Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Zoom Session January 12, 2023 - Energy Bodies, Groups, Exercise, Children, Atlanteans
Micciah discusses:
New Energy Bodies: “the time…is ripe…for greater consciousness, for transformation, for new energies.” View Section
The Power of Groups: “Working with a group strengthens you and makes the expanded energies easier to access and integrate when you work.” View Section
Exercise & Yoga: “In addition to yoga, free movement is wonderful. Just move if you can. Bodies are made to move. Move, free, that too supports the new energetic forms.” View Section
Atlanteans: Edgar Cayce and the history of Atlantis and their descendants. View Section
New Children: “Ma had said many of the children being born are born at a different frequency. And they are very sensitive and physically sensitive. They have been in this world of illness, the little ones, for a very large percentage of their lives. View Section
The Shadow of the Pandemic: “Well, it has a bright shadow.” View Section

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