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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session April 9, 2020 COVID Part 2

Micciah responds to questions
How best can we connect to our inner voice and guidance? View Section
We are called to find deeper purpose and meaning. How do we clearly hear that? View Section
How can we best heal ourselves and those around us? View Section
How can we best support a person we love who is dying even though we are not with them? View Section
How can we keep from responding to these stimuli with this level of fear? View Section
How to we assist people we don’t know, who are fearful, alone. View Section

    Sarah, there was more to what you said. What is the next part?

   Sarah: How best can we connect to our inner voice and guidance? Is that the “melting?”

   Micciah: It is melting. It is big, through appreciation. (I know, we have said this over and over again.) Appreciation and gratitude are two major keys. One of the results, possible results of this situation is that your gratitude can be amplified. Julie and Jon were driving into town. The excitement of driving into town and seeing other people. The appreciation. You know the spiritual teacher Gurdjieff who Julie thinks had his own problems, but, he said, “You are asleep. Wake up, you are asleep.” So, gratitude, enormous gratitude. You are living… You are so fortunate. Everyone in this circle has a place to live, has enough food to eat, has friends. But gratitude [mimes kissing and hugging self] for your body, for your life, for the food you eat, for the people you know and love, for the trees. Gratitude and blessing. Appreciation, gratitude is let’s say a larger dimension of appreciation.
    And blessing. Blessing your friends, blessing your life. In this stage where you are quiet and away from people, isolated. Julie was thinking today when she was preparing for the session, oh, I need to tidy up. And then she would remember: no, there are no people here. [laughs] And she remembered having the doorbell ring and people coming in, and hugging. And now, that would be drop of nectar. It always is, but perhaps not recognized as such. So if this can teach you to be in that consciousness more consistently, that is a gift. That is a gift. Blessing, blessing, blessing. Thank you.

   Dhyana: There was more to that question also.

   Micciah: Please.

   Dhyana: The spirit of change calls us to find deeper purpose and meaning. How do we clearly hear that which it calls us most to do?

   Micciah: Well we have been working in class, again on intuition. Everyone is born with intuition. It is not cultivated in your culture mostly. Cultivating your intuition, meditating. Remembering your body. Even in the midst of all of this, dance.
    This has come up before. How many of you dance? [dances in place] Just dance around the room. All of those actions are part of your guidance.
    Remember your dreams. Be attentive to your intuitions. Intuition, also, needs to be trained, to become skillful with it. Watch the world.. You think of inner and outer but, nah… It’s all done with smoke and mirrors. Read the world as you would a dream because it will guide you. And you will develop your own systems of symbols, and recognizing symbols as they speak to you from the outer world. Synchronicities. They’re there to guide you. The world is a whole script of guidance. Oh the world today with this, or with this… What is the guidance when you are taking it as guidance to recognize oneness, to go deeper. Many of you now, in the quiet, have the opportunity to go deeper. Some people will use it that way and some people will not.
    And pleasure, pleasure. Petting the cat, holding someone’s hand, drinking water. Being with pleasure nourishes your appreciation of Spirit.

   Dhyana: And maybe you already answered this last one from Sarah. How can we best heal ourselves and those around us?

   Micciah: Like that. Gratitude, blessing, appreciation, thank you, dancing, movement. Mmm, what is it like to taste a piece of fruit? Well, if you didn’t have any fruit [laughs] or any toilet paper, your experience of having it rises in its pleasure. In your gratitude. The image that Alaina gave earlier, before we started. The toilet paper is now behind the counter where…What else is behind there? Cigarettes? Drugs? [laughs] It is a very powerful lesson in appreciation.
    So, so, this is a period where there is chaos and deprivation. You are all doing pretty well. There are people who are not doing well at all. But it can be a time when (we see a dial being turned.) Your sense of appreciation, “Oh, what I have in my life. It is wonderful” changes the very cells in your body, literally, literally.
    We want to be sure to do Ruthy’s question. Ruthy, what you said was, “If someone you love…” Say it again. “Is ill?”

