Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 146, 1990


Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1990 where Micciah discusses:
Using and abusing personal power: Confusing power with control results in abuse. When you are aware of your inner power, “you are simultaneously aware of your vulnerability, your tenderness, your compassion...”
Tithing: The practice of giving back to Source. In the “magic” of number, “ten is a vibration of renewal.” Find the piece to give that feels authentic to you, and give it with love. Taxes: how to be “so clear, in group consciousness, that you have a government that respects life.” Time of collective struggle to “reconceive of the Feminine in her fiery aspect.” Governments will change, etc. Garbage erupting as we try to make ready.
Unequal distribution of wealth: reflects fear, alienation from Source; is a communication about the “entire body” of humanity. Cultivate the “generosity of the Fire” within.

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: My Name is Julie Winter, and this program is called Micciah Channel.
   And what you are going to see is me, going into an altered state of consciousness, a non‑ordinary state of awareness. And what I believe happens when I am in that state is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of this overlapping and the personality is called Micciah. My voice is going to change and it is my own voice. The variations in speech have to do with my being in an altered state.
   The program is created from my classes. My students bring questions in. We encourage you to do the same. And use your discernment in evaluating the information that comes through.
   The program that you are about to see is made up of a number of different class sessions.


   Irwin:  When we finally on a personal level, when and if we achieve the ability to walk that fine line between use and abuse of personal power, outside of role modeling, how can we extend it to our government and other governments?  And to people in general so that they manifest the same very fine-line ability not to abuse personal power?

   Micciah:  So.  When you are really aware of your power, in the way that we are using the word — not control, not manipulation, but power that is inner power —, you are simultaneously aware of your vulnerability, your tenderness, your compassion, your gentleness, your clarity.  All this goes with an inner awareness of personal power.  When that is what you are aware of, there is no way to abuse it.  You have no desire to abuse it.  It is when power is confused with control that it becomes abusive.  Both abusive toward yourself — “I will force myself to have good habits!” — or toward other people — “I will force you to have good habits!”  But when you are really... When your heart is open, to use the metaphor of the open heart, you are vulnerable and, uh, both balanced and fluid.  You would not misuse.  So that is the first part.
   How do you transmit it to governments?  No idea.  As each of you, as each of you allow or become this within yourselves and within groups — groups are powerful, you know.  Groups are very powerful. —, it beams itself into the probabilities in the web.  And it becomes part of the probability system in the physical world because you are doing it.  You see?  It is always in the probable nonphysical realm.  But as you become it, it is in the web.  And the more it is in the web of what you perceive as physical reality, the more it will show up in your governments.  So.  Sounds easier than it is.


   So — please continue.

   Polly:  Micciah, along the lines of prosperity, last week we did a process; and we brought up the hotly debated topic of tithing.

   Micciah:  Yes!

   Polly:  And we have several questions about tithing: what its purpose is, why ten percent, and why is it — is it ten percent of the gross income in a society like we have, where a certain amount of our money never is ours, the government takes it before it’s ours?  And, why is there so much anxiety around this topic?

   Micciah:  Always, the mind of the personality at work: “Is it the gross, or net?”
   “What do I have to give?”  It is because you feel the self that is giving is the “i” (with a small “i”), and that self has a very hard time experiencing sufficiency.  You can only give from the genuine impulse to do so, when you are in the practice of being with the Source.  That is a lifetime practice — a many- lifetime, a multi-lifetime practice.  It’s not like a dance step that you can learn: “Okay!  Give me the five steps to being in the Source!”  That is what we mean by practice [with a laugh] — you go right on practicing.
   Tithing is a practice ... of giving back.  And it presses against fear.
   Now — human beings being what they are, who they are — you can then develop a fear about tithing.  If you belong to a church where all good citizens of the church must tithe, then you would be afraid not to, and you would have the spirit missing from the interaction.  Yes?  You have, then, the letter of the law, the form, without the spirit.  Who cares?
   Tithing needs to be connected to your sense of self as Source.  And the giving comes as easily, then, as the impulse to embrace someone you love.
   In developing your relationship to prosperity, as an aspect of your relationship to spiritual practice, find the amount for yourself that is authentic, and give that.
   Numbers have their own magic and importance, because they represent the vibratory forces and their relationship to each other.  In some systems, one group of numbers represented the concrete world and another the spirit world.  Ten is a vibration of renewal.  If you think of the way you understand numbers: if you multiply something by ten, what appears will be the identical digits — the identical scheme — multiplied, yes?  If you multiply forty-five by ten, you get 4-5-0.  Numbers are a whole other subject; but in brief, when you divide by ten you get the same structure, the same resonating structure, reduced; when you multiply you get the same resonating structure expanded.  It refers, then, mystically, to the renewal of itself.  So if you wish to renew the self of prosperity, you take a tenth part and seed it back into the universe, into the field of consciousness; and it will return to you multiplied in its own kind — given back to you with its own face.  It won’t become another thing.  Does that make sense?

