Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 9, 1985

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
What happens to the soul when there is an abortion...
• Connection of the Great Self in conception and birth
• The meaning of abortion and miscarriage to the agreement between mother and fetus. The responsibility of abortion.
• Birth control
• Children as possessions
• The meaning of starvation and deprivation on the planet. Its relevance to us.
• Reward and punishment
• Making a choice to live consciously
• Importance of each individual
• Expressing love View Section
Micciah gives a meditation on withholding. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physi­cal realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   The issues that are discussed in the session we are going to see are about when a soul enters a body after conception and whether the soul if denied entrance through either abortion or miscarriage can reapply, so to speak, for the same body. What is the source of our compassion and how do we cut ourselves off from it, and how to thaw the freezing of compassion? What is the fear that we have in loving and personal relationships, and is there such a thing as reward and punishment?


   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends. Now at this time on earth because it is a time of intense transition, so many changes have transpired in the course of one very brief time segment. You know, people in their eighties have seen in one lifetime movement from horses and carriages to space probes and people on the moon, yes? This is unprecedented growth. We are not saying it is positive necessarily, but it is growth, it is movement, in a very short time. There are many, many souls who wish for their own growth and enlightenment, or awakening, to participate in earth life at this time, so there have been large explosions of people.
   When conception takes place, there is at some level, not necessarily a conscious level, agreement between the vehicle and the incoming child. And when conception takes place, then there is the pattern for a whole life that is being organized both at the physical level and at the soul level. The Great Soul or the Over Self supervises the organization of the physical body which will then emerge because there are certain choices that are made for learning, reasons of learning, experience. To be a large man is different than being a small woman, yes? It is a different life experience. So the Great Self is organizing these choices which are then reproduced through consciousness in the body. The Soul, or the Great Self, does not spend nine months in utero, but it is connected to the physical body and before the birth or sometime at birth or even slightly thereafter, there is a meshing, a weaving.
   Now, what happens if there is a miscarriage or if one chooses to stop the pattern? Well, first of all since it is an agreement to begin with, then interrupting the agreement is also an agreement. But to say that abortion is merely a vacuum procedure of no consequence is an underestimation. It is of consequence because it is a choice, and it must be dealt with in an accountable way, as a choice. If the entity is most intent, and you as a channel are most intent on being connected with that soul in a particular life, then there will be another attempt. It is true also that sometimes when a child is born and dies young, it becomes ill or is harmed, it may be the same child, the same soul, will come back to that family. Sometimes, the Great Self will find other similar circumstances. It does not have to be a particular family. Now, the best way to be accountable, to close a channel, would be through birth control. In other times, preventing conception was done with consciousness. Or in certain groups, it was done with consciousness, not only mechanical means. Now, we do not at all suggest that you run right out and try this because it takes a good deal of concentration.
   It is possible for both a man and a woman to close the channel for conception consciously. Your body is your consciousness, yes(?), vibrating in the physical realm. So, in a mechanical sense, to be accountable by taking measures to close the channel, saying no, I’m not agreeing to have a child right now, is the wisest course, and we feel it is better to stop the birth of children than to bring more and more in under miserable circumstances. What you are doing is closing off a channel and there is agreement between the entity coming in and the entity doing it. On some level there is always agreement. We don’t mean the kind of choice, “Will I have coffee or tea for breakfast?” There are no accidents in consciousness. It is of consequence, it is a choice, it needs to be acknowledged, if you abort that channel.
   Really, now we would like to touch on one other issue here. You think of your children as your possessions. “This is my child.” But it is Spirit’s child. If we were religious we would say that they are God’s children. You all belong to Spirit. Parents are given the opportunity to care for and nourish beings and to dance with them in a certain role, but your children do not belong to you. Nothing belongs to you. These are agreements made soul to soul, Great Self to Great Self, and those who agree to be born in apparently terrible circumstances, of famine, of deprivation, are reminders, are a part of you also, they are also your consciousness. While one being starves, you are all starving in some way. Those who emerge in circumstances of great stress are reminders about the totality of consciousness of everyone. Now this goes with punishment and reward, so we will skip to the last question and then come back. The answer is (we will very rarely make definitive answers, you know), is  there reward and punishment? No. Period. “But,” you say, “it certainly looks that way. It certainly feels that way.” But it is not that way. The great love of all that is, is always trying to press through you, to