Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 4, 1984  [CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses healing:
The impediments to peace and it involves personal risk. View Section
What is healing? “The transmission of reverence for life. It is something already true that you allow to be.” View Section
Micciah describes the process whereby the “healer” may pick up the symptoms of the person with whom she/he is working. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I'm Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I'm in trance,and while I'm in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   The session you are going to see deals with several topics. The first is how peace involves personal risk. The second is how healing is a transmission of reverence between two beings. And the third, how as a healer one can protect oneself from taking on emotional or physical symptoms during the healing.

   Micciah:  We greet you, dear friends.  Now you ask what it means for the country to create a particular kind of government, what you call a right wing.  What does it mean to have a condition on the earth that imperils the continued existence of this realm?  There is an even greater risk than war, a greater inner risk, and that risk is peace.  We have said before that to the extent that all of you--really, there is only one of you--to the extent that all of you, as the Great One, contemplate and nourish and act upon peace in your own hearts, in your own lives, to that extent you create it in circumstance. The existing conditions in this realm arise out of the totality of consciousness.  The picture that you get reflects the totality. 
   It is possible in times of great torment to wrest from the very heart of the difficulties the essence of love.  What you have on the planet is the sum total of all the times, of all the years, of all the centuries, a great bursting forth of energy, what would be called in certain psychological schools negative excitement. 
   This time is a watershed.  This time is a time of power,  This time is a time of great intensity, and vitality, and possibility.  The challenge to go on with peace, not to collapse into hopelessness or cynicism, but to stay in the energy of peace and of love.  The challenge is very great. 
   The challenge to go beyond paradox into pure energy is very great.  Not good, not bad.  Bad and good are oppositional.  Paradox is the generosity or inclusiveness that can contain apparent opposites.  And beyond paradox is a state of experiencing everything that is.  Experiencing it with great clarity and, at the same time, staying centered. 
   So you ask what you can do.  Work in your own lives.  See if you have the courage to embrace life, however it is, and put your energies into what you wish to  have nourished.  If you wish to take care of the earth, then you must do it not only in meditation, but in action.  It takes tremendous energy, yes?, to be mindful of resources, to conserve lovingly what you have, to care for what you wish to have grow.  To give up so much electricity.  To give up plastics, that is very difficult.
   You have free will.  This plane of action, this physical world (*touches things) this world, this world, this world, embraces the development of choice.  If you choose peace in your heart, you will choose peace on the planet.  Maybe not in this lifetime. 
   Woman: Are you saying that peace is more threatening to us than war?
   Micciah: Well, it is more of a risk at this time. In most ages it has been so. Think of your own times. Peace is very dynamic, very alive, it is not (*does something that make the class laugh.) It is full of energy, all kinds of energy.
   Changes have been made.  All of you, and those like you, and those like you who don't know they're like you, and work that has been done in dream time, and prayers that have gone out for the planet, and all the work you do, the everyday work, of aligning with love, has had an impact.  And some of the difficulties that were perhaps to arrive in the physical reality have been transformed. 
   You ask what you can do.  One of the powerful "things" you can do--it is not really a thing, it is a state of being--is to embrace life.  To help yourself individually and to help yourself as a group to go beyond your likes and dislikes.  To acknowledge them, and go beyond them, and to claim all of life.
   We would like to make a note or so.  When we say "love" we do not mean romantic love.  Love is--it is hard to say--it is ineffable, and extraordinary, and ordinary, and the source of everything.  It is vastly compassionate and truthful.  It is ecstasy.  It is light and dark.  It is clarity.  It is everything wet and wiggly, it is all the galaxies.  It is more than you can imagine and it is something you know very deeply.
   What you can do is also a question of working on all the levels:  with the personal self; the creative self; the emotional self; and the aspect of self that does things, that physically supports what is life-embracing; and the aspect of self that makes love or makes a garden.  All the qualities, all the powers. 
   If you stay with reverence for life, you will create miracles.
