Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session 9/30/21 Living Life in a Framework of Spirituality

In the introduction Micciah discusses:
These changes are alchemical, stay connected to this moment. There is only one of us. All time is simultaneous. And this is difficult to form into language. View Section
Are there beings of any kind that are clinging to old conservative ways and not participating in transformation? Yes and no. View Section
How can we use the skills that we have, or the psychic skills that we have, to serve this transformation? Use your own connections. Notice when they are happening, with people, with animals. “Your primary experience is not as an individual but as onesses who are all connected.” View Section
How do we evaluate these voices? Examine it. “Live with it. Dance around with it. See how it feels.” View Section
The whole issue of time. “In this embodied world most beings have the experience of time. Those who meditate deeply, or are shamans, magicians, wise women and men, can move outside of that.” Experiment being “in time” and “outside of time.” View Section

   Julie: OK?

   Jon: Yes, all ready, right.

   Julie: Okay, so, I ask to be guided in these very complex waters to receive information that is clear, can be of use (I mean some things can’t be tested, we can’t test what’s going to happen in this civilizational change.) And you can evaluate it, meditate on it, think about it. We can talk about it.
   I’m very grateful for this gift. I’m very grateful to be working with all of you, to have a place to share this. I’m very grateful to you, Jon. [who blows her a kiss] And I ask that the work be blessed.
   So, give me a moment.

   Micciah: We greet you dear friends. And we are most pleased to be with you.
   As we said, I believe it was the last time we met, could have been the time before… What you are passing through now, individually and collectively, is alchemical. It is not change in the ordinary sense. (Yes, we have said this before.) Change moves parts around. An alchemical process burns the substance, blackens the substance and it is transformed. So, we are talking about, as they mention is this paper, you “can call it a civilizational change.” Transformation.
   And there have been world ages before. This is not the first time. It is the end of a world age. And you are indeed planting seeds in consciousness. All of you and the thousands of being who work in consciousness, preparing the ground with your love, with your tears, sometimes with your fears, and putting in the seeds. You say, all of you in this group, “There is only one of us.” But that is not… It is a belief in Buddhism. Well, it is really a belief in many spiritual paths, but it is not a cultural… It is not the civilizational belief.
   When Jon and Julie were watching the archeological dig program, [Time Team] as far back as they could dig, they found weapons, fortresses of some kind. The theme was “my tribe, our individual being, protect what you have.” So, the deeper you go, or the more you grow, the higher you reach, the greater the responsibility for those seeds. What…? When I say such and such, when I do such and such, what kind of seed am I planting?
   So, let’s get on to the questions, the issues. Amongst them, time. And we will begin right now by saying, all time is simultaneous. And now your physicists say pretty much the same thing. Your thinking mind cannot grasp that. You can think about it. It has to be understood, if you will, experienced through other levels. The thinking mind, given the information that all time is simultaneous, simply blows its wires and begins to ask hundreds of, “But you can’t...? But…? Change…? But time? But…” many, many questions. So, given that understanding, that all time is simultaneous, you might also remember the great Buddhist prayer, the heart sutra, which ends with a rough translation, “Nothing, nothing, nothing beyond nothing.”
   So, let us proceed from here (See? Can’t use this language without having it framed in time.) into our queries. Please. And we will do our best. We think there will be some issues that will be bigger than what we can understand. Or more than Julie can grasp.

   Sue: [reading questions that the class has assembled] All right, so, not talking about… worrying about time, are there beings of any kind that are clinging to old ways? And are there people in this realm, like Republicans or Evangelicals, that are connected to some of these entities that are clinging to old ways?

   Micciah: So, we are back in time. If they are clinging and they are ancient, then we’re back in time. So, we’re going to have to use what many of you live in, not everyone. There are beings who experience time as simultaneous as we have said before, and who can appear in two places at once, and have different relationship with space. But we’ll just stick with this for the moment
   So, this is… when Julie read this it startled her and also troubled her. So, here is a comforting response. Yes and no. [chuckles] There are clusters of… (you could call them entities) clusters of vibratory affinities not in the physical realm. You could say (since we are using the word vibration) they have been singing the same song forever. And to some extent is has the (what to call it) momentum to continue itself. And that song, or those (there may be a variety of them) are not energies that are in support of these transformational issues. We don’t really think… they’re not… It’s not like the current Republican Party in some other dimension. They were set in motion in other civilizational ages by beings (both embodied beings and disembodied beings) who were in those civilizational bundles, acknowledged. (We are thinking of Atlantis.) And they set certain things in motion energetically and some of them persist in, guess what, time. And it isn’t that they wish to continue. They are still… They’re still singing. You don’t have to engage with them or give those vibrational clusters any allegiance.
   Does this make any senses at all?

