Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 122, 1989


Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1989 where Micciah discusses:
The effect of despair. An ongoing state of despair is “literally toxic” to the personal ecosystem. The only “deep healing measure” is “relationship with Spirit.”
Events connected with cycles in the earth’s evolution are more or less “preordained”; but human actions that harm the earth are “different ... a kind of wounding in Spirit.” They are committed out of fear and “the pain” of apparent separation from Spirit. It is “crucial” that we bless those who commit these acts. Our compassionate intention contributes to the “M-field” of consciousness that connects everyone, thereby increasing “in vast proportion” the likelihood of global healing.
Can we still save the earth? “You absolutely can.” The earth will save itself; whether or not we save ourselves is another matter. We must reexamine our pet comforts, and transform our sense of ownership into an awareness of “compassionate relationship to all that is around [us].” Therein resides “the treasure.”

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: My Name is Julie Winter, and this program is called Micciah Channel.
   And what you are going to see is me, going into an altered state of consciousness, a non‑ordinary state of awareness. And what I believe happens when I am in that state is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of this overlapping and the personality is called Micciah. My voice is going to change and it is my own voice. The variations in speech have to do with my being in an altered state.
   The program is created from my classes. My students bring questions in. We encourage you to do the same. And use your discernment in evaluating the information that comes through.


   This is a prayer basket. [holding prayer basket and demonstrating] These are prayers, affirmations, wishes, intentions. And what we do in healing class, in our circle, is write prayer slips for ourselves and for other people for whom we would like to offer affirmations of love and wholeness, as well as for the planet.
   And we would like to include you who watch on television in the healing activities of this group. Then I lay hands on the prayer basket. [to the class] We could all lay hands on the prayer basket at the end.
   We would like you to send in your prayer slips and make a big prayer basket so that we who are linked in this relatively abstract way of video can be linked as a circle, as a web of prayers and affirmations for peace and harmony.

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.
   We are most pleased to be with you. And we wish you to know that your entire journey — the journey of all creatures in this realm, and everywhere — is blessed; and that you are never without ... resources.
   A chronic state of despair is literally toxic to your body, to the ecology of You as a planet. Now, we are not in any way say­ing that there are not moments when you plunge into despair; that those are not rich and honorable, when you plunge into deep sadness. Those are all mo­ments that are part of the greater fabric of life. But an ongoing state of despair will deplete the functioning of your body — will deplete the healing activities channeled through the brain and the biochemistry of the body, the electrical action of the body, the nervous system.
   We know we are in tricky wa­ters here, because it is easy for the thinking aspect of the mind to then say, “Oh — oh! Despair! I am not supposed to feel that!” But as an ongoing theme, as a chronic undercurrent of feeling, as a feeling that is passed around from person to person, it is, ahh ... not an ecologically sound choice.
   In some ways, it is possible to shift out of the mode of despair. Because you do get into modes of feeling, you know. When you re­peat them over and over again, the mode prints in the nervous system and tends to recreate it­self spontaneously. You must be able to interrupt the MODE.
   It can be ameliorated through work with the psychological body, with the personal feelings; but the only deep healing mea­sure for despair is to allow your­selves, to encourage yourselves and each other, and other people, to find a relationship with Spirit — each in his or her own way.
   So, now, this is the impor­tant part of what we wish to say: in these present times, when there is an almost overwhelming load of fear — a tidal wave of fear traveling through the cells and the intelligence of the organism of the earth and her creatures — that can only be touched, it can only be alchemically trans­formed, through the love of the Great One.
   To acknowledge that it is there is to be truthful. You can only heal a situation through an acknowledgment of the truth of it. [You] can’t heal from denial.
   This is the time to have the courage to speak about Spirit; to be foolish; to make a pattern — a bioelectrical, biochemical, glan­dular, cellular pattern — of the celebration and affirmation of the life-force. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
   So — let us begin with the questions.

   Sarah: Does the earth still truly have the power to rejuve­nate —

   Micciah: [Whisper] Yes!

   Sarah: — to — can we really turn this around?

