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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session January 12, 2023 - Energy Bodies, Groups, Exercise, Children, Atlanteans

Micciah discusses:
New Energy Bodies: “the time…is ripe…for greater consciousness, for transformation, for new energies.” View Section
The Power of Groups: “Working with a group strengthens you and makes the expanded energies easier to access and integrate when you work.” View Section
Exercise & Yoga: “In addition to yoga, free movement is wonderful. Just move if you can. Bodies are made to move. Move, free, that too supports the new energetic forms.” View Section
Atlanteans: Edgar Cayce and the history of Atlantis and their descendants. View Section
New Children: “Ma had said many of the children being born are born at a different frequency. And they are very sensitive and physically sensitive. They have been in this world of illness, the little ones, for a very large percentage of their lives. View Section
The Shadow of the Pandemic: “Well, it has a bright shadow.” View Section

   Julie: So, I ask that I be guided in this work, open to the information that comes through me, clear in the expression of it. I ask that it be useful in your life, your lives, in the lives of people watching online or not in this group.
   I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do it. And I ask that the work be blessed.

   Micciah: So, we greet you dear friends, and we are so pleased to be invited to speak with you. Because this is reciprocal, we do not ever intrude on Julie, and we must be invited to speak either to another individual in a private session or to your group. And we come with many other entities, some of whom are always around.
   I believe, Pat, you will probably know from studying it, but in the Bon tradition and in Tibetan Buddhism, they say the spirits, you think you are the only one there, but all the realms move together. And in these meetings, and meetings like this one, many gather because as we share information with you, we also learn from you, from your processes, from your communication.
   Now, you are at a pivotal point. You have been in this time of intense transformation, challenge (three years almost?) and this right here, right in here is a pivotal point. It is true, you can commit to transformation at any point in your life.
   See if we can express this in words. But this is like a crescendo of energy where the time, as you experience time, is ripe, is almost bursting at the edges with possibilities for greater consciousness, for transformation, for new energies. If you will attune to them, the energies, the movement of transformation. We are... the world vibration doesn’t quite cover it, but we will use it anyway.
   So, Pat, in terms of what you asked about energy body: the vibratory rates are getting, let us say higher and higher. As we have said before, as soon as we come into language, we are bound by the language. You think of high or lower. That’s not really what we mean. The nature of the vibratory rates that are available at this time are... Alaina, to address your query? Are expanded in the possibilities of what is available, expanded.
   And it is very important to have groups. Working in a group — this group or the meditation group that Marilyn attends, the groups, or with Ma — working with a group strengthens you and makes the expanded energies easier to access and integrate when you work. It is like a chorus. Individual soloists are extraordinary, of course, but when you hear the chorus or the orchestra, it all integrates differently. Yes? You experience it differently.
   So, this is a time both to work individually, which we know you all are. And the group supports your connection with the greater energies and your capacity to integrate them more smoothly, physiologically, emotionally, spiritually, creatively. Its like exercising your new energy bodies. Many of you exercise, you are exercising, you are working with the fascia, which are very important, poorly understood and not understood medically, really at all in terms of their function. We know, Paul, you do therapy with your body. Many of you have done all kinds of body work.
   The only... The body work that really embraces what we are talking about, in addition to working with fascia, what we are going to describe to you around Pat’s question about assimilating the new energy bodies is yoga. And in the United States, yoga, which was once almost unknown, became very popular as a way of toning your body and relaxing and so forth. Yoga is a spiritual practice, the practice of body... the body yoga really was to prepare you to be still in meditation. In addition to when you, when you do yoga properly, it works with all of the chakras, the nervous system, the organs, and it is, by in itself, a spiritual practice. So, this is the yoga of your new energy bodies.
   So, we will stop, so we can respond directly to the queries. And maybe, Pat, you could start because we’ve already begun to talk about that.

   Pat: What I’m hearing is, I’m so grateful for everything that’s being said because I feel so held. I mean, I feel like we’re all held with all these beings of light serving the planet.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Pat: And, I have been hearing the voice inside my head to say, “Oh, start doing yoga again. Start doing yoga again.” And I’ve put it off now for several months and I’m now, to do other things like free form movement or something like that. But I am now absolutely committed to doing yoga again, you know, because I can feel how it would integrate body, mind, spirit.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Pat: As I’m hearing this, but in addition to that, what I have been experiencing is the... my own fear, that I’m not even recognizing right away as fear, that may be interfering with my allowing the energy, you know, trusting and allowing this new energy to be more fully embodied.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Pat: Because it seems to... Like last night I was lying down, ready to go to sleep. And I had such pain in the arthritis in my hands, even though I had just done some energy work. And I was able to let it be what it was, I guess. And it did stop eventually.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Pat: But it almost feels like the energy when the word expanded or I’m not sure what was used there, but that there’s energy that wants to break out of my skin, break out of my body. And I’m, “Oh, no, no!.” And so I feel like my blood pressure rises. And even though I’ve... I’m now on my second trial of blood pressure medication, which I didn’t want to do but am doing, as well as diet and other supplements for that, my blood pressure is still high and then it’s goes back down and then... So, I don’t know quite how to take care of the body anymore.

