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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session July 23, 2020 COVID

In the introduction Micciah discusses:
Opening to connection - Death leading to rebirth - Choice - Dealing with feelings. View Section
Micciah responds to questions:
How to access the guardians? View Section
Are there any more concrete actions we can take?... Clear space for newness, Generosity. View Section
Any reason to be optimistic? How to stay focused on the positive? Remember the quantum shift. View Section
How to deal with people who are trapped from “doing the work”? Compassion, could form a group. View Section
How to create the energy to deal with all of this? View Section

   Julie: So I ask that I be guided in this very intense time to be open in this work to receive that which is most useful, in an immediate sense and for the long term. And ask that the work be blessed.

   Micciah: So we greet you dear friends. And we meet again through love, with love, and the help of the electronic world.
   As we have said before, it is no coincidence that the web was named the web. Because the other web, the original web, exists and connects all of life, and all of the realms. We were saying to Julie last night when she was meditating, “Open and open and open to your experience of connection. You are so much more intimately connected than you imagine, even though all of you know it and feel it and do imagine it. The connection is eternal and majestic, and it includes everyone and everything.
   Unless this laps into the sentimental, in this realm, physical realm, it includes death. In order to eat, in order to be physically nourished, animals give their life, plants give their life. And nothing is ever lost. Death is one of the illusions of the physical world because the energy is never lost. So you are now in a cycle of death leading to rebirth.
   When you come into this realm… We have said this before. We will say it again because it is of such great importance at this time. You agree to accept the responsibility of choice… Of choice. Some choices are large and involve whole groups of people. Or even, in this case, a whole planet. Your consciousness, the group consciousness. However, the group consciousness is very strongly influenced by individual consciousness, where the individuated you that is Spirit knowing itself where you are. And we have now, right now, a blazing example, a blazing example of human choice.
   So we said in an earlier meeting, “This virus is an entity. It is structurally unlike, we think unlike, other viruses that the scientists are familiar with. And so far in your examining the virus medically you have come to one sure understanding. That in the physical sense, yes, there are people who worked among the lepers and were never sick. But people who walked through jungles and will never be touched by a tiger. Yes, that is true. But we are talking about general experience. What you understand so far is that quarantining physically, covering your nose and mouth, and keeping a certain distance from people will have an effect on the wellness of the population. Yes? You know this.
   So, to come back to the issue of choice. Many, many people have chosen not to participate. Had they participated as was done is some places, New York City being a very clear example, the picture now, the experience now, would be very different. Whose choice was it? It was their choice. And you could say people are motivated by very strong urges and certain characterological difficulties, you could not really call it a choice. We’re calling it a choice. So being conscious of how meaningful your choices are, not only in this enormous sense that has such a vast impact, but even the small choices.
   So… (Alaina, this is part of the handbook.) Not to go into, [pulling her hair] “And I don’t do that! Why don’t I do that more?” No more. Even the small choices: smiling at someone instead of scowling, acknowledging someone instead of ignoring them, appreciating something instead of taking it for granted, or saying nothing. This is part of the choice of a conscious life.
   We have the image of, before Tibet was destroyed, the prayer wheels. [gesturing spinning wheels] People spin prayer wheels as they go about their daily life. Spin the prayer wheel. If you don’t like the idea of prayer or blessing, think of it as love. Spin the love wheel. And when the personality self listens to the news, if you do, and you have feelings to deal with, you have to deal with the feelings first. Always. You can’t skip over them. Deal with the feelings and then spin the wheel.
   Dhyana, this relates to your question, your query, as well. “How about all those other people?” Spin the wheel, because even though it may not seem that way, we will tell you again. There are many, many souls in your realm who are wanting, perhaps not consciously, to connect to a larger consciousness, to more compassion. They may not know how, they are not skillful, they are bewildered, but it may come in their dreams. It may come through a chance conversation. You don’t know how, but as you keep this going more and more people have it available so that they can connect with it. As Nancy Napier would say, “In ways they do not understand and in ways that they do not yet understand.”
   So your choice is to stay with love, to go back to it. Love’s always there, love doesn’t go away. You may go away. You, at a personality level, may disconnect yourself from that love. The vast love of Spirit is not going anywhere. Reconnect, reconnect, reconnect. Breathe. Let yourself work with your anger, your sadness, your despair. What they say in shamanism, “The shamans chew up poisons and turn them into nectar.” So your anger, your despair, your sadness, your frustrations, your fear; those are just certain kinds of energy, yes? Certain states of energy. You can chew them up with love. Turn them back into compassionate energy. Compassion for yourself, compassion for others.
   And one of the ways, oddly enough, that you chew them up is to befriend them. “Here is my anger and despair” as Ram Dass would say. “Come in, have a cup of tea. Let’s get to know each other. Perhaps I can transform you. I can make the envelope of my consciousness large enough to include you.” But work consistently not be to be run by them. “You are not driving this car.”
   We have one more thing to say before we get to your queries. You have done this work with Julie in your regular circles. What… (Alaina, this is another part of the handbook.) What is behind the story? What is behind the story? The story is illness, chaos, radical changes, transformation in relationship to the misery of racism of any kind. Racism, sexism. Having that break down. The violence of the government, the present government, not everyone in it. That’s the story, yes? That’s the drama. That’s the content. If you drop out the content, if you drop it out and look at the dynamic in this or anything, what is behind the story? Does that make sense? Yes? No?

