Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session 1/6/22 Covid’s Trajectory and Healing World Splits

Micciah discusses:
The liminal, the in-between time. In some spiritual practices, the liminal experience occurs when the participants have left behind their old identities but have not yet acquired their new ones. Celebrate it and learn the steps to your dance. View Section
The trajectory of the pandemic. It is moving eventually toward a kind of integration where it can be managed. View Section
The world splitting. Years ago we said, “The world would tear apart, and you would be living simultaneously in two universes — same physical universe.” It is not only torn apart, it is more, at this point, shredded. You are giving up your old identities, waiting for the new ones to come in. View Section
How to heal the splits. Make an inquiry about yourself, compassionately. In the interest of moving into oneness. Pay attention to all of your senses. View Section
The rigidity of the splits and choosing a path. Ask Spirit, ask the greater energies to flow into you. View Section

   Micciah: So, we greet you dear friends, and we are most pleased to be with you. And as always, the space, which appears to be empty, is filled with entities, other guides, love. And you know that this is an exchange. We share with you what we can, and you learn, we hope from this. And you share with us your experiences, the physical world, your love.
   So, as Julie said and as you know, this is a most complex time; and has been. But now, you are at a very particular moment in the process. You are at the liminal point.
   Liminal, what is that? In some spiritual practices, the liminal experience occurs when the participants have left behind their old identities but have not yet acquired their new ones. We will say that again. It is when the participants have left behind their old identities, in a ritual, let us say, intentionally, but the new ones have not yet come into place, not even come into place, let alone integrated. So, it is an edge of consciousness. And one of the keys to it and its potential power is the capacity to tolerate that in-between state. Not there, in my old identity. Not yet established through the rest of the ritual and life. The new identity just at the edge. At the edge.
   This is a necessary state, a necessary experience in transformation. To loosen the old identity, the aspects of the old identity and be willing to let them go and rest in the middle in not-knowing, as the Buddhists say, don’t-know-mind. In AA, they say as you transform as you go to meetings and become sober, you reach a doorway into the next phase. But you aren’t through the doorway. We believe the expression is, “It’s hell in the hallway.” [chuckles] Hard, before that door opens.
   So here we are, and it is an extraordinary time to be together and to discuss this. In the conscious mind it may appear as confusion. Old identity, and you have all been working with releasing old patterns. And the challenges of this time, if you use them, support that work. The world is not the same. Spirit is the same. Spirit is eternal. The world you live in, the incarnate world in this realm, is not the same. And it is not yet transformed.
   So, there would be many many ways to approach this state and we will speak of some of them. One of them, and we hope that you will really do this whenever you feel able, is to celebrate it.
   We believe it was last week that this one quoted from a book written by a doctor who practiced for many years amongst Native Americans. And the shaman said to the doctor, who had introduced himself very formally, “Yes, but do you know how to dance? I can show you my dance, but you must learn the steps of your dance.” Imagine, perhaps your personality is thinking, “Imagine. Celebrating. This is hard!” Music. Movement. These are keys. Movement. (And we will go into more of that later.) Music. What is the dance of this time? How do you live in the liminal state and dance with it? Say, “Yes, this is what it is. No, I don’t know yet how it will go. The new aspects of my identity that will develop from it. I don’t know, I don’t know, and I’m going to see if I can dance it.”
   So, we know you have inquiries. Please Jon, if you would read them.

   Jon: The initial question is about the pandemic, and what might its trajectory be?

   Micciah: And by trajectory, are you meaning, “Excuse me. When will this be over?” [chuckles]

   Jon: I think not necessarily. But if you can go there, we’d like that.

   Micciah: We are not so good on time. And we will look at the trajectory as we experience…
   Ah, our friend Susan is here. She is laughing. She says I love you all. In earth time, next month will be two years since she passed from this realm.
   Part of the trajectory is: here you are at the edge. At the edge. Perhaps dancing the experience. Open to allow confusion, not knowing. And, of course, it has a trajectory because nothing stays still. Part of the trajectory is going to be shaped by you and by others and by consciousness. Individual consciousness. Group consciousness. There are a lot of levels to this question.
   Julie and Jon were seeing their wonderful chiropractor yesterday. And he was saying he thought that the variants would modify like a wave. Many of the people who currently have one of the variants, omicron, those who were vaccinated, most of them are not very sick. They are uncomfortable.
   We believe (correct us if this is wrong) that the ones who are ill enough to be hospitalized are people who were not vaccinated. [to Jon] Correct?

