Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Micciah March 8 2018 (part 1) (Reincarnation & choosing a life

After the introduction, Micciah discusses reincarnation, the time between lives, and choosing who you are with and what you intend to do while “alive.”

   Micciah: So we greet you all dear friends. And we are most pleased to be with you, to be invited to share energies. And you are all here in your outfits, Earth outfits, and there are as there often are many energies in this room as there are, in fact, always everywhere.
    We know you're going to ask a question about coming into an incarnation, coming into a life. Sometimes people say about leaving the body, “Well, after death where do you go?” Now, here is the secret that is not such a secret, you don't go anywhere. There is nowhere to go. There is only oneness and the fact that you're living in a physical self, particularly in a culture that does not recognize, officially, recognize other realms which are interwoven with yours. It seems as if there must be somewhere to go. You could go to heaven, you could go to hell, or limbo. There is nowhere to go. You simply change energetic form, “energetic,” it's an overused phrase.  Vibratory rates. And there are many in this realm, this physical realm, who can see other worlds, sense other realms. Children especially, particularly sensitive children, do this spontaneously until they are told, if they are in a culture like this one, “Just your imagination, don't be concerned.” Well, it is all your imagination.
   So, please continue.

   Sue: About incoming life. Is there a plan for it? Or a process? What is the process and is there a plan? Do we always be with loved ones? Meet up with animals again?

   Micciah: We can say yes to the second part. You meet and re-meet in different costumes, different roles, husbands, wife, father, mother, teacher, priest, healer, enemy. You change the roles around to have different experiences, to learn from the part you are playing. You not only meet with loved ones, there are whole groups… We talked about this many years ago. There are a whole groups that incarnate together. Not the small group, like this group, but large groups. And you may never meet everyone in group. And they have different spiritual functions. But we'll that aside for another time.
   Is there a plan, yes. We would say, and many people would not agree, that [laughs] as you probably can tell from living your life, it's done by committee. So, you're going to create an incarnation, and incarnations are a great gift no matter what you may feel on a particular day. A human incarnation is an enormous gift. And an opportunity. So, how to explain this. First of all, there is no you. So we can get that out of the way. The you you imagine as yourself is part of what we might think of as a cluster of energies, one portion of which will come into a life as the you you think of is you in this lifetime. And, the wise ones, your guardians, your teachers, go through your incarnations. (And keep holding in one hand that it is an enfolded universe and there is no time, but we are stuck in the language and the understanding, so…) So, what experiences are needed to move closer to the soul, move closer to spirit, by this portion of the larger entity that is you? Within the plan there are some agreements that will not be changed. There are some people, you are going to meet, no matter what spirit has to do to get you together, or how fast you run, you are going to meet those people. Because, you said so. Because you agreed.
   Now, what happens when you meet them, that's the choice. Will you meet your, quote, enemy, who could be your tyrannical teacher? And discover by being curious, and using the experience as a resource, that there is no enemy. Or, will you meet your enemy and become bitter and buy a gun, and decide whether its a physical gun, or an emotional gun, this person's got to go. That's up to you. But there are other things that's are, let us say, [laughing] very loosely strung together, loosely woven, where there's quite a lot of choice. It might happen in the physical realm and it might not happen in physical realm in this lifetime. All the people in this room, at this moment, including our dear Skypers who are in other physical places, have known each other lifetime after a lifetime. Different times, different cultures, different roles, maybe known each other briefly, maybe been intimate and very close. But there are other things… really think of it as spirit weaving possibilities, and you can do that one or that one or that one or that one. So, in that case, in the plan, this is the open plan part of the plan, you can choose, "I'd like that one to happen. Not that. That." And then it will manifest. And then of course, again, it is up to you how you will deal with it. If there's only one of you, you are meeting yourselves anyway. But yes, there is a plan.

   Sue: So, I guess the question is whether it can be changed or not and I guess what you're saying is the open part of it can be changed, it has some maneuverability.

   Micciah: It's fluid. The agreements are agreements. When this one came into this life she was going to do some sort of healing work. It might have been one kind or another. But that was an agreement. That was going to happen in some way. So, yes, there is a plan, some of it is fluid, the way you deal with it; that is the challenge, or one of the great challenges of your incarnation. That's why you're here. As we've said so many times, to learn about choice. In this realm you are learning about choice. You can choose to move from consternation to curiosity to resourcefulness or not.
   There are some people, this happens very rarely, but there are some people who come into a life, a physical incarnation, live out the plan, and choose to stay in that life, and encompass in that life, some of what might have been the plan for another life. They are often people who make enormous changes. They start out on one path and end up on a completely different path. But it's relatively rare. In other words, they come to a point where they could've passed out of this realm, and they continue to live in that body with a different plan. You see, it is no accident that all of these devices that have apps have manifested. "I think I'll choose that app for this life. And those look good. I think I'll choose those. But I won't choose those."
   But the most important, the most important thing, in any incarnation, is your own realization of your responsibility and of Spirit in whatever way you conceive of it. As Bro Fuller said, "Call it Jesus, call it Buddha, call it what you will…" And when you are in part of the plan and you say, “Why, why would I plan to do something so painful?” From the meta-position of the planning committee it isn't perceived that way. Its perceived that way by your body. Buy your psyche. You have a choice about how to manage it, how to understand it, how to cope with it, how to bless it, how to turn it into a resource, that's a choice.
   Just a moment…
   Celebrating life itself is one of the great healing modes. As you were saying last week in the group, praise, praising life, praising every evidence of life. And that would include the comings and goings into and out of the physical body. So we send you so much love, so much love. To all of you, to the people who have been part of this group for so many years, a very clear image of Melia. We are so appreciative, and we bid you a very good almost spring evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”