Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 12, 1985

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1985 where Micciah discusses:
The spiritual Law of Abundance View Section
Competition, feeling that having means taking from someone else View Section
Real and false needs in terms of charging money, raising fees View Section
Guilt attached to situations of prosperity View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   The issues that we are dealing with this evening have to do with abundance and what in metaphysics is called The Spiritual Law Of Abundance.  And the question of: Is that really available to everyone if they align with it?  (Certainly, it doesn’t seem to be.)  And the question of competition, or individuals or groups of people feeling that what they get is in opposition to what someone else has, that having has to do with taking from another person, that you have to guard what you have closely. 
   Related to this is an issue about real and false needs in terms of personal greed and charging, let’s say, if you are in an individual business, charging higher prices, or as a professional raising your fees.  Does that contribute to a spiral of greed or is that in accord with The Law Of Abundance?
   Another issue is raised about differentiating, in situations of great prosperity, financial or otherwise, being able to appreciate what you have and without going into guilt.  In other words, how does guilt attach itself to situations of prosperity?
   Mordecai [Julie’s cat] is here to answer your questions.  [laughter]  My highly trained assistant.  [pointing]  Thank-you and good night.  [laughter]


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   Now we are nicely embarked on this new portion of our journey together, embarked on sharing with others this experience and your warmth and energy as a group.  All are invited through the miracles of modern technology, yes? 
   And you would like to know about prosperity.  The teaching in so many aspects of metaphysics and of spiritual law has to do with the abundance that is available if you ask.  The miracles described by the man you call Jesus in the bible deal with abundance, the loaves and the fishes, with the message that where there is a certain quality of consciousness, the material plane opens and abundance arises, profusion arises.  This is a very complicated issue.
   Some spiritual teachings involve disdain for the material world. Others celebrate its aliveness. Still others accept wealth if there is no attachment.
   And we would tell you that the key to this dilemma—If it is so easy, why are there people starving?  If it is so wonderful, why are there very prosperous people who are miserable?—the key to this dilemma is paradox.  And the willingness to expand your power by living in paradox, living on the rolling waves.  Paradox is not so comfortable, yes? It slips around.  You want to know the truth. You come to these sessions and you want to know the truth.
   So, first of all, there are several assumptions.  One assumption is that wealth is necessarily preferable to no-wealth.  There are all kinds of wealth.  Relationships are great richness. The love of the earth for the beings on it, what is provided for you, what grows, what lives, the sky, the clouds, the stars—all that is a great wealth.
   “Yes but,” you say, “there are those who starve.” 
   Yes.  Here is another paradox.  No, we are not going say it is good for them.  It is not good for them.  It is not good for a baby to starve.  No how—no way.
   So you are all responsible for the whole planet.  Please, friends, don’t hear this as “the trouble with this planet is your fault.” 
   No.  Abundance is possible, we mean to feed everyone.  You could feed everyone now.  You in your own lives are responsible for putting back, for putting back into the world. When you take out, you must put back.  You must. To be in the law of abundance, to live in it, you must live in it!  That means taking risks. It means giving up something.  You can’t have it both ways. 
   It is really not a question of everyone simply meditating together on abundance and never having to give up anything.  There is some testing involved.  What will you give out, knowing that you will be replenished?  What are we talking about?  Attachment. Attachment.  “I believe in the law of abundance and I am not going to give anything away that I don’t have to give.  Let everyone else meditate on their own abundance.” 
   Well, it may be that you are skilled in manifestation. That is like a trick, yes?  It is like positive thinking, which is a sort of trick.  And it works, to an extent.  So, that is the ability to manifest, for instance, lots of money. There are people who do this. They just seem to do this. There is great ease in that line of manifestation.  Well, it is a heavy karma, yes?  To have much wealth is heavy. It is a challenge. It is a challenge.
   That is not what we mean when we speak of the law of abundance.  To be aligned with the law, you are not just taking, taking, taking, taking — meditating on making more and then taking some more. Yes? Give a little bit.  That’s not living it, hmm? 
   Living it is giving, giving, giving, taking, giving, giving, giving. Because you have the experience that when you do that, when you are that, you are cared for, yes?  So you are grappling not just with alignment in the sense of knowing the tricks, the tricks of the trade of manifestation, you are grappling with the much deeper issues of attachment. Of generosity. Of trust. 
   The greatest wealth is love.  And you are responsible for caring for the beings on your planet.  And when that is not the case—and sometimes, developmentally, that is not where you are, and although you could choose to be, it is not—when that is not the case, then you are in greed. And greed is really a consciousness of or an experience of lack. Of never having enough. Of not being satisfied with life.
   So what is really your question about raising fees and so forth.  if you do it and give back, it is just more flow.  You don’t need more, and more, and more. 
