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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session 6/1/23 - Spiritual Bypassing, The Way Forward, Aging

Micciah discusses:
One of the main purposes of taking on a physical incarnation is to serve, to experience oneness as deeply as you can so that your lives are living prayers. View Section
Spiritual Bypassing: What is it? View Section
The way forward with love despite feeling overwhelmed with the way the world is going. “The best way to go through chaos is to first care for yourself.” View Section
Aging: Hold the stories with as much compassion as possible. Keep blessing your body. Don’t listen to them. View Section
Is there life elsewhere in the universe? The short answer is Yes. Not that you can perceive, not carbon based. View Section

   Julie: So, thank you for all, all of you for being here and are being together. And even though I am doing the channeling we create it together, and I’m very appreciative of your support.
   So, I ask to be clear, to receive the information with clarity, communicate it with clarity for the love of those realms, to come through and be with us. And I ask that they will be blessed.

   Micciah: So, we greet you, dear friends, and are hearing the news of people’s physical ills. And you are there in that realm to serve. In essence, in essence, it is the purpose or, or one of the main purposes of taking on a physical incarnation to serve, to recognize the oneness of all things, beings, creatures, which you as a group have done and do. And that in itself, that in itself is a form of service because you experience and understand that everything around you represents the precious expression of the divine, everything.
   So, we don’t know if it is a mistranslation of the Bible, which was translated so many times in so many different times and so forth, that human beings were put onto the earth, into the earth, took human incarnations, (although that’s not how it’s phrased) to have dominion. No, to have oneness, to experience oneness as deeply as you can, and then even more deeply than that, so that your lives are living prayers, living blessings.
   You are living the sacred, the opportunity to live the sacred is in every moment. Whether your personality is in a bad mood or a good mood. Remembering that opportunity is a constant. It is a constant. And the opportunity to serve and to recognize that is a blessing. And the people you serve beginning with yourself, may I be happy, are giving you a gift. The people and the animals and nature are giving you a gift as you serve them, they give you the gift of being able to do so. And sometimes you may feel at a personality level, oh, well, but what can I do? Every tiny thing you do, every smile you offer, every blessing you give, every time you are appreciative, you are offering. In one of this one’s of, of Julie’s favorite quotes from Stephen Lavine, “If everyone does just this much, it will make a difference.” So, the rhythm of blessing, your food, your body, the trees, the air, the water, your car road, everything is the deep rhythm of life itself.
   So, we know you have questions, and we will move on to those.

   Jon: Joy asks about spiritual bypassing. What is it? And she doesn’t want to fall into it.

   Micciah: Spiritual bypassing, yes. A phrase coined by, uh, Ken Wilber. So, what is it?
   We are, we’re moving Julie forward. She’s physically uncomfortable.
   There. So, you are going along and living your life, and you are introduced to meditation, Buddhist practices, Christian practices, shamanistic practices, and, and you embrace them, which is a good thing. But if in embracing them, your personality imagines or hopes that that that relationship to meditation, to spiritual practice will dissolve your personal issues: All, gone! That is an error. If you were not supposed to work with a personality of some kind, we understand the concept of personality is different in different cultures, but if you were not supposed to work with a personality of some kind, you wouldn’t have one.
   So, you come in with certain agreements, some things are very flexible and fluid. Some are agreements. And some of those agreements pertain to your willingness to confront the kinds of issues that occur in your realm that do not necessarily occur in other realms, among them, as we have said so often, choice. What are you going to choose and how will that affect you and other people? And the wellbeing of the planet and the willingness to explore your own personality; not get lost in it, but explore it? The various feelings, the actions you take, the choices you make, those are intricately woven into your spiritual path. So, you cannot jump over them. And say, for instance, “Where, because I meditate, I meditate every day, I have a guru, I do rituals, I go to church. What, whatever the practice is, therefore I do not need to, um, be in relationship to the functioning of my personality and the choices that I make because they have disappeared.”
   So, and to bring up this unfortunate subject, it, it is, sounds paradoxical. It is in fact it is paradoxical. But many, many of the spiritual organizations, the gurus who have come here, let us say from India or teachers from other places, and then at some point it is revealed that there are, um, most of the teachers being men, that they have abused the women in the practice, that there have been sexual relationships that some of the women have been in for years in relationship to these teachers.
   Might they also truly have a, a part of themselves that is, let us, let us call it enlightened, that is, has access to many realms that has great healing power? Yes, but, and they have never been required to look at their personalities. So, the behavior generally is excused and not addressed, and the abuse goes on.
   So, this is a very flamboyant example of spiritual bypassing. “I am your guru, and you will be further... Your movement toward enlightenment will be further furthered if you have sex with me.” And of course, it exists on a much more modest scale as well.
   How do you... So, Joy, you also said, how do you not fall into it? Yes?

