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Transcript of Program 53, 1986

This tape was very damaged and missing some sections but much of it is viewable.
Being mindful in the presence of disaster View Section
Choosing a purpose in life before birth. Why would one choose a damaged, diseased or aborted body? “When you are doing the choosing... (you know) that all faces of earth experience are rich with possibility.” This culture encourages forgetting what you knew before you were born. Children remember and then are taught to forget. The forgetting increases our suffering. Abortion is about “learning as entities to choose consciously to bring in life.” View Section
The effects of birth trauma. Birth trauma can be healed. It does not necessarily permanently scar your well-being. (No video for this section.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Micciah: We greet you. We are truly appreciative of the time and energy you give to this endeavor because every particle wholly and completely contains every other particle. When you meet in your groups and converse with us it is heard everywhere in your realm, perhaps not consciously, but it becomes part of the hologram so it is picked up on levels other than the conscious reality. And the more it is done, the more access everyone has to other possibilities, to the possibility of peace, of compassion, of playfulness, in the midst of change.
   Now there are very great changes — not coming, they are here. You are in the midst of profound change, but you are so acclimated to the news, to enormous happenings which would individually have been earth-shaking at any other time, they cascade one after the other. This bomb, that war, this earthquake, that flood. And it is also speeded up by the rapid communication of the media so you hear about everything almost as it occurs. This has never been true before in history. There was always space in between what you learned. It is getting faster and faster. You look into the future and say, “Well, it is going to happen.” It is here. It isn’t going to anything. And with the massive changing comes the possibility for an equal change in your consciousness. The rousing of the energies in the outer world potentially reflect volcano and flood, tidal waves, vast opening in the inner realms. And at the center of it all — it is possible for you to know that at the center of it all — is love. And to experience by beginning with yourselves the extraordinary paradox of being at once in the hurling energies of circumstance and in the centering and peacefulness and the trust of love.
   When you listen to the news you hear about disaster after disaster. You can begin to be in the practice of mindfulness, to acknowledge the disaster, to be present with the divine core, to have an ongoing commitment to clean up what is in front of you — literally, clean it up — and not to be sidetracked either into negative excitement, that is, the juiciness, the deliciousness of contact around disaster, or into deep sleep of denial, overload: “There is no disaster.” Strange times, potent times. To fall into trust, to leap to the very center of trust. And at the same time you acknowledge that you must clean up, help the wounded, wipe up the blood — sometimes your own — feed the hungry mouths. This is very much meditation, yes?, serving people, and feeding people. Meditation is not just this, it’s all of it.
   So, my friends, please what are your questions? And don’t hoard! Hoarding — “I will have my cans of food. I will have my clean water. I will have my safe house” — won’t work.

   Polly: Micciah, I’ve had a lot of questions in my own mind and also a lot of people asking me when I speak, about choosing your purpose in life and having, you know, using this lifetime to work through things and learn things about the parameters of making those choices before you incarnate in a physical body. Could you say something about that?

   Micciah: You mean do you shop at Bloomingdale’s? Is there a great Bloomingdale’s in the sky?

   Sarah: Let me add to that question, which is, why, when making those choices, would one choose a damaged or diseased body or one that may not even get born?