   Alaina: Can you say a little more about what’s behind the story? Or looking at… ? (Thank you.)

   Micciah: Yes. There is fear. There is anger. Underneath anger there is always fear. It is an enactment of anger, greed, fear, and in the case of the changes in consciousness toward hatred, a desire for break-through. Not changes, transformations. [To] change something, you move it from here to here. [picks up a cup and moves it to the right… and then back] When you transform something there is an alchemical shift, a shift in the very nature of it. So you are dealing with fear. You are dealing with profound fear coupled with anger, greed, punishment.
   “Oh, un huh. What do we do with that?” The first place to work is always yourself. Again, cautioning, this is not in any way ever about blaming yourself. “Well alright, where in my own psyche are anger, greed, fear?” Work on those crumbs, chewing those up. And then offering out, consistently, in your meditation the unending love of Spirit for everyone and everything. You don’t have to like them on a personal level. Spin the wheel.
   Julie has tried a little of what we’d recommended months ago of dancing. [begins to spin her hands again] Spinning, like the Sufis, not that she does it at that level. She’s not that skillful. Dancing, spinning the wheel of love. Letting Spirit go from you out into the oneness. And living in a blessing mode. Again, if you don’t like the word ‘blessing’ that’s fine. Think of it as love. Love for your own body. For the food the earth gives you. And out, and out, and out, and out, and out.
   Now we will stop because we know you have your own questions. Please, what are they?

   Sue: [reading the collected questions begins with Joy’s] So, the first one had to do with opening the… [pauses] Sorry. It had to do with the earth guardians that you mentioned previously, and how we talk to them or access them, or interact with them. How can we work with them to help us.

   Micciah: Yes, and we have spoken of the guardians for many, many years. Years and years.
   So, in the most profound way you are all guardians of each other. Everything, the dragon flies, the grasses, salamanders, the small animals, the large animals, everything. But Joy, in a more precise manner…. In shamanistic traditions, the animals are revered. The animals of the place, the animals and birds, and creatures of the place where people lived. And they are teachers and wise ones. And they, as we said a long time ago, their own angelic spiral. There are some beings who are part of this planet. Who, let us say, hold particular guardianship. One of them, of one group, of the dolphins.
   Some guardians are not physical. They are beings who are connected to the earth and their commitment, their task, is to help you and all beings care for the earth. So you might ask. Ask, “I would like to connect with one of the beings who is an earth guardian.” Or, “I would like to connect with the dolphin consciousness.” The sounds that the dolphins make, that the whales make, that many of the songbirds make are part of the sacred chorus. Sound is one of the elements that hold the world in balance. It is no accident that literally all spiritual practices embrace sound in some form.
   So, the simple answer is ask and see what connection comes in, “May I join the dolphins?” You know there are… Well now they are surely on the computer. You can listen to dolphin sound. You can listen to whale sound, you can listen to bird sound. The chorus is all around you. If you are connecting to the guardians who are not physical, they too have a sound but it is not [knocks on the desk] that kind of sound. It is an internally perceived sound. Ask, ask. As we always say, “Ask! Ask.” These guardians, the realms of wisdom of the animals, the creatures, are ready to communicate. They are already communicating, you just aren’t always listening.
   Julie was working the other day with two friends, working in consciousness and a raven appeared on her right shoulder, in her inner world. When we think ‘ravens’, ravens are wise and serious. But this raven was a wiseacre. Not what she expected. [chuckles] And Alaina, the raven had one very direct communication to her, “Drop the fear thing.” [laughs again] Yes, except how? Wasn’t interested in how. “Drop it.” So, Joy, is that a response that is useful?

