Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 55, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1986 and 1985 where Micciah discusses:
Getting in touch with the Great Self in order to discover core purpose. The Great Self is in all parts of all of you; “That love out of which everything spins and dances is everywhere.” All core purpose is in essence the dissolution of the illusion of separateness. “All pain is the pain of separation.” Stay connected with your breath to stay connected with core purpose. View Section
Moving from the conceptual realm into the realm of physical manifestation. Explore the reasons why you might be attached to wanting/ needing instead of allowing fulfillment. Let the feelings of desire for manifestation rise: “Feelings are like the rain that nourishes a garden.” View Section
• Julie ends with a meditation on manifestation. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Julie: In this program Micciah is going to talk about core purpose and what it means to experience your own inner purpose in each lifetime. And also, the way in which we all experience the same core purpose, or are working toward the same core purpose, which is that of penetrating through the illusion of duality and being able to experience the oneness in the dance, or through the dance, of opposition.

   Ida: Is there a way that we can get in touch with our higher being so that we could know what we’re here on this earth for, whether we’re on the right path?

   Micciah: Yes. You know the higher being, the Great Self, is in your toes, is in your hair; it is in your digestion and in your heart. There is no place that it is not. Only the thinking mind, the talking self, splits the world. And this split in your culture and in the Judeo-Christian heritage, this split is enormous, between that which is God, that which is “high” — you even use that word, yes, up toward the sky — and that which is base, lower. We have talked about this before; we are happy to talk about it again.
   Look for God in your own ordinary life, in the gentle action of your lovingness and the vociferous action of your lovingness. That love out of which everything spins and dances is everywhere.
   Well, if it is everywhere, how do you know your purpose? In the general sense, everyone’s purpose is the same. Whether you are the president or the plumber, the purpose is to dissolve the illusion of separateness. To dissolve the position that says, “I am separate and alone. My pain is extraordinary and unique. My choices are difficult and important.” Or, conversely, “I am as nothing, I am special and important because I am just a worm.” Not that we have anything against worms.
   So in a great, in a large sense, everyone’s purpose is identical, but you will go through different doors. Different lives offer exquisite opportunities to wear different suits, yes? The male suit and the female suit, about which there is much flap. Which is which, which one is better? So everyone’s purpose is the same purpose. You know, whether you are scrubbing floors, or typing a thesis, or acting in a play, you are about the business of becoming one, of lovingly dissolving the illusion of separateness. When that is the focus, the choices that you make fall to you, or arise from you, naturally. And you will feel it when you are off purpose.
   Now, in a less general sense, you do make choices. There are great families of being, great families of incarnation. “This one” is in the warrior family. By “warrior” we don’t mean soldier. But she has come into this earth plane — there is no time, but for convenience’ sake we will say many times — as one who pushes against the limits, the apparent limits of something. There are warriors in all fields: they could be healers, they could be actors, they could be teachers. Many of you in this room are in that family. In fact, most of you. But there are great families of incarnation, and we will go into that at some point if you like. When the personality self — we will deal in a more direct way, Ida, with your question. — When the personality self is very locked into place, when you are apparently very strongly identified with certain postures or aspects of the way you are and of your life choices, your family choices, your professional choices. Then unless you dig in to the core of your being, and find out: “Does this particular choice to be a teacher really represent my deepest intentions or did I pick that up from, let us say, my family as a good occupation? “I have really always been unhappy with it. I really wish to be a dancer, to dance. The best expression for me of spirit in the world is to dance.” Then you could shift your choice. But it might also work the other way, that in your journeying toward the dissolution of the illusion of separation, you find that you are all right anywhere and you bring that spirit into teaching. It doesn’t matter to you very much whether you teach or you dance. Either would be possible. Either.
   Also, we really want you to hear this. You are creative beyond your wildest dreams. All you have to do is let it out a little bit and trust, trust that to be creative is as natural as healing your fingers. You are creative, you are powerful, beyond your greatest imagining. And that power is filled with love. It is love. And when you work with that, in everything, in making tea, in going to the bathroom, in making your phone calls, watch for the separating mind that says, “This is worthwhile, this is not.”
   There are actions, there are choices that will not resonate with love. The choice to destroy something without love is off purpose. There is no judgment about it. There is no judgment. It is simply off purpose. You can destroy things with love, yes? We have said this before: when you chew your food, when you bite into a carrot, it is possible to do that consciously, to do it with reverence, to do it with awareness, to do it with love. The carrot grew, and it is feeding you. It is destruction without love, the destructive acts of a being that feels very separate, very much in pain from the separation. We would venture to say — you can argue with us about it — that all pain is pain of separation. Separation from that love. Even pain in the body. Physical pain. If you put your awareness into it, if you pay attention to it, if you don’t try to pull away from it or stay separate from it in fear, it begins to break up and to dissolve.
   One way to stay connected with your purpose is to breathe. Now the thinking mind will probably say, “Well, that’s silly, it’s too simple.” When you meditate, you breathe. If you work with pain to dissolve it, you do so by breathing. If you are frightened, you can breathe yourself toward the fear to embrace it. Your breath will embrace it, and it starts to dissolve. So you know because you know. Because you feel connected to life. And no outside choice — seemingly outside — no discipline, no career counseling; there is nothing you can choose, if it does not have the essence of dissolving separation, that will ever satisfy you. Big bucks. Lots of pretty things. They’re fine. But they won’t be satisfying. So, that is a long answer.
   The question to ask yourselves is how your choices reflect a continuing dance with the One. That includes your demons, it includes your shit, it includes your mean thoughts, it includes everything. Don’t go saintly on us. [laughter]