   Micciah: Yes. Can’t even bring the damn thing back [laughter]. “Excuse me, I chose this body and I don’t like it!” Because — we will answer the second one first — because to the dance of the soul all is grist for the mill. When you are doing the choosing, when you are doing the shopping, you know, you have available to you the knowing, the true knowing that all experience is divine, that all the faces of earth experience are rich with possibility. When you are doing the choosing, when you are doing the shopping, you know that the body will come and go, and that all time is simultaneous, and even in a linear sense one lifetime is less than the flicker of an eyelash. Poof — gone! Even a long life. So you are not troubled by difficulties that lie ahead. It all seems ripe. You do not come in to suffer, to punish yourself for some other life where you were a real stinker. It really doesn’t work that way. From the point of view that you have, it is all divine play. Then you come in, and more in some cultures than others, very much in this one, although you are struggling to change it, you forget everything you knew. Now if you are born in the... And the forgetting is part, you see. If you are born into this culture, you knew you would forget [laughter]. And some of you knew you would forget and then planned to remember. So, some of those of you are here.
   Children know. One of the reasons that your culture is so afraid of babies and of children and of animals is that they know, they still have the knowing, even if like the animals they can’t speak it to you verbally. And the knowing is going to spoil the game for the people who are in the game on the side of the not-knowing in this particular dance. So, sometimes a child’s knowing will be muzzled. So the child says, “Oh, I know, I remember where I came from and who I am.” And sometimes the adults say, “No no, no no, you don’t remember, it is this way. You must have borders, you must hate those people. You must be a good Jew, Christian, man, woman.” Then the forgetting comes.
   Suffering comes in the forgetting. Because when you remember, even though there is suffering, it changes its quality. But the feeling of being senselessly bombarded with pain goes and goes and goes in layers when you remember. The personality self always looks at life when life is uncomfortable and says, “I didn’t choose this! And either I am a victim of someone else or I am a victim of my own damn stupidity because who would choose this?” And the knower says, “It was allright to choose that. That too has a purpose.” So, it is in the knowing and the forgetting and the re-knowing that it ceases to matter very much. Not to the personality; but the personality self, let us say the focus personality, becomes more and more imbued with the remembering, with the deep knowing. And then it ceases to matter if you came for a month or a year or ninety years.
   Does this help?
   And it matters, once you get here, to alleviate suffering. You cannot say, “Well, you chose it, your problem. I chose a nice life, smart me.” And that forgetting, that forgetting of connection, that forgetting that you are all here to clean up, as well as to celebrate — and maybe to celebrate the cleaning up — that forgetting within the self causes suffering. When you forget your connection to All That Is, you suffer. Maybe that is the worst suffering of all, worse than disease. In fact sometimes, in very perilous situations, wars, the forgetting breaks open through the pressure of the calamity. And people open the doors of their hearts in that time to remember their oneness and their common cause, and then, strangely, the time of peril is remembered with great affection. So it is all very odd.
   When you come into a body, if there is an abortion, either spontaneous abortion, a miscarriage, or a deliberate abortion — you cannot abort a soul — but it is the vehicle that is terminated at that moment in physical time. And it is always an agreement between the creating soul and the parents’. Abortion is not about destroying the body of the baby. It is about learning as entities to choose consciously to bring in life. It’s not the fetus that’s the problem. It’s the parent that’s the problem — not negative problem, but — to be able to choose to be a vehicle for life is the issue. All things considered, it is preferable to control conception, which, as we have said before, used to be done in Atlantis and sometimes in Egypt consciously through the knowing of the rhythms of the body and the moon and the cyclings. It was known and still, you know, there are tribes of nomads who only bear children at particular times even though they use no mechanical birth control. We don’t suggest you run right out and try this, however, unless you are in very close tune with your body and the bodies together, as a couple, are in tune. That would be better because abortion is hard on your body. Your hormones start to move in a certain way; then it is hard to disrupt that.

   Linda: Micciah, I have another question relating to birth and keeping in mind that there is perhaps a purpose, a core purpose, that each of us chooses to come in with. I’ve been reading a lot about birth trauma and I’m wondering how that affects the remembrance of the core purpose and how one can best release that trauma in a loving way.

   Micciah: Yes. Well now, birth trauma is very interesting. There is a whole school of psychotherapy and healing that has been built up around the notion of the birth trauma. And they have done really wonderful work. It is different with different people. Sometimes the soul energy does not fully connect with the baby, with the baby’s body, until the birth is pretty much accomplished. The creator, the creating energies that make the baby, do not hang out ’in utero’ for nine months. In spite of some of the popular psychological ideas that everyone wishes to return to the womb, it is not a particularly comfortable place, and after a while it gets sort of crowded. So, the communication is from the organizing entity which often — the Great Self, so to speak — is often right about the mother and father and closely connected with the embryo and the developing baby but will enter the body, will fully fuse with the body, toward the end of the pregnancy.
   So, when the mother is drugged, then this does print in the lively tissue of the entity, and it is well to do a ritual if the baby has been drugged, to massage, to bathe, to rub with a little salt, to clean the aura off. It is most, most desirable that the mother hold the baby until the cord stops pulsating, not to have the baby come out and then the cord cut. That is serious trauma. And people get over traumas. The notion that this indelibly, unmercifully affects your being, to say that... It affects you, but every moment is a moment of regeneration, potentially. And if you suspect you have serious birth trauma, or were heavily drugged, it is useful to go back in your consciousness to that time, and to feel around for what the trauma was in order to heal it because it does live in the memory of the tissue. But you are not doomed because you have a traumatic birth. Consciousness is constantly recreating, rebirthing itself all the time. You are not doomed if you have a horrible childhood. Your development doesn’t stop, there are also traumas in adulthood and rebirthing, in the emotional realm, all the time. It is better not to be drugged, but sometimes drugs are necessary. If you would use acupuncture you wouldn’t need drugs, even for Caesarean sections. The pain can be controlled with acupuncture.
   How does it affect the core purpose? It is individual, Linda. If the mother is brought up in such a way that she is very frightened of the birth — and this is true, very often — then the child is frightened. Then there may be interpsychic communication between the mother and the child, and the father and the child, that says, “You caused me pain.” And the child feels And the child feels feels that at a psychic level and becomes self-punishing. So, if the mother can consciously hold the baby, even if there was pain, and communicate the release of that pain, that they went through it together, it can be healed. Fathers should be at the birth and hold babies when they are very small. It is possible for babies to bond strongly with others besides the mother. It is possible. So.
   Blessings on you, dear friends. Blessings on you. Good evening.


   Julie: That’s all for the moment. At the end of class, we discuss the information that Micciah has shared and talk about how to use it in ordinary life since all of this information was given to be used.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”