   Perhaps there is no existing government that does not have a very strong aspect of fear.  You know, the original intention for this country was extraordinary.  This is an extraordinary place and an extraordinary time.  You have many, many possibilities that were not available in other what you would call "historical" times. (There is no time.)
   And what is healing? Healing is reverence for life.  It is the transmission of reverence for life.  It is embracing life.  Sometimes that is very smelly. It's not always tidy.  We have said this before, yes?  Sometimes it is not much to your liking.  Sometimes, sometimes, terrible things are occurring.  Healing is embracing life.  Beings who are good channels, meaning clear channels, have the capacity to embrace, to be foolish. Foolishness is part of healing.  It is very difficult to have anything heal in solemnity. 
   Animals will teach you a great deal about healing.  Children will teach you a great deal about healing. Those who have reverence for life and embrace it, training or no training, professional or not, bring that spirit into a room.  Ideally, there would be this quality in people in government, and some have had it.
   Healing is not something you make happen, like fitting blocks together.  It is already true and you allow it to be.  And that doesn't mean it's going to look like what you want. Don't be led around by the nose by what you want.
   There are mysteries and miracles far beyond what the personality wants.
   So healing is an embracing.  It is an allowing of spirit.  It is a truth-telling spirit.  It is not necessarily getting "better" or getting rid of a symptom. When the Great Self and the personality self make better acquaintance with each other, know each other's truths, that is healing.  When you experience everything in you and you in everything, that is healing.  Because when you do that, it changes your behavior, yes?  And there are not any more those people "over there" whom we do not like. 
   Healing comes in all packages.  It comes as illness.  It comes as wellness. It comes rich.  It comes poor.  It arises out of honor, honor for all the experiences of life and a willingness to get your hands dirty, to reach out.  Be foolish.  You are all given the power to allow healing.  The herbs and the flowers and the barks of trees and the berries and the crystals and the earth itself all have healing properties.  The earth is always speaking to you.  You don't always listen.  Is this clear so far?
   Michael, the question about symptoms...  You know you have sounds.  The body is full of sound.  The liver has a sound.  The heart has a sound and the cells have sounds.  They are not physically audible, but they are there.
   Sound is profoundly healing. We would like you to use it more, if you would, because it allows.  So, do you know in music what beating is?  If you play two clarinets very close together, you establish something in sound called beats, yes?  Where the sounds are almost identical, but not quite?  Is that right? 
   When two personalities are doing that, when one who is working with another one has a tendency to align at the personality level and has a malleable--"malleable'' isn't quite the word--a flexible sound system... If "this one" were to work with you and you were doing what you call healing work, and she moved the sound, the rhythm a little, if she moved her personal resonances to match your personal resonances, unconsciously--some people just do that spontaneously--and then proceeded with the healing, if the liver, your liver were going [*sounds] then her liver would begin to go also [*same sounds].  Then yours might readjust and hers would stay, and then she would have symptoms in the liver.  This is not an exact description, but it is a good analogy. 
   This will not happen if you're careful to avoid doing this.  Careful to align the Great Self, not the personality self, with the other Great Self. 
   You say, "Well, fine, how do you do that?"
   Meditate on it.  Then there are no symptoms taken on. You don't want your personality to merge with the other person's personality even though that may create the symptom being relieved.  You will then have the pain in your back.  It is like a trade. Sometimes, also, one personality is really saying to another personality at the somewhat unconscious level, "I will bear your burdens." So, if you tend to pick up symptoms, look around in the psychological realm and see if you have the desire to be a martyr.
   Anything that reminds you of the essence of life encourages healing.  Healing is both building up and tearing down.  You do have a cultural preference for the building up phase, yes? But the body cannot build up waste, and build up waste, and build up waste.  It must take in, absorb, and release.  And with the physical experience of feelings, excitement builds up to a charge.  And then there is a discharge of energy. 
   Healing is whole in the sense of the power of acknowledging and embracing all of it. Now this is in some ways disappointing because we have not told you how to fix anything.
   Please, would you like to ask further?
   We thank you.  And we share with you all much energy and much love.  And we bid you a very joyful evening.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”