Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 32, 1985

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1985 where Micciah discusses:
• Dealing with AIDS.Acknowledging and exploring our fears about the disease. Withdrawing the energy of pity and cruelty directed at AIDS sufferers by viewing them as “victims.”“The disease AIDS is like a battleground of consciousness where you all get to examine your fears.” View Section
• The role of victimization consciousness and fear in mutual prejudice and hatred. View Section
• How women and children can use luminous intention to better care for the earth and create peace. View Section

(The original video tape is just slightly damaged.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends. It is most exciting and joyful that you continue on in this work that you have created amongst yourselves, such a reliable and responsible and responsive community. And that is all of you present, and all of you watching, and also the greater community which is becoming more and more involved in metaphysical healing. When you are together as a group, you yourselves create an entity, a luminous body, that is characterized by the essence of the group, and of which you partake when you are away from the group, and of which other people partake by watching, by being involved. It is like giving birth at a group level to a being, to a purpose that is a healing purpose, that is the purpose of love.
   Now, this relates in a direct way to Pat’s question and to Amielle’s question, so Pat, would you ask yours first? We are going to mix up the order a little bit.

   Pat: My question deals with how we treat AIDS victims and how we can be both intelligently cautious and at the same time not give in to fear. To protect yourself and also at the same time remain open.

   Micciah: Good question. You notice the word is “victim.” And the word in the press, in dealing with illness or accident, always refers to the people involved as “victims.” Language is very important.
   So, first of all, no one is a victim. You can only be where you really are. In order to have the power of your own intentions, you must tell the truth about where you are in a given moment. And that can change, you know, day to day. It is not the permanent truth, it is the truth in the moment. We have said this before. We have said it so many times it is boring. Oh the truth, that’s very boring. So, you cannot pretend not to be afraid of contagion, let’s say, in AIDS or any other disease. You cannot pretend that you feel protected. You must deal first with your fear. But the danger for the personality self is that it goes into the group intention, or the group trance, or the group luminous body which in this culture says certain things are contagious, they will victimize you, you will “get” them.
   So, in order to work with someone who has a physical imbalance that has been called contagious and in a mechanical sense that may be so, you must first address your own fears and separate those fears in such a way that you can grapple with them. You can use your fears to become the stepping stones across your fears, as Trungpa says. You can’t deny them. Those fears have a luminous body. They are potent. So you want to know about them because they will teach you. You want to know about them because they will teach you. Not so you can get rid of them, not so you can stamp them out, or throw up on them, or judge yourself deficient because of them. You want to know! “So here is the stone of my fear! I am afraid I will catch something, that my body will create what your body has created.” And each person needs to deal with that individually. Then, on a group level, as you do in this group and perhaps you who watch do, you can build a luminous body of intention that is directed toward healing negative beliefs about disease, or “destructive” is a better word, negatively destructive ideas about disease. You know how it catches on like wildfire. You want to know how fast a luminous body gets created? How fast, when something catches on in the media, and it picks up all the threads of fear in all the people who are listening and watching, all the undischarged, unexamined fears of being a victim and also the unexamined desire to be a victim and finally relieved of your burden. “Poor thing, you are a victim, can’t do anything.” All those threads ignite! And you have then what we have seen about AIDS, a wave of hysteria, and the personality self goes wild. “Get those people out of here!” Cruelty emerges.
   So, it is for each person to work on his or her fears. Then you can clear the fears. They can heal! Then you can be one who creates a luminous intention to have a healthy body. Not because you get brownie points but because you feel connected with the process of your own body. And you know it is your consciousness that is creating it the way it is. You cannot heal by denial, which is the old-fashioned, positive thinking attitude. Perhaps that is the first step, positive thinking, but that always implies negative thinking. We are after big mind, great thinking, in the sense of large, and also meticulous thinking, to honor the small. So every disease state, such as AIDS if you wish it to, gives an entire group of people the opportunity to confront something very powerfully, yes? And the disease AIDS is like a battleground of consciousness where you all get to examine your fears. It also can be healed by dealing with it a differently. It has been slotted in a very narrow way.
   So, how to be with someone? You can only be with them by being in your own truth. If you are frightened, you’d better acknowledge it, and work with your own fears, and not pretend that you are not frightened, because that doesn’t dignify you. The issue is to go further with it, not to buy into the group trance, or the group intention, which is “Uuh! I am frightened and that means they are bad and we must stay away and we must protect ourselves.” But what is the teaching of the disease? That sex, sexuality, is dangerous? That homo¬sexuality is dangerous? Many more people have it than just homosexuals. It is transmitted in other ways.

   Mary Lou: May I ask what is the alternative? You said there’s another way to deal with the disease that is not ...

   Micciah: Yes. There are ways of healing, just as there are with cancer, with any disease, that have to do with mobilizing the body to take care of the immunological imbalance. And it must be done on an individual basis, rather than tracking it, Mary Lou, as “fatal, and that’s that.” And it will begin to come out that it is not necessarily fatal, that there are all various degrees of this imbalance, that some bodies take care of it very well. And the more you tell the truth about it and withdraw the terror from it by working with your own fears, the more it will shift into something that can be healed. It is like a feedback system, do you see?

   Mary Lou: You said unexamined desires?

   Micciah: To be a victim.

   Mary Lou: Because of the nature of that, I assume unconscious, we’re talking about this with AIDS on that scale, yes? Unexamined desires manifesting in this...

Micciah: We did not mean only with AIDS. We mean with anything. The way your system works, you get a lot of immediate sympathy if you are victimized.