   Julie: This next segment is about manifestation, a subject dear to everyone’s heart. Micciah is going to discuss the way in which we go from an idea or a concept, adding intentionality to it. And then those two together, plus feeling, produce a result that is observable in the physical realm, the physical world.

   Micciah: How do you move from the level of concept out into manifestation? How do you go from an idea, the mental realm? Everything that exists exists first in consciousness, somewhere. How do you move it through? Well, it depends somewhat on what it is, but only somewhat. Perhaps the key is alignment with purpose. The great energies that are, that just are, create all the time; and you align — through your own physical being, through your intelligence, and your joyful creativity, and your mind, and your ability — to take action. What action is needed to make something real? To make a pair of pants? Perhaps if you were absolutely aligned, you could pull them out of the ether; there are people who can do that, go so fast, like in dream time, from the idea realm right into the physical realm. Yes, this is what happens in a spontaneous healing. With no time in between. But mostly on this plane, in the earth realm, you need to know what has to be taken care of, what has to be done. If it is a physical object. If it is a circumstance or an event, like a relationship, you can meditate on it, add energy to it by meditating on it, just the way you would nourish something in a garden. Pay attention to what you say and what you believe that is keeping a relationship out. Begin to imagine what it would be like, for instance, to have a relationship, and let the feelings come up with it. Feelings are like the rain that nourishes a garden. What would it feel like, what would it be like? So the consciousness of it then moves from the purely abstract into a connection between the abstract realm and the feeling realm, yes? To make a model. The mental realm and the emotional realm begin to fit together and then it takes on quite a strong charge, literally a vibration, a vibratory rate. And when that is pulsating, you start to meet people, if you are working on relationship. They start to be attracted to you, you meet them in the most unlikely places.
   Just thinking about something won’t do it. It is what you would call mental energy combined with physical energy, the vitality of the emotional energy. And also one more thing: allowing. You can’t force something into manifestation. “I will force this to happen with my will.” There is a quality of allowing. It is like giving the whole thing space to be born. And if you don’t want something to manifest, help yourself to stop concentrating on it, not by mechanically forcing the feelings down but by exploring. “If I don’t want to be lonely, why am I spending all my energy on thinking about being lonely, and feeling about being lonely, about how I don’t want it?” But not mechanically. It is like — what is that called with a rock? — spillunking? Drop down. “Well, why am I paying attention to being lonely, and what are my needs to keep concentrating on it, and can I begin..?” You can let a pattern go out of manifestation. It goes both ways, into manifestation and out. So if you are always focused and vital in the emotional realm with ideas and fantasies and feelings about loneliness, you will produce lots of loneliness. But you can dismantle that as a structure, start to dissolve it, lovingly, compassionately. Who do you think is creating? You don’t have to keep structures that don’t serve you. And in one way it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, what has happened before. Or it does matter, but it won’t stop you. Wake up from your hypnotic trance: “I’ve always been lonely, I am lonely now, I will always be lonely.” Wake up!
   So, that is plenty for one night.

   Julie: We are going to have a meditation. So wherever you are in your thoughts, let your eyes rest on the screen and allow your breathing to relax. Follow the movement, the rising and falling of the water, which is like the rising and falling of your breath. Filling and emptying. Rising and falling. Light and dark. All the qualities, all the possibilities flow within you, flow in such a way that you can become conscious of your own deep purpose. Emerging, being covered. Emerging again. You really can allow yourself to know, to allow your inner self to guide you. To empty and to fill with the promptings of what your core purpose is. You remember that when you came here you came here with a purpose in mind. Emptying and filling. Rising. Falling. Illuminating. You know that you can know what it is that is the truth about your own core purpose. And that it unveils itself, shining, reflecting, communicating, speaking. You know that by being attentive to the inner panorama and also to the outer world, to the outer world that reflects the inner world. The truth of your own purpose emerges and makes itself available to you in real ways, tangible ways. It’s possible to unfold and to radiate. To be the truth of love reflected as your own purpose and you do it now. You really are knowing right now.


    Julie: Welcome back from the meditation. Take a moment and get yourself oriented in the room. Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Be present in the environment that you’re in.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”