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Transcript of Micciah Zoom Session 2/22/24 - Authentic Being, Scamming/Identity Theft, Great Turning Point, Mind Overwhelm, Untimely Death

Micciah discusses:
What is the authentic self? Looked at in two ways. One is the personality that you came in with when you came into this incarnation. But at a deeper level, your most authentic self is the nature of your spirit. View Section
Scamming and Identity Theft: Whatever is still in the great picture, in the great beingness of incarnate selves, that comes from fear, that is rooted in both anger and fear. We have said many times under anger, if you go deeply enough is always fear. View Section
The meaning of the Great Turning point of time … that we’re experiencing: World Ages. At the end of an age, the material of that whole age comes to the surface to be dealt with. All the poisons … can be addressed. View Section
How to stop the mind from being overwhelmed? One way is meditation. A real meditation practice, which is not for everyone. There is no single right way. View Section
Fear of Untimely Death: Different people have different relationships to their understanding of dying. But there is no such thing. There certainly appears to be… View Section
Has Micciah ever been incarnated? Micciah, is really part of a larger energy, none of which has been physically incarnate. View Section

   Julie: So, I ask for guidance. I ask for the information to be clear and useful. And we know that even though I’m doing the channeling physically, we create it collectively. I’m grateful to be able to do this,  and we know that the work is blessed.
   So, give me a moment.

   Micciah: So, we greet you dear friends, and we are most pleased to be invited to be with you. And as so often happens, there are many visitors because as we work, and we hope have something to offer of value, and you learn from what we say, we learn from you, it’s an exchange.
   We would, we are going to begin by talking about the authentic self. And this will, as you will see, this will connect with some of the questions you have asked.
   So, what is the authentic self? We can look at it in two primary ways. There are more ways, but we’re going to look at two primary examples. One is the personality that you came in with when you came into this incarnation. You brought with you certain agreements, personality traits, challenges, karma, if you will, your dharma or the path that you are on in this lifetime.
   And then often in your upbringing and in your culture, you begin to mask some of the natural traits are not allowed to express them fully. Accept some, deny others.
   So, one way of blossoming is to be to experience what is your authentic self in your personality. Your personality in any lifetime is one of your teachers. The traits you have, the preferences you have, the skills you have, the challenges you have.
   And you have, we know, been working in class with happiness, the nature of happiness, happiness in ordinary life, the happinesses of your experiences, creating happiness. So, to be, to keep unfolding into the possibilities of your personality is a great joy. But deeper, at a deeper level, your most authentic self is the nature of your spirit. The spirit that indwells you, that has always been with you and will always be with you.
   And as you come fully into your personality and into your connection with Spirit, the lively connection, the living connection with Spirit, Spirit informs the personality. So, that challenges are met, skills expressed, love accepted and expressed in conjunction more and more with Spirit. So, you become more and more completely, authentically, who you are, which is Spirit. And therein lies the truest happiness. It is a living celebration.
   So, please, what would you like to explore with us?

   Gail [for Alaina]: The first question was about the technological aspects of scamming, identity theft whereby people and companies are preying on, on the majority of people, especially the elderly, older people. And could you address this as you?

   Micciah: Yes, we said a long time ago, smarter locks make smarter crooks. So, whatever is still in the great picture, in the great beingness of incarnate selves, that comes from fear, that is rooted in both anger and fear. And you know, we have said many times under anger, if you go deeply enough is always fear. Is always fear. The person experiencing it or the group experiencing it may never know that or acknowledge it, but it is there.
   So, now you have this extraordinary tool named by no coincidence, the web. The web existed long before the web. You are the web. However, here is the tool, and here are many people on the planet who are frightened. And over the fear is anger and connected to the anger is greed and hate. And you invented this extraordinary means through which it can be expressed, in addition to war and drones. And all of the fancy weapons that have been created that began... Well, we’re not going to go into Atlantis. (Separate subject but... or Mu.)
   But on this planet, in this realm, as far back as you can trace history, if you dig the bones up in England, (Jon and Julie were watching a program on archeology.) As far back as they could go, they found that people would first find a hill to survey the land and any possible enemies, and then put what(?), staves at the bottom to keep them from coming in, and then trenches. Trenches, ah, trenches, yes, that they would presumably fall into, and weapons from Flint. If they had had drones, they would’ve used them. If they had had the internet, they would’ve used it.
   So, Alaina, the feelings that motivate, or for all of you, the feelings that motivate such activities are the same feelings that motivate wars, hatred, of the other. It is a new, a new expression of those same feelings now coming through a relatively new available medium. And group, in... Really, there are groups of people who, uh, this is their business. So, it is different, and it is not different. It is different because it couldn’t... Just as the Neanderthals did not have drones, this could not have ha... This could not happen without the web. And, and the, the possibilities made available on the web, for instance, false documents printed and then put up. So, people look at them and are frightened by them. Um, same feelings, different medium.
   And why is it now be... It’s now because it’s possible now. However, as you were saying before Julie shifted, there are new laws going into effect to protect people in terms of taxes or really, they are rescinding the, we believe the laws that, the person in the White House who was never elected but lived there anyway, made. And there is now action.
   And you have participated actively, actively in alerting people and very basic facts that would protect people;  such as federal agencies do not make phone calls. The FBI does not make phone calls. The IRS does not make phone calls. CIA does not make phone calls.

