Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 61, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1986 where Micciah discusses:
Transparency and solidity of our physical being:“It is essential in the understanding of your selves that you take into account that your seeming solidity is really a continuously created set of events....a weaving, and a dancing of events.” View Section
Are we all from this planet? Some beings are less dense, physically, than others, focused in many realities at once while seemingly here in the physical world. “Here” is really an illusion also. “In the most minute particles of your cells... you have all the models of all the realities and all the stars and the galaxies.” View Section
Is channeling different from our own intuitive wisdom? Not really. “Allowing the physical self to experience a whole web of realities and possibilities has always transpired.” Our culture has made this event into a thing and a solid object, putting it into a box called “channeling.” View Section

Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.

Micciah:  Yes, we do greet you all, dear friends, and we would like you to know a little bit more about the apparent solidity — of your beings and of the earth, even of the stars and planets — that is really transparency disguised as solidity.  And then we will go on and deal with your questions.
It seems in this world, this realm of the earth, that you are a hard, solid being, that the earth itself is dense, that rocks are heavy.  Of course in one way, this is observably and demonstrably true.  We won’t drop this on anyone’s foot to test out your mutual transparencies.  But it is essential in the understanding of your selves as creative entities that you take into account that your seeming solidity is really a continuously created set of events. You are a massing together, a weaving, and a dancing of events.  You are exquisitely balanced and guided by the innate creative forces.  In recreating the event of Sarah, or Joanne, or Irwin, you miraculously think that you have nothing to do with it.  The more you are aware of the transparency that is the truth about your being, the more freedom you have to play with other probabilities. When you say,“I am stuck in a pattern, I do this pattern over and over again, I am obsessed by it, I am neurotic,” whatever, we would like to tell you that you are using your exquisite talents to weave together similar probabilities again and again and again. 
One way to move yourself into new possibilities in any area of your life, whether it is personal or something as grand as, uh, work done for the planet, is to be increasingly aware of all the dancing, moving probabilities out of which you consistently emerge seeming every morning like yourself as one set of probabilities, one series of events.  But you have many simultaneous faces, and, uh, you can put your attention on, uh, a John who is very confident in a way that you may not imagine yourself to be, and breathe your life energy, your love and your acceptance, into the series of events that is John who is confident, and draw him into physical focus.  And he will live in the physical world.  When something is called a physical healing, a, what is called a miraculous healing, it ignores the fact that all of life is miraculous. Wiggling your fingers and your ears is miraculous.  But let us say there is a growth in the body, in the physical body, and that is being consistently created, over and over again. There is a probable reality, a probable body that does not have a physical counterpart as yet, and there is no growth in that body.  And outside of what you experience as time, the probable, the other series of events, the probable body lines itself up with physical reality and, uh, there is no more growth.  You say this sounds like fantastic nonsense.  But this is a very useful model that reflects a most dynamic and beloved truth.  It affirms your freedom.
So, all right, we will go on.  Do you understand what we are saying?  Is this clear?

Class:  Yes.

Micciah:  Well, one more thing.  When you are in a misconception about what it means to create your own reality — when you are knocking yourself on the head, when you are punishing yourself and saying,“Why would I create this?  I don’t like this. It is uncomfortable.  I am stupid.”  You know — first of all, if you can help yourself not be abusive, and then if you can get in the habit of remembering that there are these other already rich possibilities into which you can allow yourself to fall, and it is all transparent, you will give yourself much more of the play of it.
Please, what are your questions?

Woman:  Are we all from this planet?

Micciah:  Ah.  Are you all from this planet?  Well.  You don’t mean did you arrive in space ships.

Woman:  If that’s a possibility.

