Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 56, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1986 and 1985 where Micciah discusses:
Everything is connected. “All of your consciousness is contained within everything else...” View Section
What are the fundamental ordering principles in nature, and how can we access them? Much of this is known through inner contemplation and work in altered states. In ancient societies the power lines of the earth were carefully followed in constructing buildings. “The pattern exists within you, it is your own truth.” View Section
Communication in which what is felt and known is different from what is said. Most politics and business are based on talking in lies, which has resulted in a terrible world situation. There is great power in telling the truth. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends. We would like to tell you, you who are in the circle, and Jon who is behind the camera, and Nannie, and all of you who watch and listen, that in doing this work, or this play — we would like it to be play — in bringing a shift in consciousness through yourself, your selves, you affect everything and everyone on the planet, because it is all connected. And in this shift, there begins to emerge possibility for exquisite compassion. We want to say this to you very clearly, with great intention, that your consciousness affects everything, because all consciousness holds within itself the totality of everything else.
    In these recent sessions we have talked about holograms. A hologram is an image, a three-dimensional image, not physical, that is, not dense. And any portion of that image... Let us say you had a hologram of a duck. You shine light through the artifact, and what seems to float before your very eyes is a duck. If you shine light through any tiny portion of the artifact, it will recreate the totality of duckness. No matter how small the portion, it will create the image in its entirety. All of your consciousness, your body, your cells, your beliefs, everything — is contained within everything else which is contained within everything else. So when you shift, everything shifts. And you must include in this the fields of energy, which breathe, which communicate. If the field of energy that you carry around you and with you is warlike, is filled with fear, is filled with hatred — there is no blame, this is not a moral evaluation — that affects the whole of it. If you are full of play, if you trust, if you love, that affects the whole of it. When many people come together and make shifts toward lovingness, toward compassion, it affects the field around them. Peace is catching. There is a current theory about this. A monkey washing itself, or using a tool, will suddenly be mirrored in the behavior of another monkey, thousands of miles away on a different is land, in a different place. Why is that? Because consciousness has shifted.
    So, please, what are your questions?

Rowan: There seems to be a body of fundamental ordering principles that govern patterns of growth in nature. And you can see them in crystals and leaves and bodies, thoughts, feelings, everything. And I am very interested to know how these principles might be accessed to understand them, in order to use them in artistic expression, to provide an opening back to that same source.

Micciah: Yes. So you ask yourself, “What is the principle I wish to embody in this piece of music?,” let us say, since we’ve been talking about sound. Does it wish to represent structure of leaf? Structure of crystal? Both? You ask the leaf, or the crystal. You ask that the crystal speak to you in very much the same way that Mary Anne described, and it will dictate a composition that describes its nature. Or you ask the leaf... You go direct to the horse’s mouth.
    The great principles of sacred geometry are given through inner observation. They were not... They were also channeled. That is... In Atlantis, for instance, or in Egypt, or during the time that some of the great cathedrals were built — Chartres, for instance, is built pretty much on the principles of sacred geometry — the information was given through altered states, either directly, as a drawing, or through the way that a mathematical formula is perceived in the twinkling of an eye, yes? Just emerges. And then the building was drawn according to the pattern. This is a very complicated question, Rowan. Some of it is easy, some of it is complex. In the case of the sacred buildings that were used for purposes of regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical body through the regeneration and rejuvenation of the morphic fields, the fields around it. It was aligned with the earth as well, and its position on the ley lines, l-e-y, the energy tracks of the earth. The building had to sit on one of those tracks. And it had to be aligned with the stars, with the heavens, in a certain way, and with the directions in a certain way. It is as if the building is a set of sounds and those sounds translate into physical structures with certain harmonics, literally. Rhythms and relationships, and to the earth and to the sky and to the directions.
    Now, if you are in the habit of asking the earth to speak to you, the stars to speak to you, the crystals to sing to you, you just know how to do it, because you are guided. In your country, the Native American people had and have maintained even through much turmoil their spirit songs, so that they are guided in where to put their buildings, their long houses as well as the conical shaped buildings. They are guided through their intuitive and spiritual essences and it is as clear to them as a direction, go left, go right. And they understand the principles of the powers of the directions. And the powers of the non-physical realms, which have a bearing on architecture.
    So, how? It’s not such a simple question, how. You must be attuned yourself, like a fine crystal. And your chatting mind must be out of the way. And you cannot do this if you are mainly concerned with real estate values and you want buildings to go straight up and squash out as many competitors as possible. But the principles are just there. They speak to you if you ask. You might have to develop some skill in translating, you know, to be a good receiver, but the principles are there, for everyone to use. And those people who do use them, the Maoris in New Zealand, the native people of Australia, the native people of this continent, what were called the witches, the people of the old religion, the Druids, all were constantly attuning themselves, both individually and in groups. So the crystal of the group consciousness would say, “Now, great grandmother, great grandfather, great spirit, where shall we put this building? How shall we organize our houses to be in harmony with the principles of the earth? To be in harmony with the rainfall? To be in harmony with the winds? To be in harmony with the starlight and the sun?” Ask. And the information will be given to you. The information, so to speak, exists in the non-physical world, and every item of the physical world, everything, right down to the little alligator on your t-shirt, has a form in the non-physical realm, has a dancing in the non-physical realm, that stands behind it. Else it could not exist. The great magicians could eradicate, still can, eradicate the form that stands behind the physical form, and that is when you have a miraculous healing. Either that or your t-shirt disappears. [laughter] And those in very deep harmony with the principles can pull things out of the air because they instantaneously create the luminous form with such perfect intentionality that the physical form appears. And there are spirits. The rain has a spirit, has a shape. When the Native American people create the rain, they create it first in the invisible world. And then it comes. And they use themselves as generators, generating crystals, because their intentionality is clear. Then it comes to pass in the physical world. You don’t really need locks to protect your, what you think are your valuables. You can protect them with consciousness. Be a good little business, hm?
    So what we are saying is that that pattern exists within you, it is your own truth. And you can attune to the essence pattern by allowing yourself to do it. And practicing taking dictation. It isn’t outside of you, it isn’t other than you, it is you. It is in your fingers.