   Micciah: Yes. First of all, even though we are talking about the vibratory rate increasing and all of you are engaged, as are many other physical beings, as well as your nonphysical companions who lived a different rate and are supporting you. But you don’t have to break anything. It’s, it’s more... Well, but we understand that the old brain knows its body in a certain way and if you are sensitive and working the way you are working, that pull to movement appears to be — It isn’t like a physical expansion where something would have to get bigger or break. This is important. — It is a consciousness expansion, and it is that that coalesces the energies and builds the new energy body. You all came in with, let us say, not shadow in the way you’ve been working with it. But there are probable energy bodies. So, Ram Dass’s teacher, for instance, Babaji, lived in multiple energy bodies simultaneously, which was why he could appear at different places at the same time.
   So, the... You’re moving into the probability, you’re actualizing the probability of the first, and some of you the second, energy body, let us call it outside the energy body you are familiar with when you do energy work and so forth. But what moving... It’s complicated to explain. What is going to build that body is your consciousness. But the physical body. And that is (we’ll come back to that later.) The physical body is...goes, “Enh, Enh. Wait, what are you doing?” And that is what throws some of the physical functions off like blood pressure, soreness, achiness. So, one way to work with this, first of all is to talk about it and secondly to go slowly.
   If you are going to, for instance, restart your yoga practice, slowly, because this time you are starting it for a different reason. Connecting the physical movement to movement in consciousness, which is what yoga is supposed to do anyway. And you may need to calm your physical body the way you would calm a child who is stepping into a new territory.
   What is aligning with the new energy body or the...now the energy body you are not now starting to occupy in addition to the other one and the physical self, is the let us call it the vibratory rate of your consciousness. It’s not [a] satisfactory description, but you take our point(?) that it is your consciousness that is engaged in occupying this energetic, new, energetic self. And your physical body can become frightened about that.
   You’ve been in those physical bodies for a long time, and it is this movement in consciousness to engage with the larger realms (energetic) that is helping to support the great changes in consciousness that are upon you. They haven’t manifested yet. The movement into a new era, into a time of compassion and love. But you are birthing it. Through the energetic work you are doing and the spiritual work you are doing in the work, what you are doing together, and what other groups are doing together. You are literally giving birth to those probabilities for...in order for them to manifest in your realm.
   And in addition to yoga, free movement is wonderful. Just, we’ve said this before, just move if you can. Bodies are made to move. Move, dance around the kitchen, move, free, free, that too supports the new energetic forms or yeah, forms.
   There have always been people living in numbers of energy bodies. In addition to, let us say, some of the Hindu teachers. Many shamans can...are in...they’re all the way out here. It is what... And one of the things you are doing, speaking of shamans, one of the things that is happening as you do this, which is something that comes from the some of the shamanistic traditions, that they can chew up poison and turn it into nectar.
   So, here in this crucial point of the birthing, you are also in consciousness chewing up poison and turning it into nectar. And one way to approach that is through the Tibetan prayer. When you do the longer Tonglin prayer, you breathe into your pain and turn it into golden light. You become the crucible, turn it into golden light. Breathe it out as light. As the light goes out, it goes into the one. And when, when we say there is only one of you, we don’t mean just human beings. One of you. All the animals, the trees, the flowers, the oceans and rivers and mountains and rocks. One of you means everything. So, the Tonglin prayer starts with your own pain, if you will, breathing into it, feeling the light at your center, letting it, letting the light penetrate it and transform it, breathing it out as light and then you extend. You breathe in the pain of a loved one into the light, breathing it out as light. You extend and extend to friends, to acquaintances, people in your community. You know, it goes out and out and out and out and out, including the people you don’t personally like, all of those bad people. So you, as part of this expansion in the new energy body, can become a crucible for transformation, creating alchemical change, alchemy.
   What were they looking for in alchemy? Gold, not real gold, golden consciousness. So, this is also an alchemical process.
   You can speak to your body, you know, and say, “Don’t these...this is what’s happening. You are safe. Don’t be disturbed. You are held.” You know, there was an exercise that was popular, oh, in the days of groups that did body work together and Esalen and so forth, where there’d be a group of people and a table, you would...one person would stand on the table facing away from the group and fall backwards, and the group would catch them.
   So, you have as much spirit and as many entities as you need to catch you as you move into this new body. There is much more to be said.
   We know you have other issues. The original Atlanteans, if you go back and read Edgar Cayce, came into bodies consciously, consciously and brought the larger consciousness of the galaxies with them. As things devolved in Atlantis, that happened less and less and people became human beings more and more part of the purely physical process of conception and birth, losing many of them, their contact with conscious incarnation. At the end of the life of Atlantis, some of the priests who still held this knowledge went to other places, Egypt among them, bringing their knowledge. It was when Egypt changed from being a simple agrarian culture into a very complex culture that was spiritually aware.
   And one more thing about the bodies. At the end of Atlantis, there were genetic experiments being done that were harmful. When people dispersed, those who did not die, some of them went to Atlantis and there were children born who were badly formed. The mothers had had been changed genetically. So, the children were born badly formed, and the Atlanteans were still, who were there and still knew (this one can never get through this without crying) still knew what to do, worked on healing those children, passed on their knowledge to the Egyptians, which then went through its own cycle and also eventually devolved.
   Our point being the Atlanteans, some of them, lived multiple, in multiple realities simultaneously. And in some ways there are many people on this planet at this time who were in Atlantis at the end. You are, you’re trying to ultimately heal the choices that were made then that were destructive.
   Alright. We will stop. We know we...you have more questions.
   Please go on.