   Dhyana: [reading Ruthy’s question] If the person we love is dying and we can’t be there or communicate with them, what can we do so they can feel our love and they don’t feel alone?

   Micciah: All right. There are a number of ways to approach this. One would be to imagine yourself… You know your energy body travels. Your energy body travels when you are asleep. If you’ve ever had the experience, when you are asleep, as if you were suddenly falling down, back. So, your energy body has been moving, can move anywhere in space. One of Julie’s teachers used to visit people who were thousands of miles away. Just appear at the foot of their bed. So one way is to imagine that person and imagine yourself as vividly as possible being with them. Holding them. Touching them. Expressing your love for them. Because it goes out into consciousness and they will receive it. If they are people who are attuned they will receive it, they will know you were there. But they will know anyway. That is one way.
    Along with this, to reach them in meditation, and maybe even use the words, you know, (In the beginning was the word.) “I am with you. My dear friend, I am with you. I am with you.” When you are in a meditative state, and they will feel it. You can write to them. You can do a dance for them, you can light a candle for them. The act of lighting candles appears in many traditions. Fire. The sacred flame. “I am lighting this candle for you.” Ruthy, you were talking about the meditation later. People hold candles in marches. In the church you light candles. In the Jewish tradition there is an eternal flame. So, that is the flame of life. Lighting a candle; any and all of these.
    And then to do whatever you need to do to care for yourself in your feelings about the separation. So many people are going through this, people pass and they cannot be with them. They cannot… (As we believe Julie told you) they did Susan’s memorial service, memorial gathering, like this. [points to screen] So, it’s a painful thing, and there are ways to deal with it. Will that make the pain go away, necessarily? No. And it will make a connection, it will make a connection.
    I want to go back one more time to movement. [dances sitting in place briefly] Whether you do yoga in the morning, or, Marilyn walks with her poles, (very inventive and creative) whether you stretch, whether you dance around the room; keeping connected with your movement, the movement of your body is really, really important. Because it expresses my life energies here. And if you can’t dance for some reason then move some other way. And this gesture, [arms up and open in a ‘V’] (I believe this came up last week) this gesture is very powerful. Sarah, to address your questions again, your issues again, “Teach me, show me what to do. Bless this meal.” It is also a gesture of opening. It is a gesture of release, and surrender, and welcoming. This is what you do when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Someone you like. This. [arms up again] So, remember also, that you all have guides, guardians, that the earth has guardians. The guardians are watching over you. And ask. Ask! Ask, “Help me. Feeling so bad right now. Help me. Help me. Help me. I know you are there.” The more you do it the more you feel it. And do it even when you don’t feel it. Because your body feels it.
    And Linda this would go with what you had said, in the aftermath, when this is over. (This isn’t really going to be over. The crisis will be over.) You have gone onto a shift. Long ago, we said that the worlds would split. Yesterday, when Julie was talking to Nancy, Nancy’s grandmother was either a theosophist or an anthroposophist, not sure which. But she taught Nancy spiritually. The teaching is somewhat rigid, (this is according to Nancy) and she said what we said, (Nancy was saying to Julie) “Oh, my grandmother said this to me.” So Micciah said [pointing to herself] a long time ago, “The worlds will split. So, although you will be occupying the same physical space, the realms of consciousness that people inhabit will be very different. So, you are living in one physical universe with two paths of consciousness.” So, this is a place in the split where there’s a tear. We hope it will come together.
    And we would say the same things for healing when the crisis part is over. To remember what this has taught you, the gratitude, the dancing, the prayer, the blessings. And then specifically for everyone, for each person, what your body needs. What does your body need in this healing, when it is “over?” Use your intuition. Speak to your body. Bless your body. Hold your ego gently, because the ego, you know, is going to want everything to go back to being the way it was. That’s not going to happen. Don’t plan on it.
    So, really, continue the practices, not the isolation, but the practices we’re talking about now, continue them as the crisis passes. Because that is the teaching of the crisis. Do you want to ask more specifically? Linda.

