Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Micciah July 16, 2015 part 1

Micciah's greeting and then the introduction of a new energy to further open contact with the divine. “Welcome the divine in all aspects of life.”

   Julie: So I ask to be guided in doing this work which is a great privilege. I do believe that all of us create the channeling together, even though I’m speaking. And that our energy, collectively, goes into the material that is delivered.
   It takes me a moment to shift.

   Micciah: We greet you dear friends [laughing] and Julie was saying that during the week in her meditations she experienced many energies eager to communicate. And we have with us, as they used to say on the old television programs, for the first time, an energy, an intelligence that has never been with us before in this work. So, will you please welcome [laughs] this new energy. And it is appropriate to the times and the vast changes that are, indeed, coming through faster and faster that there would be an enhanced attunement to this new vibration. [laughs again] Yes, everyone here is doing the tango. Is that right? Like that? [in a dance pose]
   So we know you have been working with intention. And we have spoken to you before, many times, about the flow of intention and your connectedness to all that is. This energy further opens a gateway to your close contact, your close encounter with divine energy’s presence in your ordinary sacred life. So we are saying to you, along with this energy which represents a further, more intimate connection with the actively divine. Divine intelligence. The great heart of the universe. Whatever you would like to call it as Julie’s teacher, Bro, used to say, “Call it Jesus. Call it Buddha. Call it Allah. Call it what you will.” And we want you to know and truly experience through your willingness to open yourselves, increasingly, to the patterns of the divine and their purpose and efficacy in your life. It is a joyous thing. It is a joyous noth-thing, non-thing. This joyous way to live. To live closer and closer contact to what is your own divine nature.
   And you know when Julie teaches about intention, she always says the last step is the most important step. And that is what her teacher told her. (And he is here, for the first time, laughing. [covers her eyes almost weeping/smiling] Nodding.) It is the release, the release. When you dissolve all you have thought about and planned, which is part of the work, melt it. Deliver it to the divine, because it is in the plan.
   It is there… What does this mean? It is there for you, what you need is there for you. We understand this brings up more questions than it answers. If it is there, where is it? Well, this will go into your question, Marilyn. Where is it in circumstances where there seems to be only desperation and misery? But it is still there.
   And before we go to the questions, we are going to say it one more time. (Are we up to three? Three is a charm.) That we urge you with such love, to welcome the divine in every aspect of your life. There is nothing too small that the conscious mind would call small, nothing too large. And the more you do this, the more it changes your brain quite literally. And they can see this now on scans, yes? The development of the brains of monks, the compassion bump is more developed. The more you do it changes the structure of your brain. It changes the rhythm of your nervous system and the quality of your cells. It changes your speech and your actions. In this transformation you contribute to transforming  the world. Because you are living it, living it. The old saying, “Talking the talk and walking the walk.” “You live in the atmosphere of your own believing.” And that is a quote from the great Brother Fuller. You live in the atmosphere of your own believing. So then you beam it. And the people with whom you have direct contact, intimate contact, friendly contact, the people you pass on the street, the people you meet in your dreams, the people on the other side of the world, are feeling it. Make no mistake.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”