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Transcript of Program 98, 1988  [CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1988 where Micciah discusses:
How, as the personality self begins to yield to Spirit, the outer, physical world (“a very real illusion”) becomes transparent, a reflection of the inner world. View Section
Expressing the soul’s purpose, and manifesting prosperity thereby: Every soul’s purpose is “to receive the divine.” Meditation leads to “inner stillness” that rests in trust. There, one asks from the heart, and purpose reveals itself. This stillness “places you in union with an abundance that is never again questioned.” View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle and include your energy and interest in our work.
   I want to thank all of you who have been watching and who have written to me. And what you are going to see is me, with my personality and intelligence, awareness, go into an altered state. And while I’m in that altered state, I join with other energies, or another energy, and produce the personality of Micciah. I have, in that state, an awareness that I don’t ordinarily have. And I’m going to respond to questions that my classes have asked me.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   As the container that is the personality self grows and changes and splits apart, and seems to die to itself, the other aspects of the self which know themselves to be strongly aligned with Spirit start to come forward.
   And among the occurrences when this happens is that what you call the outer world of events and circumstances and concrete limitations is seen more and more to be a direct reflection of what you call the inner world -- which you perceive, when you are in splitting mind, as ephemeral, discontinuous, sometimes luminous or transparent.
   The more personality self yields to that which is larger than itself, the more it is truly perceived that the physical world is also transparent, although its transparency is hiding out in the illusion of form. And again, as always, we say it is an illusion. It is a very real illusion, and you must understand not to ignore it.
   Yet there are ways to penetrate the apparent density and solidity and finality of the physical; and you penetrate them with the eyes of Spirit, with the heart of compassion, and with feet that walk on the earth sensing [firmly pats the floor] the sacred nature of the earth with every step.
   The personality self, when it is deprived of spiritual nourishment, lives in a state of fear. Because it is then experiencing itself to be solely at the effect of physical circumstance, it cannot penetrate into the mystery of luminosity hidden in density. It takes the density to be the truth [claps]; and therefore it takes death and loss to be the truth.
   They are facts, [sighs] but they are not the permanent truth, because there is no death since there is nowhere much to go. And even within loss, if you can locate the love of Spirit as an experience, loss is only temporary, because Spirit cannot be lost.
   So, do you understand what we are saying?

   Student: Yes.

   Micciah: That which is most solid is most ephemeral. That which appears to be totally ephemeral endures forever.
   What are your questions?

   Sara: I have a question. I want to know how do you open yourself to express your soul’s purpose? And I also want to know: How do you manifest prosperity through the expression of your soul?

   Micciah: How does one open to receive the purpose [almost whispering] of the soul?
   [Quiet; emphatic] In one way, the purpose of every soul is to encompass the divine as fully as possible.
   [Louder] And then, within that, there are agreements that you make when you enter this realm that will be reflected, or can be reflected, in the service you give, in the work you do, in the quality of the life you lead.
   We are going to start, then, with the purpose being to receive the divine, to let it be revealed to you; to let All That Is play through you. Because when you are with That, there is no way that you cannot prosper, you see.
   Someone was saying, in a class yesterday evening, about meditation, that he had suddenly realized, after many years of meditating -- [loud sirens outside] (you see we have a musical accompaniment for this section) -- [Laughter] -- after many years of meditating because he felt he should, he ought to (like exercise), he was struck with the notion that meditation was his ladder out of here. We would say it is also the ladder down further into here.... When you find the pathways that take YOU into a deeper and deeper relationship with the source, then you prosper. And there are many, many pathways, hundreds of pathways.
   One of the very powerful pathways is meditation. And one of the effects of meditation is precisely that the personality self starts to thin, so to speak. It starts to lose its density and solidity, and implacability, and controlling qualities.And you need a personality; it’s fine, it’s your outfit. But it should not rule the show. So, meditation, of any kind you choose, is one way to allow the purpose of the soul to be your guiding force.
   Meditation can be breath awareness, which is a simple form (simple to describe, not so simple to do) wherein you count your breath until you reach ten, and then return. Meditation can be done through movement, through dancing; through walking; through gardening.
   When we talk of meditation, we are speaking of being in the practice of... of inner stillness. You can be with outer movement, and also with inner stillness, at the same time. In fact the most powerful and directed and potent movement, anything from movement that makes a painting to movement that makes calligraphy to movement that makes an opera singer -- the most potent movement arises out of inner stillness; not inner clatter.
   You can also be with outer stillness. You can sit physically in the posture that is a common meditative posture, you know, and be full of [softly] clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter clatter...
   So when we are speaking of meditative awareness, opening the path to allow your purpose to reveal itself, we mean a state of being.


