Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 15, 1985

Some of Julie’s early channelling work with Micciah from 1985:
What was intended when the earth was created? View Section
How is it that we progress? Do we progress, what is the nature of progress, from life to life, what appears to be life to life, in linear time? View Section
What is the nature of compulsive behavior? View Section

(The original video tape is just slightly damaged.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   The issues here are:
   What is the nature of compulsive behavior?
   How is it that we progress? Do we progress, what is the nature of progress, from life to life, or what appears to be life to life, in linear time?
   What was INTENDED when the earth was created? That’s some question.
   [all laugh]
   I suppose you could think of the last question in a couple of ways. What WAS intended when the earth was created?
   [all laugh]
   That goes with, “Is this progress? From life to life? This(?) is your idea of progress?”
   [Julie goes into trance]


   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.
   Now these are wonderful questions. We are going to turn the order around a little bit.
   What was intended when the earth was created? Well, the earth is still being created. You all, everyone on the planet, and all the energies of the galaxy continue to create the earth being created. To the linear mind, it looks as if it began over here some time, in the blackness, in the mystery of millions of years ago, and then continued along through various cycles to reach the present state.
   All time is simultaneous, pulsing out of itself. Since that concept really cannot be experienced by the linear mind but only by the great mind. Great mind... [arms spread wide] We will explain a little further. You are not only creating the earth as it is now, and as it was, and as it will be. And you create it by believing in it. Your core beliefs, your cells, all believe the earth was and is and will continue, unless there is a war. You also create all of your lifetimes at the same time, no-time. Nothing is fixed. All of the probabilities are constantly arising; and what you experience as solid events, this being a solid event, or that being a solid event, really is a system of probabilities dancing in energy. However, it looks as if things begin and have a middle and have an end, and in one sense, in the experiential sense of the biological, small self. (That’s not so good, “small,” “great.” We are back to indications of worth by size. It is all worthy, at any rate.) So it is all happening at once.
   You have no idea how creative you are. Not only that: the guardians of the planets, those great energies that surround all of the planets, are also creating the earth out of themselves. And the participation of energies beyond this planet are creating and guiding. What is the key element? Once you know you are all co-creators — Such a joy! Such a privilege! — What is the key?
   The key is love. And choice. Not so much choice at the personality level, which is important but it is not that important. But choice from the deep self. In the great scheme of all that is, your realm, your beautiful blue planet, is a realm where choice is exercised; and when the choice comes to be aligned with love on an individual basis, that affects everything, everywhere. And you are completely, always, in process.
   The earth was created, is being created, and was, is intended to be exactly the way it is. Who is intending? You will create what you intend. And the choices that arise out of an intentionality that is aligned with love, that is rooted in love, creates everything flourishing. And when you claim that love, that is your birthright and your true nature, your real nature, that resonates throughout what you call time. It resonates throughout what you call time and appears in all of the constellations of all of your lives. You think something cannot appear in the so-called past, but it can. So what you do now is very important.
   And the fullness of life and love and choice involves risk, as we have said before, and about experimentation. So don’t use this to get locked into the “right way.” “Oh, I am creating for all my lifetimes, I’d better do it right! I could really make a mess!”
   [class laughs]
   The joy of experimentation is part of life. Now, sometimes, in very great pain, very great suffering, a person will open to the degree to which so many choices that are relatively superficial don’t matter. So many choices that you have been fixed on don’t matter. Choice matters. Intending love matters. If you think of your own lives, sometimes, in times of grief, you have been able to open profoundly, from the heart. We are not recommending grief, but it is there, yes? And it is a great teacher, sometimes. (Sometimes not.) And in that flowing from the heart, there is realization that many of the things with which you have been preoccupied don’t matter. And then you can expand from the smaller concerns, or the narrower concerns, of the personality self to the broader concerns of the totality of the self. And sometimes also, in moments of great joy, or in ordinary moments, lacing up your shoes or washing the dishes, you can feel the beat of the heart of life. And that the choice that is important is the intention to have your roots in love and to have every moment teach you. So the earth as you have created it and are creating it teaches you something, yes? It teaches you that you cannot own land; it teaches you that you are responsible for the resources; it teaches you that you must all feed each other, all feed the children or they will starve; and that you must find a way, gently, compassionately, to give up personal concerns of small attachments in order to unfold.