   Jon: Mostly.

   Micciah: Mostly. All right.
   But that this will wave through. Alaina, you said that there was panic. Some of the panic is, this time, with people sick and people in hospitals because they were not vaccinated, and people unable to get into hospitals who need care, and so forth. Gets… As they say in Somatic Experiencing, it gets overcoupled with earlier, the first covid when people were in hospitals and dying. Many, thousands and thousands and thousands. When Julie and Jon left the city, as you know, there were, there were bodies in trucks. So, this is not that. That was then, and this is now.
   So, it is moved… We believe it… [throws hands into the air] What?
   Well, it is not a smooth ride. But it is moving eventually toward a kind of integration where this can be managed in somewhat the same way that flu is managed. And we know Julie has never had a flu shot. Different people manage it differently. But we are giving you the long, the long stretch. There will be other variants.
   Some countries are suffering greatly because there is not enough vaccination, not enough [taps arm] enough stuff [vaccine.] And you have the crossed wires that connects this being vaccinated, wearing a mask, taking precautions. Through political maneuvering it has become a political issue. Not only in the United States. It was rising in, of all places, Amsterdam. So, in addition to dealing with the disease, the dis-ease, you are dealing with [pause] (the word that comes is frantic) belief, group beliefs that to protect yourself in a sensible way is to be manipulated and diminished. It has gotten (we keep seeing crossed wires) confused with liberation, autonomy, freedom. So, that part creates danger.
   One moment.
   “They,” hah. The are not dancing, they are rioting, which was not the dance we had in mind. And there are various groups of people for different “reasons” in this belief. “It is not natural.” “It is political manipulation. You are taking away my freedom.” “It is un-Christian, and if I die, it is God’s will.”
   So, years ago we said, “The world would tear apart, and you would be living simultaneously in two universes — same physical universe.” So, now it has torn apart, and the pieces have torn apart again… And again… And again. So, it is… [pause] It is not only torn apart, it is more, at this point, shredded. [pause]
   You know, we have said this over and over again. You come into incarnation in this realm to learn about choice. A great deal depends (here we are in the liminal state, yes?) on the choices people make. So, there are several possible paths that the politics of it could be calmed. Well, you say, “How?” Peacefully, compassionately, or not calmed, or calmed in some places but not others with continuing political unrest.
   So, for you, and those like you, and there are thousands of people like you; they may not be in the news, but they are there, you are there, they are there. You are together working in consciousness holding the love even in the most desperate seeming moments, going back to it. Because you are going back to Spirit. Spirit is not in conflict. The divine is not in conflict. Human beings are in conflict. Human beings arise out of the divine, but they are not necessarily conscious of that. So, to go back to identity, the groups who have splintered (this is important) have developed, very many of them, have developed very rigid identities and (no joke intended) identification with the identity. [slaps her chest] “This is who I am. This is what I believe in.” A lot of blame. “Ah, we are right. You are wrong.” You know, this is never productive.
   So, you are giving up your old identities, waiting for the new ones to come in. Deeper compassion, wider capacity, including the capacity to hold it all and everyone, everyone with love.
   Wait, [taps head] slow down. Ah!
   So, as you work with your own identities, you have just been through the work you all did with personality types, etc., which was not so much about the psychology of it but where you are blocked from gathering the golden sparks. As you give up your identities, which is not going to be [snaps fingers]. You’re working on it, it’s a process, but don’t have the new ones, remember you want to ask, ask, ask, ask to be shown the path for the new ones. And, as we believe we mentioned when “that person” was elected, contemplate yourself. (And, how to describe this…) Contemplate yourself and the places where you may still be attached to the beliefs of your tribe, your family, your religion.
   Because what you are moving toward, (we will tell you this much, if this works out, let’s say when it works out) what you are moving toward is inter-spirituality, is a realization of oneness. A realization of oneness. There is no other. There is only one of you.
   So, you are asking yourselves, “Hmm, where might I still be attached to the beliefs of my tribe?” Not that you have a belief, that you are attached to it. And you may say, “Well, you know, I was brought up catholic, but I gave that up long ago” So the next question is: Neither attachment… No. Neither craving to be with your tribe and be like your tribe, nor aversion. Aversion is an attachment. So, you think to yourself, which people can you really not stand? “Oh, I can’t stand those people.” And the ask yourself, “Are there some crumbs in me that either are attached to my identity as part of my tribe?” Not that you have a tribe or love your friends. It’s the attachment. Or “Have I gone the other way and gone into aversion?” “I was brought up in the Presbyterian Church and I hate them.” What does Anne Lamott say, quoting her father? “God’s frozen people.” So, both attachment to the identity and aversion to the identity create attachment. Do you understand that?
   [nods all around]
   So, part of the work here where there are now so many splits and such strong attachments, look at the secondary process, [holds fist in the air] to what’s right. “I know what is right because I do things in the natural way.” Or “I know what is right because I am a Republican.” Or “I know what is right because I am a particular kind of Christian.” Whatever it is. Identities of that kind are rigid.
   So, where within yourself, looking around with love, is there attachment either to craving or aversion. “I don’t want to be like that.” So, neither of those positions hold oneness. “No, I don’t want to be like that. Is there anyone you think…? Can you think of anyone you would not include in your idea of oneness? Who gets left out? “They’re not part of my oneness. There is only one of us, but those people are not part of my oneness.” So, those are places to work because as you do it, remember, it flows into consciousness because there is oneness. There really is only one of you. It is not a metaphor.
   [she leans toward Jon]

