Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Micciah Jan 5, 2017 (Comments on the 2016 election)

A look at the 2016 presidential election and its consequences.

   Julie: So as always I ask that I be guided, that the information and the impressions that I receive are useful. Oriented toward compassion, oneness. And I ask that the work be blessed. I am most grateful for the chance to do it, and most grateful for all of you for being here. For us being together.

   Micciah: So we greet you dear friends and we are most pleased to be with you. To be invited to communicate in this way through the realms. You live in many realms simultaneously, in many realities simultaneously. Most often your conscious mind, your ego self, your daily awareness has its nose pointed into this physical dimension which is a glorious and challenging realm. And we will remind you as we always do that guidance is constantly available. Not only through your meditations, but through your dreams, in the flashes in your daily waking state, through your guides and teachers for those of you who feel connected to them. And, you must ask.  And since it comes through the one mind, through eternal love, you may ask and ask again. You may ask when you wake up in the morning. You may ask fifteen minutes later. Guide me. Assist me. I am assisted by Spirit within, since I am Spirit, you are Spirit. You are Spirit. You say, “Well, you are ascending.” (That’s the up and down thing.) You are present. You are already Spirit. We would say maybe you are entering Spirit more fully. Aligning with your soul. But alright… We get stuck in time base language. “Ascending” is all right.
   And yes, we feel, right here, the joyous one, the energy who visited with you all some months ago. Just joy.
   First we want to discuss some psychological elements. This is a time when there are great divisions and chaos, not just in this country. But Judith, as you said, “911, happening slowly.” Julie is resisting this phrase… It is going to be chaotic. Within the chaos, you can individually and collectively… No only you, but you and you collectively with other beings, physical and non-physical, create peace. We will talk about that in a minute. But this is our important point here at the beginning. When chaos erupts… Yes, in the largest sense, as you, Melia were saying, “There’s nothing to worry about.“ But the personality self does not necessarily perceive it that way. Personality feels threatened, the ego feels threatened. And, this in important, chaotic times will activate pre-existing trauma. Because your nervous systems will respond to the chaos and in that response the traumatic material you have experienced in your lifetime will get very lively.
   Why do you need to know this? Because knowing it, you can be aware, ask for assistance, from your friends, from this group, from your therapist if you are in therapy; because you do not want to be making choices from that activated traumatic place. The old brain will be very busy, feeling as Judith said, and I know most of you feel, fear, anger… Under anger is always fear. Fear is always at the bottom. You don’t want to be making your choices through that traumatized psychological situation. So, it needs care… Uh huh, un huh, un huh.  [pats herself gently] “Here’s the fear. Yes, my cognitive awareness, I am fearful of this incoming government, of their policies about the earth.” Yes, and, there are other parts of the self in actively traumatized condition that need care, attention, love, compassion, comfort, sharing, quiet. All of the things that calm the nervous system. It will help you greatly to be aware of this. So you can be in a caring mode, open hearted toward your own pain.
   And another important piece. Asking for help. People don’t talk on the phone anymore… Can you text for help? Yes, why not? To stay in contact. Because when you go into trauma there’s a feeling of isolation, separation. Old brain activity. “Where are the bad people? Where are the tigers?” That needs to be taken care of. You as a group take care of each other very lovingly. You may all have other groups, friends you can speak with. “I need to speak to you. I need to speak to you. I’m feeling afraid.” So the sound of a loving voice, of a loving friend will useful. Do you understand what we are saying, about trauma, living in chaos? Chaos will activate trauma. Very important to know this will empower you. Because one of the essential reasons you came into this realm is to learn about choice. Who is making your choices? (Did I hit the microphone?) Wo is making your choices? Who? Who makes your choices? You do. So, are you equipped to make choices that are compassionate? Toward yourself? Toward other people? Are you equipped to make choices that are loving and support well-being and the life force? What will best equip you? Staying connected to love, to the people you love, to your community, to a loving attitude.
   This, too, is so important. To live in a blessing frame of reference. If you can remember in the moments of fear… (There was no one around you can text.) Put your hands on your face. Put your hands on your heart. You are blessed. Be in the active cycle of blessing which is so powerful. Blessing your food, the air you breathe, the ground you walk on, the body you live in.
   Particularly in chaotic times when trauma is activated, the old brain is activated, there is tremendous push to make someone the enemy. Ah, ah, ah, this must be someone’s fault. Someone must be the enemy. I need an enemy. Where is the enemy? The enemies, easy targets… the enemy is the other. The other gender, the other economically, the other religion, the other skin color, the other nationality. The other. You know small children in their developmental cycle go through a period when they are about that big, [holds hand about 2 feet above the floor] 2ish, of going from being more outgoing to hiding behind the adult when they meet a new person. So this is the natural phase of stranger anxiety. Julie’s beloved friend Lynne was very wise on this subject. In moments when you feel imperiled, your livelihood, your well-being, your body, your planet; it is very easy to move into the search for the enemy. The other.
   There is no other. This is the bad news and the good news. If there is only one of you, and there is. We guarantee it. The is only one of you. You are all aspects of the divine. You are all part of the one. What happens to the other? There is no other. So in your blessing mode to include, when you can, all those others. Like the great Tibetan prayer, the Tonglen practice, where you start with yourself, “May I be happy. May all beings be happy.” And you reach out and out and out through loved ones, you community, your acquaintances, all the way out to those others, and you bless them. And you ask that they be happy. That is a practice. It is a profound spiritual practice, Even when your personality is saying, “Oh no, I have nothing in common with those people.” And in obvious ways, in evident ways, that is probably true. But in the oneness, this ripples out. You share consciousness. You share the one mind. So when you are living in a blessing way it expands. It ripples everywhere. Spirit is everywhere evenly present. It goes everywhere. Really everything is here. There’s nowhere to go. It’s smoke and mirrors, but you know what we mean.
   So when you say, “Ah Trump…” Who, of course, is himself, and symbolic. The symbolic spearhead, also the literal spearhead, no pun intended, of this situation. I bless him and wish him well. From my soul to his soul. You don’t have to wish him well from your personality. From my soul to his soul. From my soul to the souls of all the people who supported him. The further you go into oneness, the more you activate peace. And it is catching. People will catch it from you. I am taking this as an opportunity to nourish peace. As an opportunity for compassion. As an opportunity to look, as Julia was saying, at the shadow parts of myself, not to mix a metaphor, glaringly displayed.
