Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 111, 1989


Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1988 where Micciah discusses:
The nature of appearances. Hypnotized by surfaces, and willing to accept only the pretty side of life (in an effort to bring everything under our control), we are left powerless. At this time, we are at the point of being able to penetrate “through the illusion [we] have created.”
Self-love and the divinity within: Our culture’s beliefs make it unnecessarily difficult, but it is possible for us to restore our awareness of divinity, by continually acknowledging it and by “allowing [ourselves] to be foolish with it.”
The experience of union with other aspects of self.

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: We do greet you, indeed. This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter. Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance, and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm. This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes. We want to expand our circle and include your energy and interest in our work.
   I want to thank all of you who have been watching and who have written to me. And what you are going to see is me, with my personality and intelligence, awareness, go into an altered state. And while I’m in that altered state, I join with other energies, or another energy, and produce the personality of Micciah. I have, in that state, an awareness that I don’t ordinarily have. And I’m going to respond to questions that my classes have asked me.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   And we would like to speak first about the nature of appearances. And how you become enamored of appearances — hypnotized by what is illusory and yet compelling.
   You are — in your particular culture, in the Western system of beliefs — you are most alarmingly trusting about what you see. You are very much ... addicted to what your eyes show you.
   You have an expression — yes? “Seeing is believing.” Seeing IS believing. And you have created a great deal of pain and suffering around surfaces. Surfaces — the surface of one’s body; the color; the form. The age. You are not only enamored of appearances: you are entranced (no pun intended) with surfaces.
   And you derive your sense of well-being — your sense of identity and worth — through trying to prove yourself in the concrete world — in the manifest world — of that which is observably true. If you have an office, you are important. If you have a possession, a thing, that is expensive, then you are worth something. If you have a piece of paper (you call degrees “a piece of paper”), then you are valid. A particular piece of paper — yes? A piece of paper that you ... generally pay for, in one way or another.
   We are oversimplifying the situation, yet we hope that you get the point. Not only do you become hypnotized by what you see, you go one step further and you only like to see one half of life. You only like to see that which is youthful, pretty, smooth, well fed.... So the entire other half — a perfectly respectable part of creation — death (or the appearance of death); decay; the dark; the unknowable, the mysterious; the old — all of that you try to force out of your existence; you try to crush the evidence.
   And this leaves you powerless! When you divorce yourself from three hundred and sixty degrees of possibility, of creativity, of probabilities; when you link yourself to heaven and spit on the earth, you lose your potency.
   You create (this is the important part) the visible illusion of control. Control over the land. “We will control the earth! We will control other people! We will control aging!” [Slowly shakes head] And trapped in that illusion, you lose everything.
   You are at such an extraordinary point, now, in time — such a point of penetrating through the illusion that you have created, and thereby embracing the magnificence of life the way it is ... and preserving that which needs your love, and mourning that which you have lost.
   So — we will go on to the questions. You will see all of this is relevant.

   Art: Micciah, my question has to do with self-love and the divinity within us —

   Micciah: Yes —

   Art: — and, ah — just why it’s so hard to see the divinity — to really create the self-love or to really let it flourish when we spend so much of our time to try and create that in people around us, to love us; obviously if you can’t love yourself you don’t see your own divinity, I guess is what I’m saying: why —?

   Micciah: Loving yourself IS divine. The question is, why it is so hard —

   Art: Yeah; why it’s such a difficult —

   Micciah: — to be with that spark? Well ... in some cultures it has been easier and in some cultures it has been more difficult. And in this culture one of the ways in which it is made difficult is that you are so attached to only one aspect of life being allowable.
   In the teaching that is the Judeo-Christian teaching (and also in some of the other religious teachings), the entire philosophy is set up, as you understand it, with the forces of life and Spirit against each other. People against nature. God against people — the divine against people. It is all composed of splits in consciousness. Do you understand?
   If you were allowed, by an embracing and nurturant environment, to follow the spark — the essence of divinity which is always the truth about you — it would be much easier. It doesn’t have to be quite this hard.
   The more you are attached to the reality — the truth — of the concrete world (the outside, so to speak; the appearance) ... (there is very little reality you can perceive with your physical eyes). The more you are attached to that — the more you are attached to the notion that the light is superior to the dark, that youth is superior to age, that you can only have this one half of the life process — the harder it is to follow the river of divinity that is you, because you have all of these ... painful beliefs. Yes?
   But you can do it. In order to do it, you need in some way to re-invent the world, to restore that which was always divine and always present and always within you ... to — something you have access to.
   And what else must be restored? When you restore yourself to your natural state of grace, which you are born with (you are not born in any kind of sin! You are born FILLED with grace!) — when that is beloved, and cherished, acknowledged, affirmed by the groups around you, then everything is cherished. The earth and all the creatures, and their wisdom, and the yearning to be generous and to serve and to share and to — celebrate ... to be with the cycles of this realm. That sense of the sacred is restored.
   So — it is up to you to mother and father yourself; to create your own birth as a world. [Touching and gesturing to various people] You are a world and you are a world. And you are a world. You create the world out of yourself by reclaiming that spark, that river.
   Hmmm. So the next question is — Ma-ha- how do I do that? Right?