   Julie: Stop for a moment. Take a breath. Notice how you feel and what your responses are to the information that you have just seen. Do you need to go over it? Think about it? Integrate it? Look around the room you’re in. And in just a moment we’re going to go back and look at some more taped sessions of Micciah Channel.


   [Long pause; then, gently and long-drawn-out] You can open yourself to your soul’s purpose by asking from your heart.
   You see, you already know it. It isn’t a secret that someone is keeping Out There. The purpose is embedded in you; and you dream it away, or chatter it away. Or, sometimes, the personality self becomes very solid, and engaged in the physical world as if it were a total reality; and then you dream the soul’s purpose away while you are engaged in the other dream, of the physical world.
   And, in yet another sense, you cannot have a life [with a laugh] that is off purpose. It’s a paradox.
   So, we cannot tell you what to do the way you would do aerobics, yes? Three to the right; three to the left; up and down; in and out. Ask, with your heart, to be with that purpose. [Louder; emphatic] And then be mindful! Because you will have the purpose speak to you. It will appear in your dreams and in your waking life; it will appear in the words you hear, in the songs that people sing. It will be all over you. If you will listen.
   You expend a great deal of energy keeping it out, dreaming it away, losing yourself in the enchantment of chatter. It’s all right. You have all the time there is. [Softly] This is not a criticism; it is an observation.
   [Loudly; drawn out] So, we would encourage you to be in the paradox of stalking the stillness; of [sighs] sneaking up on that power of stillness.
   And in what does the stillness rest? In trust. In trust. Trust in the process of life, and trust that you are beloved children of Spirit; and trust in the earth, and trust in your bodies.
   The stillness rests in trust; and out of the stillness arises boundless energy. You think that you make energy by doing this? [flaps hands] No. Those people who have vast stores of energy have found the stillness, and found the trust in which it rests. And they are nourished and replenished, always, all the time, by grace, and love.
   And that is the connection of the breath: when you know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are breathing in the love of All That Is. Or it is breathing you and letting you go, and breathing you and letting you go.
   And in this you prosper beyond measure.
   We do not mean to slip out of your question, Sara.
   It is also true that when this stillness is embraced, it is ecstasy; it is stillness that is filled with all energy.
   And as an experience, it places you in union with an abundance that is never again questioned. The abundance may not appear as material goods, because at that point you may or may not want it; it isn’t important.
   We must be careful here: material well-being is important, in the sense that it is important to feed all the children; it is important to care for the material body of the earth; it is important to respect your own bodies, and other people’s bodies.And yet the clinging has dissolved, and it is truly known that that which is most ephemeral endures forever.
   Do you understand?

   Students: Yes. Yes.

   Micciah: It is also out of this great stillness, stillness/energy, that the power to heal flows through; the waters of Spirit flood through. And the personality self sometimes will also quake at those flood waters, knowing that its attachments will be washed away.
   Attachments, in one way, are very comforting. [Deep sigh] You are so attached to your bodies that you would prefer to allow someone to suffer the tortures like the tortures of an inquisition rather than rest in that trust of blessedness of the process of life.
   [Long pause]
   And it isn’t something you do alone! Find the path into the stillness. Ask for help; ask! Ask, ask, Help, HELP! I want help, assistance! Because it is right there [whisper] for you.
   That is all.
   We thank you so much for your wonderful questions. We bless you on your path, and we bid you a good day.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it. So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”