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Transcript of Program 8, 1985  [CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
The crux of our belief in money as object, or "thing"… "has to do with disconnection from the inner sources of creativity." View Section
The law of abundance…appreciation…letting go…attachment. View Section
The connection between attitudes about money and about our bodies as possessions rather than living spirit; the land as something we can own and control and destroy at will rather than a living entity. View Section
Healing the conditions that create acid rain. View Section
Sexual possessiveness and sexual expressivity. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physi­cal realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   The questions that we are dealing with in this session are about money and banks; and why we put our faith in the substance of money rather than in the energy that's behind it. About sexuality and how to create a lively sexual relationship. About jealousy and possessiveness; and about healing the conditions that create acid rain.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   The crux of your beliefs in money as an object, as a “thing,” has to do with the personal and the group disconnection from the inner sources of creativity. You imagine that money is an object — independent, autonomous — and in order to imagine that, you must keep yourself unaware that you are responsible for generativity and for abundance.
    Well, what does that mean? In metaphysical terms, it means you can open, in your life, to the living experience of abundance, the experience that you really will be provided with what you need when you attune to the law of abundance.
   What you need might be shelter. Now, in your culture you pay for shelter with money, yes? If you were on an island, the proverbial desert island, and needed to build a shelter, would money do you any good? No! You would need to be provided with the materials.  If you didn’t know how to build, you would have to tap into the great knowledge available, to tell you what to do, how to do it.
   You have created a massive disconnection about money, which you see not as a symbol but as an item which you can possess, just as you see people as things that you can possess and hold on to, emotionally, or sexually, or whatever.
   Now, when you put faith in money, the item, you are going to become acquisitive, yes? “It is out there. It is not connected with my consciousness, or with my living sense that I can be provided for. It is there to be taken, yes? To be stored, to be saved, to be invested.”
   And it is this very belief in money, not in universal energy or divine mind, but in the things, money, that causes vast imbalances.
    Why are there children starving? “Well, because of money!” As if money had a personality and made choices. “Well, you can’t share money with people who are starving, except in a most restrictive kind of way.” Why? “Because you would upset the balance of the economics, of the money!”
   You see, it is as if money is a something rather than a consciousness. And because you believe it is a thing, because you are disconnected from the abundance that is the law, you deprive others. You create very complicated systems where some people have much and some people have nothing.
   We don’t mean to imply in a foolish way that nature is benign. There are natural disasters, times when tribes have been in famine long before the invention of money. But the metaphysical, the spiritual, task is to connect with the inner flow of abundance, not just with the law of manifestation. What is that?
   If you concentrate, with your will, on manifesting money, you probably can. And that does not mean that you are living in the law of abundance.
   True appreciation of what is already abundantly supplied might mean you would wish to give away when you have too much, yes? Or you would wish to have no more because you have enough. That is when you feel the energy.
    As we have said to another group, meditate during the week on what is too much in your life. What would you like to give away? You experience the real law of abundance by knowing when you have enough: by feeling the energy of being given to, in all kinds of ways. You have severed your connec­tion with the energy of being given to.
    Now this relates to one of your other questions as well. You have created such conditions as acid rain out of a kind of imbalance and ignorance and greed. How many of you are willing, individually, to give up some of what you consider to be your privileges? To use less electricity. To join together when you drive cars. To give up some of what you feel is your independence?
   Be aware of the need for more and more — the voraciousness and the disconnection from the real abundance. When you are given the rain, that is a great gift. And you will know that. You will know that when you see what is eroded by having destroyed the quality of the rain itself.
   And the banks are... What is a bank? It is the institutionalized guardianship, yes? A bank is like a big jail, in a certain way, a vault where your things are protected from grabbing hands. The banks protect the precious object — money.
    But can anyone take from you your inner life? Can anyone deprive you of the opportunity to explore what real abundance is? No, no one can. In certain spiritual disciplines when money is relinquished, in India when one walks with only a begging bowl, owning nothing, that is potentially an experience of the great abundance. Only potentially, because a form, that is, the form of the wandering priest or priestess, without the consciousness, is just a form.
   Do you understand so far? Is this clear? You put your faith in money when you disconnect from your experience of what true abundance is. And you do, in your world, need to have a fluidity with money. But don’t hoard it. Give it away, give it away. It must be a flow.
   You must do what? Risk! Risk. You can’t experience abundance without risking. And you can’t hold onto your sexual partner like this (gesture): “You must never stray!” That is a prison also.
    A body belongs to oneself, to share as one wishes. Jealousy, possessiveness, means that at some level you have turned the person into thingness. “You are my thing, and I want to put you in a bank, in a vault.” It cannot be done.
