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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session June 3, 2021 Healing the World Split

Micciah discusses:
Movement in times of stress, stay connected to this moment. View Section
Stay connected to Spirit, to each other & nourish the connections. View Section
There is no “Over.” This is transformation of everything. View Section
Work to create a world of compassion. A chance for the species to shift its consciousness. View Section
• How? Surrender to Love. Ask Spirit for guidance and listen. View Section
Violence has always been with you. It is the Karma of this land. View Section

   Julie: So it is a privilege to be with you. And I ask that I be clear in my communication — clear, so that I can receive the information in the best way possible. And I ask that the work be blessed.
You know, ever since my dear friend Susan passed, when I channel I can feel her. Whether she’s actually, her spirit is actually present, I don’t know.

   Micciah: So we greet you dear friends. And we are most pleased to be with you. To be invited to share our realm with yours. As always the room is filled with entities from different realms. And this is reciprocal, we learn from you as you learn from us. The realms are all interwoven.
   And in the physical realm, especially in this culture — in the western culture — you focus straight ahead. In some cultures there is a lot of… There is great expansiveness in terms of awareness and they include as part of their awareness, just ordinary appearance, other realms. So to do this, make this exchange, and also to be interested in participating, you have to loosen up. And because you have such serious issues to discuss at this time, we want to say at the beginning, we want to remind you at the beginning, that Spirit… That it is a dance. We want to remind you to remember to dance even if you are alone, turn on some music, or just move. Move. Bodies want to move. Especially in time of stress. And this movement [sweeps arms up overhead and down to come to rest across her chest] is calming and embracing. Different movements, of course, have meaning. Just as this movement [marching] is warlike, marching, this movement [hands over heart] expresses love, or, [moves hands across from each other to her shoulders] it could be protecting. The point is, remember, remember to dance. So that in being solemn addressing these complexities, you stay connected to the movement of life.
   Now, you are in a worldwide time of transformation. As we said many years ago this would come to pass. And yet no matter how much you prepare, being in it is different. One other, another of the crucial parts of this time, as we have said before, is to stay connected. Connected to Spirit, however you experience it, perceive it, are aware of it. And connected to each other. When you have an Impulse to connect to, as they say — you see we are up with the modern times — “Reach out. Do it. Do it.” If it occurs to you to do it rather than think about it, “Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t.” Do it, stay connected, on the phone, on Facetime, on Zoom, because the connections are so precious. To nourish them consciously is crucial. It is always important. Now it is crucial.
   Sometimes people talk about “over.” When this is over. So we say to you, “There is no ‘over.’” There is no “over.” This is transformation. Transformation is alchemical. In an alchemical process you burn the substance, you blacken the substance in the alembic. And when that is over it is transformed. Alchemy… Alchemy… alchemy is metaphysical. No one was really trying to make physical gold. This is an alchemical time. A time of death, and birth, and rebirth of the entire planet, of the entire planet.
   And we have been working with Julie during the week to bring this piece through. Will this species, [pats her chest] two leggeds, will you be able to create a world of compassion, of peace, of connection where “othering” dissolves and the great one, the oneness is known, is known, is experienced, is lived? Will your species be able to do this?
   Julie and Jon have been watching a television program on archeology, Time Team, from Great Britain. And they are archeologists and they are invited to dig in various places. And as far back as they go, neolithic, paleolithic, there were round houses — this is all the way back — preferably on a hill if there was one, sloping down. And then what do the archeologists look for? The ditch! And what was the ditch for? For protection. And the houses were built and the ditch down from it surrounded it (or them.) And early weapons built, not only to provide food, but as protection from invaders. And it goes all the way through history. The ditch. The moat. The fort. The weapons. It has been in the human consciousness, actively, to protect the experience those not of your tribe as “other” to be attacked. All the way through.
   Are you able in this time, in this time of transformation to truly move into the consciousness of oneness? Yes, there have been some groups, some tribes, some small cultures where peace was valued, but it was rare. So at the deepest level, at the deepest level the task individually and together, and together, is to deepen the connection to the one. To live it, breathe it, speak it, dance it. Go back to it, and back to it, and back to it. This is a chance. This is a chance for the species to shift its consciousness.
   Now we understand that this idea, at the ego level, can provoke distress. “Am I doing this right? What would be right? Is there a right way to do it? Am I failing in my task? Am I succeeding?” Just let that go by. Respect it, yes. Ego, personality, beloved, yes. Move on and come back to the one. Because our intention in speaking with you is in no way to present you with something that is going to cause guilt. No. No, no. This is the road to freedom. This is the road to liberation.
   Is this going to happen? Can we say yes, this will happen? No. Can it happen? Yes. So all of your actions, your speech, your blessings go out into the one. Every single movement can nourish oneness, or not. And you can keep it simple, basic, love, blessing, appreciation, gratitude, connection. It is an enormous opportunity.
   So, please, tell us your issues. What you would like to explore now.

