Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 14, 1985

Some of Julie’s early channelling work with Micciah from 1985:
Julie introduces a program drawn from several sessions on safety.
Safety in New York City and the power points on the surface of the earth. View Section
Safety while healing. View Section
The risks involved finding your own rhythms in terms of speed. View Section
Julie gives a special video meditation on risking loving. View Section

(The original video tape is just slightly damaged.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   This program is organized a little bit differently than some of the others, and there are sections that are drawn from a number of different sessions. The program is about safety, or creating safety, on what seems to be an unsafe planet. At the end we’re going to have a meditation that you can all join in.
   The first portion is about safety and the city of New York, and creating a consciousness that is a healing consciousness in a city that has such volcanic energy. The second portion is about what are called the power lines that lie along the surface of the earth; the Great Pyramids, for instance, are a power point on the earth.


   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.
   How to be in the city, and feel your connection to the earth, to the rhythms of the earth? Well, the city, you know, is still part of the earth. What do you have access to? If you shift your frame of reference, you will have access to the light. Pay attention to the shifting of the light. It is no different in the city than in the country. The shadows change, the colors change. You can appreciate the light, and the dark, anywhere. And there are people who live in the country who are really no more attuned than you are. It has nothing to do with the mechanics of the city or the country, necessarily. And if you are really miserable here, and there are those who genuinely are — this is an extraordinary time, yes? It is not the Middle Ages — you can move.
   Yes, it means uprooting, but it is possible. You can have plants, you can plant window boxes, you can look at the trees on the street. There really has been a move in New York City in the last fifteen years or so, flowers are planted in places they didn’t used to be. You can bring that into consciousness everywhere possible. Window boxes. You do have parks. The city has its own way of demonstrating the shifts and the changes in the seasons, its own mode. The fluctuations of light, incidentally, are very important.
   So do pay attention. The long nights are symbolically an inward turning and also a time when there are physiological changes; when the days lengthen, as they are now, you will see with your plants and with your hair, if you watch, that there are changes, and new growth starts to appear. As we have said before, living here, in this time, is like living at the edge of a volcano, or living in a zone where there are earthquakes.
   If you really wish to change the city, then shift your consciousness. If you are in the hypnotic trance — and very much of life is a series of elements or beliefs into which you are entranced, or about which you are entranced — “it is awful it is awful it is awful, it is a terrible place it is a terrible place it is a terrible place, it is dirty it is dirty it is dirty, it is bad it is bad it is bad”  Think of everything available here that is not available elsewhere.
   So, it is dirty, but you could help clean it up. How many of you have taken the time to find a way to do that? You could work in a city garden. Just like the foot! “I have a pain. I have a pain. I have a pain. I have a pain. I have a pain. I have a pain.”  What else is there about the city that is appealing? It is vital, attractive. This city is a very strange paradox, yes? A conundrum.


   Now this relates to the question of balance. Living in this city, at this time, is very much like the people who live close to volcanos, yes? Why do those people live close to a volcano that can erupt. Why? Well, this city is like a volcano, this New York City. Full of energy, bursting with life, hot, burning, maybe dangerous. Why? There is a kind of fascination. And it is stressful. All the changes that have come about in the physical world, in the environment, in the last hundred years, are monumental. In one life time you can meet a person who is, say, ninety, has gone from horses and carriages to people on the moon, in one life!
   What is this? This is a great speeding up, which is a stress on the body. And also, there is tremendous vitality available. Remember that. It is dangerous to entrance oneself into the litany of, “Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong.” You must be able to acknowledge it, certainly, the imbalances, the dangers; but remember that life is always struggling to express itself.
   Where is a healthy place to live? Well, there are power places on the earth’s surface. The Chinese spoke of them, and the Druids spoke of them, the Egyptians, the ancients, spoke of them, and the Native Americans spoke of them. These are points where the life energies are very strong, very powerfully entwined. They are also points where communications between the realms, amongst the realms, are facilitated. (You can do it anywhere.) Many sacred places were built on these power centers. There are many, many too many to name. The Great Pyramid is built on one, and the Four Corners area, in your United States, is a very strong one. And there are smaller ones. The earth is covered with energy lines. As we have said before, like the line in acupuncture, shiatsu, zhen shen. The lines, the pulses on your body. Just so the earth is covered with lines and strong pulse points and channels that connect them. Well, where is healthy? Where your heart is. If you like volcanoes, being near a volcano is very healthy. If you hate them, if you can move away, move away.
   There has been much concern in, shall we say, metaphysical circles about the earth changes and about the safest place to be. But is safety always the most important thing? It depends on what you are protecting and upon what your needs are. Would it be better to live in a very safe place but be unhappy for many, many years? Mechanically, where there are high toxic levels of waste, the body has much greater stress. That is true. But some people thrive on stress. So, what is the answer to that one?


