Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 157, 1991

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses channeling:
• “Julie is like a TV receiver. Channeling comes in many forms, experiment with it.” View Section
How to select a channel/trance psychic? “The energy should be experienced as loving, lively and fun, and allowing of choice. Punishing, judgmental qualities and grandiosity should be avoided.” View Section
“It is as old as humanity, and done in many different ways: oracles; drugs; spirits once in physical form (Abdul Latif); tapping into Great Wisdom. Julie’s way: her own knowing, combined with that of her oversoul and now with fragments of other dimensions; the personality is an effect. We open to the wider field all the time (in music, love, meditation, etc.). Channeling is play — demands integrity, but need not be solemn.” View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  My Name is Julie Winter, and this program is called Micciah Channel.
   And what you are going to see is me, going into an altered state of consciousness, a non-ordi­­nary state of awareness.  And what I believe happens when I am in that state is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness.  It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of this overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   My voice is going to change and it is my own voice.  The variations in speech have to do with my being in an altered state.
   The program is created from my classes.   My students bring questions in.  We encourage you to do the same. And use your discernment in evaluating the information that comes through.
   The program that you are about to see is made up from a number of different class sessions.

   Micciah:  We greet you, dear friends.
   So, you have all supported “this one” to gather courage to take this risk of sharing with many other people this part of life which is a natural part of the expansiveness of human communication.  Sitting in this circle as you do, you are at once sitting here and expanding the circle very much, opening your arms out to include anyone who wishes to be included, anyone within access of the “technology.”  (Is that right? “Machinery”? No.)  The “set.”  And “this one” is also something like a receiving set.
   Channeling also comes in many forms.  It comes as dance, as mathematics, as plumbing.  If is sacred only in the way that life itself is sacred.
   How best to use it?  Experiment with it.  Try it out.  Don’t be too impressed.  Find out about it and use the information.
   It is the wish of all the realms to connect with each other consciously.  They do connect anyway in dream time, in meditation time, in the underlying threads that weave themselves in and out of what you create as consciously out.  And there is a great speeding up of those energies.  The connection is always there.  Bring it into the conscious mind and evaluate it.  And use it.  And still be here.


   Jeanne:  I wanted to ask how does someone decide which of these many available sources is the appropriate one.  There are many, many individuals who are channeling...

   Micciah:  Yes.  More and more.  And there will be more and more.

   Jeanne:  And is there a guide for us to help select the ones that seem appropriate?

   Micciah:  Yes.  This is a very good question.  We were hoping someone would ask, sooner or later.  So, we will give you guidelines, no pun intended.  [laughter]  The Consumer Report.  [laughter]  So, first of all, first of all, most important, is that the tone, or the essence, the resonance, be experienced by the one receiving the information or the guidance as loving.  And that means without judgment.  Compassionate.  Material that in any way deprives the recipient of his or her choices, that suggests there is only one possible choice, one possible allegiance, we would say is suspect.
   So, we do not say to you, “Listen only to Micciah.  Micciah has the truth.”  No.  No.  In exploring, it is the love that comes through that counts.  So when there is judgment, when there are punishing qualities to the material, or when it says, “I am the only one,” then, at least from the point of view of this channel, this is suspicious.
   In terms of the possibilities offered by channeled information, it must strike you as lively.  And hopefully, it could also be fun.  The...  It will be different.  Different people will respond to different kinds of information.  The most important is that it can all exist together, provided no one says, “You have no right to say what you say.  Listen only to what I say.”  We are also...  We would be careful of information or a position that is grandiose, that seems to make itself important with no playfulness, information that seems to mirror this same power-over.
   So, we irritate you often because we say, experiment. Don’t take the word of this channel, or anybody’s word, for anything.  Experiment with, with everything.  With God, with your clothes, with your love-making, with your diet.  Inquire about it.  So when material is very rigid, then it will attract people who need that kind of rigidity and form.  When it is softer, it will attract people who yearn for softness.  And it can all be together.  Directive material that gives you “the one way” to be we think is dangerous.  And material that in some way eliminates your power and resourcefulness and choosing we think is also dangerous.  So, do you want to ask further?

   Jeanne:  I just want to clarify a particular point.

   Micciah:  Yes.

   Jeanne:  For me personally as someone who also does this professionally, channels professionally, I still have a great deal of difficulty with individuals who claim to be channeling Christ or Buddha or an exalted holy being.  And I understand now, you’re saying that anything is possible and we need to select in the moment by our response.  But I still have personal trouble with that as a possibility.

   Micciah:  Well, for some people it is a grandiose position and a need of the ego self to be reassured that all this mishmash is a little more secure than it is.  [laughter]  It’s very wobbly, yes.  Squishes around.  And you get different information at different times.  So the personality self always wants to know the truth.  Well, two opposing things can’t be true.  But they can!  However, some people in channeling will, um, uh, they mean the Christ as a metaphor, they mean that to them Christ is a vast and loving symbol, not necessarily grandiose.  And they feel in their channeling they partake of that quality.  So sometimes it is meant in that vein, or the quality of the great Buddha spirit.  Not Gautama the Buddha or Jesus the Christ.  So, you would have to evaluate the implication of that frame.

   Jeanne:  I see.