   Sheldon: [Sotto voce] Took the words right out of my mouth.

   Art: Yeah, I was thinking, especially in the West here, that it seems so much is — especially like given all the kind of therapy works and stuff, you discover how you don’t — you have such trouble being loved because you weren’t loved when you were younger, and things like —

   Micciah: Yes; well, that is nnn- that is true and it is not true. It cannot be possible that all things stop developing in the childhood — that all of your pain and difficulties come from your family and from the relationship to the family.
   How do you restore the divinity?

   Art: Mmm —

   Micciah: Mmm — no. The divinity is always there. How do you restore yourself to the knowledge of it?
   [Loudly, urgently] You begin by saying, “It’s there ... it’s there ...” Asking! It’s very available; it is not mysterious! It’s — it is more, Arthur, it is more like — the divinity is always arising! With every breath! And then your thinking mind says, “Ah! [sharply; pointing] Not now! You look funny. You will lead me into being vulnerable, into trusting, into being foolish, into being embarrassed, into being ashamed. Into losing my control.”
   It will do all of that. (We forgot to tell you that.)


   It is more that that sense of aliveness is always trying to mmooove itself forward. And the more of you who know that (in whatever way you would like to explain it; it doesn’t have to be this way) — say, “Yes; that — that’s true!”
   It is not a commodity; it cannot be bought! You now would like to purchase spiritual experiences, the way you can purchase everything else. “Buy this tape; do this lecture.”
   So: begin by knowing it. Saying it. Thinking about it. Allowing yourself (this is the big one) to be foolish with it.
   We will go on.

   John: I’d like to ask about the idea, or the belief, that we create our own reality.

   Micciah: Yes. A much maligned current belief. There is this simplistic misunderstanding of creation of the physical world. And in this misunderstanding of “You create your own reality,” you take it from the level of the personality and simply use it to blame — yourself and other people. “Oh, well, you created it — why is it such a mess? Obviously you are a fool!”


No, no, no. You are — first of all, you are COcreators. So — you and who else?
   You ... you as personality; and you, in your divine aspect, meaning your wholeness ... and you, as groups and cultures ... and You, as a planetary consciousness ... and YOU, connected to all the YOUs in all the other realms, and all the probable selves ... so it is a vastness far beyond what you are implying when you say, “You, John.”
   “Well —” [ironically, in a tiny pinched voice] “You created it.”


   Particularly nasty viewpoint.
   [Louder, drawn out, with ever-increasing urgency] You are a cocreator. And when you open yourself — when you allow the personality self (and there’s nothing wrong with your personality; it just has its limitations) — when you allow that self to be dismantled, and to have that which is the river or the fire be its truth — not the truth of the ego; another truth — then you are able to experience the heartbeat, the pulsation, through which the illusion (albeit a very concrete one) of what you experience in what you call the outer world; the illusion — appears as what it is! A teaching! A — a moment that has woven itself into the dimension of physical time through the vastness of the creative powers!
   And the more you allow yourself to be guided — to be enfolded and indwelled by Oneness — the greater your conscious awareness of responsibility gets to be.
   And you all, before you come into this life — you who are cocreators of the entire REALM of the earth — said, “This is a realm of illusion. This is a very great honor to be in this realm. It’s not the dumping ground.” You know?
   To fall into the illusion — “All right; in one dream, Wendy will be the child murdered in Nicaragua and I will be the murderer. And then we will try to see through the illusion. And some of us will be conscious of working to end suffering.” Which is absolutely your job! You service is your job.
   “And in another lifetime I will take the position of victim.” And still! — Still! — it is possible to penetrate the illusion. When you penetrate the illusion then you can STOP MURDERING PEOPLE ... in this dream. You won’t have any need to do it.
   Does that address what you are asking?

   John: At first I didn’t think so, but — I — I see where you explained what I was trying to get at. It’s something I can work with.

   Micciah: [Whispering] All right.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it. So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”