the cessation of suffering.  Our shared understanding is that all life is interdependent and that, through the privilege of and commitment to living consciously, we contribute to everything.  We work with manifestation as an unfolding of All-That-Is/Divine Intelligence, moving through each individual.  Work is done in the spirit of supporting the good of all, liberating us from being hostages to apparent duality, able to enjoy the spaciousness of paradox and the freedom of transparency.

The group has a high level of individual attention and a strong sense of community.  The combined energy of the group creates healing power greater than that of each individual. 

The group is ongoing, students can start at any time. It meets on Thursdays from 6 PM to 8 PM Eastern Time. The classes have been hybrid with some students attending online using Zoom. As of March 2020 thay have been fully online. We expect them to return to hybrid in the fall of 2023.