   Micciah: When it purports to be special, in an isolating way, that is a hint.  When it is [pause], how to say...  ordinary.  The word “humble” has peculiar connotations, but...

   Jeanne:  “Available”?

   Micciah:  You say I, I am enveloped in the great realm of the teaching of the Christ, I am an ordinary person, I am given some of this in my channeling.  That is different from saying I, I am Jesus.  Or Ramakrishna.  Or Muktananda.  Or whatever.  We assure you we are no one in particular.  [laughter]  It is like, uh, all of the old jokes about reincarnation, everyone was Cleopatra.  [laughter]  Of course, someone really was Cleopatra.  [laughter]  So someone really may be channeling Ramakrishna.  Then what comes to the fore, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”  The Buddha probably will not announce himself as the Buddha.


   Jim:  Why are the entities — the names and personalities coming through channelers — why are they not the channelers?  Why aren’t the channelers, of which there are now so many, just coming through as themselves?  Is there fear on their part that it won’t be valid?  Or on the listener’s part?

   Micciah:  It is different for different people; so there isn’t a standard answer that will apply neatly to everyone.  What you now call channeling has been done, in one way or another, forever, by human creatures.  And it is done in different ways in different cultures.  Sometimes it is a taking-on of a particular god who speaks through the physical instrument; sometimes, ah — it is done in the form of an oracle, the Delphic Oracles, those who were trained to speak; sometimes it is done with drugs.  All right; you know this, yes?
   Sometimes the model of believing is that the spirits — those who were once in physical form and now are in other dimensions — take over and speak through the presently physical instrument.  In reality, a lot of different things happen.  It’s not really the same all the time.
   Hmm — we’ll try to break it down into categories.  You know you are multidimensional beings — that even though you have your feet in the physical world, and you brush your physical teeth in the morning and feed your physical belly, that you are living in a number of dimensions at once.
   One kind of speaking is done by putting the accustomed personality completely out of the way, and allowing the brain (which is really like a sending-and-receiving station, if you will) to ... hear, in the largest sense — to receive that which is beyond the personality-self.  And that can be done in the model of spiritualism; it can be done in the model of allowing the gods to come through you — there are a number of models that work.
   And then, sometimes, it is the group belief that the greater energy is wiser than the personality — which indeed — if it encompasses a larger field of knowing, it is....  Sort of.
   [Murmurs of amusement.]
   But sometimes — [sigh] — what becomes available through an individual’s attuning is the knowledge that has passed through another individual entity.  For instance: when Eileen Garrett did her work, there was one being who called himself Abdul Latif; and he had a personality, and he came from a particular [a small painting falls with a crash.] other physical time.  Perhaps he is here now!
   Waiting to speak!  This one, when she read about this as a child, was always very fond of Abdul Latif.
   So — [sharp exhalation] — what was available to Garrett, when she was on that frequency, was information that had passed through the physical organism of Latif and was being given to her through that broadcast stream.  She was also able to open to things beyond single physical entities.  Ah — let us say, group mind knowledge, rather than information that came through a particular individual.
   When someone is able to play the piano, for instance, who cannot in physical life play, they may be receiving that input through the track of another individual who was once physical who is sending it, relaying it, to them; or they may be picking it up from Great Wisdom and tapping directly into the Source.
   Sometimes, the (quote) “other personality” is merely a device.  Because the individual does not have enough confidence in herself or himself to speak in such large terms.
   What you experience, when you experience this one channeling, is her own self, her own knowing, or the knowing of her oversoul — the part that we call Valanatia, as well as the component of the oversoul that is Julie.  (This is just a model.)  And, ah — what she receives is from a larger aspect of awareness, that she has prepared to receive, and invites.  Part of the larger aspect contains fragments of several other dimensions, or realities.  It did not, so much, when she first started; but she as an instrument has shifted her sounding: her toning is different, her biochemistry is different.  So — she receives these several fragments, and they combine with what is known to her, and a personality is produced.  It is an effect; there is no personality.  She is in the habit of doing it this way.  She could retrain herself, and be still and receive it and speak it in her own voice, but this now is quicker, because we can get it right out.
   Ask!  Would you like to ask more about it?

   Jim:  No.  Thank you.

   Micciah:  [Whisper.]  All right.  [Aloud.]  And it happens — you open to the wider field — all the time!  If you have ever watched people play music, and the bliss in their faces — sing, dance, act on the stage, be inspired by love, open through meditation — you do this opening all the time!  That it comes out as this particular form of communication is just one aspect of play!  It has become — hmm — at once trivialized and overserious.  Ah — trivialized because — hmm — the person, the individual being doing the speaking, needs to be responsible for whatever is said.  And overserious — a kind of, ah — artificial solemnity: “You know, So-And-So is channeling a twenty-thousand- year-old being!”  “Oh — that must be very important!”
   It is divine play.  It is — it demands integrity; and it is not so solemn.
   It is a way in to greater wisdom.  It is a way inin.  When this one works in a group, such as yours, you are all participating — do you understand?  What is produced through the tuning system is connected to all of you.  It’s an ordinary ability.  And it is done differently — different people really are doing somewhat different things.

   Julie:  That’s the end of this particu­lar segment...  of this particular adventure.  And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”