Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 31, 1985


Julie introduces a program from several sessions on Transforming the world. In it, How we all count, we all matter, in creating transformation
The restoration of the balance of values in this culture and in ourselves, from emphasis on the aggressive and violent to encouragement of softer, more vulnerable qualities
The Green Party as an alternative to traditional political parties
The limited accessibility of the holistic movement to people of lesser affluence, and our responsibility to share it
Creating personal transformation in spite of your history and your past
Julie gives a special video meditation for personal transformation.

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I'm Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I'm in trance,  and while I'm in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle,  and include your energy and interest in our work.
   At the end of the program we're going to have a special meditation.

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.  The energy that you bring, working as you do in a group, has a very powerful effect, like dropping a stone in a pool and watching the ripples move.  Everything in consciousness is one.  That is not a metaphor; that is so.  And it is important to remember, in times that are stressful and full of change, and turbulence, and seeming anonymity, that you do count.  Everything, every one of you counts.

   Yvonne:  When can we see some kind of restoration of balance to the distortion of values that makes the brutal and the ruthless and the rapacious kind of admirable, and the weak and the vulnerable, the young, the old, despised and taken advantage of?

   Micciah:  You are all concerned.  The idealization of those elements that are hard and sharp and warlike come as this wave crests.  What you call masculine energy, which is really not masculine at all but represents a split in consciousness, what you call masculine energy has been idealized.  It was idealized through the Judeo-Christian, and through the Buddhist tradition - perhaps not so much the Hindu Buddhism - and through all, almost all, of the spiritual teachings with which you are familiar.  The hardness has manifested itself even in the religions themselves, which were male-dominated for the most part, demeaning and sadistic toward women.  Not the original impetus of the religion, of Christianity, for instance, which began as a flower of love, but the theology embodied a real revulsion toward women, and therefore a revulsion toward the softness of the individual, which of course is in men as well as in women.  Disgust with birth, with blood, with darkness and the mysteriousness of the night, which was associated with women, and with that which could not be controlled.
   So, there have been centuries of celebration of the light, the bright, that which is hard and clear, and which you associated with men.  Let us tell you again, it is not really male.  And the vast disruption that has come about from this rejection of the most elemental parts of the self has accumulated and accumulated and accumulated, so that violence is revered, and control is revered, and power over is the order of the day.  Therefore, that which is sweet and vulnerable, soft, old, is reviled and punished.  Now that is turning.
   You can see the elements of power over, of the controlling forces, in politics, in medicine, which is very political, in the way you deal with death, which is revulsion and disgust for decay.  Hospitals are sanitized; everything is scrubbed, burned, sealed, covered, as if life itself were the enemy!  And those who suggest that the whole is valuable, that life with all its microbes and dirt is friendly, that birth is glorious and death is fascinating, those people are frightening.  But that is changing.  And it is changing because, to go to the first analogy, the yearning has become so strong.  What you can perceive overtly is the violence.  The yearning that is the underside of the waves of violence has gained strength.  The stranglehold of that power is coming apart, and, really, that is part of what creates the chaos.  And you, in your own lives, and working in this group, and those of you who are watching, be mindful, heartful, of the elements in yourself that you try to control, the parts of the self that you find disgusting, revolting, because these are so often the spontaneous parts, the messy parts, the dancing parts.  There needs to be a balance, the accessibility to both the light and the dark, because the power is neither light nor dark; it is beyond opposition of the forces.  The real power is ineffable.  So, look in yourselves for the elements of self that you reject and begin to claim them.  "Here, the part of myself that is vulnerable, the part of myself that is beginning to look old, the part of myself that is fearful."  Fears are your teachers, they can be.  Everything can be.  Start to claim all those little orphan children that you have rejected in yourself.  And that gets it on the road.  Then you can claim them in other people.  Yes.

   Julie:  In this short segment, Micciah is going to talk about making choices in terms of the everyday world, and in terms of the political world.

   Micciah:  One more thing: in the political arena, there are groups which have dealt with the questions of realigning the energies in the social realm.  The Green Party has dealt extensively with the shift in consciousness from the personal to a group awareness and an ecological awareness.  It's not perfect, but you could investigate it if you want a some thing to do.

   Julie:  In the next segment, Micciah is going to talk about the inaccessibility of information about the holistic movement, and how to put the information out without proselytizing about it.  He's also going to talk about the power inherent in being able to be fluid in your concept and experience of who you are; that it is destructive to remained trapped in a fixed concept of who you are and what your capabilities are.  At the end we're going to have an address for you to write to, and a meditation.