   And this relates to another issue you brought up—about obsessive pleasure.  If it is obsessive, it is not pleasure.  Pleasure has as part of its real component satisfaction.  When do you look around in your life and say “I am satisfied, I have the gift of life.” You have!  You have!  You were born with it. 
   Sometimes in a crisis, sometimes when there is a threat, people wake up, become awake, and realize, suddenly, in a rush, that they have not had access to their own appreciation, to gratitude, to love of life, and that all the more-ness in the world will not buy that.  And even dire poverty cannot take it from you. 
   And, you are responsible for your planet and for the beings on it because you are as one being.  You think, in your linear mind, “Oh, they can starve, over there.” Yes, and you don’t have to go to a faraway place, there are many starving here.  You think “they” are not “you.” But they are  in the sense that all energy is united. 
   So, if you make more, give more. And question, question.  You want to live in the law of abundance not the trick of manifestation, the law of abundance.
   Do you need more?  Well, maybe you would like to play with investment.
   Maybe that is part of your life path.  Fine!  Begin with what you have. It is not bad to have more, it is a question of the intention. Is it a real need?  Suppose you want to build a center, yes?, or start a business, or have a clinic.  Well, it must have a building. So, you say, “Well, we will create a building.” Well, for that you will need money, or someone who has money.  Fine.
   And what service will you perform out of it?  What service is your abundance being used toward?
   Money is a means of exchange.  lt is just energy.  If you store up energy in your body and don’t use it, if you pack in too much food, you become very fat and ungainly.  Is it bad?  No.  It isn’t very healthy, but there is not a moral judgment.
   If you store resources without using them, that is greed.  So, what is your intention in raising your fees?  Or what are you entitled to?
   Now, do you take from others when you have something?  lt depends. Truly, everyone, everyone has access to spirit.  Everyone.
   But there is a difference between starving and fasting, yes?  There is a big difference even though at some level you choose all of your experiences.  There is a big difference between starving and fasting.  There is a big difference between eating modestly, to cleanse your body, and not having enough to buy food, yes? 
   Well, what is the difference?  No food—that’s the same.  What’s the difference?  The intention, the consciousness, the quality of it, is different. 
   Share.  Don’t hold on if you want to live in abundance, because when you share it comes back.  It does.  We will promise you very few things, but we will promise you that. 
   And it is harder than you think.  We would surmise that you have all thought up five or ten excuses already: “Well, not this week, not this month.” 
   Begin!  This is what you can do during the week, hmm?  Begin with what you are willing to let go of. A small amount given somewhere. Something generous that you do for someone.  Begin.  Begin during the week.  Meditate on your prosperity being of benefit to others.  And do something.  Do.  Make a physical act.  This is a physical realm you are living in. Do something that supports that.  Share ideas. Ideas are part of All That Is.  Yes, yes, be willing. 
   And sometimes you will lose, you know.  We are not so foolish as to say if you share an idea no one will take it way, no one will grab it.  They will. 
   But is it worth it to you, for your own inner being to live out of the abundance of love?
   Now, you have interesting schisms.  No one believes that their physical health deprives another, yes?  If I am well and he is ill, that is unfortunate.  You might feel sadness or even guilt, but you would not think that your health was stealing from the great source of health. 
   Your wealth is not a stealing either.   The universe can supply abundance endlessly.  Endlessly. 
   The question is about your own consciousness.  Is that growing?  If it is not, who is tricked?  Who loses, really?  You do.
   With guilt about having — “I have and I am guilty that I don’t... that there are others do not have” — poke around under the guilt.  Guilt is not really a feeling and guilt usually is a hallmark of psychological stasis. When you are guilty about something, you tend not to really move your energy out, but to go around in the same dance, doing the same things, and saying, “Oh, but I am very guilty.”
   Poke underneath when you think you feel guilty.  Maybe you feel guilty about your own fantasies of wanting it all or of not wanting to share.  Maybe you feel remorse, and you are mistaking it for guilt.
   Some imbalances, if you take something that does not really belong to you... If you do steal, and then you feel remorse. You can redress that. You can rebalance, yes?  Guilt means there is a  feeling underneath, and usually means, also, that there is some truth not being told. Something. Something.  That you are really enraged that someone is not giving it to you and you feel guilty about the rage.  Or, you have suffered deep loss and you are frightened that if you have something you will lose it again. Then you might cover your fear with guilt about having.
   But poke around. When you see guilt growing in the garden, what’s underneath it. You must experiment with this.  You must play with it because you can’t give from a position of forcing, either.  “Well, the spiritual way is to give, so I will force myself to let go.” What will that produce?  Resentment.  “And I expect to get a lot back from this!  Micciah promised!”
   Experiment with giving.  What can you give, really?  And taking in and experiencing gratitude and pleasure is a kind of giving also.  A giving of the self.
   So, that is enough, yes?  Do, do meditate on abundance and start to give away what you can.  And celebrate the giving.  And notice, notice what your feelings are.
   We share with you so much energy and love.  And we bid you a very good evening.


   Julie:  Is it over?  It’s over. 
   What we do in class after a Micciah session is talk the material through, and agree, and disagree.  We would love you to do the same.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”