   Joy: Yes, very useful. Thank you.

   Micciah: You are welcome.
   Everything is singing all the time. And moving. Rocks move. We don’t mean they move in a landslide, breathe. They don’t breathe the way you breathe. Jane Roberts said in her channeling that the rocks hold the stories. The rocks are the storytellers. So you might sit down with a rock. Ask to learn more about the story.
   Please, continue.

   Sue: So did we cover… Are there any more concrete actions that we can actually be taking care of that Alaina was talking about? Other things. Very concrete?

   Micciah: Well, yes.

   Sue: Or things that we can do?

   Micciah: Alaina, you were talking about it in the context of doing, but the doing has to start with the being. (Just a moment.) So, regarding yourself, taking inventory as they say, “In what way, or ways, am I being that do not serve me, or the greater cause?” And one of them is being judgmental and unkind to yourself. Can you just stop that as Julie’s raven suggested? “Just drop the fear thing.”
   Ah, no. Well, in a miraculous moment, perhaps. But you can begin to work with it. “In what ways, in my being do not support my greater wellness, or the greater wellness and healing in this unraveling? How to be in a healing consciousness in the midst of everything falling apart?”
   One of the great writers about the concentration camps. Elie Wiesel (Is that how to pronounce his name?) said the people who survived most successfully were those who could keep connection to their spirit. That is number one. And really, again, for this is the third time we have said this. Really caring for your body [holds her back] actively. Because in the most, no pun intended, concrete sense, all of this is a strain on the nervous system. So, your body needs more than ordinary care. And if you are around other people, for their bodies, and your animals, your beloved animals. You think the animals are just walking around, “Oh well, it’s dinner time.” The animals know what’s happening. They don’t know it cognitively in the same way that you do. But they know.
   Now we have maybe a slightly odd one: clear space. Let go of what you do not need. [laughs] Drop the fear thing. Let go. Seriously, go through your own house, your belongings. What do you not need? Make space, because when you make space, what happens? There is room for newness! Space, for shifts in consciousness to come in. And literally, clearing your space supports that; gives it a boost.
   Generosity. Oh yes, we were speaking to Julie about this. Generosity in this time, generosity toward yourself, toward your feelings, toward working with them, generosity toward other people. Take every moment you can. This relates to what we said earlier. Smile instead of frowning. But, generous also… What are the things you care about that you want to support with money energy? Julie moved her credit card to her desk drawer so she can click something open, and if it is something she wants to support she can do it right away. Actual… to whatever extent you can. The abundance of Spirit, manifested as money, to support the people who are doing work you can’t do. Everyone is doing… who are doing different work.
   Julie was thinking, being up here in this situation, of all the things she does not need. And Julie and her old friend, Lynne Aston, now who has passed for so many years, used to, sometimes go window shopping together, or shopping together, just looking at things as if they were in a museum. And instead of buying something they would take that amount of money and send it to feed someone. “Hmm, do I need this?” Or, “Could I put this somewhere else or could we split it or do I really want it? Yes I do. I am going to have that for myself.” But to think about it. So, the being/doing part is: think about it. Think about it, “Do I need this? Could I put the money energy somewhere else?” And always, always without making yourself wrong or bad, “Oh, I shouldn’t really need this.” So, the decision comes from spinning the wheel. From, we will say joyfulness, of being able to make choice. “I would like to make that choice.” [pointing] “No, I would rather make that choice.”
   Pease continue.

   Sue: [reading Tracy’s question] So, is there really any reason to be optimistic?

   Micciah: Yes. [chuckles]

   Sue: And how do we stay focused on that, on the positive, on the hopefulness of the future as we know it?