Micciah:  Well, we’ll uh...  While we are on the subject of transparency, there are some physical beings who are of a much denser weave than other physical beings, even though you think all people are people, and all people are just as physical as all other people.  From our perspective, this is not true.  Some of you show a physical facet, or to stay with what we are speaking of, a series of events or probabilities that are very strongly focused in the physical world.  And the actual physical body differs in its degree of physicality — we don’t know how else to say it — from other bodies.  So even in being here, you are here in different degrees.  Some entities have a very keen and ongoing awareness that filters in to the physical mode of other realms.  What you perceive as us.  As...  I am not a me but what you perceive as Micciah is another realm, and some beings are keenly aware of numerous other realms, even as they locate part of them, part of their totality in the physical.  They have a different sense of what it is to be physical. 
No, you’re not exactly all from here.  And some of you are more here, so to speak, than others of you.  And, uh, sometimes this knowledge of other worlds, other realms, is reflected in popular culture, in movies.  The figure of E.T.  And the movie, uh, I think it was called Cocoon, where yearning for other homes, the connection with other experiences, comes out.  In some art work this appears, in some books.  So the answer is no, you’re not all from here.  And, uh,“there” is not really a physical location.  Everything interpenetrates everything else.  Time is one of the illusions of the earth plane.  So it’s all folded in on itself.  So you don’t bump into everything.
Now, to go to one additional chunk of information.  You explore space, what you call“outer space,” as if it were“there.”  But in the most minute particles of your cells, in the balancing intelligence that recreates you as this observable series of events called Terry or Polly, you have all universes and all the models of all the realities and all the stars and the galaxies.  And everything you know and everything you don’t know is in the inner world, perfectly, as it is in the outer world.  When you look for the beginning — did you begin in a big bang?  Is the universe a sponge or are there strings that hang between the galaxies? —  all the theories are partially accurate.  And there was not only one beginning, you see?  To speak of probabilities and totally confuse the matter.  There were a number of beginnings.  And there continue to be a number of beginnings, since it is all constantly being recreated.  And the same for you.  You, the little planets of you.
So, onward.

Man:  Micciah, you have been quoted as saying of yourself,“We are no one special.”  And since it’s a growing phenomenon for you nonphysical entities to communicate with us, we’d like to know what is the difference between your wisdom and our own intuitive wisdom.

Micciah:  Not much.  This is a very natural thing to do, whether you do it in this particular form, of speaking, or whether wisdom flows through you as it does through our friend Kirk as the music of human, human beings and their animal companions singing, or it flows through you as drawings and cartoons.  This is, uh, nothing much, and we are no one special.  And, uh, this shifting awareness, allowing the physical self to experience a whole web of realities and possibilities, has always, in time, always transpired. Now it is coming to public attention, through the media, and it is called the thing called channeling, because you love to make solid objects.  No, you like to make events into things.  So now you have a thing called channeling, and everyone is flapped up,“My channel says...,” or“Her channel says...” “Well mine said it was going to be such and such.”  We could do this by doing this, you know, or this, ha ha, or maybe this.  [laughter]  You are just at this time calling this sort of cross talk, you are calling it channeling, and now of course you think it is a thing. And you can describe it.  And differentiate between, uh, Max’s channeling and Mordecai’s channeling.  So, our wisdom, your wisdom.  We would say that when you loosen the physical frame, when you loosen it, when you are not so much in a box, like this — me, my personality, my thinking, my ideas —, as soon as you soften the physical frame, you, well you always have it, but you become increasingly aware in a variety of ways of the many songs of the web.  The many songs of the different realities that are a web, are a weaving, the breathing together.
So, um, is this what you mean, John?  You can call this channeling if it makes you happy.  It is one way of putting it in a little package.

Man:  Well, I guess the other question I have about it you partially answered.  How can we best use this kind of information then?  Why use it?

Micciah:  Well why not?  But to hope that it is an answer...  You want answers, the answers fit into the boxes.  Box.  Answer.  It is an exploration.  And, uh, sometimes in softening, in opening the doorways, you get another point of view.  But it could just as well come to you in a dream, or in a painting, or in a song, or in your carpentry.  We will...  We want to go over this.  This is important.  You can put it in a box and say this is“channeling.”  And, uh, then you will relate to it in a specific way.  Or you can let it all move, which is more uncomfortable, perhaps, and say that the web of the many songs, or reality, sings itself through human beings who are part of it.  And there are many, many ways of knowing that you are the web and you are singing its different songs.  [pause]  This is nice, but it doesn’t matter very much.
It is also part of this particular song of this being, and of the aspect of the web that she speaks with us, to serve, to explore.  She is, uh, temperamentally a voyager and an explorer.  So she serves by doing this.  And we hope that we sing to you about the precious quality of your ordinary life.  And don’t take anyone’s word for anything.  You are all explorers.  You are all singing. 
 We share with all of you, dear friends, much love.  We bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”