Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 94, 1987


Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1987 where Micciah discusses:
Do certain people serve specific purposes in our lives? Yes, all being is about relationship and everyone you know in your life is there for a reason.
Soulmates: Our culture perceives of soulmates in a sexual, romantic way, but this is inaccurate. A soulmate can be anyone with whom you feel a deep, abiding connection, a shared purpose. "The soul is mated to God, to the Goddess, to All That Is."
Splitting and re-integration with spirit: There was a time when there was complete integration with spirit; this dissolved into a greater emphasis on individual form, gender, and the illusion of splitting; now you are moving back toward integration.

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.

   What you are going to see is me, with my personality and intelligence, awareness, go into an altered state.  While I'm in that altered state, I join with other energies, or another energy, and produce the personality of Micciah.  And I have, in that state, an awareness that I don't ordinarily have.  And I'm going to respond to questions that my classes have asked me.

    Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.  And we wish you to know that your presence together and the ongoing threads that are woven by you and through all of you create a network, a tissue that is lively, that is filled with love and that in turn affects the entirety of life on this planet, because there is only one of you, of you, of all of you.  There is no us and them, and the immense relief that you experience when you can let go of yourself as an isolated entity at the mercy of whimsical forces,  this relief is like a cosmic sigh, a cosmic breath.  When you know yourself to be at one, most literally, with all that is, you can no longer be in the despair of isolation or in the false belief that you are of no importance, that your life's so puny, has no impact, doesn't matter.  You see, we have agreement. (laughter) Another country heard from.  It all matters.  Out of this relationship between the seemingly isolated and separate selves and the totality of all that is in its great inclusiveness and perfect emptiness, out of this relationship miracles are created.  So, here we are in the miracle that you create through your work and through those of you who participate by watching this miraculous machine, the great I, not the third but possibly the fourth eye of the television set, what are your questions?

   Student:  Micciah, oftentimes you'll meet somebody and it feels as if you've met them before.  Is it because you have met them before in another life?  Yes?

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Student:  Yes?  OK.  I have another question. (laughter) Umm...

   Micciah:  We know probably many people will be thinking, ’Well, prove it.&rlsquo;  Well we can't prove it.  The answer is yes.

   Student:  Umm...(more laughter)

   Micciah:  Or 99 per cent of the time you've encountered them in another lifetime, and if you haven't encountered them, they remind you of someone you have encountered. (and more laughter)

   Student:  Umm, I was also wondering, are there people who you meet in your lifetime, who you meet to serve a specific purpose, to lead you down a certain path, to learn something that you might not have learned had you not met them...

   Micciah:  Absolutely.

   Student:  ...and are those people specifically somehow placed there in your life, or could it be anybody that you come across once you know what that question or process is that you have to encounter?

   Micciah:  Yes, from our perspective which is only one amongst many perspectives; we certainly do not have the last word on the possibilities for truth.  From our perspective when you meet someone no meeting is an accident.  How do you like that?  No meeting is an accident.  There are some which will in a given lifetime have a much greater impact on you.  You will see these encounters then as ones of importance, but we tell you that from another perspective you can look at the spiraling of your incarnation and see that someone you met for a few moments, with whom you barely exchanged any words at all had not in a verbal way but through the coming together of your, the two forces of your being, had an alchemical affect on who you were, are.  So all the people whom you meet and with whom you engage, particularly, have purpose.  You have purpose to each other and some of those purposes were designed eons ago as you mark time, and the vast intelligence of the universe, of all that is, that comes into play to bring people together, the movement through circumstances, through countries, through wars is extraordinary.  It is so far much more intricate than you imagine.  It is so blessed and perfect, relationships, everything revolves around relationship, everything in the universe, everything. 
   So, sometimes you have an agreement to meet with someone and you will be the saint and they will be the demon, the bad person.  So they suit up for their bad person performance with you and you suit up for your good guy act with them.  We are teasing a bit.  And this is an agreement and you must realize that the light and shadow go together until you pass beyond the dual mind to know they rise from the same source. There is no evil.  And sometimes you agree to meet with people in magnificent pleasure and sometimes, as we said, a mere brush with someone shifts the way that your being is, the way it is all hung together.  You meet them for no more than a moment and they're gone.  So, yes everyone meets everyone for a purpose, not always the purpose you think.  And sometimes you with one person will be the saint and you, the same you, to another person will be the demon.  Which one is the real you?  Hmm.  You are welcome.

   Student:  Well, you sort of maybe have half answered this question, but on that note and in that direction would you talk about soulmates?  What are they?  How do they work?  Just as much general information as you care to give about that particular phrase.