   Hmm. Greed. That’s a hot topic. “I’m not a greedy person.” Well, without blaming yourself, this is not about going into blame, no, no, no. “But let me look. Hmm, where in me might be my greed?” Look with curiosity, if you can, with affection. Get right up close to the feeling. “Ah, hmm. That’s an interesting creation.” Because it liberates it. When you are responsible for a feeling and to it, it liberates you from it. “Oh, maybe I could make some other choices here.” And making the other choices may cause… (What is that wonderful phrase?) Creative discomfort? No, constructive discomfort. Constructive discomfort. Yes, the ego doesn’t like to hear about that.
   We will do a little sidebar here. So, there is destructive discomfort. If you exercise too hard, hurt your muscles. It is destructive discomfort. There are many kinds. We won’t enumerate them. What is constructive discomfort? Well, if you are cozying up to your greed, then being generous… Greed is a kind of fear. Being generous in the areas where you have felt the attachments of greed may be uncomfortable. “I don’t want to share my chocolate.” Like children when they are in that wonderful phase of mine. “Mine. My orange. My apple. My teddy bear. Mine.” Negotiating with yourself lovingly, “Umm, that much chocolate. Share that much. Well I don’t think I will this time.” But look at all of the characteristics of the supposed other, knowing there is only one of you. Being responsible for the feeling and anger and fear, addressing them, caring for them. And then be curious about the shadow as represented by those other people, those frightening people. Are some of them doing things that are frightening? Oh yes, they are.
   Now to move on. Is this clear so far? Meditation. Intention. “I have the intention to look at my shadow parts, the intention to be compassionate.” Blessing, yes. But not only that. Action is required. The action must be connected to be spiritually effective as well as practically effective (effective in the practical sense) must come from your beingness. The beingness of love. Beingness of peace. When Ghandi talked about defeating the British, this enormous colonial power, he said, “We defeated the British not because of what we did, but because of who we were.” So, we are saying you will create peace because of who you are and who you are, your beingness, need to be allied with and aligned with your doingness. Because this is the time to stand up. You have to find your way of doing it. If there is a march and that is a way of doing it that you can do (not everyone can) do that. There’s going to be a day of peaceful protest, do that. Ask, for the way to be of service, to be of service to peace. If you have five dollars, give it to an organization that supports peace, that supports the environment, that supports children, that supports women. And if you have fifty dollars (generous), remember giving is part of the law of abundance.
   Money. Money is love in action. Money is energy. Money is spirit. It isn’t anything. It is a time to take action aligned with peace. Action motivated by hatred will produce guess what…? [class responds] Exactly. More of the same.
   Jared, when you say, “The environment, the earth…” All of the choices, all of the collective choices you have made have resulted in this manifestation. This is a participatory reality. A various, let’s say key choice points, every moment is a choice point, but there are sort of energetic clusters of choice points. At those key times when people decide individually and collectively, “Mmm, we’ll go this way. Mmm, we’ll go that way.” The choices that have been made have emerged as this situation. It did not fall on you by accident. So, now the choices that you make in relationship, first to yourself and then in the larger sense, are going to steer the ship (it’s a big ship, this is the world ship.) How can you support the environment? Well, you can begin again on an individual level as we said so many years ago. Water will become a problem on this planet and now it has become a problem. Be in constant relationship to the resources that you use. Conscious awareness. Because that consciousness, again, ripples out, ripples out.
   There are many beings (we have said this before, it is relevant in this context.) There are many beings, yearning, somewhere in their hearts, yearning to move… (what shall we say?) Move along, shift their vibratory level. You know, this is the place where language is so sticky, but, bear with it. They may not be conscious of it, but you all, all of you in this room, thousands of others, millions of others, as well as the energies that are non-physical. Make a way for them to catch the energy. Catch it. Catch it. Have it in their dreams. Maybe suddenly hear a conversation about peace. Your task is to stay, as much as you can, that’s why we started the part about take care of your trauma. The energetic beingness of love, because there are people who will catch it. People you have never seen and will never see.
   So, when you care for the environment, when you are in conscious relationship, conscious relationship to the resources that you use. This is one of the places where, especially this culture, but in many, many, many parts of the world now. The conscious relationship, conscious, to the earth as the body of the mother, never existed, not part of Christianity, we don’t think it’s part of Judaism either, we’re not sure. Certainly part of the consciousness of the people indigenous to this continent. And remember, all of you are immigrants, unless you have some indigenous heritage. Conscious, food that you eat, what it took to grow it. Thích Nhất Hạnh talks about this a great length in a number of things that he has written. Where did it come from? The sun and the rain fell on it. It grew. Hundreds of people were needed to take it to table. Or, if you have an apple tree (Julie has fruit trees.) What did it take to make that?
   When you lose… How do you preserve the earth? By reviving that consciousness, by being an activist, a peaceful activist on behalf of the mother. And this is a great mythic fight between the dying establishment of white male supremacy and the mythic feminine. We are not talking about gender roles. And it is more than that. It is a yearning to get into the one where there is no gender, or there are both genders. Masculine and feminine are together, the yin yang sign.
   So, by being conscious, maybe there are ways you need to change your relationship to the resources you use. Maybe you could give more away. Give money to people who are in organization prepared to support the well-being of the earth. Write the people you have elected. “what are you doing about this?” There are things you can really do. We understand that the overwhelming nature of this situation can easily produce helplessness. “What can I do?” The great Buddhist teacher Stephen Levine said, “If everyone does just this much.” [holding her fingers about an inch apart] You can do. You can do!
   Fear. Now fear is one of the things that will come up in the trauma state. To be taken care of, to be observed and loved and cared for. The other. The mythic other. There is no other!
   What else are you asking? More?
   Stay together, if not in this group, other groups. Stick together. Community is powerful. It is catching. Do research. Find the causes that you want to support. Make the effort. Tolerate the constructive discomfort. Praise! Oh yes, praise and gratitude. Two of the major keys. So you are blessing your food, you are blessing your friends. You are blessing your breath that is spirit the flows in the body. You are blessing the whole mess! Things decay. Those of you who garden, if you have ever gotten up close to a compost pile… What a mess. And out of it comes new life. So, out of this mess can come something new. It’s risky. Are you all ascending sooner or later? Yes. Can you use this as a stepping stone? Yes. Do you need to deal with the fears of the ego, with what you have been taught, what your body fears with your old brain? Oh yes. We don’t know any way to skip over them. Can you look at your shadow? Do it collectively. Do it with love. Do it with curiosity. “Oh, that’s in my shadow, really?” You know it is sort of a truism that the things you are most intolerant of in other people are things you are intolerant in yourself, or afraid that you have within yourself. And celebrate. Celebrate your life.
   There is this joyous energy, it seems feminine. Did we say that last time? But no words yet. Sing. Listen to music. Music is healing. All the arts are healing. Movement is healing. Please questions. What comes out of this? Anything as a sort of question?

