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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session April 9, 2020 COVID Part 1

After an introduction where Micciah discusses:
Hold this as a time of transformation, a difficult healing. View Section
The virus is an entity, best not to war with it. View Section
Micciah responds to questions
What hope is there for our democracy? View Section
What can we do to find clarity in life, in the way forward in life? View Section

   Julie: So, I ask for guidance. I ask that this work be blessed, and that I receive information that is clear, useful. At this very important time. A time that none of has lived through before in this lifetime. I’m sure we have had lifetimes where there were epidemics, or pandemics. But the world has never been connected in this most obvious way.

   Micciah: So, we greet you dear friends. And we gather for the first time, truly outside of time and space, and yet completely together.
   Those of you with whom we have been working for many years remember that many years ago and consistently since then we spoke of the great transformation, and probably chaos, that would come at the end of the last century up forward into this century. And we mentioned at that time, which was 30 years ago, that the situation was still in suspension in terms of coming down into physical reality. And that what would manifest depended on how many people participated becoming conscious, compassionate, aware, during those years.
    So, [long pause] this is not as severe as it could have been in the probable realities. Nor as mild as it could have been. And this brings us to a very important question/issue about death and transformation. Western culture, until very recently, and not in every quarter by any means, particularly in the 20th and 21st centuries, has held death to be the enemy. So when this one was first working in hospitals with people who had cancer and were clearly going to leave their bodies, those people were put at the end of a hallway, by themselves, and the doctors didn’t visit them; because they perceived of death as a failure. Perhaps as their failure.
    Death, of course: to be born is to know that you come in and out of a body. And, in some ways, there is no death. Where would you go? Your body drops. In some ways, for those of us left in physical realms, you lose a person, you will never, in this lifetime hug that person again. And that is very real.
    But we have another point. Death precedes transformation and there are many, many different kinds of death. It is not a one size fits all situation. Some people die in their sleep, and where they’re found there is a smile on their face. Some people die with great difficulty, illness, pain, fear. Why one happens rather than another is a very complex issue and we are not going to get into it. But we are going to tell you it has nothing to do with the person’s essential goodness. It isn’t about that.
    So in this moment when so many people are dying, and we would like to add, since it doesn’t appear to be in the news: many people are not dying. They are getting well. Death is a different thing for each person. Some people will go, ready to leave and this is their particular corridor out. Some people will be frightened, some people will be in pain. So, when you think about or meditate on the people who are passing, your meditation is for their ultimate ease, no matter what their death. Because it is a natural process whether you die of a virus or peacefully in your sleep. And, it precedes transformation. And the transformation you encounter when you leave your body also depends on the state of your consciousness. (Another complex question which we are not going to deal with right now. We have talked about it before.)
    So, if you can hold this as a time of transformation, not only for the individual’s passing from this realm, but for the planet. (Judith sent to Julie a video that had an image of the Earth with lines drawn around it connecting all the place where people had the virus which was everywhere.) So one of the great teachings in this transformation is that you are all connected. You all know that. It is the teaching in many religions, many spiritual paths. The hope, in the greater sense of consciousness is that you will, as the one (there is only one of you, individualized at the place where you are) is that you will realize and live according to that. Only one of us. Only one of us. Only one of us. It appears in Buddhism, we believe it appears in Christianity, yes? “As you do unto the least of them, so you do unto me.” It appears in Judaism. It appears in metaphysics. But this is… [holds her jacket] this is the real… We could call it a push, we could call it a dance into really, there is only one of us.
    And we believe that in the midst of the chaos, the breakdown, death, bodies piled together, around the edges little sprouts of consciousness, green, growing. The picture that Dhyana sent of China where they can now see the mountains. The air has cleared. These are literal realities and they are also symbolic realities. So this is a great clearing.
    We want to say one more thing and then we will get to your own queries. We would say as a group, this is our stance. This is a healing. It is difficult. The personal self, the ego self gets frightened. We need to deal with this with kindness. We hope you remember with love the people who do not, at this moment, have that belief. They see only the chaos, only the misery. Some are angry, some frightened, some are angry and frightened. Some, even in this teaching, have lost dear ones and are angry, and do not really want to hear about the way this is a teaching and how grateful we are for it. You have to make room for that, to treat it respectfully. To know that might not be the moment to remind them, “Oh, but there is just one of us and this is a great healing.”
    Fred, we think your query about the virus and relationship to it goes with what we are saying and then Joy we will go to your question.
    We said several weeks ago in healing class that a virus is an entity. Yes, we understand, scientifically it is, what(?), protein with a coating of fat. It coexists with us here, thousands of them, millions of them. The virus is perceived at the greater level in the press and in common thinking as the enemy, and you fight it. Not a good plan. As soon as you have a fight, as soon as you are in opposition, what happens? Opposition will jam a situation into position. The Dalai Lama says, “Peace will never come from war.” Healing will never come from opposition.
    So, then what? Then what? Well you can walk with the virus and all the viruses. (There are going to be more. Bet that caught everyone’s attention.) Respectfully, “You are simply an entity, we coexist in this realm. I am respectful of your life, and I do not need you in my body, and you are not the enemy.” In addition, as it is now seen, it is not a single thing that does the same thing to everyone. Some people go into physical relationship with this virus and there is chaos and then there is death. Or maybe there is chaos and the person is peaceful and leaves peacefully. We don’t know. Some people hold the virus in their body, are never sick. Some people are exposed and never get it into their body. Some people think that they have had the virus with negligible symptoms, or no symptoms.
    So Fred, the relationship of an individual physical entity, person to this virus is particular to that person. Is that what you are asking?

