Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 37, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1985 where Micciah discusses:
• The forms in which we exist and our limiting beliefs about existence. View Section
• Oppositional thinking about purity, good, the upper half of the body, versus dirtiness, badness, the lower half of the body. View Section
• The meaning of the current upsurge of terrorism. “It is the mirror of your own demons,” of disgust and fear, “elements of the self that have been banished.” View Section
• What is really meant when we speak about the “higher self”? Continuation of the split between “good” and “bad”, “upper” and “lower.” View Section

(The original tape has a 17 second damaged section. The repair resorts to still frame grabs when nothing else will do.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends. You have so many wonderful questions.
   You are all in the process of being at risk. Without risk there is no creativity. In truly embracing risks you also embrace the possibility of living from the matrix of absolute love. There are some risks which are in the nature of testing where the laws hold, and there are some risks which are in the nature of a challenge, the way a child will risk something just to see. To have your heart open to be vulnerable is an enormous risk.
   We will wait now until your questions are out so that the information is in direct response to the questions. So...

   Sheldon: Micciah, is it possible ever to not exist in one form or another?

   Micciah: Yes/no. We will try to deal with this. In the way that your linear mind, your smaller, thinking mind, understands things, there are always oppositions. So to have being, you must have nonbeing. If there is in, there is out; if there is up, there is down. There is... There are systems and systems, worlds within worlds, and possibilities within possibilities. And in the way that the question is framed, the nonbeing would rely on its opposite, which is being; therefore it would be the being of nonbeing. Emptiness has great presence.
   Can you ask further? Do you understand what we are saying about being/nonbeing?

   Sheldon: Yes. Maybe if I explain the source of the question.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Sheldon: It’s coming out of a personal exploration. And it’s more of a sense of almost that there is no escape from existence, in the larger sense of that word, that in one way or another it continues on.

   Micciah: Yes. It has no edges. All the edges are folded inside its own belly. There is no outside and no inside. If there were a place to escape, it would be the “escape place,” and therefore it would have a quality of being. But being is not, you know... This kind of being, this is only one slender thread, one, one of millions and millions of possibilities, many of which you partake in without consciously being aware of it. No, there is nowhere to go. Here is everywhere at once. The whole of it also blinks on and off, you know. Or, it is like beats in music. And what you experience as the physical realm is really a whole series, let us say the on series -- we have said this before, and Seth speaks about it also -- on off on off on off on off. All of this reality is the experience of one focus: on on on on on on. So it looks like one “thing,” but when you aren’t being here, you are being there. So... No escape, no.
   Please continue.

   Arthur: Micciah, my question has to deal with my own experience of spending, you know, periods of time in deep meditation and going into retreat versus spending a lot of time in the city and doing my work, it happens to be music, but being here.

   Micciah: Being here or being there.

   Arthur: Right. [laughter] And finding a real disparity between it. I find myself making a value judgment like maybe sometimes being here isn’t as “spiritual” as... I hate to talk about it that way but as opposed to being, you know, away in a retreat and working to maintain my purity. I feel like I lose the purity while here but I’m wondering is there anything that’s really not spiritual and is there any real fundamental difference between those two experiences?

   Micciah: There... Yes. This is a wonderful question, and it will relate to Samuel’s question and in a way to yours, Sheldon.
   Spiritual and pure. Pure of what? Again, that is an opposition. Pure and impure. Now, in this culture, you split everything into the dark and the light. The light is always good and pure, desirable, clean. And the dark is bad, Satan, the devil. And the upper half of the body, you are very much enamored with what goes on in the upper half of the body. Only a group of people enamored with their own thinking and separated from [pounds the floor] the body on which they live could create vast systems of mechanical genius that destroy things to protect you -- without “getting it.” Well, whom will you destroy? “The bad people! The dirty people, the foreigners, the dark people.” The bottom half of your body, -- this will relate to Jon’s question too, about the higher self and the lower self -- the bottom half is the “bad” half, the dirty half, yes? It is all divine if you let it be.
   Wait, wait. You cannot halve, cut in half, the process of life, of aliveness; and try to destroy one half and have the other. You cannot have eating without shitting. So is that pure? Well, of course it is! What would you do if you stopped? Your body would be in a lot of trouble. We have said before, the advertisements on television will tell you a great deal about your culture, yes? Bright teeth. Potions to rid you of your own life smells and to do something about all that impure stuff. It is all divine.
   It is a question of the consciousness within something. You can meditate forever and not love anyone, anything, the earth, yourself. You can never meditate at all and be filled with vitality. Or you can do both. It is not the form. It is not the form. Don’t be fooled by the form. It is the intention within it that is what you’re after. When we say to you, “What is sacred?” -- there’s that word again -- we mean for you to include everything that you have cast off, thrown aside, cut off. Gather those elements back. Gather them back! Because in living in opposition, the good against the bad, the pure against the impure, cities against the country, meditating in some very solemn way versus dancing, in making it all a “versus,” you end up with terrorism.

