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Transcript of Program 101, 1988  [CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1988 where Micciah discusses:
Healing — defined as the revelation of wholeness. No matter how it occurs, it is all equally miraculous. When an unwanted condition yields to laying-on of hands, “those who gather with that intent align themselves with great love” and the sick person is recharged, as when you jump-start a car. View Section
Choice and the soul’s purpose: (pt2), interplay among agreements made before incarnation and choices made by personality self. Play with the dynamics of choosing. Personality prefers comfort, which may be stultifying. Only real purpose is “to unite with the Source.” View Section
Fate, destiny, karma: “Fate and destiny are prior agreements that you have agreed you will meet no matter what.” May be individual, group, or planetary. Karma: “Since all time is simultaneous,” there is no “before” as cause of “after.” One agrees to “put on certain costumes” with certain people, “to work together on certain aspects of the great illusion.” View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle and include your energy and interest in our work.
   I want to thank all of you who have been watching and who have written to me. And what you are going to see is me, with my personality and intelligence, awareness, go into an altered state. And while I’m in that altered state, I join with other energies, or another energy, and produce the personality of Micciah. I have, in that state, an awareness that I don’t ordinarily have. And I’m going to respond to questions that my classes have asked me.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   In order to identify what it is that creates what you call a healing, we must first define the term.
   The word “heal” means “to make whole” — to make whole. Therefore, it is implied when you do a healing — whether you do it in the name of the Goddess or the name of the Christ, whether you do it in the Native American tradition or the Brazilian spiritualist tradition, or the Druid tradition if it were still known — you are approaching the situation with an evaluation. When you wish to do a healing, there has to something that you designate to be healed, whether it is a broken limb, a cancer, a deep sorrow, an economic condition — whatever.
   And we would like to say at this point that it is only to the eyes of the personality self, or perhaps in some of the core beliefs of the personality, that the whole is broken.
   Spirit is always whole and perfect. Spirit is always whole and perfect. Spirit is always whole and perfect; etc., etc. And the truth about you is always that you are the perfection of Spirit.
   Hang on, hang on. We can hear you thinking, “But how about the pain; but how about the misery?”
   What occurs in a healing can be a number of things. What you would like to have occur, in terms of your personality self (and there’s nothing wrong with your personality self; it’s perfectly all right) what you would like to have occur is that if your wrist is broken it be healed smoothly and perfectly. It is a miracle, the healing is a miracle whether the wrist is set in a cast and heals or whether someone lays hands on it and there is no cast and it is “miraculously” healed. The knitting together of the bones and the protective lymph that surrounds it, and so forth, is a miracle.
   So, first: it is not a better miracle if you can lay on hands and have it heal, although it is faster.
   So, you wish the healing to occur and be presented to you in a certain form, yes? The wrist is broken, the wrist heals. That’s the healing. But there are healings... there are potential revelations of wholeness that do not initially depend on their appearance in the concrete world. It is possible to create the revelation of wholeness, of At-One-ness with Great Spirit, in the emotional world and not in the physical, concrete, dense world. It is also, as we have said many times, possible to materialize a physical healing without very much shift in the emotional state or in the person’s knowledge, conscious knowledge, of Spirit.
   So, when you are looking for a healing, you have something specific in mind. Yet you need to be open to the possibility that the frame of reference, or the slot into which you wish the healing to drop, is limited.
   So, the body can have a cancer. The emotional self can open in such a way that it reaches union with God, with the Goddess, and yet, if it is in accord with the wishes of greater self, that body can be finished and die. And the notion that that is a bad thing, that somehow the healing power has failed you, is a notion that arises out of your limitation in perspective.
   From the point of view of the soul’s purpose, death is not a failure. If death is a failure, you will all fail in the end. What an idea, what a depressing thought, that there is something so wrong with the cosmic plan that all you can do in the end is blow it.
   So, sometimes, when there is an illness in the physical body, it does yield, both physically and emotionally, to meditation, to prayer, to laying on of hands, to whatever it is you are doing. What happens when you do that — when you ask for healing in your own particular way, ask for wholeness to reveal itself — is that all those who gather with that intent align themselves with great love; align themselves with those forces within themselves (and everywhere present) that go beyond the limitations of the personality.
   And you set up — literally! — a resonating field. If you think there is no resonating field that accompanies this kind of meditative work (prayer, healing, etc.) think of how quickly you can feel it when someone is seriously depressed, or you are in a room with several someones who are seriously depressed. You have a contemporary expression for it, yes? Someone is a “down.” “Pulls you down.” In just the same way — not very mysterious; very accessible! way — when you ask for great love to pour forth through you, it is always waiting. [Shouting] Ask! when many people ask, it is right there!
   And then, the person on whom the healing is being “done” (quote) sparks! It’s like: what do you do when the car loses its charge in the battery? You hook it to another battery. So you become the vehicles for that person sparking their own Goddess-force, All-There-Is force. And when that force begins to move, wholeness can be revealed.
   The wholeness may come in the emotional body, in the mental body, in the physical body, in the spiritual body, in all of them. Or the person may say, (because there is always free will, you can’t impose a healing) “I will heal you, whether you like it or not.” It is participatory. The person can always say, “No, No. I have MY purpose in continuing this condition. There is more yet to be learned.” Or, “I am caught in fear. The fear is too dense. I don’t want to receive the breath of Spirit yet; I’m not ready.” Well so, from the mental realm you say, “Well that’s ridiculous; why would someone not be ready?” Why, indeed?
   Because, as we have been saying, when you receive that, everything changes, and having everything change is scary. It is alarming to the personality self, who wants to hold on. “It is familiar the way I have it! It is familiar the way I have it!”
   And that is all right. It does not make that person stupid, or wrong. “Not ready yet!” Personality self is not ready yet.
   So when you say, “Well, we have prayed, we have meditated for such-and-such.” The personality looks at it with irritation, and says, “well, it... why isn’t it happening?” What needs to be happening is happening, whether it matches your personality’s expectations or not.
   And if you wish to continue to work, to invoke the great powers, keep on doing it. Keep on doing it. In the time of all time, of Spirit, there’s no hurry.
   Please — do you want to ask more about this?
   The very action of invoking this great love peels away the layers, melts the layers, that separate you all from Spirit. You are separating yourselves. Spirit is right there. It hasn’t abandoned you or forsaken you. This cannot happen. It is only your awareness of it that changes. And as your awareness of it changes, the container of the personality self melts, and thins, and starts to fly apart; and you have a death at that level. And the personality self will resist. It wants it, and yearns for it, yet it will resist.