   Micciah: [Loudly] You abso­lutely can. You absolutely can. Whether you will or not is an­other question.
   [More quietly] And you can be sure that the earth, the vast intelligence of the earth, of the realm, will be supported — will be ... nourished ... in the hierarchy, and will find what is needed to create lichens that eat plastic, or whatever. Although creature­hood as you know it ... could be vastly changed.
   Yes, you can change it. It will take consciousness, meditative awareness, commitment, devo­tion, and the willingness to put up with less comfort.
   One of the weak spots in the personality self (and it is very much so in your culture) is that you will sacrifice so much for comfort. And we do not think you are so different from other beings; it is just more available in the local present than it used to be.
   You will — think about this! — you will sacrifice a greater good for comfort. We do not say this as a criticism, and certainly not as blame, but to point out to you where you are likely to go astray.
   When you are all entranced (if you will excuse the joke) by comfort, then you are, ah — ill-equipped to make the choices you need to make. So — in order to empower yourselves, you must be able to wake yourselves up out of the seduction of always being comfortable.
   There has been a notion for a long while of voluntary simplic­ity: the intentional release of that which does not serve the greater purpose. And you might think about that.
   You will not change things by continuing along in the way that you are. If you extrapolate into the probabilities, keeping the same attitudes intact, then the result you will get will be very similar to the results you have gotten. Yes?
   Hmm ... so, how can you ob­serve your own immediate emo­tional and physical environ­ment with an eye to its ecological functioning? What do you have that you don’t really need? We don’t mean either in a punitive sense. This is very, ah — slippery to talk about, because it is fertile ground for the self-hater: “Ah-HA! You — you GREEDY PIG!”


   “You don’t NEED another ... pair of socks!”
   However, if you are willing to do — mmm — some tai chi with your self-hater —

   — it will serve not only you indi­vidually but it will build up as a field of awareness. When you say, “Well, socks — where do socks come from? What goes into the creation of them, and how many do I need? And is the creation of a pair of socks dam­aging to the life-force, or not?”
   We are somewhat joking, but not completely. When, ah — the European settlers came to this continent and encountered some of the people native to this con­tinent, the consciousness of the settlers was so alien to the con­sciousness of those here that, ah ... mmm — everything, ah — went out of balance.
   The native people did not — what is the story — sell the island of Manhattan for a few handfuls of beads. They did not have any concept of selling land, of own­ing land. In their — in the living tissue of their awareness there was a relationship to the land. Not an ownership of it.
   So — in the living tissue of your own consciousness, can you create a relationship to what you bring into your world and let go out of your world? Not owner­ship. Because through the con­sciousness of compassionate re­lationship with everything about you, around you, you will shift your own energy field.
   When you move from owner­ship to relationship — do you see the point? Does that make sense, do you understand? — if you are in relationship, then you will grasp where something has come from and its life cycle and pur­pose in your existence. That is what has been dropped out, in large part — because you treat the world, and the goods and services and the other creatures, as if you had dominion — rulership or ownership — over them. You have conquered (not you person­ally) — you have conquered them.
   And in the splitting of that consciousness, in the lack of awareness of relationship, you have created fish with hypoder­mic needles in their gullets — be­cause you don’t see the relation­ship to what you do when you dump the needles (or even whether you need so many nee­dles) to the rest of life.
   So it is — Sarah — it is about relationship. The healing will progress through an awareness of relationship.
   And your relationship to that which is greater than the per­sonality self alone can guide you.
   We hope this seems possible, and not — grim, some grim and dreary solution.
   And when you are able to be in compassionate relationship to all that is around you, the way you treat what you touch is transformed. The alchemical descriptions of transmuting base metal into gold had to do with re­lationship in consciousness: the transmutation of ordinary expe­rience into an ensouled or en­spirited experience — precious.
   We are most pleased you have asked these questions; and we have responded in a somewhat different way. It is time.
   We would like to go back for just a moment to the notion of blessing those who are in such severe pain of separation. Because you cannot heal the earth and the conditions in this web ... through hatred. Hatred cannot, and will not, ever pro­duce healing.
   And we — nor do we hope for you that you will walk around smiling falsely at those you per­ceive to be enemies. (”We love ev­eryone here.”) But that you keep in your heart the fertile possibil­ity — probability — of compas­sion for all of those who suffer. Yourself included. And remem­ber your relationship — that re­lationship is the key to these profound changes.
   We thank you so much for sharing your precious commod­ity of time. You are supported, my friends, beyond your wildest dreams. You are loved beyond what you can imagine. Ask for it to be with you, to be known by you. And speak of the sanctity of life ... whenever you have the op­portunity. And act upon it.
   So ... we wish you a most joy­ful birthday, Harriet! And you a great vacation, Barbara. And we bid you a very good ... day.
   [Pause; apparent end of trance]
   One more thing!
   [Long, loud laughter]

   The treasure is in the rela­tionship. The treasure is not what you own; the treasure is not what you can have, what you can grab. It is in the relationship.
   [Whisper] Now we will stop.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it. So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”