   Jon: You’re covering a lot of ground of these prepared questions.

   Micciah: Oh good. Well good. What’s the next one?

   Jon: Well, the next one is healing the splits?

   Micciah: Ah, well, that’s what we are talking about, healing the splits.
   Is to make an inquiry about yourself, compassionately. In the interest of moving into oneness, let us call it “Inter-spirituality.” Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to have the same understanding or the same beliefs and everyone is welcome. One of the things Julie loved so much about Science of Mind was that everyone was welcome. So, making the inquiry you are participating in the healing. And notice the parts of the self that say, “No, not me. I’m not attached. Not I. I have no aversions.” Because there is… Speaking of the golden sparks, to realize where you have the attachments, contemplate them compassionately and begin to let them release is healing.
   Also, to support yourself, your wellness and your vitality in this time, because this place of being in the liminal space, not knowing what will come, can effect your energy and reduce your personal experience of your life energy. Your body and your connection to your body (and we will describe how) will support your wellness, increase your energy.
   Now we hope you will not just listen politely but really do some of this. And we say this to Julie too. If you can, once a day if you can do it, put your feet on the earth. If you live in the city, if you are near a park, and if you can’t do it once a day, do it when you can do it. Put your feet on the earth. No, you’re not going to take your snow boots off in central park. But put your feet on the earth. The earth is the mother and that’s not a metaphor either. And feel the energy coming up your feet. Your connection all the way up your body. Five minutes. Longer if you like. Maybe this is part of the dance.
   Pay attention to all of your senses. (Now we’re going to say something which will probably be unpopular.) The more you focus on this:  [indicating a narrow corridor between her hands on either side of her face] phone, the emails, the texts, and Julie needs to look at a screen every day and she does try to compensate for it. (This will be really unpopular.) It’s a drain on your energy and it narrows your focus. We are trying to widen the focus. [her hands move out to either side of her head] So, if you are going to look at a screen look at it and see if you can keep your peripheral vision open. You know? So, the focus doesn’t get narrower and narrower. That is counterproductive. Keep your peripheral vision open and use your eyes. Look at things. Trace them, their shapes, with your eyes. Whatever you’re looking at. So your eyes are moving. The eyes contain tiny tiny tiny vibrations that are essential to your health and your vision. Look. Eyes. Look at your own hand. Follow the contours. There is a tendency, particularly in the west, to fix the eyes and to hang on to reality. Seeing is believing with your eyes. So, this opens up the natural vibrations of your eyes. So, you have contact with the earth, movement of your eyes, all the way around the window, all the way around the plant. You understand? So, your eyes are moving.
   Listen. And those of you who live in cities have a particularly challenging task because, as we have said before, there is more noise on this planet than there has ever been before in the history of human beings. But listen. Listen to the sounds around you. And the exercise Julie mentioned last week where you go around your ears, circle around your ears. And then rub inside because all the acupuncture points are in there. Doesn’t take very long. And be aware of what you are touching.
   And one more thing. Charge your hands. [rubbing her hands together] Easy, until you feel the energy that bounce in between your hands. So, this is how you bring your life energy up in this challenging time. Go around your energy body, you know, we’ve done this together. You feel the energy in between your hands. It feels a little magnetic, or a little… Um, you can feel it literally. Go around your energy body, around your physical body. And then rest your hands on any part of your body that needs extra strength. So, perhaps this is part of the dance.
   You can do that [rubbing her hands together] at any time, you know. Energy bath. And particularly rub here, wrist to elbow. Just that. Whenever you think of it, or take fifteen minutes and do a sort of cycle.
   So, we are telling you this to give you tools to lift your life energy as you’re in this liminal state, although it would be good to do at any time, particularly now, because of the confusion, the upsets. Your body is your ally. Drink enough water. Put a little juice in it. Stay hydrated; body, it’s ninety something percent water. And you will find that it effects your sense of well-being as well as your energy, your physical energy. And your emotional energy.
   Please go on.