   Joy: Yes, yes.

   Micciah: By identifying that it is necessary to engage with the personality, be responsible for your personal self, your personal needs, your desires, and being willing to work with them in, in some manner that creates, uh, that is responsible. “I don’t have to be responsible for that because I meditate.” It, it is a, it is a willingness, Sometimes, um, if you have good friends, they might point it out to you. “Oh, I think maybe you have a few issues about possessiveness or, um, winning all the time.” Or whatever it happens to be.
   And you listen. You also have inner wisdom, If you listen, if you listen to it will tell, it will tell you, and your body will tell you. But in cultures where it is not acknowledged at all, it’s easy to skip over.
   In this culture, to a large extent, emotional issues are acknowledged. They’re not always I identified or, and they’re not always, people don’t always take responsibility for them. But do you know somewhere in you that they exist? Yes. So again, it is choice, it is willingness to say, “Ah-ha, ah-huh ah-ha, I see this in myself and I’m going to find someone (however that is done in your culture) who will assist me in healing it.” Possibly, it is not a good sign.
   This is a very general, perhaps this is unfair, we’re going to say it anyway. Perhaps it is not a good sign when your spiritual path, you’ve chosen a spiritual path is going to cost you a great deal of money. And the person, the great teacher, the guru, has vast, um, uh, financial resources. Uh, the Catholic church being an excellent example. It, it’s, uh, so there is the present pope, apart from the fact that he has not allowed women to become priests, is very aware of this. The Vatican prints its own, has its own money. There are many gurus who have expensive cars or wear expensive clothing. Who’s paid for it, Not, not a good sign. It isn’t necessarily, it isn’t necessarily. Hmm, hmm, We were going to say deceptive, But often it is. You have to think about it. Think about it.
   If you are following a group, a, a person, or in a group, and the leaders have great wealth, when so many people in the world have no homes, that is something to question.
   So that is, Joy, another kind of spiritual bypassing, “I’m not going to confront my own greed or my feeling that because I am, um, a great spiritual being, you need to pay me, It’s a, a lot of money to come and be near me.”
   So far, so good. Does this make sense?

   Joy: Yes.

   Micciah: Then what happens to the people who might want to study with you, but they don’t have any money? But the bypassing, the bypassing is an un... an unwillingness to regard one’s own personality as, as part of the, the work. It’s part of the work, It’s not apart from the work. And you are not excused from doing that because you, you are also generous and compassionate and so forth. Complicated subject.
   And we want to go back a moment to service. You think of service, not as, “this is hard work.” It might be, might also be a joy to bless your food. Might be a joy to say thank you, Might be a joy to keep contact with a friend when you have, as you were talking earlier, some... they are in, in, they are having serious physical issues. Stay in contact. We suppose people don’t call as much anymore, Email them. How are you? How are you doing? It can be a joy. And sometimes you’re tired and you don’t feel like it, and it isn’t such a joy, but you do it anyway. We, we know this is one of Julie’s favorite subjects.
   We will go on.

   Jon: Marilyn, speaking about the way forward, through love, finds [herself] overwhelmed with the way the world is going. So, how do you deal with the stress of it not being resolved.

