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Transcript of Micciah Session February 20, 2020 Handling Chaos

• After an introduction about energies in the room where all are learning from each other, Micciah talks of the challenge to embrace life, to celebrate, and to share, and then responds to questions in class. View Section
How to live where we seem to be heading into chaos? View Section
What’s the individual role as it relates to health and stress View Section
What’s the best action to enhance and preserve life on this planet? View Section
How to harness communities to support desired changes? View Section
How to protect the self even though bombarded from all sides? View Section

   Julie: So I’m very grateful to be able to do this with all of you. And grateful for all  of you in different parts of the world who are with us. And grateful to the people in this group who are not present this evening. And grateful to you, Jon, for the many, many, many years you have done this recording because without you there would be no record at all.
   So, I ask that I be guided to the information that is most useful for us, that I be open, clear. And let’s know that the work is blessed.
   Give me a moment.

   Micciah: So, we greet you dear friends. And we are so grateful to be invited. You know this is always an invitation only event. And it is through your assistance and Julie’s willingness that this is able to manifest, because there is never any interference or insistence on our part that she do it.
   There are many energies in this room. Your physical selves. Your own energetic selves; the physical selves are energetic as well. And energies who have never incarnated in this [tapping her shoulders] form, who come to learn from you. This is a two way agreement.  To learn from you about physical life and the challenges of physical life, and the joys of physical life. And the particular connections, the particular quality of the intimacy that occurs in the physical world.
   And there are the energies of those who have done this work with Julie who have passed on. We are especially aware of Judy Erickson and Ken Kulp, and Linda Miller Bain. And yes, of our friend, Julie’s friend, the friend of some of you passed recently, who sat so many times in a circle as Julie channeled and she became… developed her own intuitive gifts very strongly. And she is smiling, with a glass of water, because when Julie would finish channeling [pats her shoulders again] Micciah, who always said, “Drink more water.” She would invariably get up and bring in water. So she is here. Smiling, laughing.
   Encompassing, for a moment, the queries. An element of the core of well-being, in this time or any other time, but most powerfully in a time of overt, and pretty much in this [Coronavirus] worldwide crisis, is the capacity to embrace life. Your core, your soul, longs to embrace life. The energy of life itself, which is complex and glorious, and in this realm, filled with certain kinds of challenges and difficulties. If you can imagine yourselves opening your arms wide, opening your heart. It is said in a number of teachings that your heart breaks and the world gets placed inside it. [long pause] Just a moment.
   Celebrate. And you think, Celebrate in the midst of this destruction? Yes. Celebrate, celebrate the precious nature of life. And as you do this, not only does it support the health of your physical body, which it does. But people around you feel it and it goes into the oneness, remembering always that there is only one of you. The celebration, even in your bad grumpy moments,  “Ughh, what’s to celebrate? Enh, enh, enh.” Encourage yourself. “OK, two minutes of celebration.” Two minutes to be in the amazing dance. Two minutes to sing part of a song that you love. It builds, it builds. The more you do it, the more vibrant it becomes.
   You see… So this is guided from your essence which is love. It is not guided by the ups and downs of the personality. It’s like strengthening a muscle. So when your personality says, “Well I don’t feel like participating and look what’s happening and there is nothing to celebrate!” Acknowledge it the way you would acknowledge a child who is upset. You do not say to the child, “Oh, there’s no reason to be upset.” You acknowledge the difficulties, and then take a moment and celebrate. Yes. And so the envelope gets bigger. Envelope gets bigger, yes.
   Look around for something in your environment that is precious. Kiss your own hands. You’re precious. Let your eyes fall on something that is precious to you, a plant, a color. Not to mention a person. And all of that energy collectively vibrates in the one, and moves you along. (Marilyn, you said, “How do you move along?”) Moves you along into being a person, into being people, into being a community that says, “Everyone needs a home. Everyone needs to eat.” There are no borders, you made them up.
   And yes, this has been… this is being a very intense time, in both contraction, “The wall, let’s build a wall. What a great idea.” No. Let’s celebrate the one. “Let’s keep our stuff for ourselves.” No. Share whenever you can, whenever you can. Share a kind word. Share some money energy. Share food. The more you share, the more it comes back.
   So we know you have a lot of questions. We will stop our soliloquy and go to your questions.

   Sue: [reading the class’s assembled questions] The first one had to do with: how to live in a country that seems to be heading into chaos, and seems to have lost its moral compass?

   Micciah: We have described…

   Sue: Yes.

