Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 20, 1985

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1985 where Micciah discusses:
• Whether or not there are angels. Do we have personal angels that are with us throughout our incarnations? The difference between angels and personal spirits. View Section
• How to contact the angelic realms. View Section
• Form and the interpenetration of the realms.... “many levels all occurring at once” View Section
• Micciah gives a meditation on attachment as it relates to the freedom of choosing. View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.
   What we have as topics are: do we have personal angels that are with us throughout our incarnations?  And what’s the difference between angels and spirits?  What is the soul purpose, or the essence purpose, of this planet, of the earth?  What are the energies from other realms that interpenetrate this realm, or penetrate this realm and what is their purpose?  How in making decisions can we connect with our own greatest source of wisdom in a clear way and be guided by that source?  What kinds of expectations are useful and which are destructive?


Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends. 
   To be able to experiment with what you allow to be possible is the very essence of creativity.  To be able to experiment not with the need to believe; and then say, “I believe it and it must be so.”  But to be in the miracle of moving possibilities, of a world, of an experience, that continues to change as you grow, as you move, and as you change.  This is an essential part of liberation. 
   As soon as you start to say, “Definitely, this is not possible,” you limit. You limit the miracles whose nature is limitless.  Now, we are not suggesting that you, in a defiant way, say things are possible that you really have not experienced. You know, to say, “Well, I don’t have to obey gravity.”  You must first learn to be the master of the law.  But to say gravity appears to be true, and that perhaps there are other truths hiding behind gravity, or hiding behind illness, or hiding behind what seem to be the truths of the world, to see through the circumstance, through what is apparent into the miraculous, that is great freedom and great power.
   So, when you say are there angels and do each of you have personal angels, that is an explanation of the possibilities, yes.  Certainly in the contemporary mind angels do not occupy a large space.  Well, the angelic realms, what you would call the angelic realms, represent divine aspects of consciousness that do surround you, and guide you, and to which you have access.  So, one could extend the metaphor a little bit and say yes, each of you can have or does have an aspect of one of these realms or some of these realms that are channels through which you are guided. 
   Don’t personify it too far.  What is available to you as guidance, as knowing, as the inner power of the sacred and the possible, in ordinary life, which is a miracle.  What is available to you can come through a connection you have to one of these, let us say, angelic realms.
   What is the difference between that and spirit?  Do you mean spirits?  As in the dear departed?  That kind of spirit?

Woman:  Yes. Spirit entities.