   Dhyana: Yes, I’ll read it from Linda about the body, fear, anxiety, even after the crisis. How to learn to work with that? How can we uncage ourselves from responding to these stimuli with this level of fear?

   Micciah: We think in the ways that we are describing that you are working with while you are in the midst of it, to remember them, to remember them. And to ask your own body, “What do you need? What do you need?” To be gracious toward the parts of yourself that have been effected by this, that still, in the old brain, and possibly, really in the structure of your body, to be gracious toward the fear. Loving and tenderhearted. The way you are with a child you love when the child is frightened. Because, will there be remnants? Of course, of course. Gently.
    One of the things that is, we hope, being understood in this time is to slow down. Slooow, dooown. So, now you have been slowed down by the circumstances, but you can choose to be slowed down. And in the slowness you make room for appreciation. When you’re moving at warp speed, there’s not enough time for it. You’re pressed. Your nervous system is pressed. Your adrenals are honking… Sloow doown. Really consider what you… How do I want to use my time? What is really necessary? What can I let go of? What can I let go of? Didn’t have it then, don’t need it now.
    Alaina, you were quoting Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “These are the times we were born for.” So, we all came into this life knowing we would be part of this transformation.
    And we will say one more thing. Connection. Keep connected. Keep connected to the people you love. Get in touch with people you haven’t spoken to. Text them, email them, whatever! “How are you?” So, the kindness, the kindness continues. You know, you remember, those of you who were in the city at 9/11. After 9/11, and in the aftermath of it, people were so kind to each other. And this one’s hope was that it would stick, and grow. And really, it didn’t. But it can. So, the kindness people offer each other, “How are you?” people say in stores. “Keep well. Stay safe.” You can continue that consciousness. Don’t go back to the way… The idea that it will be over and you will go back to the way it is, was, is, was, will not serve you. New game.
    So, dear ones, we thank you so much for inviting us to speak with you. This room, and your rooms, your rooms where you are, are always filled with entities. They are learning from you as you learn from them. They are protecting you. We share with you much energy and much love. And we will be back to visit with you very soon. And we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: [holds a finger up] Be back in a minute.

   Micciah: Yes, continue pursuing the studies, the polishing of your intuition, because you need it. It is an important part of this time.

   Dhyana: Julie, there is a question we skipped over. She’d like to assist people. How can we assist people? I think we covered it but I wanted to speak those words and she asked them.

   Alaina: Assisting people we don’t know, who are fearful, alone.

   Micciah: Oh, in your meditations as in the Tonglen meditation where you go out, and out, and out. You begin with yourself, “May I be happy. May all beings be happy…” In the most traditional Tonglen meditation you breathe in the unhappiness of another person. And you are a converter. You breathe it in and turn it into light and breathe it out as light. That’s a fairly advanced practice and some people don’t want to do it. And if you feel you don’t want to do that, don’t. If you have never done it you can try it.
    We think next time, next week, we will go over the Tonglen practice, the formal Tonglen practice which is to take in the unhappiness. You are not taking it in personally, but you are taking it into your energy field and breathing it out as light. Some people feel very empowered by it. Some people are not drawn to it. So, we need to discern for everyone what you each want to do as we continue to work with our intuitions. So, for the time being, if you are not comfortable with the larger idea, send out love. Lynne Aston used to say she would every day, at the end of her meditation, she would take in the people who, on a personality level, were dangerous, were horrible. Julie says when she did her practice… Now, of course, she has Trump to work with, but when she got to Dick Chaney, she knew she was doing well, surrounding him with light. So, if you can’t do it… You’re not really doing it from a personality level. Those of you who remember Jane Roberts talking about the oversoul. You do it from your oversoul to their oversoul. Not from your personality to their personality. So, you see them surrounded by light, indwelled by love.
    And we will talk about the Tonglen practice in our next meeting. And now we will bid you a good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”