   Jon: I’m not sure whether this is relevant anymore but, “The rigidity of the splits, choosing a path.”

   Micciah: Well yes. We think we have talked about it. The splits, the people have split off from…, you know, there are groups. “We all believe this, together.” And as Wilhelm Reich said, “Wherever there are orthodoxies, there are rigidities.” Rigidities will not support your wellbeing. It is the rigid trees that fall in the wind.
   So, we have asked you to look at yourselves and your own identities and where you are identified with your tribe, because all of this great change, transformation (it is not a change) transformation has to do with leaving the tribes and becoming the tribe of one. With many different people, different ideas, all of it welcome, all of it included. Is this going to happen tomorrow? We think not. Can you begin now? Of course.
   Oh, ah, one more very important thing in terms of energy and wellbeing. Ask Spirit, ask the greater energies to flow into you. Every cell in your body is divine and you do not have to depend on your own physical self, although we have talked about ways to work with yourself. Ask and ask, “Fill me with energy. Let the divine energy come through me.” The energy that is larger than who you are individually is there to support you and heal you and share with you. Ask. Ask. Ask. [throws her arms up and open] This curved arm position is an open position and has to do with asking and accepting just as this [brings arms together across her chest grabbing her shoulders] has to do with closing out and this [arms in jogging motion with fists closed] has to do with war, etc. Ask, yes. Almost forgot the most important thing. “Fill me with your energy.”
   Again, we really hope that you will use this information, that you will use it, you will experiment with it, because that is the only way you can really experience it or test it. Ask.
   Well! [turns to Jon]

   Jon: There are a couple more, but you basically covered it. “How to clear and listen to ourselves?” Done. “How to move from here?” Done.

   Micciah: [Micciah snaps her fingers] As well as whatever activities you want to take. We have said this before, there are large groups of people working to support equality, women’s rights, peace. Energy. Money is energy. What you think of as money comes from Spirit, it’s just energy in a particular form. Give it out. Money is meant to circulate. And if you don’t have any money right now, that’s OK. When you locate the places you want to support, pray on them. That’s energy. All of the brave people, in the ACLU, in Planned Parenthood, in the movements to create equality. We rarely make specific political comments, but your current president is a very spiritual man and deserves much more credit than he’s getting. He doesn’t even want the credit. So, keep him and Kamala in your prayers.
   We share with you much love, much love. Remember how much loved you are. And we bid you a very good evening, and a good day tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that as you put your feet on the ground. Cherish your energy, move your eyes, listen to the sounds. We will be dancing with you.
   Oh, Susan says, “Don’t forget gratitude.”
   Until we meet again.

   Jon: Thank you Micciah.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”