   Micciah: With love, with kindness yourself. As we said now, quite a long time ago, before or maybe just after the man who was really not elected president, but was president anyway, came into office, we said, prepare yourselves. The best way to prepare yourselves for chaos is to first assess your own needs, your own realistic needs to feed yourself as well as possible to be as, if it’s, if it is, if it is possible for you to be as strong physically and well physically as possible.
   The best way to go through chaos is to first care for yourself. So, you as an instrument are as resilient as you can be. Now, sometimes that is not the case. There are people who have serious illnesses for their whole lives, um, as Julie’s teacher used to say, don’t confuse illness and death. But in a general sense to care for yourself as effectively as you can so that your own strength and resilience support you in going through the chaos. And then to add to that, as we have said before, keeping contact with people, Contact, contact, contact, contact, so you, you feel the con... You, you are connected to other people and, and animals and the earth in the midst of the worldly chaos and thinking about or meditating on what you love. We wish we had an easy answer, that there was a formula. Staying with, being with friends, being with... Doing what you are all doing, Mustering as much kindness as you can, holding the people who are, who, who seem to be creating the chaos in your meditations and prayers, holding them in the light as well. You don’t have to like them personally or approve of them personally to hold them in the light.
   Speak to people about your own when you are in a hard place, how you are feeling. “I just need to talk to you for, for a bit, I am not, I am feeling truly overwhelmed by this. There are days when I simply want to weep or lie down on the floor and stop.”
   Connect with someone if you can. It is good. It is good to have your little bag of the things that remind you of love. The Julie, this one and Jon were watching a documentary on George Harrison, which was filled with love, and upset. Music may remind... What reminds you of love? Music, poetry, reading, talking to a friend, holding your cat or dog. What reminds you of love in those difficult times when you feel overwhelmed? And, often when you feel overwhelmed, often it goes with feeling isolated or alone. Is there someone you can reach out to? Can you offer a kindness to someone if you live in a, in a city, for instance, in the street? All those small things. Even though it goes in waves and there are relatively peaceful times, this is a chaotic realm where we should say, this is a realm where it is possible for great chaos to exist.
   Dance. You know, we always say that. Move around, sing, because you listen and you hear this and you think, “Oh, yes, yes, Right, right.” You have to do it. Or, if you need to, several days ago, Julie and Jon were in the kitchen and the radio was on, and some horrible, yet another horrible announcement was made. And Julie just laid down on the floor on her back and let the floor hold her, and she said, this is all I can do right now.
   So, a number of times when we have channeled since Susan Lemak passed, she has been here, So she’s here, we are trying to understand what she is communicating about this. Oh, let it all go. Let it all go. See if you can penetrate... Ah, yes, there is chaos. See if you can acknowledge it, work with it, and penetrate all the stories that, that, that, that are about it and cling to it.
   Penetrate the stories. Does that mean things are not happening, that are awful? No, it doesn’t. But it means, hmm, that you can see through it. That behind it all is a divine plan. So, she is saying, “Let it all go.” Meaning we think, don’t, don’t get caught. Do what you can, don’t get caught, but don’t try, don’t... Is that right? Don’t get caught.

   Jon: Don’t try to fix everything? Do what you can.

   Micciah: And, and don’t keep giving the stories about the chaos... Don’t keep giving them energy while at (it’s a paradox,) while at the same time acknowledging the suffering. And we believe Ram Dass said, “Acknowledge the suffering. Do everything you can to alleviate the suffering.” Yes, yes. Yes.
   We do miss you. [To Susan]
   Please go on.

   Jon: Next question is from Alaina, um, about aging.

   Micciah: Ah.

   Jon: The paradox of it in this time, uh, for women or the problems? Nope. The paradox in this time for women in Western civilization.

   Micciah: Hold the stories with as much compassion as possible. Keep blessing your body. Don’t listen to them. And if you can’t help hearing them, if you can in a moment, remember it’s a story. And it is really, it isn’t about aging. Really, it’s about the way aging and death are connected, Of course, people who are not old also die. But when you are aging, you’re... In general, although it is better than it was when this one started her work, it is not like Buddhism where death and impermanence are part of the, of, of the understanding.
   This is a culture that has been, I don’t know if it always has been, but certainly is now and has been for a long time, fixated, terrified of death, not really understanding death.
   Who channeled Emmanuel?

   Jon: Oh, Pat Rodegast.

