Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 57, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
“Life itself is the gift. When you experience that... everything shifts.” View Section
Allowing abundance and prosperity. Feeling deserving of it. View Section
A coming separation between those who wish to affirm life and those who do not. We may have our judgements of good or bad about these two groups, but really it is only about choosing to align with different principles. “It is a hallmark of the groups who believe themselves to be the chosen ones that they have encompassed in their development a very warlike stance.” View Section
Channeling sexual energy as a creative force. Sexuality is really just another face of human energy, “the generative impulse.” This impulse can be expressed sexually or in many other ways. Our culture has sexualized everything. View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.  To be alive is blessed, is sacred.  Life itself is a most precious gift.  When you are open to that, when you experience in your breathing, in your waking and sleeping, in your ordinary tasks, that life is the gift, every­thing shifts.  It becomes a context for all the different faces of events, all the different kinds of events.  When you are connected to the experience of life itself being the gift, you are guided in such a way that you do not wish to harm any­one, including yourself.  When you, within yourself, cut off from that experi­ence, then life begins to owe you, then you try to “get something” from life, not as an experience of fullness or abun­dance being realized but as if your having was in opposition to some force as if you would have to connive or steal to get what you want.  So that is one of the veils.  One of the illusions is that you are separated, cut off from the source and you must therefore connive.  And that is all right.  We are not criticizing.  We are simply observing.  You don’t have to get it, in fact you can’t get it in that sense, not from money, not from sex, not from vacations, not from trips to the Himalayas, not from anything.  It is already.  The kingdom of heaven, or the persondom of heaven, is within.  So, please, dear friends, what are your questions?

   Woman:  Micciah, I’m working with abundance and prosperity, and I feel that one of my major blocks is feeling, having the feeling of deserving this abundance and prosperity, and then when I do have those moments of feeling prosperous and abundant some­times I let other people or the outside circumstances take it away, and I’d like to be able to - how do you settle in and stay with that feeling when you have it.

   Micciah:  Practice.  [laughter]  You are in the habit of having your inner speaking say to you, “You are an unworthy daughter.  The universe may be prosperous, but they didn’t mean you.  [laughter]  You know your sins.  You know that you lie and you cheat.  You are not deserving.”  So it is very impor­tant to acknowledge that voice and then try to heal it.  That self-destructive, self-demeaning voice began in most people as a way of protecting; you were going to say it first, before someone else said it to you.  Or you understood from the way you were treated in your environ­ment, you gleaned that you were not worth much.  So that needs to be healed, just as surely as a wound in the body, in the physical body, needs to be healed.  That voice can be healed by practicing with it compassionately.  And you might think of that as your child self who is wounded, for whom you need to care.  You would not want a child to say to you, “I am terrible and bad and deserve nothing.”  Probably ev­ery one of you would say to that child, “No, that is not true.”  So you can inter­nally, in practicing, in healing the old wounding, say to yourself, to the child within, “No, you may have been told that, but it was never the truth.”  Very important.
   Please go on.
   We did not get to the end of that discussion, Alice.  We will come back to it another time.

   Woman:  Micciah, you made refer­ence in several other programs about a time when people will be divided, and one group may go into one dream and another group go into another dream.  And it reminded me of a lot of the Christian apocalyptic thinking.  And there are people who, in parts of the U.S., who built the last part of the nu­clear bomb and they’ve been inter­viewed, and their thinking is primarily apocalyptic, that they’re contributing to the end of the world.  And I was wondering how all of this...  There are a lot of traditions in various religions...

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Woman:.... that reflect that, and I was interested...  And what is it that you’re talking about?

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Woman:  Should we, you know...  For me it often means being very judgmental of people.  We’re going to be there and you’re not.   

   Micciah:  Aha. Yes.  So that is the Christian philosophy about the apocalypse as you understand it, that the good guys are going one place and the bad guys going another, yes?

   Woman:  And in other traditions too.

   Micciah:  Yes.  So that is the divisive — is that a word?  “divisive?” Yes — the divisive consciousness of the good, the holy ascending to heaven.  And you notice it is...  The holy are almost always numbered among your own group.  Not everyone in your group, but not ordi­narily people who are very far outside your group.  So it is mostly the family that is going on, the well-behaved members of the family who are going on to a heavenly reward.  So, no, that is not what we meant at all.  In, we believe it is the Hopi tradition, as well as the tradi­tion of the native people of Australia, as well as some numbers of other tradi­tions, there are what are called great ages, world ages.  And in the dream of this planet, in the dream of its breath­ing in and out and dancing in the cos­mos, there are vast cycles in the appar­ent world of borning and maturing and burning through, dying, decay, and reborning.  Just like the body.  Everything mirrors everything else.
   Now truly your body never...  Your spirit endures forever, there’s, as we have said, there isn’t anyplace for it to go really.  So, you are coming to a time in the physical world...  It is clear to you that this, these are the final stages of something, yes?  No blame.  In the physical realm, everything that has a beginning also has a middle and an end.  And that beginning, middle, end may be 25,000 years.  It doesn’t matter, it still has a beginning, middle, and an end.  And uh, the ending, just like a physical death, may be one kind or an­other.  And the illusion is that cycling, but it is a very real illusion.  So, you are coming to the end of a time when enti­ties for a while, entities...  How to de­scribe this...?
   Your language is very linear and very judgmental.  You see, you think peace is better than war.  And it is.  It is.  But what is better about it is that a fully chosen peace speaks of your alignment with the inner truth which is love.  If you are not choosing, if you are not able to live your life in accordance with that principle, then you, as a personality — we don’t mean you as a great self because that would not be a problem—, then you are not.  And there is coming a time in the dream of the dream of this planet when many who easily feel this precious life that we spoke of at the very beginning of this session will again care for the earth, and that will be, those will be the terms of being in this dream.  And entities working with  [pause] separation, which is what you have had, mainly, around here for quite a while in the linear world, separation and separateness, will not be here for a while.  But that is just the cycling.  All time is simultaneous, just to confuse you further.  And some of...  You see, personality selves will not be working out so much their separateness for a while and their warringness and so forth.  They will be here doing something else.  And ...  But it is not a punishment, and it is not a judgment.  It is just the breathing.  So how to explain this...?  You get the general idea?

