Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 16, 1985

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah answers questions:
• What is the soul’s purpose? View Section
• Who or what is a true teacher and how do you find one? View Section
• What happens, so to speak, between lives? View Section
• What about using spiritual means to accrue wealth? View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   What we have as topics are the purpose of the soul, what is the soul’s purpose? What is the time in between lives, or the geography, or territory of the worlds between this world and the other worlds? Are there true spiritual teachers, now, on the earth? If so, where are they? And what is the meaning of seemingly, or so called, spiritual techniques, specifically used to accrue wealth, what one might call spiritual capitalism? And, if we have time for it, how it it possible to complete in relationships? That life seems to be about jumping from one thing to another without completion and the lack of completion causes chaos.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   So, the circle is getting larger. Is that better? Is more better? No. Well, then, what is the purpose?
   You have asked about the soul’s purpose. The soul’s purpose is to remind the personality—in every life, through every circumstance, in every relationship, and with all of the ups and downs of the physical world, the challenges, the mysteries, the tragedies—of your connection to all that is.
   The  soul does not need anything. It does not want anything. It does not manipulate. It does not plan. It is absolute beingness. It is the voice that whispers, and sings, and speaks to you in your dreams and when you are alone, when you are in ecstasy, and when you are in trouble. The soul is perfect beingness. And in your many sojourns on this plant, in this realm, the soul is always there.
   In the sense that a soul has no desire and no plan, in the way that you understand planning, it has no purpose. Its purpose is to be. We wish to convey the essence of this reality and not to be solipsistic.
   The truth about the ecstasy of life is the totality of its beingness. So the soul is that energy, that eternal vibrancy, and also stillness, that reminds you of what is beyond your preoccupations.
   Now, this is connected to another question you have asked. You could say, as a metaphor, that the soul is in your heart. The soul reminds you to be soft and listen to your heart, to be compassionate, to loosen the rigidity of the personality’s images and wishes and wants and tantrums and sulks, to loosen how life is “supposed to be,” to let it be, in the miraculous way that it is. The soul reminds you.
   And it is also like an organizing force, a central force. Where is your own soul? Where is it located? Does it live on Long Island? Is it up in Massachusetts? It is with you. And the time now is a time for you to heal the voice of your own heart.
   No teacher can give you a method, “The Method,” the only method, the best method, the perfect method. It is the time for you all to make the journey into your own heart, into the territory of your own soul, its generosity, its beingness. The soul is the place beyond paradox.
   So what is a true teacher? Are there true teachers? Life is your teacher. Life is your true teacher. Your whole life is magnificently organized and orchestrated around the energy of the soul as the soul whispers to you, sometimes shakes you, sometimes is silent.
   The purpose of a teacher is only to guide you toward hearing your own soul. You do the work! Finding a teacher won’t do it. This will probably offend many people.
   Now, there are very clear beings, who are mostly soul energy,with only a thin layer of attachments in the personality. Great teachers have personalities, you know, like overcoats. They have them, but they’re not attached to them and they don’t imagine that their personalities are the truth. So, sometimes the presence of a being who is very clear sets up the resonances, lets you turn down the volume of your personality and your chattering mind, and allows you to bring up the volume of the voice, the voiceless voice, the silent voice, the singing voice, of the soul.
   Sometimes prayers, or a mantra, or exercises assist you in finding the way through, back to the sacred. The soul is the voice of the sacred.
   What does it really say? That life is sacred. Everything about life. Past opposition and past paradox.
   So you are your own true teacher.
   Are there other teachers? Yes. Usually not in the places where you would expect them. This is a complicated short question. What would a not-true teacher be? Anyone who demands that you forsake your own wisdom, your own life that teaches you. Many of the teachers simply say, in their various ways, that spirit is within you, it is you who must find it. It is your journey.
   As soon as there is divisiveness, you know there is trouble, yes? As soon as you must go to this guru, not that one, you know something doesn’t smell right. No one has the answer.
   Certainly we don’t have any answers. We say to listen to your heart. Be in your journey. Practice compassion. Play. Love people. Be generous. Take risks. Do something for someone else. Love animals. Respect life. 
   Those are not answers. The earth is so beautiful. Life is so precious. What is remarkable about the person you call Christ—what you are reading in the scriptures is a sort of composite, he was really more than one person—is the ordinariness. A carpenter, even if some of it is metaphor. A man who walked among his own people. All of the composite beings from whom this one being was drawn were great healers, through their own clarity. They did not see anything in between that which was perfect beingness and that which was manifest form. It was as if the veil had been moved.