   Class members [all at once]: Yes. No. Yes. No. Yeah. Very little. [some laughs]

   Lila: Yes and no.

   Gail: I think part of it is because we really identify with words in our communication as you said before. And it’s really vibration. We’re all electrical energy and everything is vibrating in the entire universe or cosmos and we’re vibrating within it as one. And so we tend to lose it because we don’t grasp it right here.

   Micciah: Yes. What we are saying, however, about these… The question is about the…

   Gail: Time and space.

   Micciah: Are there forces beyond this realm who are not supporting this transformation?
   So, the answer is: Yes and No.
   Let us say there are clusters of beliefs shared by human beings. And when they began (since we are sticking with the time metaphor) those human beings, some of them great… some of them who did live in a multidimensional reality. They joined with those energies, particular patterns were set in motion, and those patterns persist, and they are not in the best interests of the transformations of which we speak. And from our perspective you can understand it, not understand it, think it’s interesting… Ignore them.
   Think of Louise Hay, “Not in my world.” Don’t add anything to them. Don’t worry about them. And then Joy, your question is related to this, yes? Are some of the current Republicans, and some of the current people who think of themselves as Christians, although Christ would weep, are they in some way aligned with this song? Are they singing this song? Yes, in a different time, in a different frame, but in a way, yes. Are they conscious of it? No.
   Joy, did that answer your question?

   Joy: Yes. Yes it did.

   Micciah: And to go further with this. There have been people in many cultures who vibrated with energies, either these energies or energies like it, that have been around for a very long time.

   Sue: [chuckles] So, how can we use the skills that we have, or the psychic skills that we have, to serve this transformation? I mean, how do we participate?

   Micciah: In many ways. In many ways. From the most basic, that is to use your own connections. You call them psychic skills. They are vibrational awarenesses that… (we don’t love the word vibrational; you know, we’ve said this before. But… This how we communicate to you.)  Use them yourself. What is your guidance? Does your guidance (if you want to think of it astrologically) stop at Saturn, does it stop at the ego? What’s good for my ego? How is this going to make me more popular, famous, important, rich? Or do you go beyond into the outer planets, Uranus and Neptune, and Pluto and say, “I am connected with my intuition, with other beings to nourish and support the vibrancy of my awareness of one.”?
   Sometimes a person will approach you, for instance, and ask to speak with people who have gone from this realm. And first of all, they are connected with the idea that we believe consciousness does continue.
   It’s not… Once you leave your body, your body is gone. But your consciousness is not gone. So, it can be of great comfort. You can offer wisdom that is beyond the wisdom of the ego; and we are not against egos. You need a resilient one to live in the world. To work with them together in groups, because then you share the energy of being embodied, and living, also, lovingly in the body and on the earth and beyond it.
   In Julie’s work, in her present work she, through a friend, began to work with some number of people who work for an enormous and wealthy company. When she started to work with them, they did not have any awareness of meditation, of other realms. A number of them left that company to do other things. Some of them stayed and became involved through their work with Julie, not because she suggested it, but because they began to question; became aware of other realms, of meditation, of psychic abilities, of compassion.
   You know you can use it too with the animals. Some people already do. They are gifted with being able to communicate with animals in a variety of ways that you would call psychic. The fellow Jon was studying with [James French, Trust Technique] as well as people who can attune to animals and describe what they are needing. The more inclusive you are in your connections — the animals, the growing things, the water, the stars — the closer you come to the civilization that will eventually arise. Energy work on the body, intuitive guidance about your body and other people’s bodies, about food, about very practical things. So, it is Alaina, and for all of you a wider wisdom. If it gets conflated with the ego, then there’s a problem. But that would be true of most things.

   Jon: It sounds sort of what… I’m envisioning a, whatever, a world which is more, for want of a better word, psychic where less language is used and a more direct knowing, somehow.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Jon: That’s the sort of palpable difference.