   Is there progress from life to life? Well, no, not exactly. If it is all happening at once, then it is not exactly a progression. It is more like constant renewal. And, as we have said, this life, that you experience now, ripples into all your other lives. In the old way of thinking, there would be a life, and then the next life would be a response to the previous life, and so forth. So if you committed an error — life is so full of errors — if you committed an error then it would be corrected in another. It isn’t mechanical like that.
   We give you the image of a tree. In linear time, it looks as if the tree, in this part of the world, goes through cycles, yes? Abd that is also part of the teaching of physical life cycles: the summer, the fall, the frozen winter, and spring again. If you could imagine — and this will help all of you, and you who are watching too — it will help you expand your awareness of the way reality functions. You could think of the tree’s entire life and all of the seasons, summer fall winter spring summer fall winter spring summer fall winter spring, as if they were happening together, the leaves being off and the leaves being on and the leaves falling and the leaves blooming, everything, as if it were happening together. Yes? Do you get it? That should make everything wiggle a little.
   So, there is always choice, but it is really not about better and better. It is certainly not about punishment. “I must have done something terrible in my other lives to be this miserable now! Someone is out there punishing me!” Or, in a more modified version, “Really, I have chosen to punish myself, to learn something.”
   Now, this brings us, in a round-about way, to compulsions. What is a compulsion? Something that is done over and over. Sometimes what appears as compulsive behavior, washing the hands, or salt, in this life really does have its roots in another life. It resonates from another life. Or, a phobic response to fire, or heights, may be resonances from other lifes. Or burning to death in one life might print in such a way that came out in the vibration of the seeming present.
   A compulsion might be a number of things. It might be the desire to complete something. Let me give you an example. Suppose you were compelled, or felt compelled, to behave by working compulsively. Can’t stop, can’t rest. That working might be a metaphor, in the psychological sense, for communications or for something that you wished to have happen in your early environment that did not happen. Let us say in a most simplistic sense; you wished to be approved of. You did not experience yourself as being really approved of, really accepted, really loved; and work was very much prized in the family you came from. Then you might choose to work and work and work and work. You are not really trying to work, you are really trying to get at the acceptance and the love that you wanted and did not feel. So you would need to burrow in to the activity and find out the motor, the psychological motor, that was keeping that activity running. You could do it by doing a process and associating to it, you could do a drawing, you could ask your inner self. It might be a constantly repeated activity that is intended to get a result that cannot really come from that activity; but the self has locked into it psychologically and keeps going, over and over.
   But, compulsions can also be a way of protecting the self from some terribly feared event or some terribly dangerous feeling. If you are very much afraid to allow yourself to be angry, if you imagine in the emotional plane that to be angry is to risk your survival, then you may choose, let us say, compulsive eating, literally to stuff down the feelings. Yes? This is not a new idea. And rather than let your anger, your rage, your sexuality, your need, whatever — could be a number of things — rather than tolerate the feeling, you stuff food down, or drink alcohol, or take a drug, to get away from the feeling. But it might also be the resonance, for instance with eating, from another life in which you starved to death. Yes. Some of the guilt, the psychological components of guilt that is felt about eating can be a resonance from another life where there was starvation, and you still are scrambling for food. And then if you were in another living in a place where there was not enough food, you might have felt remorseful for taking. Do you see? And it is also possible that in another life you underwent surgery atn a time when there was no anesthetic What was used was alcohol, and you craved alcohol because the pain was terrible; and that can print in this life as a craving for alcohol.
   So it is not so simple. Each compulsion, each person, if you have such a thing in your life, must be addressed as an individual case. Just to look at it psychologically will not necessarily work. It might work. Find out from the self! The self always knows about the self. The self is very wise. So don’t take someone’s word for it, including our word for it. Find out what it’s from. And then you can set it right.
   We thank you very much. Often when you meet like this, there are other energies present in the room, as well as yourselves. The room is really quite crowded. And your work is a blessing. And we thank all of you, and we bid you a very good and joyful day.


   Julie: That’s all for the moment. At the end of class we discuss the information that Micciah has shared and talk about how to use it in ordinary life since all of this information was given to be used.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”