   Students:  Yes.

   Micciah:  So that is partially where the ten comes from.  We could do a very long discussion of numbers, which we won’t at this moment.
   Our suggestion to you, however — rather than getting caught in the mechanics of it — is to use it as part of your spiritual practice, and to find the piece that feels authentic to you: “I can give this much out of the authentic alignment of my personality-self with Spirit.”  Maybe it’s one percent right now.  And then you get — you are in the practice of it.  That means you are living in the atmosphere of it, you are creating that as an atmosphere, rather than — that! — clutching as an atmosphere.  And yes, you will have to work with yourself, and you’ll slip out of it and come back.  Find the piece you can do, and do that with love.
   Please go on.

   Susan:  Well, I was thinking that one of the reasons that people get so upset about tithing is, since we’re already giving such a large percent of the money that we get towards taxes.  And what I would like to know is: how, in our consciousness, we can be so clear about good programs and how we would like our money to go towards good programs in the taxes that we do give, so that we can feel good about it; and that the money would actually go towards those programs — that we could be so clear, in ourselves, that the money we give would actually go to the programs that we approve of?

   Micciah:  Well ... you create your government, which creates your taxes.  So — if you wish, you may think of your contribution, your part of the pool that the government collects, as streaming out into those areas that you love.  However, that does not address the underlying difficulty, which is the possibility of being so clear in group consciousness, as a totality, that you can have a government that respects life. 
   You are in the midst of a time of intense change.  It is a time when you are seeing the results of years of neglect and abuse of the Mother; a time when you are struggling, collectively, to remove the veil from the face of the Great Mother, and to reconceive of the Feminine in her fiery aspect as well as her earthy aspect.
   And in this struggle governments will change, policies will crumble, the need for weapons will be reevaluated.  The Mother as Queen of Heaven — the Giver of Starfire — is being reborn in your midst.  So you are also experiencing the vast collective yearning for that aspect of creation, and the desire to purge yourselves to make ready for it. 
   So there are two levels of, ah — what? — garbage, spewing forth, that you are grappling with simultaneously.  (Broadly speaking, there are two.)  One has resulted from centuries of imbalance — from the way you have treated the earth, apportioned your money (such large amounts being used for fearful purposes).  Some comes from the desire to cleanse, to be available for the energies pouring in — do you understand? — that you are receiving.  You are collectively receiving the Source, in ways that are amplified monthly, weekly (if you wish to see it in linear terms).  [Deep breath.]
   So, Susan, you can say: “The money I give goes to what I love; and I am also engaged with changing that, transforming that, of which I do not approve.”

   Roseanne:  What about tithing services?

   Micciah:  Oh, of course!  To give of your time, your touch, your affection, your thinking — of course.

   Micciah:  Please go on.

   Lucy:  Micciah, I have a two-part question.

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Lucy:  Why are there such extreme inequities, as far as people being prosperous, in the world in general?  And then, why are there people who have a sense of prosperity, and are happy, even though they don’t have a lot of money or material things?

   Micciah:  The enormous inequities reflect an inner condition of rigidity and fear, and an overall group consciousness that is separate from the Source — or experiences itself as being separate from the Source.
   Now let us be careful.  It is incorrect, it is sadistic, to say that a child born into a situation of deprivation, of starvation, is in some way lacking in consciousness.  It is, rather, that that child suffers through the contracted state of those others in the cells of the great body of humans.  If you think of humankind as one body, then those who suffer in that observable, concrete way are a reflection of a contraction into fearful greed on the part of the others in the body.  They are connected — you see? 
   There is another question, which is: Who chooses to incarnate in which position?  We understand that is a real question, and we’ll put that aside, because that’s a whole other discussion.
   The children who are starving, and the wealthy beings — they moneyed beings — who are also starving in another way (some of them, not all), reflect each other.  And, if you can be a beloved witness to the whole body of creaturehood, then you can begin right where you are, in your relationship to Source and your practice of going to the Source, to effect the change that you are capable of; and you can behave in a way that reflects the atmosphere of your believing — which includes your active, manifest relationship to prosperity. 
   When you manifest, as an entire body of consciousness, the ones who are starving and in pain, you are communicating about the entire body.  And at this point, as we said earlier, it is technically possible to care for everyone. 
   [Pause.]  It is the true power that needs to be shared.  Not only the money.  The money too.  But the Source, and your knowledge and experience of being connected to the Source.  Those who feel themselves prosperous in spite of physical limitations have, for whatever reasons, an innate (or perhaps cultivated) sense of contact with the Source and with sufficiency.  How many dollars do you need?  Why?  What for?  Give it all away.  If you are going to choose a number, why not — ninety percent?
   We share with you much love and much energy.  Would you pass the energy from hand to hand?  There is a considerable amount not only of physical heat but of spiritual heat.
   May you all be blessed.  We bid you a very good evening.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it. So long.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”