   So... Banks are the guardians of the money as object. The precious object which is then no longer seen as an energetic flow — a symbolic ex­pression which no one can legislate — but as limited, desirable, and disconnected from the source. You are the source. You are the source. All of you watching are the source.
   Do an experiment. Go through a drawer or a closet and meditate on what you really need. What that you own serves you? What serves you and what do you need to give away? What could you risk letting go of?
   Then you will experience where your barriers are, where your fears are. It will be very exciting, yes? What do you really feel you want to hold onto and protect? As soon as you are attached, your freedom, whishhhh, goes out the window. We are not criticizing, just pointing this out.
   What does it mean when you own something, when you think you own your money, or you own someone’s body. Or, even worse in some ways, you think you own the earth, the body of the planet? You have title, you have ownership, yes? You bought this piece of land with your money! And then because you own it, you are entitled to damage it, to pour poisons into it.
    No. You don’t own the earth. And with disconnection on an individual level and at a group level, the earth has been damaged. Its energy, its abundance have not been honored. You know, the earth will be fine without all of you. But you will not be so fine without it, hmm?
   So, the belief in ownership, the belief in property and the disconnec­tion from the ever-replenished source creates these imbalances.
   You must start at the level of personal risk. As we have said before, it is very easy to say, “Well, those people out there don’t understand,” without delving into your own consciousness, finding out where you are holding on, what you are attached to, what you need to let go of, where you could risk being generous.
   And let yourself be given back to, because you will be, you will be, you will be. It is possible to change the conditions that have created acid rain, but not without massive organization. And not without each person’s willingness to do without.
   Now, given enough time, the earth will right itself. Cut down on what you use. Share what you are no longer needing. Instead of everyone in their own little home cooking with their own little gas stove, you can share. Make an experiment. Do it with love. This is not to blame you. It is to alert you, all of you, to your own power. It will take energy, effort, risk, attention. It is all right to have things if you are not attached. And if you really feel that the coming of them and the going of them is just energy moving.
   Beliefs about ownership and “thingness” can be seen also in the way your culture relates to death. The thing, the body, must be kept pumping at all costs, yes? And it costs a great deal of money to keep the thing going. But your body is wise. The body is consciousness. It is not a thing. Really, nothing is a thing. Everything has consciousness.
   You see, these are all connected: your attitudes about money and about your bodies as possessions rather than living spirit, living consciousness; the land as something you can own and control and destroy at will rather than a living entity; and sexual possessiveness.
   That leaves us with sexual expressivity. Sexuality is a great gift. It is everywhere — in flowers, in trees, in animals, in insects. It is that sparkle of life that speaks of transformation, and of mystery, and of the elegance and tenderness of friendship. It is the spark. So because it is a great gift it needs to be used, to be availed of, with love.
   And there are many kinds of love. Your ideas about sex interfere so much with your pleasure. You have gone in the last hundred years from very repressive ideas in the Western world to very repressive ideas, ideas on opposite ends of the same repressive spectrum. To feel you must make love with many people, with no emotional attachment or interest, is quite as repressive as feeling you must not make love with anyone except your spouse.
    They are both repressive because neither really explores the individuality, or the range of feelings, or the differences within one lifetime of possibilities, of needs.
   It is almost necessary in relationships that are sexual for you to go back to the beginning of the beginning. To go back to when you were a very small child, before all this was taken in, and imagine what it would be like to have your own sexual energies as a gift to be shared. Or not shared. For the gift to be expressed, there must be some emotional contact. Sexual sharing with no emotional intimacy — and you can be quite intimate with someone you don’t necessarily know for ten years — is simply an exercise. It depends on the quality of consciousness.
   To be worried about sex is the final irony, yes? As if it were a performance and not an expression. But now you will all worry that you are worrying. So, begin by observing yourself with love. And by discovering what your real feelings are. What feels right for your body in any given situation. Not what you think. What you feel.
    Life, flowing through you, if you let it flow, will express itself in many, many ways including sexual. You have put sex in a certain mode as if it were separate from the rest of life. You know, sex!
   In the body, there is a charging of energy and a discharging, like the breath, a filling up and a letting go. And in the law of abundance, there is a filling up and a letting go. You are overbalanced on the filling up side. And with the earth, there is a filling up and a letting go.
    So, perhaps that is the theme for all of these issues. To be aware. To be mindful and conscious of the filling up and the letting go. So.... Meditate in your own lives. What is too full and needs to be let go? What is not full enough and needs to be filled up?
   We thank you or your time. We share with you all much energy and love. And we bid you a very good morning.

   Julie: Is it over? Its over.
   What we do in class after a Micciah session is talk the material through, and agree, and disagree. We would love you to do the same.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”