   Ordinary people are true teachers.  Your Aunt Rose might be a true teacher. It has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with the trappings. It has nothing to do with how many thousands of followers one has.
   And you have had true teachers, in the sense of truly peaceful beings, in your time. Gandhi was one. Dr. King was one. Mr. Lincoln—not quite in your time—was another one. Look everywhere. Look in the eyes of everyone, if you want to find a true teacher. Everyone. The soul of everyone is always teaching the other soul, which is really only one, anyway. You might look into the eyes of someone in the drug store and suddenly see it all.
    So what are we saying? Do your own work. Let go of your preconceptions. And could there be a true teacher ensconced in a religious organization? Of course. So, that is a little bit on a very complicated theme.
   You have asked about the time in between lives, the territory of the worlds between this world and the other worlds. We will speak very briefly of this. There were in Atlantis and there were in Tibet, there were to some extent in Egypt, those beings who incarnated in a straight lineage, one life after another, to teach. One body would drop, and they would rest for a while—they would have prepared people before their going—and they would come back. Times have changed. That went with a very specific kind of tradition which is not abroad so much now. We will tell you again, this is the time for everyone to go on the journey, to offer their hands to everyone else because, we tell you, you are all in this together.
   What about spiritual means to accrue wealth? They are contradictory. It is possible to mock those spiritual techniques—we really don’t like the word “spiritual”; maybe you could find another one—that attune one with the law of abundance.  We have spoken of this before. Using what is called the law of manifestation, which just gives you back what you think into it, more or less, it is possible to create enormous quantities of stuff, of money, of products, of whatever you want. When that technique poses, dresses, as spirit unveiling itself, it is false dress. Sometimes it is even well-meant.
   True abundance—you probably won’t like this either—has nothing to do with what you own. It has nothing to do with accruing material wealth. And it also has nothing to do necessarily with getting rid of material wealth. One can take a “spiritual” vow of poverty and be attached to that as proof of one’s worth in the spiritual sense. Or one can use the law of manifestation and grow big with ownership and claim that as proof.
   Well what is proof? What matters is the quality of your life, of the way in which you relate to life as sacred. Sometimes, however, the law of manifestation, when you get tuned into it, is like what an old friend of “this one” used to call “God’s fishhook.” You bite it and then you discover there is more there, there is deeper meaning, something else to be explored. And sometimes not, and it is just a by-way.
   Selling something as spiritual, what you are calling spiritual capitalism, is not very different from selling Coca Cola. If you think of the word “selling” as pushing something on people, or pressuring them to want something they don’t really want, buy something, or have something they don’t really need, that would apply to anything where that is the essence of the communication. “Here, you need this, take this, take this! It’ll cost you, but you need this, take this!” It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t really matter what you are selling if the frame of reference and the intentionality is to draw someone in in order to increase your own wealth. Of course both people, unconsciously at least, have to participate in that.
   Some groups of Native American people have a very interesting custom called potlatch, where they give things away. This is not too well-established in your neck of the woods. That is, most spiritual salesmanship, salespersonship, is involved much more with getting than with giving. It also implies that you can own something spiritual. “If you buy the book, or come to my lecture, or eat my product, or do it my way, then you will own, you will have title to that which is spiritual.”
   Well, you won’t. You already have title to it anyway. You are buying something you already have. Talk about foolish! But sometimes that becomes the way through. You see, anything can become the way through.
   We would like you to meditate on that which is sacred in your life. It will probably come out very different from what you think. Meditate during the week on that which is sacred in your life. When you have access to the sacred, you are empowered. So we are back to power.
   So... We will have to talk about  completion another time. (We will complete without talking about completion.) We will say one thing. It has to do with acknowledgement. When there are portions, chunks, of experience between people, interpersonally or intrapersonally, or between groups, that cannot be acknowledged, then you cannot complete something. And you may be drawn back to that person or that situation again and again, trying to acknowledge. Just acknowledge—not fix, not change—just, “This is the way it is. This is the truth, in this moment, in this situation.” And when that transpires, when there is not just lip service but real acknowledgement — “I acknowledge I am vulnerable. I acknowledge I am angry. I acknowledge that I love you.”—then there is a natural sense of completion.
   So... We acknowledge that we love you. It is the joy of the soul to be and to express. We share with you much energy.  We thank you for your being here. And we bid you now a very good evening.

   Julie: That’s all for the moment. At the end of class we discuss the information that Micciah has shared and talk about how to use it in ordinary life, since all of this information was given to be used.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”