   Sue: So the first question had to do with guidance on how we proceed; whether it should be more based on quietness and meditation, or whether it should be more action oriented.

   Micciah: It has to begin with your internal connection to oneness, to love. There is no correct answer. The important element is your consciousness. So, because your consciousness permeates everything. Let us decide you are going to contribute to a group you trust and love and you want to support their work. And you do that in the consciousness of generosity and abundance. The consciousness goes with — we suppose it is not a check anymore, right? — a credit card. So that would be an action and the nature of the action is affected by your consciousness. If you give out of a sense of… If you are grudging, but you give it anyway. Well, yes, the group gets the money, but it’s a different consciousness. So, what are we saying? The action needs to be guided by your consciousness and some… You need both. You need both. There isn’t a right answer. Quiet. Absolutely in this time. Quiet, sitting, listening, meditating, observing the trees, quiet. Prayer, prayer isn’t necessarily quiet. So the issue is your own consciousness and what you are guided to do at any given moment and how your either quiet or action reflects that consciousness.
   When Ram Dass was in India with his teacher he said, “I want to stay here in India.” And his teacher said, “Go home Ram Dass, you don’t have to be in India to do this work. Go home. Share it with the people at home. It’s your consciousness that matters, and that’s going to go with you and be with you whether you are here or there.
   So, please continue.

   Sue: So after this difficult year, how do we save each other? Effectively, what’s the most helpful way we can offer ourselves in service?

   Micciah: Well, this is going to be repetitive. The more deeply you surrender to Spirit in whatever way you perceive it. That love, that immense and eternal love is always there. It is the energy out of which life arises. The more deeply you surrender to it in whatever ways you want to, in whatever ways you are guided to, the more fully you embody it — [patting her head and body] precious temporary home — profoundly, you will experience the guidance. So, “Spirit, show me where to stand. Show me how to serve you.” There isn’t a single way other than what we are describing as a central core. “Show me where to put my feet. I’m listening. I want to know.” And part of it, part of it, of the love, is letting it get big enough, more deeply connected , so that you increasingly experience connection to everyone. There is no one who is outside the oneness. The people you can’t stand who drive you crazy with their cruelty, their choices. Those people too. Do you have to like them on a personality level? No. But you need to know they are part of the one. If there is one there is nothing outside of it. Nothing.
   And, of course, you personally need to address and be responsible for and deal with your own feelings about the people who distress you. You can’t, you know, [whistle] spiritual bypassing. “I’ll just meditate and it will be over.” No it won’t. You have to deal with the feelings. “Oh ho, here is big hatred.” [holds up one hand] “Here is heavy judgment.” [holds up the other hand] “Here is real fear. I’m responsible for my feelings, to address them, to welcome them in, to be respectful of them but not driven by them.” When you look at something or hear something and the reaction is such distress, such anger, misery. It is all grist for the mill. “That? I have to include that? And that? And that too? And that?” You do. You don’t have to like it. You can be committed to transforming it, and it has to be included.
   This is why we started out with dancing, because this is not so easy. Please continue.

   Sue: Well, you’ve pretty much addressed how we get above anger and frustration, and back to common sense, and how we survive people’s choices to be misinformed. I guess we’re all looking for something more tangible that we can do to address that because we’re all having trouble getting above it, and have been for, you know, the last few years. And our country is in trauma, and has been since its beginning. The question was “How do we heal?” but, you know, there’s a secret that we don’t have, I guess, yet, because we certainly haven’t done it yet.

   Micciah: Well, and as we said, if you go all the way back inhuman history, with very few exceptions, it wasn’t done. But what you do is what we are describing. You are responsible for your own feelings and work with them. And then see in the larger sense: “Can I offer blessings to these people? Can I include them in oneness, can I wish them well?” In the larger sense wish them well.
   We want to say something about the country and the violence. This country was born in violence. The Europeans came, well, a number of people came at different times, but what you think of historically as the…

   Jon: Second wave.

   Micciah: Or third or whatever it was. But when the British came…

   Jon: Spanish.

