Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 76, 1987

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1987 where Micciah discusses:
The significance of the shifting of the earth’s axis and other changes: This ushers in a new world age. There will be some upheaval in the earth and the waters will rise. Our water is in trouble and we must be mindful of how much we depend on it. But don’t run away and hoard: “What you have to lose is not the tragedy of losing your body, it is the tragedy of being in a body disconnected from love.” Let go of attachment. View Section
The significance of the Iran-Contra scandal in the evolution of this country: Telling the truth. “You are trying to wake yourselves up out of the slumbering and narcotized state” of illusion and false premise that exists in so much of our country. View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.  We are most pleased to be invited to be with you and we have brought with us this evening a number of entities who are learning from you as you are learning through the conversations with our realm.  In the unfolding of an incarnation one of the elements that affects everything else is trust; and in order to be in the physical world surrounded by difficulties as well as by joy, to confront the difficulties, to face suffering without hiding from it or pretending it doesn’t exist, it is necessary to encourage trust as an essential component of profound growth.  In order to wholly, fully experience trust there is a kind of willingness to surrender and also a willingness to move forward spontaneously, allowing yourself to be carried on the waves of life energy that are always available but from which you isolate yourself through fear.  So, with that in mind, let us proceed to your questions and what you would like to discuss.

   Ida:  There’s a lot in the literature I’ve been seeing about the shifting of the axis of the earth.

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Ida:  It’s supposedly happening at the end of this century.  Could you tell us if this is actually going to take place and what is the significance to the planet and to its inhabitants?

   Micciah:  Yes.  Periodically, the axis of the earth shifts.  It has happened before.  And these periods usher in the great world ages.  You are coming -- the Hopi Indians, the Hopi, they are not Indians, the Hopi people --  say you are coming to the fifth world age and it is a giving birth of the planet to itself, a shaking free.  You know the earth can live all right without you.  You cannot live without the earth, at least in your body you can’t.  So, it is not completely set.  In the range of probabilities out of which you pluck, from which, the totality of which -- that’s not English --  you pluck from, to weave together what you experience as the solid, physical, sometimes reliable world it is not set what will happen.  So, people who say there will be fire, there will be flood, California will fall off into the ocean, New York will fall off into the ocean, and Ohio will be beachfront property (laughter).  So, we cannot tell you that in such specific terms. We can tell you that toward the end of this century, and it has begun already, there will be movement that will probably cause physical upheaval on the surface of the planet.  Whether -- you see there is upheaval on the surface of the planet often.  There were earthquakes in Mexico a short while ago, there were earthquakes in China, whatever it was, twenty years ago.  Where exactly they will be and what will come about -- the waters will rise.
   We will tell you one thing surely that you must plan or have in your thinking and meditating, the water.  The water of the planet.  You need water.  You can’t live without water.  The water is crucial, and the water is in trouble.  So you can do whatever meditations you like.  We very strongly urge you to be conscious, to bring it into your awareness, mindfulness, the way that you use water.
   There will be a rising of water at that time.  That is a quite clear probability.  What exactly else will transpire we are not sure.  It is not set yet.  It is still jello.  And you are coming to a time, in the middle of August is the beginning of the seed time when many many consciousnesses can come together to affect the way these probabilities jell.
   We would like to be clear also, to say, that as the vibratory rate of the planet speeds up, which it is doing, if people.... if the earth changes, if people leave this realm, it is not a punishment, any more than being born and dying anytime is a punishment.  And in the great dreaming of the earth, the magnificence of incarnation here, you are safe in the deepest sense, even in an earthquake.  You can only lose your body.  And you are going to leave that at some point anyway.  This is most heartfelt when we say this to you.  What you have to lose, my friends, is not the tragedy of losing your body, it is the tragedy of being in a body disconnected from love and from the pulse, the heartbeat of the universal mind/body.  So, to prepare, when you think of earth changes, you think of quakes, tidal waves, suffering, but to prepare is to be in the now in your meditations, in the kindness and generosity with which you treat yourself and other people.  To open your heart is to prepare for any eventuality, and with that there are social actions that are appropriate to begin, as we say, to be conscious of the way you use food, of water, of the garbage that you make, of the people that you feed with your love and also with your hands, of the way you use the earth, of the way use your money, to let it flow, to support that which is life-affirming, to go and march for things you believe in with your heart. All of that is preparation.
   We will say it again.  The loss is not of the body.  The tragedy in war is the loss of love that creates the war.  The fact that people die in wars is tragic because it did not have to happen that way.  Do you understand?  Is this clear?

   Class: Yes.

   Micciah:  So don’t build bunkers and hoard food.  Give.  Give.  The more you give the more you attune, and be responsible in all of the ways that you can lay your hand to.   Yes.

   Karen:  Micciah, I wanted to ask what the significance of the Iran-Contra scandal is in the evolution of our country.