   Micciah: Well, we think in all the ways we have been describing, as well as in your meditations, since all of you know how to future pace. Take a moment at the end of your meditation and imagine all of this healing. The disease wave going down. You know diseases have a life cycle. So it is not only a question of getting the vaccine. They have a wave form. Using your imagination, working in the light world imagining the world as a peaceful place. This is healing. The leadership has changed. The people who are compassionate and wise, and skillful. Imagine it and imagine living in it. That is a real contribution. Imagine thousands of people imagining that and how that would build in consciousness.
   And there is always the quantum point, what is popularly called, what is it? The tipping point. So, where was this virus? It wasn’t and then it was, and then it was everywhere. There is no reason it cannot turn, and be in fewer, fewer places and be in fewer, fewer bodies and nowhere. Or, nowhere that’s harmful. It is very important to remember, [pahh sound] that quantum shift. ‘Whugh’ and everything turns. Before Julie and Jon left New York, which was the third week of March, they were walking around. They were washing their hands. [claps] And then, all of a sudden, it was everywhere. And they realized, since they could go, it was time to go. It can work the other way. And if you imagine it… So, what is your choice? “I choose to put this into my meditation. Into my spinning the wheel, into my dancing. Peaceful world. I am living now in a peaceful world amongst people who are conscious and loving.” The personality self may say, “Well, no you’re not.” But as you create it in consciousness it takes on energy. As it takes on energy, it manifests.
   Is there anything else?

   Sue: [reading a question coming from Joy and Dhyana] You said remember to hold those who are trapped in compassion.

   Micciah: Yes.
   Sue: And that relates to one of the questions that those of us… many of us are trying to do the work, but there are lots of people that aren’t doing the work. And, how do we deal with them?

   Micciah: To repeat ourselves but, hold them in compassion. And there is also this strange, mysterious, hard to grapple with piece. You don’t know… How to explain it… You know, Don Juan, the great shaman, talked about… We always want to say ‘tyrannical’ teacher. [to Jon] What is it?

   Jon: Petty tyrant.

   Micciah: Petty tyrant teachers. The people who will appear in your life as petty tyrants, to aggravate you. Some of those people are your teachers. So some of the people who aren’t ‘doing the work’ are your teachers. No one is going to like hearing this. Not all of them. And no…

   Joy: Micciah, would that like a group? Like a group kind of trapped. And would they be, as a group, a teacher?

   Micciah: They could be.
   It may seem very strange, but some people have taken on incarnations to test or challenge other people.

   Sue: So you are saying, look for the teaching coming from the petty tyrant.

   Micciah: Yes. Look for the teaching by looking at yourself, and when you can’t find the teaching, hold them compassionately. Because people who are cruel, people whose anger is out of control, people who are greedy, are not happy people. Those people are suffering. You know the Dalai Lama said when he was a young man he was angry with the Chinese, not surprisingly. As he grew older he felt sorrow for them, because only people who are in great pain would behave in the way that they did.
   So you can think, hmm, some of these people may be my teachers; and also, some of them are not my teachers. And they are in great pain and I will hold them compassionately.

   Sue: And maybe this goes along with what you are saying about taking care of yourself and your immune system. All this chaos seems to be sapping a lot of energy from us. And, so, [Linda’s question] how do we generate, either internally or externally, more energy to deal with all of this?

   Micciah: Yes and Linda was saying creative energy, that creative spark.
   Paradoxically, not by the western way, to rev yourself up. By resting. Rest. Lie down in the middle of the floor. Look at the ceiling. Rest. Sleep. Walk. So, don’t think of it as generative in the sense that you have to beat up on your adrenal glands and get yourself going. No, no. Rest. It is like cleaning out your house, which will make space. Rest. Meditate. You don’t have to be meditating hours a day. Some meditation. Take a quiet walk. Allow yourself to rest, and the energy will start to fill. And it may seem, “Oh, I’m doing too much resting here.” But that is how you make room for new energy. It is actually what they say in Chinese medicine. Rest.
   So the rest, the resting makes room for the energy [which] will generate itself. Because the energy comes from Spirit and Spirit is always there. The personality may say, “No, no. It’s too much resting. I don’t want to rest.” But we will say to you that it is a good route (r-o-u-t-e) letting the energy come up. Make space for it. And then the sparks have oxygen to feed them and to make you [better?]
   So… And dance.
   We will leave you with this. We share with you much energy and joy. And we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”