Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Zoom Session January 6, 2022 - Covid’s Trajectory and Healing World Splits
Micciah discusses:
The liminal, the in-between time. In some spiritual practices, the liminal experience occurs when the participants have left behind their old identities but have not yet acquired their new ones. Celebrate it and learn the steps to your dance. View Section
The trajectory of the pandemic. It is moving eventually toward a kind of integration where it can be managed. View Section
The world splitting. Years ago we said, “The world would tear apart, and you would be living simultaneously in two universes — same physical universe.” It is not only torn apart, it is more, at this point, shredded. You are giving up your old identities, waiting for the new ones to come in. View Section
How to heal the splits. Make an inquiry about yourself, compassionately. In the interest of moving into oneness. Pay attention to all of your senses. View Section
The rigidity of the splits and choosing a path. Ask Spirit, ask the greater energies to flow into you. View Section

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