   Gail: Social security.

   Micciah: Social Security does not make phone calls, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So, that this information is widely disseminated. So, that if someone makes a phone call and you don’t know the number, but you pick it up and the person says, we are the FBI, and this is the situation, and you are in danger, and we are watching you, you know, immediately, because they have telephoned you, they are not the FBI. And Amazon, which we think was connected to this recent woman’s revelations. Amazon does not make phone calls. So, it should be made general knowledge that if any of these agencies, anyone contacts you purporting to be a representative of these agencies, that it’s fraudulent.
   Will that stop everything? No. Would it help to know? Yes, yes, yes.
   And how is this connected with authentic, authentic beingness and happiness? Because people who... Well, this is a complicated question. We were going to say, because people who take a spiritual path are not going to do that. However, there are many, well-known people, gurus and teachers and so forth who have taken a spiritual path, who have then abused young women sexually. So, it’s no guarantee. You need, as we have said before, to quote Ken Wilbur, “You can’t jump over emotional issues.” And many, all ancient spiritual traditions of great value do not consider it part of the work to deal with what we started out with: the personality and its challenges and its difficulties. They skip that and go into what can be genuinely spiritual work and, and real, deep connection with... In whatever form they pursue it. But the emotional, emotional work and, and responsibility has not been taken care of, not considered important.
   So please continue.

   Gail: I forgot to thank you, Micciah, for your presence with all of us. We’re all grateful.

   Micciah: You are most welcome.

   Gail: And Joy wanted to know more about, the meaning of the Great Turning point of time that we’re in and that we’re experiencing.

