Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Zoom Session Sept 30, 2021 Living Life in a Framework of Spirituality
In the introduction Micciah discusses:
These changes are alchemical, stay connected to this moment. There is only one of us. All time is simultaneous. And this is difficult to form into language. View Section
Are there beings of any kind that are clinging to old conservative ways and not participating in transformation? Yes and no. View Section
How can we use the skills that we have, or the psychic skills that we have, to serve this transformation? Use your own connections. Notice when they are happening, with people, with animals. “Your primary experience is not as an individual but as onesses who are all connected.” View Section
How do we evaluate these voices? Examine it. “Live with it. Dance around with it. See how it feels.” View Section
The whole issue of time. “In this embodied world most beings have the experience of time. Those who meditate deeply, or are shamans, magicians, wise women and men, can move outside of that.” Experiment being “in time” and “outside of time.” View Section

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