   Julie: The next two segments are about clarity and safety with healing; how to work in a healing situation with someone without taking on their toxicity; and about respect for both doing things quickly and doing them slowly; and the creative risk involved in finding your own rhythm in terms of speed. Then we’ll have a meditation at the end.


   Micciah: How to not take in the other’s energy, hmm? Well, first of all, energy is not dangerous. First work with the dichotomy, “Oh, oh, bad energy. This person has ‘bad’ energy.” Energy is just energy. Sometimes it’s a little toxic. Is that safe? You had better know what you’re doing. Most often, what we are calling toxic energy lands inside of you when you think you are responsible, when there is attachment to the healing. “I’d better heal this person, their counting on me.” It won’t work. You’re like the antibiotic. What you do is support their own flow of life. Sometimes you can wiggle in there, and move something aside if there is something in the way. If you’re adroit. And then the force comes through the person’s own connection to the life source. You don’t make their connection, and you can’t be personally responsible for making them well. Now, there are people who are good (is a transformer something in electricity? Yes) who energetically and temperamentally are like transformers, just the way there are people who are pretty good at singing a tune.
   You are responsible for yourself in the situation, but you are not responsible for making it happen. It isn’t like tying someone’s shoe laces for them. It is like being a conduit. You are responsible for getting out of your own way, for taking care of your own body so you are a clear channel; but you are not responsible for making it happen. That is because you can’t make it happen. And the more you personally experience the happening of it happening, the more you know about walking on fire, from experience, the more powerful a channel you are, for telling people about walking on fire. But can you do it with their feet? Uh-uh. If you know about firewalking only from reading about it, better not try to tell anyone.
   If you have practiced healing your own body, practice with your friends. You know, healing has become very separated out from life. It’s just part of life. Parents do it with their children all the time. Animals do it. Animals can teach you a great deal about allowing the life force and also about honoring death when it comes. So, when you work with the healing energies and you are not a clear channel, then you are attached to it; when you are attached it it, it is like trying to firewalk for someone else, putting your feet on the coals instead of theirs. And that doesn’t really empower them.


   Sometimes a growth on the body, a dangerous growth, goes away. It is simply gone. And the question is then what? If that experience opens the person to the miracles of existence, and it might, then celebrate. But maybe the growth is gone and nothing else changes, moves, opens, deepens. It is just gone. You see, it is what use is made of something. What choices in your life are altered and are rendered more powerful, more creative, out of the particular item. To meet with a stranger and have a passionate and powerful rapport, very suddenly, is enormously exciting, and powerful, and wonderful. And it is not the same as a relationship that unfolds over thirty years. Is one better? No. They are both extraordinary. So, it is not really, again, this or that, but this and that.
   So, we hope you will choose something to risk. If you always do things quickly, maybe risk doing them slowly. If you always do things slowly, risk doing something fast. Slow down your walking in the city. Look around at the light, at the grittiness, and the vitality, and the power, and the cruelty of life. Become yourself the transformer.
   We thank you so much for meeting with us. You are much loved and we bid you a joyful and sunny day.


   Julie:  [Video Meditation]
   Let your eyes rest on the images on the screen, and let your breath relax for this meditation. This is a time when you can do some of the inner work, just a little. Let your eyes rest on the images and let the totality of your being unfold into its own greater wisdom. Let the inner sense of spaciousness and knowing begin to guide you in taking those creative risks that enhance the evidence of love, the slowness of love, the risk of love. Right now you can begin to gather your energies to be in your life with the risk of loving and the inner safety and protection of being aligned with the love that’s always there. Let your eyes rest on the images, and allow yourself to unfold so that right now part of your greater creativity is awakened in whatever way is right for you. You can be aware of love, of the slowness, of the loyalty, of the ecstasy of falling, suddenly, in love. Let yourself risk love in your life. Let your life be about love.

Julie: Welcome back. You might want to go over whatever you got, whatever impressions or images that you had in the meditation.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”