Micciah:  No, no, they are not the same. 
   No.  Spirit entities will get you into a whole other ball park.  What is called a spirit entity, meaning that energy that represents a particular one when it is no longer in a physical body: that is an energetic representation of the totality of a being; and people wishing a certain kind of guidance, or having a certain kind of belief, fix onto that.  The totality of you, of you, of you is greater than the available physical presence, yes?  You have a Great Self, and a personality self, and an incarnate self.  When the incarnate self is finished, as you understand time, when death occurs in the body, some people relate to the personality aspect in its continuance, and that is called a spirit.  That is different. 
   The angelic realms are realms of great wisdom, of enormous compassion, and sometimes of ruthlessness.  We are not talking about sugar angels with big wings.  You know, some of the angelic realms, some of the realms of wisdom, encompass, or describe, or teach about what is ruthless and clear.  And some are very soft.  This is an oversimplification. 
   So, yes, you are guided, and you can ask... You can ask to speak with your angelic realms.  It would be very nice to do in class, to meditate and say, “Well, which realms do I have access to as wisdom, as guidance, as support?”  In your imagination it is probably the picture of the body of a person, and standing next to the body of the person is the body of a larger person in a dress with wings.  That is the symbol that the Christians and also the early Jews construed for a being that was higher; it could do impossible things, like fly. 
   It just means it is a being not intersecting with time/space in a way that binds it.  Is that clear?  And the energies interpenetrate the earth all the time.  You have in your mind that it is very fixed and small, and you can only allow into consciousness what you can prove.  “Prove there are angelic realms!”
   Well, prove there aren’t!  It is not available for proof in that sense.
   In the vast web, the extraordinary tissue of the universe, of the galaxies, there are voices.  There are energies that come in as voice.  There are energies that come in as guidance.  There are energies that play with you, in your dreams, who are your teachers.  There are energies that come to you when you meditate, that reveal to you the real magnificence of your own beingness.  The purpose of it all is to be able to be in the ecstasy of what is, just ordinary life. 
   And the more you admit the possible, the more you will hear things, the more you will meet the angels.  You can call on the angelic realms for assistance in healing, in choosing. 
   How to contact, how to contact this wisdom?  Well, there is one very important ingredient, and it has to do with expectation that is without attachment.  To be in a state of complete presence, soft awareness, full of expectancy — with no attachment.
   To be in a state of complete presence.  Soft awareness.  Full of expectancy with no attachment.  Do you understand? 
   So, you are allowing what wants to come to you, just in the natural miraculous quality of life.  What wants to come to you can come to you.  You can’t grab at it; and by imagining it must look thus and so. “This is the way my guidance has to come,”  That way, if you imagine it must be a certain way, a certain form, a certain outcome, the result must be a certain thing.  That is like folding your ears down, closing your heart off.  To be in the possibility of having it come as it will come, wiser than you could imagine, to be with that kind of expectancy is very... all the words have values... strong, clear, powerful.
   When you expect from the personal mind that life must suit your qualifications, “My lover must look like this.  Or be like that.”  Then you do life a damage.  Not intentionally.  It takes a willingness to yield with great joy into the unknown to be guided.  This is unknown, yes?  This is not so acceptable in your culture.  Sometimes it worries “this one.”  So, it is a risk for her, it is a risk for all of you, to yield into this, to play with it.  You are not asked to believe anything, just to play.
   And there are many, many, many kinds of guidance, of play, of dancing.  It doesn’t all look like this.  So an expectancy that is without attachment and that has a quality of yielding with joy to the sacred — now that is an expectancy worth having!  (To speak in paradox.)
   How can you have without attachment?  You hold it lightly.  To ask people, to ask life to meet your demands or else you will not play, “If it is not this way, I will take my marbles and go home.”  That is an expectation that is really a demand, it is really a demand on life.  And it breeds disappointment.  And even in the very rare instances when you can manipulate life to be exactly the way you want it, on that level of the self, then you will be stuck trying to hold it that way, yes?  “Don’t move!  It’s perfect right now!  This time, this dinner, this candlelight.  My body is perfect at 103 pounds!  Don’t move!”  Haaaa, exhausting!
   It is the purpose of this plane of action, of this earth, to experiment with life, in the third dimension, in what seem to be obdurate forms and dire necessity. 
   It is the purpose of this planet to give you the power to see through the apparent into the mystery, which is really no mystery at all, because it is always revealing itself to you.  To be in the truth of all possibility, to be in the sacred play of life, when life is not looking how you want it to look, that is the purpose.
   So you have form, yes?  Form.  Very difficult, very tricky, very unreliable.  Then you discover in physics, as was discovered in ancient teachings — if you think of it in time, it was discovered eons ago — that form was not quite the way it looked. 
   So now in contemporary physics it is that form is really spaciousness, yes?  Vast winds are blowing between the atoms and the molecules, which seem to have intelligence.  The body is solidified mind.  Even what is solid is not solid.  This is the great realm of penetrating through appearances.
   You appear to be in great danger, yes?  This is a dangerous time.  We tell you, in the greatest sense.  And since “this one” has a very strong political consciousness, and we don’t want to abuse that, but, in the greatest sense, you are not in any danger.  You are loved beyond what you can imagine.  You are not in any danger. 
   In the everyday sense, you must care for your planet, that is part of the teaching also.  The planet, the planet’s intelligence.  If you will think of all the realms of energy, the exquisite nature of life on this planet, that will tell you about the angelic realms, because they are mirrors.  Do you see?  Think of the trees, the intelligence of the trees, of the animals, of the oceans, of the sea life, of the earth out of which your food grows, and also of the crashing together, the intelligence of earthquakes, of volcanoes, of tidal waves, then you will know a great deal about the angelic realms. 
   In the midst of the appearance, of the appearance of destruction — and it certainly appears on this planet that there is destruction — to see through that, into the love, and to take care of what needs to be taken care of, to honor your tasks, because you are in a body, you are here.
   So, there are many levels all occurring at once.  When you make choices, by what are you informed?  By what are you guided or by what are you driven?  Where you are driven by attachment, be it attachment to the body, attachment to a person, attachment to money, whatever. 
   Where you are driven by attachment you are not free to choose.  You could meditate on that during the week.  In what areas of the totality of your life do you feel compelled by a need to control, to use the psychological term? 
   And yet you say, “Well, we are creating out of our consciousness.  You want us to have a mode, yes?”  Yes. Yes, but the mode can expand, and change, and shift. 
   You think disease is bad.  Sometimes disease is a teacher.  Sometimes disease is the healer. 
   Look around for the unexpected.  To be fully present and await the knowing, the glimmer, the whisper — or the blinding light! — that is the movement into liberation.  It sounds as if we are telling you “how to” and we don’t mean to do that.  It is your exploration.  The mind always wants to know how to do it.  A handbook.


   Julie:  That’s all for now.  In class, when a session is over, we go through the material and talk about it, and work out how it could be used in ordinary life since all of this material was given in order to be used.
   Several final words. The thread that runs through my work of, which the channeling is one aspect, is healing. So, the thread of healing goes through my work with individuals, my teaching, my lecturing, my writing. And that healing, I believe, comes from a truthful exploration of one’s relationship with spirit. Spirit heals through us, and that healing enables us to be with the sacred nature of everyday life. I urge you to use your prayers and meditations toward experiencing the joy and sacred nature of life itself.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”