Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 160, 1991  [automated CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1991 & 1990 where Micciah discusses:
Awakening — a many-layered process. The shift from patterns of automaticity to patterns consciously conceived. Liberation, bliss: the nectar of receiving Spirit. View Section
Picturing peace: When our choosing is “conceived in Spirit, all events are fertilized by Spirit”: everything is treated as the Beloved. In mythical times, when the link between realms was clear, birth and dying were done “in ongoing communication with the soul.” “You are moving back toward great bliss.” View Section
Abandonment, a common fear: “Tribal life is so dislocated” that we focus all need on “Significant Other.” Anxiety for our mother the Earth: a “seed in group consciousness,” breeding fear of abandonment. Healing comes through reconnection with Spirit. View Section

   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie: My Name is Julie Winter, and this program is called Micciah Channel.
   And what you are going to see is me, going into an altered state of consciousness, a non-ordinary state of awareness. And what I believe happens when I am in that state is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of this overlapping, and the personality is called Micciah.
   My voice is going to change and it is my own voice. The variations in speech have to do with my being in an altered state.
   The program is created from my classes. My students bring questions in. We encourage you to ask questions, to ask questions about channeling, about my channeling, whatever. And use your discernment in evaluating the information that comes through.
   The program that you are about to see is made up of a number of different class sessions.


   Micciah: We greet you, dear friends. And we are most pleased to be with you all.
   Now ... in moving from a state of smaller awareness — narrower awareness — to a broader, deeper, higher, wider state of consciousness, you go through many layers of waking yourselves up; of, ah — bringing yourselves out of trance (no joke intended — or, perhaps a joke intended). And you also shift the totality of your consciousness by being able to go deliberately into a variety of kinds of trances.
   It is essential that you bring yourselves out of the kind of murmuring sleepiness that is, ah — dulling to your aliveness. And sometimes, in shaking yourselves awake, there is discomfort as you go from sleepwalking to wake-walking [with a laugh] — wakened-walking (not to confuse with the other kind of wake). And as the personality-self loosens its hold, its illusion of control, there is some discomfort — sometimes considerable discomfort, sometimes images of death. It does not mean the physical body is dying. But you are dying to the more confining levels of the self.
   And sometimes, in the process of wakening and wakening, there is bliss; a sense of liberation and vitality and freedom that is nectar. This evening Linda brought this one — brought Julie — a gift of an herbal preparation mixed with honey that is a kind of nectar, to feed the body. In wakening yourselves, you give yourselves a kind of nectar — sweetness, great energy and vitality. [Whisper.] Yesss. [Aloud.] The nectar of awakening. Of opening the eyes of the personality to perceive the soul! Opening the visionary eye to perceive ... the passion of Spirit pouring through you.
   And as you are in the stages of this awakening, you begin to have the option of observing your own process, the reactions of your own personality, with love and compassion. And you begin to have the power to shift from what has been perhaps for lifetimes a pattern of automaticity into, ah — a consciously conceived pattern, a pattern seeded by Spirit, conceived of by the larger totality of You, a liberation into a completely new way of choosing: choosing through the wisdom of the soul in alignment with Spirit. When you start to do this consistently, then you live in a larger and larger reality, with an increased sensitivity to the totality of the web in which you live and breathe and move and have your being.
   And then you develop an embryonic but also ancient and familiar sense of your own power. Often, you live with an undermined, shamed sense, which diminishes your real power; and then, opposing that, a grandiose sense, coming from the personality-self, which enlarges your power in an unrealistic or untrue way. In this cycle of awakening ... awakening — awakening, you come to a sense of your genuine magnificence.
   [Pause.] And then — your signaling, as an entity, encompasses this awakened consciousness; or is — ah — sent out, broadcast! from your increasingly awakened consciousness. And also what you receive comes through you, as a filter, into an increasingly awakened consciousness.
   [Pause.] As this continues, the physical events and circumstances of life become increasingly transparent. As we have said before. And you are able to see through the circumstance to the underlying intention.
   [Pause. Whisper.] All right. [Aloud.] What are your questions?

   Marion: Micciah, I’ve been trying to imagine what peace really looks like.

   Micciah: [Whisper.] Yes —

   Marion: I know it’s more than the absence of war.

   Micciah: Yes! [Laughing.]

   Marion: And one of the things I’m having the most difficulty imagining is, when we actually come into this world, when we give birth —

   Micciah: [Whisper.] Yes!

   Marion: — to one another: we seem to do it in a very haphazard way right now —

   Micciah: Oh yes!

   Marion: — and a lot of waste, a lot of unwanted babies.