   Micciah:  Telling the truth.  You keep creating situations in your country, with all its sophisticated media so everything is flashed around, moment to moment.  It looks as if there’s a lot of truth coming out, at least there certainly is a lot of verbiage.  But, uh.... We have said this over the years and it is still so.  It is still true.  The truth is so buried, the literal truth in the sense of who did what to whom, is so buried.   Your country is trying to wake up.  It is as if there is a slumbering, a narcotized state, and in fact you do literally have thousands upon thousands of people who are addicted to alcohol, to drugs, prescribed and otherwise.  You are living in a nation of people who are debilitated through the use of drugs.  This is an observation, it is not a criticism.  And this is also a nation where there is temperamentally great voracious love of life.  This is a paradox, yes?  You have a president who is the quintessential image, he and his wife, of surface, yes?  (laughter)  Of smoothness.  Smooth speech.  Not much content.  Accomodating mannerism.  Smooth skin.
   So you are trying desperately to wake yourselves up out of the slumbering and the narcotized state of this smoothness, because it is not nourishing.  And you know that.  And you know that you know.  It was different in the time of the war.  It was horrendous, a scandal, in Vietnam.  But there were forces afoot that had tremendous liveliness.  Now, this is a different state in this portion of the dream. There is a kind of despair.  Children, adolescents, who kill themselves, who drug themselves, adults who drug themselves, a kind of overwhelming despair and empty.... empty belly.  And you are trying to wake yourselves up.  But we don’t think this is going to do it.  At the same time there has been a huge wave of interest in "our kind," shall we say, and even in that sphere the interest has been for sleekness, smoothness, "truth."  What we say is probably a good deal less popular because it is gritty, it is not always pleasant, it is not so smooth.  And we do not claim to have any answers.  This is just.... a discussion.  So, this is a very good question.  You are trying to rouse yourself.  You know, when you are asleep and at the same moment you are trying to wake yourself, pull yourself, out of the sleep?  So, this has come before the people.  This is much more serious than Watergate, in the sense that Watergate was lying and manipulation between politicians.  This involves much more serious business.  You get sidetracked, you know, you immediately get sidetracked to who makes love with who, and other matters of grave inconsequence.  (laughter)  So, it is an attempt to waken yourself from the smoothness.  There are all these, as you say, Boy Scouts, not to criticize the Boy Scouts, smiling.  Is there any truth?  Where is the truth?  At least the truth of saying, "I was confused.  I didn’t know.  I was greedy as a pig.  I wanted to grab everything in sight."  Do you think that truth is going to emerge?  Not very likely.  Not yet.  But you’re trying.  Hmm.  And the politicians that you see are also a portion of you that is smooth, sly, that does not want to look at the moving truth, at the danger of it, and the trust of it, and the risk of it.
   So. Please go on.

   Dominique:  Micciah, you’ve already said a lot of things about this topic, but it feels as if we’re verging on a period of major change and could you elaborate on the specific theme of this period?

   Micciah:  The change is to waken into a vibratory rate that is faster.  And we are now in the dilemma of language, with faster being better than slower, and so forth, which is not really what we mean, but we are stuck with the language.  You are trying to move into this fifth world, this birth, this bloody upturning of the earth, into her new incarnation.  And in order to do that successfully, meaning to go with it, you must release many of your attachments.  Attachment is what keeps you dense and solid.  The more you are able to be in the truth of love, in the risk and in the generosity, and in the ruthlessness of compassion, the more your vibratory rate quickens, and you become increasingly transparent, not attached.  In the spiritual myths and stories that you have about Christ, for instance, Christ was not the man you call Christ -- the myth -- was not attached to his body because he was transparent.  He could go in and out of his body the way you would go in and out of a suit of clothes.  He knew he was not in any danger, and that was the teaching.  And it was the same teaching in the mystery schools of Egypt.  The sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid that was found empty and presumed to have been robbed was always empty. (laughter).  It was empty to symbolize the transparency of the body and the ascendency of spirit.  In one way the body is spirit.  You are the vitality of spirit vibrating in such a way that you appear in the third dimension, or part of you does anyway.  There are other parts of you in other dimensions.  So, the thrust is toward wakening, quickening, heartfulness, responsibility for everyone and everything.  Inclusiveness rather than separation, isolation, alienation.... inclusiveness.  The earth is your mother.  You are all not only a family, you are all one. That is the movement that is being sought.
   So.  We will end on that.  We thank you very much for your support.  We tell you you are surrounded by love.  You need only ask.  We send blessings to you and bid you a very joyful evening.

   Julie: I want to remind you that the channeling that I do with Micciah is really an ongoing exploration; in watching and listening, you’re part of the exploration.  So the work is here and it is our intention to share it with those of you who watch.  You need to evaluate it for yourselves, to go over the information, to assess what feels right to you, use what feels right and let the rest go.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”