   Micciah: …and the Dutch came, they stole the country. It was a violent act. They stole the country from the indigenous people. The committed genocide. Stole their land, repressed their culture. Were contemptuous of the profound wisdom of so many of the indigenous people. Not to glorify them. All the indigenous people were not peaceful, some of them were warriors. Nevertheless, they were here. So this country was born in an unconscious and violent way. Yes, people came here seeking their freedom, and then came here seeking wealth. But the land, the land, the customs, the culture, the precious knowledge that was murdered went into, let us say, the karma of this country. And it continued. It continued with slavery. This is not the only country that had slaves, and, we did have slaves. And racism of all kinds has continued, never very far underground, sometimes politically… In the years before Trump not so politically correct so it wasn’t spoken of. Al soon as Trump came on the scene, it was no accident that he was elected. It rose up. The blacks, the Jews, the Asians, the other! The dreaded other, the hated other.
   So, we’re going to say something now, very complicated. Karma. We don’t really believe in karma. We don’t understand karma as an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth situation. Because there is always the Law of Grace. Nevertheless some of the violence you see of the upsurge, the horrible upsurge of shooting in this country which will not give up its guns — speaking of violence — is connected to the violent karma of the country. It is not only that, but many things that are happening are… It’s hard to explain. They arise in the context of the karma of this land. And how do we care for people who are in such pain who are so in the kind of pain that creates that violence. Do we care for them? Do we have ways of caring for them?
   You know there is one tribe in Africa where when someone is violent the group gathers and holds that person in the center of a circle trying to alleviate their pain. And how do we as a nature… How do we in our nature, in the collective nature of this particular thing give up the guns? Will that solve the underlying issues? Ah, no, it would go a long way. Think of the huge discord, enormous amount of money, that go into protecting the “right” to have guns. How do you begin to unpack the violence, heal the violence? You might put it in your prayers. And we do not mean to imply it is only this country, it isn’t. Of course it isn’t. Pray for the pain of the people who create such pain. The Dalai Lama says when he was a young man he was, with good reason, very angry with the Chinese. As on old man he feels sorrow for the pain that they are in that would allow them to do this. So the violence erupting is a chance to include the people who are violent in your prayers and in your love. We don’t mean your personal love. “Spirit love them. Help us all, help us all to give up the guns.” Violence creates more violence. This is an opportunity to say, “No, violence is going to create in me the desire to pray for people who are caught in that violence.” Dance to that.
   So, do you feel that this is enough of a response to… How to go on from here. How to proceed.

   Joy: Can I ask a question about what you were just talking about, karma?

   Micciah: Yes.

   Joy: And including the “others” in our prayer? Is it possible they’re ignorant of the pain they are in? I don’t necessarily believe they are aware of any pain.

   Micciah: Oh. Is it possible to believe they are ignorant of the pain they are in? Yes, of course. Oh yes. What they are aware of, often, is anger. Anger, helplessness. Underneath it all terrible fear. We would say as a general statement: if you go far enough under anger you find fear. So do they think of themselves as people who are in terrible psychological and are therefore violent? No. No. So, you are, Sue, to say something practical, you are holding this for yourselves and for other people. Holding the oneness, holding the blessings, holding the prayer, holding the possibility that human beings as a species can transform.

   Sue: That’s helpful.

   Micciah: It is the way, sometimes in the work that Julie does, someone will come to her and are in pain. They know they are in pain, that’s why they are there. And some of them have been people whose lives have been broken, who have become addicts, who live in misery. So because of her work and her training she holds their wholeness. She does not look at them and think and see: broken, diagnosis, possibly hopeless. She holds their wholeness.
   So that is what you are doing collectively. You are holding the prayers, you are holding the blessings. You are holding the idea and the beingness of transformation for the people who cannot yet hold it. So you do it for yourself, but you do it for everyone.

   Joy: Would that be like reaching a critical mass, the work we do? Because to really change we have to reach a critical mass.

   Micciah: Oh yes. Yes. Enough people do it and there’s a quantum shift. There’s quantum shift. And you have seen these shifts before. You have seen them in the world arena. The Soviet Union existed and then it did not exist. You’ve seen it in healing. Some of you have experienced it. The anger was there, the blame, the sadness, [claps] and then was not there. We know Polly did. We know Julie did. Some others of you did. Can you do that? Yes, yes. It is both critical mass and it is allowing the greatness of the divine matrix, or whatever you would like to call it, to overrule everything else.
   So, dear ones. We will leave you with all of this. And our blessings, and the blessings of all the beings in the room who remind you, and we remind you: love is always there, help is always there, all you need to do is ask. All you need to do is ask.
   So we share with you much love, much gratitude to be with you. We will meet soon, again. And we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”