Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Micciah Zoom Session February 22, 2024 - Authentic Being, Scamming/Identity Theft, Great Turning Point, Mind Overwhelm, Untimely Death
Micciah discusses:
What is the authentic self? Looked at in two ways. One is the personality that you came in with when you came into this incarnation. But at a deeper level, your most authentic self is the nature of your spirit. View Section
Scamming and Identity Theft: Whatever is still in the great picture, in the great beingness of incarnate selves, that comes from fear, that is rooted in both anger and fear. We have said many times under anger, if you go deeply enough is always fear. View Section
The meaning of the Great Turning point of time … that we’re experiencing: World Ages. At the end of an age, the material of that whole age comes to the surface to be dealt with. All the poisons … can be addressed. View Section
How to stop the mind from being overwhelmed? One way is meditation. A real meditation practice, which is not for everyone. There is no single right way. View Section
Fear of Untimely Death: Different people have different relationships to their understanding of dying. But there is no such thing. There certainly appears to be… View Section
Has Micciah ever been incarnated? Micciah, is really part of a larger energy, none of which has been physically incarnate. View Section

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