   Mary Lou: I’m asking the approach as the alternative to dealing with AIDS, also the approach...

   Micciah: Not to see people as victims. And also not to fall into what we can call the New Age trap, which is to accuse people of creating their own condition. “Ha! We know your kind. You’re the kind who creates disease!” That is useless. To be able to look at something and say, “Well, here it is, what is it about?” All of life is an exploration. Every moment. Every moment is a possibility to make new choices, and this plane of action is about choice.
   So, to recap, you need to be able to live with paradox, to deal effectively with your fears, and to create an intention, a body, that you experience as being reliable.

   Amielle: My original question, some of which has been answered, sort of, has to do with chronic difficulties in life, chronic illness, and how one might use the luminous body to deal with this. And also how it leads up to the incredible rise in racism and anti-Semitism in this society as a whole and the impulse to blame an “other.”

   Micciah: Yes. Again, victims. And in this case it is a very complex double role. The accused - the women, blacks, Jews, whomever - the accused imagine themselves to be the victim of unwarranted hatred, which on one level is true; and the accusers imagine themselves to be the victims of the accused. It is a perfect double mirror. And what is in the center? What do you think is in the center of such accusation? What? If you picked one thing.

   Amielle: Fear.

   Micciah: Fear! All those unexamined fears that you can throw up onto someone else. “I would be fine if it were not for the Jews. The women. Blacks. Hispanics.” And they would be fine if it were not for you, or we. So, at the root of what is to be examined is conditions of hatred, of misery, is fear. And the group tendency, which has a very strong luminous body at the level of group intention, is to find someone to blame. “Must be someone out there.” In psychology, you can blame your parents. In economics, you can blame another country. In racial hatred, you can blame another race. So the chronic disease is what? Fear. And if you wait to get rid of all your fears, you’re going to have a long wait. To be empowered, you need to confront the fear. Dismantle it, look underneath, take it apart. Feel it in your belly, in your genitals, in your throat. Find out what it has to say to you! It’s a communication. And that becomes the way over the fear, because to be in truth if you feel frightened, you feel frightened.
   The dangerous movement, my friends, in terms of development and in terms of wishing to be integrated with transformation and with being powerful, each one of you, the dangerous movment is from fear into blame. Fear into blame. And the greatest healer is an open heart. To be vulnerable. Not stupid. If you fake vulnerability you will put yourself in stupid situations. If you are really afraid that a disease is infectious, protect yourself until you have dealt with the fear, else you are in denial. We don’t mean “stupid” in a mocking way. If you are clear, you can walk across hot coals, yes? A number of you in this group have done it. But you can’t fake being clear. And it is no shame to be confused.
   This is so much, perhaps because we have been away from it for the summer. It feels like vast amounts of information.
   With a chronic disease or imbalance in your body it is also a communication. It could be a communication from a number of other lifetimes, a number of resonating lifetimes, that come out in the body as an event, a circumstance. Please don’t drive hatred into your pain. We implore you who are studying healing - have compassion.
   So, one more question, yes. Judy?

   Judy: I have read that a billion dollars a day is being spent in the world on military goods, and I am interested in ways that women and children can be empowered in order to better care for the planet and create peace.

   Micciah: Yes. Build a luminous body as a group. Children are ghettoized in your culture. Children are, older people are, people who are ill, people who are unbalanced. There really are little sort of pods of ghettoization. And what do they represent, these encapsulated communities? Why does it take this form? The same thing: fear. You are afraid of death and old age. “We want those people to live somewhere else!” We’re afraid of the vulnerability of children and at some level, unconscious level, hate it. So we imprison them in schools. This is going to make alot of people annoyed. And you are afraid of diseases so you care for people in isolated, sterile (on all levels) situations. We are not suggesting that sepsis will be of value in curing illness. But women and children and also older people could, and women have, group together and create their intention as a luminous body to withdraw energy from “protecting” the earth with arms. And men will come along. There are lots of men who, if they open their hearts to it, will be right there. To put women against men is just another split. At the same time, in order to mobilize, it is necessary to notice a condition, whether it is a condition of disease or a condition of being ghettoized and disenfranchised.
   Children are a vast resource in creating a body that supports peace. Children desperately want peace. That does not exactly answer it, but it gives you a way to go. If it could be done in the schools, perhaps some of the more “progressive” schools, that children would meditate on peace. They are not conflicted about it. Most children are very clear about wanting to be in a peaceful world.
   So, if you wish to create something that has not yet come to birth in your life, first you must deal with the truth about where you are: the joy, the fear, secrets. Secrets suck energy. Forbidden. Knowing that - and it will be different in different areas of your life - dealing with that, you can start then to build a luminous intention for what you want to bring to birth. And you can sing it and dance it and talk it and act it and dress it and be it.
   We will leave you with that. We share with you much love and energy and we bid you a very good day.


Julie: Channeling is a little like that. [Her cat Hummingbird balances behind her at the top of a fence] That’s the end for now. What we do in class at the end of a session is go over the information, talk about it, evaluate it, find out what works for us individually and what doesn’t. And we invite you to do the same.
   Several final words. The thread that runs through my work of, which the channeling is one aspect, is healing. So, the thread of healing goes through my work with individuals, my teaching, my lecturing, my writing. And that healing, I believe, comes from a truthful exploration of one’s relationship with spirit. Spirit heals through us, and that healing enables us to be with the sacred nature of everyday life. I urge you to use your prayers and meditations toward experiencing the joy and sacred nature of life itself.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”