Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 123, 1989


Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1989 where Micciah discusses:
How we can help heal the planet: We are “a particular expressive force for the Great One.” We must “give back to life” by blessing the life-force and acting accordingly, moving toward voluntary simplicity, contemplating the ecology of our needs and wishes. All of this broadcasts a healing force.
How we affect future probability: We are co-creators of reality with all of the universe, not only with each other. Our consciousness of union with Spirit nourishes “the most healing probabilities.” The prime target of healing should be excess fear. Some fear is native to this realm: the issue is how we meet it.

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: My Name is Julie Winter, and this program is called Micciah Channel.
   And what you are going to see is me, going into an altered state of consciousness, a non‑ordinary state of awareness. And what I believe happens when I am in that state is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of this overlapping and the personality is called Micciah. My voice is going to change and it is my own voice. The variations in speech have to do with my being in an altered state.
   The program is created from my classes. My students bring questions in. We encourage you to do the same. And use your discernment in evaluating the information that comes through.


   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.
   Please go on.

   Sara:  Micciah — is there anything that each one of us could do to help heal the planet?

   Micciah:  Yes.  There is a great deal that you can do to participate in the healing of this realm.  And you must remember that just as you are all interconnected — all the creatures and the body of the earth itself, everything is interconnected in this realm — so it is also interconnected in the greater sense, in the solar system and in the galaxies and so forth.
   And you can participate in this on a variety of levels.
   First of all, we would like to tell you that you are here to express the purpose of Spirit.  And no one, no thing — nothing — can fulfill the purpose of being human except humans.
   So you are, ah — an expressive force, a particular expressive force, for the Great One, for the Great Mystery.  And you ... know, you KNOW, when you are attuned with your own essence, which is Spirit, that you must give back to life.  You must give back.
   The giving-back through appreciation, blessing, and gratitude; the giving-back through responsibility and voluntary work for the planet, sets up a healing broadcast, shall we say — since we are using the sending-receiving model at the moment.
   When you are yourself mindful of being appreciative, of blessing the life-force, then you set up a broadcast (through you, the broadcasting station) that sings out a message, a communication, of wholeness.  And blessing is quite within your conscious capacity to choose to do.  And when you ACT! in accordance with that blessing — when you act in a way, in a mode, that expresses your appreciation for life — then your acts are representative, consciously representative, of a state of awareness; and the power is doubled.
   (You can be in a state of blessing and gratitude; yet if there is no act that follows, it is far less powerful.)
   Then both your, ah — broadcast through your beingness and your broadcast through your doingness stimulate the forces for healing everywhere.  Because when you are in a state of being or you take an act, no matter what it is, it is felt everywhere in this web.  (As we have said before, you tend to fall into the sleep of insignificance — understandably.  That is not the truth; that is never the truth.)  And your commitment to being a living prayer or a living celebration sets up a broadcast that is perceived by all that is.  And you are giving back to life through the human dimension!  (Sometimes dimentIA would be closer to it.)


   You are a pleasure to Spirit, because you are the realization of ... Great Mystery, the Great One, singing through the human ... realm.
   So — we want you to KNOW ... that all of your acts, all of your choosing, contributes potentially to healing the planet.
   Now comes the unpopular part.
   It is necessary and appropriate, because of the actuality of the planetary state right now, to move toward voluntary simplicity.  Perhaps you can’t do it all at once.  And by this we mean to notice in what way you are participating in a useless cycle of proliferation.  So that your sense of, ah — having is in balance, in terms of your relationship to other beings, to the resources of the planet as a whole.
   To set up, then, a contemplative broadcast, and receive guidance in that vein about what is truly needed.  Often you have no genuine concept of your real needs — of your emotional needs as well as your material needs.  In the ecology of your being, what are the real needs, the genuine ones, and which ones can you let go?  And again, as you begin to practice letting go of what does not truly serve you, you will broadcast that into the architecture of group belief.
   Some of it will be pleasurable and joyful and some of it will take effort and responsibility and commitment and the willingness to be — less comfortable.  We are not suggesting you proceed directly into self-punitive denial either, but that you contemplate your needs and wishes, and the ecology of them, as well as what you buy and use and get rid of.  You have produced so many things, so many products, so many chemicals, that cannot be digested — cannot die and be consumed by the water or the earth or the air.
   Do you understand?

   Students:  Yes.

   Micciah:  All right.
   When you make these shifts in your consciousness, then your own biological and biochemical state, as a being, also changes.  All of your organs and your glands are responsive to the broadcast of your beliefs and the rhythm and consciousness of your acts.  We don’t mean this metaphorically — we mean it literally!
   Please go on.

   Sara:  I have another part of the question: if we participate in creating the future, how is our present participation affecting future probability?

   Micciah:  Everything ... [pause] well, this IS the future.
   We — just a moment.  We will see if we can sort this out so that the answer will be useful.
   First of all: in — what has become, in some circles, a popular notion of a self-created reality sometimes is expressed as if it were human beings alone creating the probabilities for the future.  We would like to remind you that you are co-creators in a very complex and amazing system, and that the plant kingdom, and, ah — the wisdom of the stones, and the oceans and their creatures, and the dolphins and the elephants, and All of it — the Pleiades — everything — every- — all the other systems, everything — goes into the creation.  So it is not your — your, ah — mind or your beliefs alone.  So let’s get that into the picture.
   If you are a sending-receiving — sending/receiving — if you are a mobile fusion of a vastness of impulses and intelligences streaming through all time and appearing locally —


   — then, ah — the beliefs that you take responsibility for, are engaged with consciously, are fed into the totality.  Then the expression of the human dimension as the voice and hands of Spirit feeds back into the system with its beliefs and affects the totality.  (It is a fragmentary description.)  If your purpose, then, is expressed through, ah — your union with Spirit, you are nourishing the most healing probabilities (healing simply meaning representative of wholeness for your probable future).
   However!  Lest you go off into rosy dreams: wholeness, in this realm, includes earthquakes, volcanoes, floods — the breathing and digesting of the earth’s body as well as your body.  It is possible for wholeness in this realm — it is possible for it to include far, far less fear than it now includes.  So that  the notion of an earthquake, or the notion of physical death itself, is comprehended in the context of eternal Spirit.
   The great healing — the great healing — comes in your human dimension from healing fear.  The disturbances, the cruelty, the greed, the violence that is expressed by humans as their broadcast, emerges from distortions caused by fear.  The hatred amongst people and the hatred of the earth and the greed to take whatever you can; the unwillingness to shift your economic policies so that you can feed the hungry; all of those distortions which result in a living sense of isolation — all of them come from fear.
   So — if you can look to one place in the human psyche as the spot to direct your attention towards in matters of healing, it would be — it is — fear.  Your fear of death causes you to take extreme measures in hospital to keep people’s poor bodies pumping long after they wish to be free of them.  Fear motivates greed and all manner of cruelty to the self and others.
   If you are alive, you will naturally feel fear.  Confront it!  Because once you are born into this dimension you are subject to one layer of apparent law, which has to do with separation from the One — apparent separation from the One.  So of course it will be that you will confront fear — FEAR! — somewhere!
   But what do you do with that confrontation?  How well equipped are you to meet it?  How do you teach your children to meet it?  With further contraction, with hatred, with manipulation, with cruelty?
   You are doing the best you can.  It is not that you will stop feeling fear altogether, but that you encourage the growth — you encourage the growth of ways to meet it with the face ... of the Great One, and not try to meet it only with the face of the personality.  You see.  Because some of the conditions in this realm are part of this realm: the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the tidal waves.  The question is how do you meet those conditions.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it. So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”