   Alaina: Micciah, thank you. This is so profound and really encompasses more than I think our inquiries today. I would love for you to... I’ve got two questions. One is attached to what you’ve just given us, and that would be: I’d like to be encouraged to have galactic consciousness.
   I’d like to be willing to, you know, receive or mesh or blend. And I wonder if there are things that one can do.
   The second question is about: it seems to be a triple pandemic now, especially focused on children, especially focused on the respiratory system. That they are suffering in unbelievable numbers. And I believe that asthma is a piece of it as in never before. And what we know about the lungs in Chinese medicine, it’s about breathing. I’d like for you to address those two, those two things if you can.

   Micciah: So, the first question has an easy answer. Ask. I’m ready and the information will come.

   Alaina: Thank you.

   Micciah: Well, since we were on the subject of Atlantis. Some of those children, someone mentioned, oh, that Ma had said, “Many of the children being born are born in...at a different frequency. And they are very sensitive and physically sensitive. They have been in this world of illness. The little ones for a very large percentage of their lives. So, they are very vulnerable. They have missed the contact, the early close contact that children need because of the pandemic.” which is very complicated.
   So, some of them are both very highly developed and connected to the other galactic energies, but lacking the human emotional warmth and contact that they needed because of the illnesses being prevalent, even if they had their parents, they need other children and they need movement and play and all of the things, not from a mask over the face. So, they were easy targets.
   And yes, the lungs do...are connected with grief and the children are holding some of grief of the collective. And there have, in fact, at other times in history when more than one disease was rampant, not in your lifetime, but that has existed before. And as Julie said, it is to alter, to call attention, to call attention to the needs of children. Children are very, at least in America, very low on the list of priorities, very low. They get very little. The schools are falling apart.
   In other so-called first world countries, families get stipends, children are cared for in a different way. Mothers get long leaves from their work, as do fathers. You don’t have any of that. Children have a... (speaking of catching) safety nets. It’s almost invisible. It’s almost invisible in a country that makes so much noise about how much they love their children. You look at the amount that is spent on children and on the teachers of children, and it’s horrifying. So, in a way, it is saying, “Look at this.” And now in this country at least, you have children as well as adults who are not only being shot but shooting.
   So, the scream is, “You must take care of your children!”
   So, let us do one more and end on a happier note.

   Joy: The shadow of the pandemic. Since we’re working on shadows.

   Micciah: Well, it has a bright shadow. And the bright shadow is the healing that can, that can arise out of the tumult, and this birthing time that people come to peace, come to care about the earth, about the children, about the animals, about life. That would be the bright shadow. It doesn’t need much of a dark shadow, it’s already doing that by itself. Some of what has boiled up as illness is connected to the illness of the psyches, hatred and racism and greed that that have boiled into physical illness and overcome people.
   So, was that ever in the shadow? Well, more...this is the manifestation of angry and hateful feelings, but it is also a path to...toward compassion, toward compassion. Stick with compassion, compassion and generosity two of great healing energies. And compassion rests in love.
   So, we will end on that happy note and remind you again to dance and to sing, even if you are singing all by yourself. To keep those energies alive at the more beginning. No, it is still happening. But of the pandemic, some of the orchestras got together and played on Zoom or sang choruses on Zoom. Part of the birthing energy is the song, and another is the dance.
   So, beloved friends, we will leave you with that.
   Our friend Susan is here as she often is at the end of a channeling session, and now Julie can hear Lainie’s voice. Yes. And she says, “Sing and sing and sing.”
   Again, we share with you much love and much energy. And we bid you a very good evening.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”