   Micciah: Yes. Well, in the Hindu teachings, as well as astrological teachings, and you know, we have said before, astrology, as you know, it is interesting and mostly accurate, but not quite. There are what are called World Ages. So, the Great Turning that you are in in Hindu teachings is the end of the age of Kali. Kali is the goddess with all the skulls.
   During the end of an age... Ages are long, many, many, many, many years. How to express this? We could say the karma of the age, the bill comes due. (That you use… not, not very graceful description.) If you have a boil, an infection, it has to be opened so the infected material can come out and the healing can take place. So, at the end of an age, the material of that whole age, which is (we forget how many years, maybe it’s 1200) comes to the surface, comes to the surface to be dealt with, to be dealt with. All the poisons that have accumulated in that time, so that they can be addressed.
   And then, to come back to one of our favorite topics, you have choice. You have choice. Will you participate in the poison, or will you choose the path of love in the midst of chaos, in the midst of the poisons coming to the surface, affecting life at its very core? What is your choice? So, it is ultimately, we know the word is overused, but it is a cleansing and a healing ultimately.
   But the at... And the process of it, which you are living through now, (and we do not believe your incarnations are accidental.) The process of it offers a choice. Will I align myself with love in the midst of the chaos? Can I live the prayer? “May I be happy, may all beings be happy.” And go out in ripples so that you are holding those very people who are engaging in poisonous and hateful activity. You’re taking it upon yourself, your spirit self. But your personality is involved in the choice to hold them in love, to hold them in love, because they are frightened and angry and trapped.
   So, you in this group and many other groups, have made the choice and continue to make the choice. I’m going to move through this in love, in prayer, in celebration, also caring for my personal self, the personality self, who may be frightened, angry, caring for the parts of the self that feal wounded in the midst of wars, hate between groups, othering. To care for the personality self, coming from Spirit, choosing love in the midst of the chaos. Because who can, who, who is it up to? (To whom is it up? [chuckles]) You?
   Every, every individual, every individual is confronted with that choice. So, the turning, the turning is the end of an age and the cleansing of the, let us call it the karma of that age. And those who participate, who are in physical form at that time, choose. Am I, we, we are... And you, you in this group, and many groups like you, support each other in... It is a difficult task. It is a difficult task to stay with love and to remember to care for the parts of the personality that feel afraid, angry, hateful, as in you hate the bad guys. That’s just more hate in the world. But if that’s what you feel in your personality self to know it, acknowledge it and care for it. And out of it will, will be born a new age.
   Now, all time is simultaneous, but you are living it, even though you do, together, work with alternate realities and so forth, you are living it mostly, with an experience of physical time. And when the turning is complete, and it will be complete, it won’t be complete like opening a door and then closing it or opening a door that was closed. It, it, it completes itself as a process with sprouts coming up. The sprouts are already coming up if you look for them, of new ideas, of compassion, of kindness, they’re coming up there in the midst of it all. And you are each responsible for contributing to that. And you do, you do.
   So, most of what we work with you, it, it isn’t... They aren’t answers to a question. They are responses to an inquiry. So, keep up the good work and, for not Joy, or for only Joy, but for all of you to, to keep on keeping on.
   To keep knowing, this is the cleansing. This is the end of an age. Something is going to be born out of this. And there are moments when you of course say, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t bear it anymore. And you turn to Spirit and soothe your personality and care for yourself and stay connected to the people you love and who love you.
   And we have said this before, the connection of love. The connection of love nourishes the healing. Not only the love you feel as Spirit, but Spirit expressing through you as a personality. You love other people, and you say so and you accept their love with joy. That vibrancy is a treasure. And you are. Those of you who are working actively now (Hmm, Julie and her dear friend Nancy Napier have talked about this so often, and we don’t, we don’t like the word raising either, but we’re stuck with it) to raise the vibratory rate.
   So, you are living, well, most of you already are, but you’re living at a different vibratory rate than what is common, what is usual, and that is work. It means changes in your body, changes in your thoughts, changes in your choices. As the vibratory rate shifts, the healing precipitates more quickly. So, you are that. You are, as Nancy says, you’re tasked with that. When you choose compassion rather than anger, or you work with your anger and can move through it into compassion, the vibratory rate changes.
   Music is always good. Maybe not all music, dancing, as we have said so often, dancing, taking every opportunity to express your love, beginning with “may I be happy,” loving your own body, loving other people, expressing it, receiving it. And as you do, since there is only one of you, it goes everywhere.
   And it is no accident that now, the research which seems to have died, seemed to have died, of altered consciousness, mushrooms and so forth that create, an opening, what Ram Dass called entheos, an opening into Spirit, have again, come to the fore. And people are studying it seriously and doing it. It, it is, it is very important, it has some drawbacks. It’s not exactly the same as choosing every day. But it puts you, it can put you in a much larger understanding that helps you make those choices, makes you understand, allows you to understand those choices are possible. When you experience, you take mushroom work, whatever, and experience the vastness of love, the joy of the universe. And then you, of course, you the next step is you have to incorporate it. That’s the harder part.
   And it has made an enormous difference for many people who are in illnesses that will take (they know they will die soon) to have that opening. The, and the, the neurological understanding, the neurologic, neurological experience, that (What? What did Pat Rodegast say so many years ago that that passing is like selling the old Ford. [chuckles])

    Gail: Taking off a tight pair of shoes.

   Micciah: Taking off a tight pair of shoes.
   No, it is truly, uh, offers vision and relief and release to people in, in that fear.
   So, please continue.

   Gail: Bob wanted to know how to stop the mind, the mind from becoming overwhelmed in your everyday life? [Micciah chuckles] Is that right, Bob?

   Bob: Yeah, Yes, that is correct.

   Gail: Okay.