   Micciah: And in addition to take the actions you feel are appropriate. March. Send money. Feed people. Work in a soup kitchen. Always with love. Always with love. We were going to say, “Well, you give this much with love, [holds fingers a inch apart] it’ll mean more than giving this much [hands wide apart] with resistance. Is that absolutely true? Maybe, maybe not. But it sounds good.
   Give, share, give to yourself. Give your love to yourself. Precious body, precious body, precious incarnation… That I was born into this extraordinary realm. Give to the people you love. Give to the people you don’t love. We are not suggesting you all contribute money to the ahm, other people, seemingly other people and their shenanigans. But giving in your heart, being able to know in your heart, these terrible people who are doing terrible things, are part of me. And with the part of me that knows that, I can bless them and wish them well.
   “What? Why should I wish them well?” This one’s mother who was in this group for many years used to quote, “Vengeance,” (She was a Scorpio.) “Vengeance is mine says the Lord.” You don’t have to worry about their karma. You, you bless them. It doesn’t mean you agree with them or support them politically. It means soul to soul, “You too, I bless.” And you see you don’t know, you don’t know who it might be who has taken on a villainous role in this lifetime, to become your teacher.
   Jon, what did Don Juan call it? Your…? [Jon struggles to pull up the name and just laughs.] Neither of you remember. Your, teacher. But you get the idea. You look at people, you observe people, and you have very bad feelings about them, what they are doing. You don’t know that they haven’t taken on this role…

   Jon: Petty Tyrant.

   Micciah: Petty Tyrant. In some cases not so petty. Well, as teachers. Maybe they have, maybe they haven’t. You don’t know.
   So one of the things they might teach you is compassion and blessing. Being in a blessing mode toward the people who are creating such chaos and hatred. “Whoa, I’m not blessing them.” Why not?

   Sue: So what’s the role of the individual, the body in all of this, especially when it all comes to stress and health?

   Micciah: Yes. Yes. Well some of it; we will go back to what we said earlier. To… You know the prayer you all say at the end of your meditation: “May I be happy.” Begin, begin with the love of your body. “But I don’t love my body.” Start now. What is the 12 Step program? ‘Fake it ‘til you make it.’ Because your body… You have to begin loving here. [pats her cheeks] And when, at the personality level you say, “I don’t, but my legs ache.” Or, “I am dealing with physical issues.” Yes. But begin. Loving and blessing. Two minutes!
   Now we will say something we have said since the beginning of Julie’s work with us, “Bless your food!” Are some foods better for you than others? Yes. When you bless your food, not only are you actively expressing your gratitude, you shift the nature of the vibration so that it aligns with your own body in the best possible way. This is really important, especially for people who are very careful and particularly for people who get a little obsessed with, “Ooh, it’s this kind of food! I can’t eat that.” (Now we’re channeling Jon’s aunt Julia. [class laughs]) “Ooh,” she would say. People who say, “Can I make that with honey?” But she stopped at artificial sweeteners. So there may be things you really can’t eat. You have allergies to them, your body does not react well to them. Of course, that’s true. But be attentive. If it is running you, “Oh, this is bad. That’s bad.” Take a moment. Take a breath. Should you do things that are sensible? Of course. Should you eat foods that you are allergic to, that you know that cause difficulties in your system, No. But there’s a… You know, you can go overboard on it. And then you make yourself more anxious. All it does is increase your anxiety. Bless your food.
   Not only because you are then… We said give, share. You are grateful, but, we will say this again. It aligns the energetic nature of the food with your body. Same for medication.
   And movement! You know this, but we will say it again. Your bodies are made to move. Sometimes bodies are restricted in ways that make it difficult for them to move. Move your fingers. Move whatever you can, if you can. Walk, if you can. Try dancing across the floor. Stretching. Breathing. Understanding that if you have some physical limitations you work within those limitations. But the concept: oh, move; just breathing moves you. Wiggle your toes. Recognize all the automatic movements of the day. In the winter (we are now in the winter here in this part of the world) snapping your coat, zipping it, putting on your hat. What are we saying? Be conscious of movement. Movement is a key to health to whatever degree you can do it. Very good… Wiggle your toes in the morning when you wake up. Breathe, don’t leap out of bed. Feel the mattress under you. Feel the movement of your breath in a new day. And even if you are grumpy, bless the day. And at the end of the day. Julie was very distressed recently. Generally she says at the end of the day, “Thank you for my day, thank you.” It was sort of, [grumpily] “OK, thank you anyway.” All these things promote health.
   Which brings us to an important point. It isn’t exactly in your questions, and it has to do with naming. We have talked about this before, but really it applies to all the questions you have asked. Once you name something you’ve put it in its little name box. “Oh, you have…” [A disease of some sort.] “And there are symptoms that go with this disease.” And then, in English, you refer to a disease as ‘my disease, my cold.’ The cold. But it apples as well to naming things as you experience them. “Oh, that’s a depressed feeling. Oh, must be depressed.” Suppose you take the name off and move directly into what your perception is. (There is a wonderful quote Julie used to use in the Helix presentations when they were inviting people to hear about Helix. We think it came from Jeanne Achterberg who was a physician involved with healing imagery. But it is a quote from Shamanism. “Be careful who names you.” Because people who name you have power over you.)
   It is the same when you observe your life. “Oh, this is a sshhh…” kind of feeling. “Oh, this is my anxiety.” Is it? Yours? Your very own? Suppose you notice the name. Take the name off so you can be with the experience. And the name of the book Julie really loves: The Body Keeps The Score. What are you feeling instead of going into automaticity, “Here’s my anxiety. You know I’m very anxious about these things.” What are you feeling? What is the direct experience in the now of the sensations? And what thoughts are going through? Because then, you begin to deconstruct various prisons that effect your life energy. And all of this effects your health. Your judgements about yourself, your judgements about other people. Suppose you take them off. “Ah, there’s the name.” and perceive directly. Very good for your health.
   Can a name for something be convenient? Of course. But it is when they become boxes and prisons that you are diminished. And once you have named something, judged it, you expect it to follow a particular trajectory in emotional matters, in health matters. Emotional matters and health matters are connected.
   [Signals Sue]