   Micciah: And your primary experience is not as an individual but as onesses who are all connected.

   Jon: Community.

   Micciah: Community.
   Please continue.

   Sue: So, I guess the last question was about trusting these voices, of entities that we are exposed to and how we evaluate that.

   Micciah: Yes. And no, don’t simply deliver your trust. No. No. Examine it. If you are yourself intuitive, you can, let us say, examine intuition to intuition. Meditate on it. Try out, if there are some suggestions, try them out. There’s absolutely no, no, no reason to assume this, what Julie read, is so. Sit with it. Live with it. Dance around with it. See how it feels.

   Sue: So, the whole issue of time just keeps interfering [Micciah laughs] from my standpoint.

   Micciah: It does.

   Sue: It keeps interfering if you’re talking about transforming from something to something, then it implies that something comes after something else.

   Micciah: It does.

   Sue: It implies time.

   Micciah: Yes, it does. And you do. In this embodied world most beings experience, have the experience of time. Those who meditate deeply, or are shamans, magicians, wise women and men, can move outside of that. But it is part of the play. It’s part of the production, the illusion of time. Until you go beyond it and see it is a story. It is a story that you are in.
   We will go back to dancing. You are in a dance with it. When your consciousness, let us say, expands, shift, transforms, you can see the dance. Oh, it all happened before, and there really was no “before” and there is no “after.” Nothing, nothing, nothing beyond nothing. And you are in the dance with it. The more reality you give it [claps] the more solid it becomes.
   Here’s an example: you think that healing takes place in time, in general. “Colds last a week.” But we have talked about this before both on this context and just in conversation and the work that you do. So, what happens then when someone is in a wheelchair and someone else lays hands on them. Spirit moves through them and the person in the wheelchair gets up. That happens outside of time. Twenty years they did not “get better.” Touched by someone who was intimately interwoven with the larger forces [snaps fingers] the body gets up. Or, on the emotional level for Julie and Polly and Jon and the people who worked with Bro had emotional healings. You’ve worked on an issue and worked on it. You’ve been in therapy, you’ve thought about it, you’ve meditated on it, you’ve written about it. He touches your head, says, “In the name of Jesus be thou every whit whole” because he happened to believe in Jesus as a teacher. And all of the clusters of those feelings dissolve. What is that? It means that your relationship to time has altered. And you have been touched by the energies that are eternal, contain all possibilities, are completely empty, are filled with love and live outside of time.
   But it is not about will. So, you say, “If you can do that, hey!” It is about, it is about Spirit, and you cannot “will” Spirit. Nevertheless, because this particular person lived in it so completely, he could open to it in a way that many people cannot; or are not ready for, or sometimes do but often can’t.
   Some of the great Tibetan teachers know how to leave their bodies. They sit. They close down their energy system. They close down the chakras. They move out of the crown chakra and are gone from their bodies. So, they are in a different relationship with time, of the body becoming ill, decaying, etc. And, at least some of the great Hindu saints, the body has not decayed. So, its relationship to time was outside of what you understand. And we would suggest to you, as a group, to do some practice on moving outside of time.
   Alaina, when you are using your intuitive skills, when you are communicating with those who are now disembodied, you are outside of time because they are not here, are they?
   [Alaina nods]
   Once you leave your body, you are energy. When you see a body, a “ghost,” that has to organized by the person who has passed. When you communicate with someone who has passed and you see them, you are seeing a sort of energetic replica. They don’t… You don’t have a body once you leave. You don’t need one. But you can have an energetic constellation that can represent itself as a body, or a person, a personality.
   So, yes indeed, try some experiments. Well, you have, you are trying some, really, working with raising golden sparks when you go back “in time” and shift an energetic organization and turn it into the alchemical gold. You are outside of time. Because the group belief is, “you can’t change the past.” But you can, particularly since it isn’t passed. [chuckles] You could be if you did that.
   Thank you. You have asked… made wonderful inquiries and been so patient with the difficulties in explaining it and exploring it.
   And Julie is seeing here teacher here and he is laughing. He was a person in his life who loved to laugh. [laughs] And Bro, over there [to her left — laughs] “You’re getting there, honey.” [laughs]
   So, many blessings. Continue your wonderful work in time doing exercises to move yourself out of the confines of those beliefs. So many beings here blessing you, blessing you, blessing you. And some animals.
   We share with you much love and we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”