   Class:  Yes.

   Micciah:  So, if you are wanting, let us say, in terms of the development of your your spark to work with veils, with the illusion of separateness, of bitterness, or wars, sadism, you won’t be doing it here.  You’ll be doing it elsewhere.  But there is nothing intrinsi­cally wrong with doing it.  It is just one...  It is like setting yourself up a task and saying, “Well, for this set of tasks I am going to climb a very high mountain.  And I am going to confront what seems like the opposition of the elements, yes?  It will be bitterly cold, the moun­tain will be steep and icy, my fingers will possibly freeze and die.”  Is there anything wrong with that?  No.  It is different from saying, “I will live on a tropical island and bathe in the warm sea and that will be my place in this life.”  So, they are both...  It is harder perhaps to...  Well, no, not necessarily...  We were going to say it is harder to relax on the icy mountain, but people do see spirit that way.  So it is just that the time of the rebirth phase is coming, for the dream of this planet, and that means other things die off.
   The personality self always wants to say, you see, “And I’m going to be with the good guys because I am righteous.”  Let us say more clearly that an aspect of you may evolve somewhere else in another realm where bitterness and hardship seemingly are con­fronted, but the aspect selves who come to this realm after a while will come to create a harmonious dream.  It will be a very great time, a flourishing time.  This is a very great time, a very sad time.  Because the damage does not have to be done, you see.  At any moment, any­one can say, any time, “No more.  I am going to take the risk of peace.”  At any time.  Any time.  And it is a hallmark of the groups who believe themselves to be the chosen ones that they have encompassed in their development a very warlike stance.  “We will go to heaven,” or whatever, Valhalla, and “We are the chosen and it’s all right to shoot the brains out of anyone who doesn’t happen to be in the family, it’s not our problem because they are infidels.”  You see, that is based on a split.  Does this make sense?  These are very complex issues.  There really aren’t any good guys, and there aren’t any bad guys.  It’s all done with mirrors.

   Micciah:  Good.  Please go on.

   Woman:  Micciah, I wanted to ask you more about a question I asked you yesterday, about channeling sexual energy as a creative force.  And more how to...  I believe, from what, from what you said yesterday and from what I’ve read that there are many great thinkers, great artists, great businessmen who have used that energy but often unconsciously.  It is a result of their, when they become sexually inactive and they later use that energy.  But what I’m wondering about is how you consciously make the choice to channel that energy in that direction.

   Micciah:  Now you’re making some distinction between sexual energy...  as if sexual energy were an item itself, like a cup, yes.  There is something then in your experience that you identify precisely as sexual, yes?  Is that a right as­sumption?

   Woman:  I guess.

   Micciah:  All right.  So...  You are saying when you feel strong sexual impulses, can, must you express it in the sexual arena or can you express it somewhere else, consciously.

   Woman:  Yes.

   Micciah:  Choose it.  Yes.  Of course.  As we said yesterday in your session, in your culture you either deny sex completely or you sexualize everything.  Cups, bracelets, fingers.  Everything has a sexual connotation.  Which comes out of your belief system.  Everything being sexualized, all touching, all feeling, contact between bodies.  As soon as it happens you think, “Aha!  Sex!”  So you have no way to hold each other, particularly  grownups.  To stroke each other, to touch each other.  Without going immediately from that to sex.  Nothing in between.  So, anyway.  Then impulses which might be natu­rally expressed some other way are going to arise as sexual impulses be­cause that’s what you’ve been taught, yes?  That’s the point you wanted to make.

   Woman:  Yes, yes.

   Micciah:  But given that, you can just let it be energy, just the way anger is just energy, it’s just...  So if you are denying yourself sexual expression when you really wish it, this is not going to work so well.  But if you channel a lot of energy genitally and you know all of it isn’t really about sex, you can feel the energetic charge but imagine it knowing itself as a painting or a play or cleaning your apartment.  But let the energy come through, let it present itself.  And then find which way you’d like it to go.  If it keeps coming back, “No, no, this is sexual,” then it is.  Does that an­swer it?

   Woman:  Yes.

   Micciah:  But feel the charge.  You can’t use your energy if you won’t feel it.  If you force it down, if you say, “Unhuh, must not feel, that is a sexual impulse, not going to feel that,” and you push it down, then how are you using your energy?  You’re using your energy in pushing it down.  We would also like to say about sex and about making love that people’s rhythms and needs, if you get in touch with what is really your own rhythm, if you can do that, vary enormously.  You might wish at one point in your life make love once a week, or once a month, or once a year, without it being deviate.  You don’t un­derstand sex at all.  We will talk about it in September.  [laughter]  We could do a whole session on sexuality.  You really don’t know very much about the gener­ative impulse.  That answers it briefly.
   We will leave you with that.  We wish to thank all of you for your ques­tions, for your love.  We bid you a good day and a most wonderful summer.

   Julie:  I want to remind you that the channeling that I do with Micciah is really an ongoing exploration; in watching and listening, you’re part of the exploration.  So the work is here and it is our intention to share it with those of you who watch.  You need to evaluate it for yourselves, to go over the information, to assess what feels right to you, use what feels right and let the rest go.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”