Julie: Stop for a moment. Take a breath. Notice how you feel and what your responses are to the information that you have just seen. Do you need to go over it? Think about it? Integrate it? Look around the room you’re in. And in just a moment we’re going to go back and look at some more taped sessions of Micciah Channel.


   So, please go on.

   Donna: Is the soul’s purpose like an outline, or more like a goal? And how many can you come in with, in a lifetime?

   Micciah: There is only one purpose, and the purpose is to unite with the Source, or reunite, or unite consciously, with the Source. That is the ONLY purpose. And within those parameters, there are all the dances, all the songs, all the wars, and all the peaceful lives that you choose, always wishing to see through the veil of each illusion into the beating of the heart of Spirit. You can be just as much in illusion in a comfortable and wonderful life as you can in a difficult life.
   So, within the greater purpose, the soul will organize myriad possibilities, probabilities. “How do I get back to Spirit? Or reveal the truth about Spirit? Which path will I take?” And you must know that Spirit delights in creativity. That itself is a delight.
   Does this answer the question?
   How many purposes can you have? well, you have one purpose, and within that context — within the larger context — there are other purposes which get you to the main purpose, sooner or later.

   Donna: We’d also like to know if fate, destiny, and karma are the same, or if there are differences.

   Micciah: Fate, destiny, and karma.
   Fate and destiny, we would say, are prior agreements. You make an agreement; you come into a life, and there are certain of those agreements that you have agreed you will meet [claps for emphasis] no matter what. So that is fate.
   And it is not only individual, you know. You have group agreements, planetary agreements, that the whole planet will go through certain cycles and certain kinds of movement. It’s not just you individually.
   Karma is a word that is used in a number of ways. Since all time is simultaneous — since it is really all happening at once, and there is an illusion of linearity — something that happened before can’t make something happen now, because there is no “before.” Yet, within the pulsing constellation of all the lives, happening at once, there are related, resonating threads And within the dream of the illusion of linearity you will agree, for instance, to meet and have a relationship with someone of a particular quality, and then you are free within that relationship to experiment.
   You will agree that you will put on certain costumes. You will take up a certain position in your life, with another person; and that you will work together on certain aspects of the great illusion. “You and I will work on the aspect of loss. You and I will work on the aspect of devotion. You and I will work on the aspect of enmity. And we will see, you and I, if we can — in this lifetime, or this lifetime, or this lifetime — penetrate through the illusion into the wholeness of its perfection.”
   So you have the dance of separation that... in which is embedded the perfection of wholeness [claps twice] waiting to be revealed.
   Do you understand?
   Yes so, we will stop.
   So, we thank you very much for your time, for inviting us to be here and we bid you a very good morning.


   Julie: That’s all for now. In class when a session is over we go through the material and talk about it, and work out how it could be used in ordinary life since all of this material was given in order to be used.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”