   Micciah:  Yes.  Often when you use the expression 'soulmate,' you use it in the context of a very large and magnificent romantic relationship, a romance expanded to enormous and impressive importance, because you conceive as a group...perhaps not you personally, you culturally...you conceive of the most potent relationship being between men and woman who are also romantically, sexually involved.  This is from our perspective not true at all.  The relationship, all relationship has potential for magnificence and it may be in your lifetime that your lovers are not the most important people to you, but that it is rather your..... a sibling, a friend, a teacher.  So we would say that souls do not mate in the way that you generally think of it.  You don't need a dating service for your soul. 
   Now,  well so what then?  There are those beings whose make-up, whose essence and resonance matches closely or harmonizes with that of another being.  It means that their spinning realities, all the lifetimes that are happening at once and the focus personality through whom it is being realized in the apparent moment of linear time, all of that resonates, it is as if you, you are attuned to the same hearing of the deep and eternal sound of all that is, and the pulsating of it, and the light of it, and the movement of it.  When two beings have journeyed together with a close purpose, when they are connected in similar ways to the source, when they have known many truths together, then there is a yearning, not out of lack but out of love of the soul quality of that being toward the soul quality of the other, and you can have in your lifetime many people who, about whom this is true for you in relationship and they do not have to be your lovers.  You and this one have that quality.  Many of you in this group have it with each other.  That's why you're here. 
   So, your soul does not mate and there are varieties of intensity or closeness of resonance, of affinity in experience of your long history together that draw you toward each other as we were saying to you, what you asked, Joanne, through the most amazing loopholes of geography and time so that you may experience each other in the flesh.  And there are those about whom you have this experience, yet you meet them in dream time only.  They are far away perhaps in the geography of the earth, so you meet them in the dream world.  And there are those who are not incarnate with whom you have this experience both in meditative waking time and in the dream world and there are those in other realms with whom you have this resonance and this experience as well.  So, we hope we don't disappoint you too much about the great romance in the sky, so to speak, and sometimes, indeed, two people of this nature be they of the same sex or different ones come together and share as part of that incarnation a relationship that is what you call a primary relationship or a core relationship, a deep sexual relationship.  So, what you have, the possibility exists in many many different kinds of relationships.  So, you don't have one mate.  The soul is mated to God, to the Goddess, to all that is.  The soul doesn't need a mate in that sense.  Please go on.  This is most interesting.

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Student:  I've heard a theory that says that the soulmates were created back in the initial separation from God.  We were each a particle and that particle split in half, half of it representing the male identity, half of it representing the female identity.  And so when we incarnate on one plane as a male there is the other half of us, the female, incarnate on some other plane.  And so we don't necessarily have to tie up on one plane, although if that does occur it's a very dynamic spark that's ignited, but there's always another half of us somewhere else in the universe.  What's your response to that?(laughter)

   Micciah:  It puts a great emphasis on being male or female.  It is not precisely the way we would describe it.  So we will describe it the way we would describe it.  First of all, time is not really linear.  It's all happening at once.  Yet, you experience, there is a dimensional reality that certainly seems linear, so we will go with that as a descriptive mode.  As we have said, there was a time when you consciously knew yourselves to be wholly and completely connected with all that is, or God, the Goddess, all of it, and in that time bodies were not dense.  They are not really dense now.  If you explore the newer scientific thought, you know you are all full of holes, but you appear to be dense and you live in a way that presupposes your density.  So, you went from being bodies that were less dense and were wholly and consciously permeated with spirit.  There was no sense of separation is what we are saying.  And these bodies were the children of the stars.  They carried within them the seed of yet other realms.  And as time went on...and they were what you would call androgynous...as time went on these bodies, these intelligences, became more and more entwined with the earth realm and also encountered other beings who were what the native Americans call the children of the sun.  That is they were here.  They were the natural beings of this plane and there were other beings who were more attuned to other realms.  Are you following?  Is this too mixed up?  Got it so far. 
   As these beings came together, they became more and more involved in form, and it was known by the great intelligences who created it all...not who in the sense of individual beings, but the vast intelligences...it was known that you would go deeply into form and for a while be lost in it.  And the more deeply you went into form, the more there arose the illusion of isolation, and the more defined the bodies became sexually.  That is, the androgyny split and you evolved, or there were created distinct sexual characteristics.  But the notion that you have another biologic, sexual biological being who is...biology in the sense of sexual identification is a function of this realm.  There isn't anyone who, you don't have to be a female or a male in the same way in another realm.  So, the notion that there is the lost half is separated from you we don't, there wasn't any lost half.  Everyone was whole and then there was individuation and the whole of each being volunteered to live different lives in an apparent, in an apparent state of separation.  Does that make sense?

   Student:  Yes. Very, hmm mmm.  Thank you.

   Julie:  That's the end of this particular segment...  of this particular adventure.  And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.  So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”