know itself as you, to be you, to see itself reflected in all of your faces and in the conditions of life. Sometimes, apparently difficult, terrible circumstances seem to open consciousness. Does it have to be that way? No. You know how hard it is to say awake, yes, to wake up, to be aware, to be mindful? Sometimes, in stressful circumstances, the provocation of stress, even of pain or deprivation, is used by the Great Self to waken you. Does it have to be that way? No, but it is. In many religious teachings, the adversities are seen as gifts, as challenges. Now as we have said before, the personality self would like most of all to be comfortable, to be left alone, to sleep. So, that part of the self must cooperate with the other parts. Being comfortable is not the most important thing. And just as there is no punishment, there is only consciousness unfolding according to the pattern you mold it in. There is also no reward!
   So when the personality self or the ego thinks, “I have been very good, I have been a good child, why are all these bad things happening to me?” There is no punishment, no reward. “I have been good, why aren’t good things happening?” There is only energy knowing itself, there is only love. Love is always there. You can choose to turn your face away in the horrors that people have committed on each other; they have exercised their choice to turn their faces away from love and they can always turn them back.
   This plane of action, this earth, is about choice, and there is no punishment and no reward, there is accountability. You are accountable for your consciousness, you are responsible, and that is a great privilege. Just as no one will swoop down and save you from your errors, so no one will punish you, no one will reward you. Life is irrepressible and tries to push through the sleepiness, the sadness, the fear, the narcissism. Honor life. Now, the personality self says, “If I honor life, only nice things will happen, right?” No. To really be empowered is to feel the energy of life in all circumstances, to say, “What is the teaching, when there are starving children, what is the teaching in my life?” They are not over there on the other side of the world, they are in here, and it is the same fear that holds you back in personal relationships and freezes your compassion. Fear of what? Of being a fool, of losing face, the fear of loving and being abandoned, but no punishment you can give the self – you give it – no punishment you can give yourself is worse than cutting yourself off from love. It is your choice. Every moment, every split second is your choice to, what is it - go for it. Risk, experiment with loving, with letting life push through you. What fear holds you back, fear of loss, personality’s fear of loss, of shame? What freezes compassion is fear, not real, organic, biological fear, but thought-fear. “What will they think? How will I keep mine?” And you will not change unless you press up against it. Press up against it, take the risk of loving, of giving, of expressing, of taking in, of celebrating, of saying, “I don’t care if they think I’m crazy, I know that I am connected with all of life and I am going to behave that way.” So there is no punishment and no reward, but there are results.
   When there are many, many people living a consciousness of lack and isolated individuality, then not everyone will be fed. And when you are hanging on to your pride, it is very hard to love. Everyone is in the same dilemma. In the stories of great wise ones, of great teachers, what is it they did? They were the living being of love and compassion. Now we can hear you thinking, “Uh—huh, we’re not doing it.” That is just another way of punishing yourself. Do what you can. Every step counts. You count. You all count. With the vast difficulty on this planet in this time of cleansing and challenge and turmoil, it seems overwhelming, yes, but you count and being here counts, and sharing what you think about with your friends, and acting at risk, being accountable for loving, matters. It is all one energy. So, say to someone, finally, break through your withholding and say to someone, “I love you.” That is felt all over.
   This is such a powerful time that there are many beings wanting to be here, to reflect consciousness in this time of such change. Now there will be a time, we think, when those who live according to the Great Laws, and those who are not yet able to, or don’t feel themselves able to, will separate. And this physical time — all time is simultaneous — but your experience of it, as crashing and tearing and rending, and also full of ecstasy and vitality, will evolve, be born into a time when the realms will split, and then for a while there will be a time of great peace and flourishing. So, you could say this is a crisis time, like a great healing crisis in the body. But we will speak about that at another time, more extensively, because it is a vast subject.

   5o, we have a meditation for you during the week. Watch yourself when you withhold. Not judge yourself, watch yourself. Be awake. Feel what it feels like to withhold, to cover the face of love, to turn away, and then in that moment see if you can make one small step toward expressing love, toward expressing truth. And love may mean telling someone you’re angry. We are not speaking of love in a sort of saccharin — “You know, everything’s fine,” — love is the truth. Love means telling the truth, expressing the truth, which brings things into very clear focus. Compassion means being in the truth, your truth. So notice, and you too who are watching. Write to us about your experiment. When you want to withhold, what does it feel like, and can you feel yourself choose to yield, rather than to contract? Play with it in the spirit of adventure.


   What we do in class after a Micciah session is talk the material through, and agree, and disagree. We would love you to do the same.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”