   We are going to jump to your question, Samuel. What does the upsurge of terrorism mean? And the earth quaking and vomiting? What does that represent? It is all folded into its own belly, there is no outside of it. So, it is the mirror, it is the mirror of your own demons. The terrorists are elements of your self, of the great self, that have been banished. They are not “out there,” and you can not fix it. You can transform it by dancing with your own demons, looking at them. “Who are the demons? What do I reject? What is disgusting, what is frightening?” Because all those feelings, disgust and fear, the things you wish to get away from -- “pahh!” -- they have life in them. It is not those things that are dangerous. It is numbness and self-satisfaction and complacency that are really more dangerous. That which will not risk, that which protects the status quo, that which lives at a mechanical level, inside the narrow portions of the ego, that is dangerous. We are not condoning terrorism. Do not take it in that way. We are saying that nothing, nothing, in the physical world arises except out of consciousness. And one physical thing cannot “fix” another, you can’t “fix” the terrorists, you can’t legislate against them and make them go away, until you dance with your own demons, until you claim all of your body and the body of the earth as your heritage, until you can risk.
   Please go on.

   Carole: Micciah, this is Jon’s question.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Carole: When we ask for guidance we use terms like higher self, guides, angels, oversoul. What is really there?

   Micciah: Here, there, everywhere. “Higher self” is a way of splitting again, yes? If you have a higher self, you have a lower self. And whether you admit it or not, the higher self is the good self, the knowing self, the nice self, and the lower self is the bad self.

   Jon: Right.

   Micciah: So, to this way of thinking, to this, this is just one approach. We don’t have the truth, we’re not serving you up the truth. But it is another split. What is it when you say well, you are going to speak with your guide? Would that be me? Us? You could just say anything. If you are willing to loosen the rigidity with which you hold the physical focus, then you can find numbers of different available channels -- the television really is a very good metaphor -- for awareness, opening, risking. You like solid definitions. “The guides.” “The higher self.” “The great self.”  The “over self.” Your language does not lend itself readily to anything except opposition and judgment. So is there a higher self or not?
   There is an enormous amount available to you. You can call it what you like. This is one way of doing it. Dream wisdom is another way. You can use numbers of different ways, it’s all going to the same place, and there’s nowhere to go. So, we and “this one” have a preference for language that does not split, because the higher self, you know, if you explore it a bit with people who use that kind of language and like it and are comfortable with it, it’s always if you ask what color it is it’s always white, or light. And probably it doesn’t live much, you know, “down there.” So, we are trying to annoy you, and [laughter] make you move around a little. And there is a tendency in that split to piety and purity. And when you get too pure, you always need a devil of some kind, of some form. Devil certainly sounds a lot more interesting than a lot of other things in the way it is described. Very lively.
   When you are fully alive, when you allow yourselves to be fully alive, (you are alive), when you quit playing peekaboo, you find this enormous vitality that’s full of everything! And is so loving, so embracing of life, so full of life. And the risk is in stepping into it, yes? Stepping into it, trusting. “What will hold me up?”
   Miracles are right in front of your nose, and it is fine, it is wonderful, to work to change the world, to put your vote in, so to speak, and to know that even as you vote against it, it’s part of you. To choose, to choose without opposing, some trick. You have so much creative latitude. You don’t use hardly any of what you could use.
   We would like to say something in a practical vein, for you to work with. The everyday, ordinary, extraordinary being of your own lives. Find out what your demons are. You want to work with terrorists, work with your own terror. Gently, work with it gently. So...
   We will leave you now. We share with you much energy and love and we urge you to embrace it all, to embrace it all. We bid you a very good evening.


Julie: Channeling is a little like that. [Her cat Hummingbird balances behind her at the top of a fence] That’s the end for now.
   What we do in class at the end of a session is go over the information, talk about it, evaluate it, find out what works for us individually and what doesn’t. And we invite you to do the same.
   Several final words. The thread that runs through my work of, which the channeling is one aspect, is healing. So, the thread of healing goes through my work with individuals, my teaching, my lecturing, my writing. And that healing, I believe, comes from a truthful exploration of one’s relationship with spirit. Spirit heals through us, and that healing enables us to be with the sacred nature of everyday life. I urge you to use your prayers and meditations toward experiencing the joy and sacred nature of life itself.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”