   Micciah: Pat Rodegast, Yes. Emmanuel said, oh, yes, you die. It’s like selling the old Ford. But the culture, So you were, you grew, you all grew up in this culture. You were bathed in it. You hear it all the time and more and more and more and more and more.
   Now, you not only can’t have wrinkles if you’re a woman, you also have to have muscles. And, it’s a fear of death, So when you begin to look older, and particularly the, the, the... You have a, the world is filled with powerful women. But in your culture, not in every culture, the men are much more powerful than the women, Still, if you look at a picture of the people in the House of Representatives, in the, in the Senate and the government, just look at them, mostly white men. More people of color than there were, more Asian people than there were, not very many, more women there than there were, but not very many.
   So, men, it’s very hard to talk about this because it’s, it’s all sounds like a generalization. Men can become powerful and be respected because they are powerful, so it’s okay if they have wrinkles. Women’s power has been attached culturally to their beauty. And this is not a culture that finds old women beautiful. Which again, would not be true in every agriculture. So, unless you are a very powerful woman, and they are rare, not, not really. There are many powerful women, but acknowledged as Madeline Albright, let us say.
   Your looks change as you get older. As they change, what are they pointing? The... What direction are they pointing in? Death! Everything. You know, your skin is wrinkling, your hair is gray. Hmm, what will happen next? It is the last act. Yes? Of your life, So, your value goes down. Not really, But in, but in the culture. And you have interjected that, swallowed it in, and you’re surrounded by it all the time. Buy this new cream for only $125 or have your face done. So then of course, your face and your hands don’t match, But… So you, so that you are not running around pointing in the direction of death, which we don’t want to see, and you are ugly and old anyway,
   What to do? Remember, it’s a story. Comfort yourself. Be kind to your body. Appreciate your body. Do it yourself. “No, no. I know I’ve gotten caught in the story and I want to tell you that I love you and you have served me all these years, and I appreciate you. I’m not listening to the story.” or “I am listening, but I am not, I am less and less accepting it.”
   You take... your Jewish teacher used to say in metaphysics, “If the gift is (this is some gift.) If the gift is not wanted, the gift belongs to the giver.” “So, I am giving you back your story, I don’t want it, it is not serving my wellbeing or anybody’s wellbeing.” And really, really important we will say it again, is to take on the actions of loving your own body. Does your skin look the way it did when you were 17? How, how old are you allowed to be now 18? Um, no, it does not. I’m not, I’m not going along with it, But, but you, you make, you, you know, you may keep getting caught and have to remind yourself, “Story, story, story, Not going along with it.”
   If you recall, you may, may or may not like Hillary Clinton, but if you recall when she was a public figure and was running for office and so forth, the comments that were made about her, about her body, about her physical self. “Well, we can’t elect Hillary. Look at the size of her rear end. Look at her ankles.” You know, presidents, because of the stress of the office, Obama did not have gray hair when he was first elected president by the time he left did. Because of the stress of the office. It has a physical effect on your body, and you look older. “Oh, can you imagine having to look at Hillary as she gets older?” What a good reason not to elect her president.
   And you may feel personally, there are other reasons as well, but there was a focus, nobody said it. It was said about Biden, He’s too old, but no one commented on his ankles or his bottom, “We can’t elect him with his ankles.” They’re not gonna look any better in four years, So, to treat yourself kindly and, and to bond with other women, it’s to not only with women of your age, but to maybe help the women who are young out of this misery.
   You don’t have to buy that. You don’t have to buy that story. And there are some cultures, of course, where old women are wise women and revered for their wisdom and wrinkles and their gray hair because it is not associated with death. It is associated with wisdom. But you don’t happen to be living in that culture. So, you have to make that true for yourself and for all of you. A lot of women in this group, for yourselves.
   And we will say it one more time, because your body hears you. Your body knows what you are saying. “I’m having a bad day, I look old. I love you.” Choice. Who is in charge of that? You are. And a connected piece of that, Alaina, it is really about people who are old in general, but more about women than men. We think. That somehow you are stupid. That...

   Jon: Well, you’re not quick anymore, You’re not...

   Micciah: That, there’s, there’s, there’s some, we’re trying to catch it.
   There’s some association of, um, infantilizing older people, old people, particularly women.

   Jon: We could do a short one.

   Micciah: Short one.

   Jon: Go for a short answer. Gail wanted to know is there life elsewhere in the Universe?

   Micciah: Oh yes, of course, yes, And... yes, absolutely, We, Julie keeps meaning to send you the… Is it Caroline Corey?

   Jon: Yep.

   Micciah: The... Her pieces on, uh, life in other, in other universes. Yes, of course there is. And there are beings from other universes who are right here. They have, they look like you, um, but they are not, as Julie said about herself when she was a child. They are not from here, they are right with you. They’re not only in other universes. So yes, there are in other universes, In other realms. Does it, do they necessarily look like you physically? No. No, no, no. Your bodies are adapted to this beautiful blue planet.
   So, when Americans or Russians or whomever explore space, and they are on, how far have you gotten, Mars?

   Jon: We’ve gotten as far as the moon and thinking about Mars.

   Micciah: It, it looks as if there is no one there. There’s no one there who looks like you. That doesn’t mean there are not entities there. Nor does, you know, is it considered when the first men plop themselves down on the moon and put the American flag there. No, no one that that was going to be heard mentioned that there could be entities there that you, and you are disturbing them, because your way of assessing, um, the theirness of there. We think they’re all extensions of sight. Something, something measurable that you can measure in the way that you understand measuring. So, if there are beings, Lunar beings, you don’t recognize them because you don’t know how to, you don’t know how to.
   So, the short answer is, are there other beings? Are there beings in beings in other universes? Yes.

   Polly: So, are they Julie? Uh, I mean, sorry, Micciah, are they, uh, are there beings that are not carbon-based the way, ’cause that’s the way we look when they people go to the moon, et cetera, they’re looking for carbon-based...
   Micciah: Beings. Yes, there are beings who are, yes, of course they are, they are constructed of completely different materials, Not, not in the, you know, they don’t, not, not materials that exist in your, um, what did you all have to learn in chemistry? The table? Uh, no...

   Sue: The periodic table.

   Micciah: Periodic table.
   So, dear friends, we leave you with that. And the reminder to stay connected and to dance, to serve, to celebrate. Acknowledge your feelings.
   And we bid you a very good, evening.

   Jon: Thank you.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”