Julie: Okay. Stop for a moment. Pay attention to what your response is to the information that’s just been channeled. Does it seem to be comfortable, right, and appropriate for you? Would you like to think about it further? What does your body feel like right now? What is your breath like right now? Now we’re going to go back and do some more channeling.

    Karen: In relating to other people, I find that there are many different levels of communication going on, obviously. There’s the psychic energy which people experience between each other. There’s what you feel on an emotional level. And the reactions from each other, to each other. And then what is said, verbally, and what is done. For a few examples. And I get really confused about which of those signals I should take as reality, or as, what is it, the Clark’s rules of order, or whatever, is, in knowing what a person really wants you to know, where to go from there...

Micciah: Well, it’s different in different situations because the agreements between you are different. In the business world, for instance, everyone, or the political world, every-one functions on lies. If you start to tell the truth, you will make yourself extremely unpopular, possibly unpopular enough to be dead. We are joking, but we are not really joking, and we are saying that there are whole areas of functioning where the agreement between the participants is to not tell the truth. So then the speaking, Karen, the speaking is not really to communicate. It is to camouflage and manipulate. But of course since it is a great psychic web, is it not?, everything else is equally present. But the agreement is, “We know only what we speak.” So what do you create in such situations, politically? What have you created? To find out the other stuff? Spies. Spies. Intelligence and counterintelligence. And the job of the counterintelligence agents is to rout out all of what is not spoken, but of course is everywhere known. So there is a very definite split.
    In relationships there are precise agreements between people to speak one set of things and, sometimes, not to speak another set, although the other set is palpable, literally. Often it is bumping into you, but you are not allowed to say that. At the point where you decide you are going to say that, you are going to mention after five years that someone is ramming you in the side with their elbow, whereas you have always said you have a very nice relationship, you have a very nice time, we are very good friends, suddenly you go through a transformation and you want to say, “Hey, you are ramming me in the side. Have you ever noticed that?” [laughter] As soon as you bring up this unrevealed information, sometimes there is resentment, sometimes there is great relief.
    The more intimate a relationship, the more power you have — and you can give yourself the power, you know — to tell the truth, about all the levels of communication, crystal to crystal, heart to heart, “You are saying this to me, but in your actions, in the dance we do together, the words and the music don’t match very well, you are saying ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.’” So there is a discrepancy here. When you can bring that out, a relationship changes.
    When you can say to someone, “You are saying such and such to me, but my intuitive perception is thus and so,” that is very powerful. If you could all say that to each other, if you could live in that essence that stands behind all form, you would know that the truth is love, that you don’t have to guard yourself, protect yourself, or your land, or anything, anyone from anyone, that you’re just all in it together. War depends on shutting off the truth. Hatred and fear depends on shutting off the truth of your inner connection with that essence you asked about.
    That essence which is infinite and loving.
    So you get to choose. If you go outside of what is appropriate in a certain situation, you know you will have a little explosion in the situation. People who live very much inside the mask self, the guarded self, have a very low tolerance for your mentioning that their underwear is showing. The more access you have to all the levels, all the music, the more powerful you are. The music of the rain, the communication of the earth to you. So you can go on what you choose. If you are in very limited relationships, you have a right to either want, to ask, to change them or to leave. Speaking, all the speaking of something, when your speaking deeply reflects your truth, that is powerful indeed. Words are paradoxical. They are very limited and they are very powerful. When words are aligned with the essence, they are very powerful. When words are hollow, they are somewhat poisonous, because it is like a desecration of the real possibility. However, what you speak, over and over again, starts to set up a resonating pattern in your nervous system. It behooves you to pay attention to what you say. When you say all of human beings are “he” that sets up certain expectations and responses. Don’t think it doesn’t. Although it does not change for one minute that all of human beings are not “he”. But it sets up belief systems. And it sets up resonating patterns in your nervous system that are not the truth. But you act as if they are.
    We thank you very much for your love, for your willingness to be here, to come together, to invite us to sing with you. We wish you a most wonderful summer, and we bid you a good morning.


Julie: What we do in class after a Micciah session is talk the material through, and agree, and disagree, and we would love you to do the same.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”