   Micciah: [Whisper.] Yes ...

   Marion: Is there a way we can do it — better?

   Micciah: [Loudly.] Ohhh, yes! Yes. Yes.

   Marion [amid loud laughter]: Yes! Hurray! All right.

   Micciah: First of all: the question of giving birth is at least as difficult as the question of prophecy. You are all giving birth, to yourselves and to each other and to your conceiving of reality, all the time. And when we said in our opening statement that as you become awakened — in layers — then you bring to your decision-making process, to your choosing, the seeds of Spirit. Your choosing is then conceived in Spirit, and all the events, inner and outer, are fertilized by Spirit. And this means you live in a very different world. Even within the same identical physical world, when you are living in that frame of reference you are living in a different world. So within this same realm there are — thouoooosands upon thousands of universes, because of the differences in the way you conceive of you and the world around you.
   The more you become awakened — the more you are able to drink in the nectar of Spirit, of bliss — the more the outer world then reflects this circumstance in the inner world. And everything is treated as the Beloved. How can you conceive of this? If you imagine the most beloved, precious relationship in your life, and being in that, and more, with everything you touch and everyone you are with ... then you have some idea, glimmer, of what it would be like to live in the ecstasy of peace. The sense of celebration; and also, riding within it, the power of stillnessss ...
   [Pause.] Now, there have been times (not in your recorded history, but alluded to in mythical stories) of this magnificence. And there have been times when physical birth was the result of awakened consciousness. And the links between the realms were links in awareness. So two souls would call to another — knowing which soul they were communicating with, through the knowing of their heart and the knowing of their dreams — as easily as you know that this is the color blue! (Or turquoise!) And the body would be fashioned with an ongoing communication with the soul, and brought to birth. It was also known, in those times, how to prevent a birth. It was because the link between physical life and spiritual life was so clear. Sooo, when physical birth was desired the channels were opened. And groups of people would participate together, and everyone would know it was time to bring Such-and-So in.... [Pause.] Yes, it has become, ah ... mysterious to you, although this idea of conscious birthing floats around, in and out ...
   And all of it was done in cooperation with, ah — all of the other elements of life. There have never been this many people; that is, there has never been, ah — this much physical incarnation, human physical incarnation. And it was so in these times, as well, that one left the body consciously. You didn’t have to have a disease, or fall into a hole. But, ah — the energy centers were closed down and the contact with the physical body was — like, ah — putting your fingers in the flame: snuffed out. There was, then, as we say, clear communication amongst the realms.
   And in your own freedom, and your own experimentation as a species, you have moved through many stages, many times. You are moving back toward great bliss. Take heart! Don’t be blinded by the circumstances, nor of course in denial of them; but rather, look for the birth that is trying to seed itself. Look for the intention behind the circumstances that you now observe. And always: use your imaginations, your creativity, to be inspired!


   Veronica: Micciah, we were wondering if you would comment on the issue of abandonment, and why it’s so strong in each one of us, and it’s so frequently acted out in the arena of intimate relationships — and is there some germ in group consciousness that causes it to be so strong?

   Micciah: Yes — abandonment. Yes.
   Hmm. This resonates on many layers.
   In order to feel relatively secure in the continuing affection of your loved ones and of your tribe, you need to have received fairly steady nurturing when you are small. Reliable nurturing. Well — all right, so you don’t. So are you doomed forever? No! You can work with the issue. You can ask for healing in the emotional body, and so forth.
   Abandonment often focuses on the intimate partner because you have torn apart your communities, and community or tribal life is so dislocated that the need for the one becomes even more alarming, pressing. In addition to that, the world is in such noticeable upheaval: not only are individuals endangered physically from disease, from pollution, from bombs; but the earth itself — your symbolic and very real mother herself — is in danger, lighting the fire under all abandonment issues. This is a kind of abandonment you have not as a species experienced as a possibility before.
   So there are stacks of resonances about abandonment; and many of them focus, in an immediate sense, on the person-in-your-own-environment — the Significant Other! — who receives the full impact of the psychological damage and loss (which perhaps has not been healed), the loss of tribe and community, and the greater fear that the mother will be harmed irrevocably.
   So yes, it is a seed. And, ah — the healing can proceed on many levels. All of them most effectively include connection with Spirit, because that cannot — cannot abandon you. Is never taken away. Cannot go anywhere. Cannot be diminished.
   We are not doing this question justice, but we are going to run out of time. Does that help?

   Students: Yes.


   Julie: That’s the end of this particular segment... of this particular adventure. And this channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellectual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you.
   Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”