   Sue: More? [MIcciah nods yes] What’s the most effective action to enhance and preserve life on this planet?

   Micciah: Well, take out the word ‘action’ because it is first about beingness. And the action that will be most loving, most generous (and sometimes saying no is generous.) It is your beingness that effects life on this planet. Out of your beingness, action arises. When you take care of your beingness, loving, blessing, dancing, celebrating, being sad. Because you can take all kinds of action. The question is… The issue is: what consciousness does the action hold? For instance, if you are saying, “I’m going to give… I’m going to give money to a cause I truly believe in because I hate the people who are against this cause.” Then what do you think? The hatred is attached to the giving. So, if you realign it and ask yourself, “What is my state of being and what actions come from this state?” If you love the earth, then your actions… Now you may have to educate yourself because you have not grown up in a culture that loves the earth, you may be ignorant I some ways. What actions to take that match my loving the earth. You may have to do a little research. If I love peace, how do I become a peaceful person, first? Or, to say it better, engaged with peacefulness. We don’t want to leave you with the image of someone, [mugs a flighty person] no. Peace contains joy. Actions that support social change, but they have to be done with love. Or, as much love as you can muster. Nehh, not so much, this much, [fingers an inch apart] OK. As the Dalai Lama says, “Wars do not make peace.” Even wars in the name of good do not make peace.
   Because the personality tends to imagine as a child in a dysfunctional family, tends to imagine… Joan used to say, “There are magic words. That if you find the magic words and the magic actions, this dysfunctional family unit will become healthy. You just have to find the right action and it will settle down.” Is that true? Is it? No. So it is with your relationship to the world. “If I find the perfect actions to take…” [shakes head no] The transformation is internal. So you go on and on about peace and love, but, how about what’s happening in the world? Don’t dismiss this out of hand. You have to practice it. Knowing about it is not enough. You have to practice it. And then if enough people practice it, the quantum leap appears. The great turning appears, out of nowhere.
   OK, one more.

   Sue: Well the last question was about how we can harness communities to navigate this kind of change in the world? Or, can we harness communities, create communities that will help us do that?

   Micciah: Yes. You create communities by contacting people, offering space, sharing food, having a focus. You know, there are already communities that are doing this.
   We can’t quite answer the question.

   Sue: There was another question about protecting the self in perilous times, what we’re trying to accomplish, how do we protect ourselves? It like we’re bombarded from all sides and if we’re going to…

   Micciah: Well, in some of those ways we have described. You bless yourself. You care for yourself. You meet with other people. Community, the idea of community, the action of community. Very important. Being with people because you are more than the sum of your parts, so to speak.
   So community… This is a community. Being with other people in support of transformation, love, celebration, blessing. And it needs to be flexible, tolerant. Being with a community, as is true in some of the rigid religious communities. They all believe the same thing, but, it isn’t flexible. Flexibility and fluidity are key. So I can be interested in what you have to say. (Julie and Jon were reading this very wonderful book. [Don’t Label Me by Irshad Manji]) You can have very different opinions from mine and rather than fighting with you, naming you, deciding you’re the enemy, I can be curious.
   Sue, you did that, yes? Weren’t you watching FOX news for a week?
   [Sue laughs]
   I can be curious, “Well tell me about that, tell me about that.” So, in a community that is flexible, people may have a whole wide variety of viewpoints. You make a community by doing it. Julie has made several communities, not by herself. [laughs] Paul made a community. You do it by doing it. Putting in the time, the effort, the love, the boring stuff and coming together with a sense of curiosity. “What do you have to tell me about what you believe? Doesn’t have to believe what I believe.” Its also important to spend time with people of like mind, like heart. But, in a larger community there needs to be room for people to differ, peacefully.
   So, we are going to stop there. We don’t know what time it is, but we can feel Julie’s body is needing to stop.
   We are most grateful for this opportunity to share with you as we teach you and you teach other entities about life here, about life here on Earth. And we bid you a very good evening.
   And remember about names. Names. My unh hunh. So and so’s muh. [laughs] Start taking off those names, moving into direct perception and see what happens. Everyone will be in here with hula-hoops. Much love to you all, and a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”