   Fred: Yes, and as a collective. Like how do we… Like it’s very much in line with what you are saying our culture, saying, “We should be at war at it, with it.”

   Micciah: Yes, not a good plan.

   Fred: Not a good plan.

   Micciah: No. It is an entity. It can be harmful. It can, if you interact with it in a particular way, end this physical life. But it doesn’t have to. And the more you, and the people like you, and the other entities who are the guardians of this realm, hold it respectfully, the better the outcome will be.

   Fred: Thank you.

   Micciah: Joy. The democracy.

   Dhyana: Joy’s question was, “Is what we call our democracy going to survive? What hope is there for our democracy?”

   Micciah: Well, if you look around, how well is it surviving? If you are someone who know history. (Paul knows a great deal of history.) There have been many times in the history of this... We call it this country, it isn’t our country, we stole it, but, never mind. There have been many times when the democracy, as we conceive of it, and it is not technically a democracy, has not worked well.
    Just a moment. [holds hand up] What? [long pause.]
    In some ways it is the same response, or a similar one as what we said about the virus. The more… The more loving energy you can pour into the system that we call our democracy, rocking it, cradling it, speaking out for what you believe, sending your money in, the better chance you have of continuing in the best way. The more actively angry you are (and if you are angry, you need to say you are angry and say to a safe person, or say it in this group, acknowledge it, work with it, claim it, be responsible for it and then it doesn’t get projected.) The more… The more you… What shall we say? Extrapolate about how terrible it is and the evil people. And it’s very easy at this point to figure out who the bad people are, yes? Do it because you need to know you are doing it and be responsible for it. And then move along to say, “We can create. We are creating a system that works for everyone.” With people who are socially conscious, aware, compassionate. Hmm, you say, “Really? We don’t see this in the offing.” You don’t know. You don’t really know.
    But it’s close to what we said about the virus. If you are in a relationship of enmity, even to, we know who, process those feelings. Remember what we said when Trump was elected, that the fact that this person was elected represents a crumb of something in everyone’s consciousness.. This is not about provoking guilt. It is about looking for the crumbs within you that are not so different from the person you hate. It may be with you… We think most of you don’t actively hate other people, except possibly the government which is what we are talking about. It may be intrapsychic. We’ve said this before. That you treat yourself within yourself with hatred. “Oh I hate when I do that. Oh I hate my body. I hate that I’m stupid about such and such. I hate…” So, that’s not hatred going outward, it’s still hatred. It has the same psychic quality. It has the same energetic quality. It’s still harmful.
    It’s very hard to talk about. We are getting convoluted.
    So, if you can appreciate the parts of you, and they may be crumbs that are not so unlike the parts of the people about whom you have vastly negative feelings. That is very useful. Then you can be responsible for them. Hold them in your heart and work with healing them. Is this making sense? Are we good so far here?

   Dhyana: Did you want to move on to the next question?

   Micciah: Thank you, yes.

   Dhyana: From Sarah, “What can we do to find clarity in life, in the way forward in life?”

   Micciah: Well first, let us move from doing to being. The essence of your beingness precedes and informs what you do. The closer you are to the essence of who you really are (you are the buddha nature, you are the divine matrix, you are divine mind) in your being, the closer you are to that as a living experience, the more it will inform your actions. So then, the path is to get closer and closer and closer to the center of who you are, who you always have been. To attend to the personality parts that feel split away from that, the parts about which you have negative judgments, the parts that feel helpless. Spirit is never helpless. The closer you are to the beingness, the beingness of Spirit, which is the essence… It is the energy out of which your life arises. The more clearly you are directed in your actions.
    And then the actions may surprise the ego. “You want to do what?” And that’s alright. Let yourself be surprised. Let that intuition guide you. Let that love guide you. So, the direction is toward melting whatever separates you from Spirit, that part of the whole work of incarnations and incarnations, as the buddha said. Thousands of incarnations.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”