   Micciah:  The so-called holistic movement is most accessible to people of affluence.  Is it your responsibility to share, to let other people know, about alternative methods of dealing with things, a wider range of choice? Is it your responsibility?  Of course it is.  But it will not help you, or anyone, to beat yourself up about it.  So be joyful that you know what you know and have what you have.  And think about what you put back.  It would be very valuable, very valuable, to teach in places where people have not yet had access to this kind of information.  Of course it would.
   And you have asked how to create transformation without dwelling on "the problem."  Well, what is a problem?  Suppose you think of the problem as a communication instead of a problem.
    To use the psychological frame of reference, suppose you had a most miserable childhood, and your parents did thus and so to you.  Well, what was the communication?  How did you receive the communication?  Suppose you were told as a child, "Do not express your feelings!  Hold them in!"  That was the communication, either overtly or covertly.  How can you start to move your own energy, your own feeling energy, out, without getting stuck in saying,  "This is what happened, this is what my parents told me, this is what I am stuck with."  You can imagine how you would be if you were not stuck with it.  That  was the communication given and the communication received, and the point of power is in the now.   "Now I want to change, I want to transform my ability."  Well, you will have to take a risk, yes?  When you change emotional patterns, it's a risk.  It's a much bigger risk not to change them,  but it doesn't always seem that way at the outset.  So, "What was the communication my parents gave to me?"  Or, "How did I interpret it?  And how" - imagine, use the creative imagination - "would I be different if I had received a different communication?"  So you start to open yourself up to other possibilities.
   One tends to think of the self as fixed: "The self is the way it is, I have always been this way, I will always be this way."  That is not true.  The surface of the earth itself - nothing could be harder and more solid than that, right? - sometimes changes in the twinkling of an eye (not without a little upheaval around it).  So begin to imagine what would have been a preferable communication - "How would I be if I had received that?" - and then start, practice, see if you can let a little bit of feeling out.  Who's to stop you?  You must take a risk.  And then a little more.  If you stay in the trance,  "This is what happened, this is how I am, this is how I will always be, this is what happened, this is how I am, this is how I will always be,"  then you will not move much.  So think of the "negative" as a communication.  "What was the communication?  How did I receive it?  Suppose I had been told something else, how would I be?"  You can ask yourself to dream about how you would be, and you can spend five or ten minutes imagining it.  Start the energy flowing.  You become so accustomed to the way you are.
   Earlier we spoke of the possibility of someone faced with death going through certain stages of awareness and then opening to life in the most extraordinary manner; he had never been this open before, had never spoken his heart in such a way before.  Is it the same person?  Of course it is.  Could he have done it earlier; that is, existentially, could he?  Yes.  Can you?  Yes!  Experiment.  Explore.  Don't take anyone's word for anything.  What works for you?


   Julie:  So many patterns, so many possibilities.  Relax and watch the patterns and let your eyes rest on the way the images form and re-form.  Like these images, the patterns in your life and the beliefs that you hold are capable of creating new structures of emerging from the old into the fresh and vital.  Sometimes the old ways are useful.  Sometimes they need to dissolve, to dissolve old beliefs, old images old patterns, so that you can use all the opportunities available to create new ones.  Life is transforming itself through you and your inner beliefs are reflected in the circumstances of your life.  They spiral outward.  Imagine in just one area, you can dissolve the old, and create alertness, mindfulness, awareness, enjoyment, curiosity, maybe with relationships, maybe with work, maybe with prosperity, maybe in some other area or all of them.  You can create a quality, a freshness.  New elements appear in your belief system that are vital and transforming and life-affirming,  and these go from consciousness to physical reality.  Your point of view, your sense of the structure of life and its vitality can always be transformed, is being transformed as you relax and meditate on these images now.  You can fly; your ideas soar, your point of view shifts and your perspective changes.  In your life you are able now to make choices that are filled with love, filled with the joy of life itself.  You are able to embrace all of it, to contemplate newness, to be clear about which old images and patterns serve you.  You can keep what's old and useful.  You can create a new perspective, a new horizon, an expansive awareness that liberates you in your choices, in your transformation, right now.

   Okay.  Welcome back from the meditation.  Take a moment and come back to what we laughingly refer to as ordinary reality.  Take a breath.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”