   Julia: How are we doing? So far?

   Micciah: You are doing… You in this room are doing well. And you are the guides. You know, in the Tarot, one of the major Archana is the Hermit.

   Paul: What?

   Micciah: The Hermit. The fellow, it happens to be a male figure, hooded with the light. So, that shows the way. You are showing people the way, not by telling them they are wrong, which is always so satisfying, [class laughs] but through your being. Through your being. You are the way. You are the way. Remind yourself in the bad moments, this is my task. When you are afraid, and you’re going to be afraid. It’s all right. Stay connected. Take peaceful action. Be conscious of your relationship to resources. Look at the shadow, be curious about it and embrace it. Discover those parts of yourself that may be revealed writ large in this large situation. Practice gratitude. And remember when you do this it is everywhere known. You are adding…. You are not only doing it because it is a better way to live. You are adding it to the conscious you are sharing with all beings.
   And remember (Joy will remind us if we forget) to bless the animals, to bless the earth itself. You know the old spiritual, he or she has the whole work in his hands. You can do it as a group meditation. Imagine holding the globe, this beautiful blue planet, seeing it filled with love, fill with healing. Just as you would do energy work on another person, you can do it by imagining the earth. A lot of people are counting on you. You have all the help you need, always. Remember community. Jesus said, “When two or more…” I believe that is correct, “when two or more are gathered in my name.” The power of community, of connection, of celebration, of joy, of blessing.
   We will leave you with that. We are most grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. We are grateful for this one for many years of willingness to do this particular dance, sing this particular song. And to all of you. And we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”