   Micciah: Well, this has been the task of spiritual practice and shamanic practice, and all so many spiritual practices forever. So, how?
   One way is meditation. A real meditation practice, which is not for everyone. There are many ways of doing things. However, a meditation practice, a mindfulness practice. If you are in a culture that, offers shamanic rituals, some of the Native American rituals that are, that have been kept alive. For those who or those of you who, read Don Juan, the... those books, that came out now quite a long time ago. Those practices, there, there are many practices, but they, they all, they are all connected with in some way with mindfulness.
   A path, maybe a shamanic path, maybe some other path out of the ordinary chatter of the mind into a larger reality. Once you have tapped into the larger realities, then you observe the activity of the mind, and you are increasingly less interested in it or caught up in it. But it takes some practice, a spiritual practice of some kind, not all spiritual practices, but a spiritual practice of some kind that moves you into mindfulness. The capacity to observe that motion, or through ritual, moves you out of your mind, ([laughs] out of your mind) into larger realities, which then inform your mind and that behavior.
   The Kabbalah says that, that part of the mind never completely goes away, but you become increasingly less interested or involved with it. So, just like a radio playing somewhere in a room. And with the truth of it, that there… That is an important factor because that part of the mind will tell you, “Listen to us.” And as you become increasingly aware in whatever way you do it, you are less and less caught in that spell.
   So, there isn’t a single, there is no single right way, so to speak. There are many ways, and all involve an increasing observance of it and distance from it, however you get there. And, we would add respect for it. I am respectfully removing you from driving my particular bus. We would say, one of the very practical things that helps is the less news you listen to, “news,” the better, because it activates, it is so activating. And you will no doubt have noticed if you do listen to the news or watch the news that, not very much of it is good news. There’s a lot of good news in the world, but it is not part of that Gestalt.
   So, please continue.

   Gail: Rick wanted to know about fears of sudden or un... (I, I can’t read my handwriting.) Unintentional death, not unintentional, but…

   Rick: Untimely.

   Gail: Untimely death.

   Micciah: Ah, so that is a fear. And as you, as you said before, Julie shifted.

   Gail: Maybe for all of us.

   Micciah: Well, well, no, different people have different, different relationships to their understanding of dying. But there is no such thing. There certainly appears to be, when bombs are dropped on babies, you would say that that is an untimely death, but there are no deaths that are accidental. It is a, hard one to metabolize because it certainly seems so.
   But you, Rick, you’re really asking about how to manage the fear?

   Rick: Um-Hmm.

   Micciah: Ask it about itself. Invite it into tea as Ram Dass said. Tell me about yourself. What, what is your story? What more can you tell me about this fear? So, you have a respectful relationship, a relationship of inquiry and respect and curiosity about it. And the more you do that, the less power it’ll have over you because it keeps tapping you. [slaps her hands] (Well, that’s slapping you.) Saying be afraid of this. So, ask it about itself. Tell me what, tell me your story. Where do you come from? What are your worries? How can I assist you?
   And people with the same kind of fear will have different, asking about, asking about it, will have different responses. The story will be different. I mean, perhaps they had a parent who died an untimely death or a sibling, or the stories will be personal. But we would begin, suggest you begin there and anyone else who has a similar kind of fear to begin there. So rather than being in conflict with it, you are interested, curious, respectful. What do you have to tell me? What, what would you like to say to me? You’re trying to get my attention. You have my attention. Tell me about yourself.
   So, we have covered everything, Yes?

   Gail: I have a quick question.

   Micciah: Yes.

   Gail: I don’t know if I’m out of place, but have you had incarnations here on the planet?

   Micciah: No. No, Unlike Seth, Jane Roberts...

   Gail: Okay.

   Micciah: The entity with whom she communicated. No. What we have given to this one as her present understanding is that what you perceive, what you perceive as Micciah, is really part of a larger energy, none of which has been physically incarnate. And this is the part that Julie can receive.

   Gail: And she does so beautifully as you communicate through her.

   Micciah: Thank you, Thank you.
   So, we share with you much love our dear ones, and encourage you with love to continue the journey, to continue the journey that you are on. And we wish you to know that there are many energies, different kinds of energies, including the great guardians of the earth who are incarnate, the animals, the dolphins,

   Gail: Whales.

   Micciah: who are working for peace. You are support... to know you are supported by great energies working for peace. We share with you much love, and we bid you a very good evening.

   Jon: Thank you.

   Gail: Thank you.

   Julie: “What I believe happens when I am channeling is that I enter an expanded geography of the self, and that there is an overlap between what I know (my intelligence, my awareness, my experience) and something that is larger than my ordinary awareness. It may indeed be that it is all part of my awareness and that would be fine. What’s produced is a personality that is a product of the overlapping and the personality is called Micciah.
   This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”