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Transcript of Program 2, 1984  [CC]

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1984.
Work on world problems can only begin “inside.” Work with peace in your hearts and the need to embrace the totality View Section
Power: power on this plane is the power to choose, and to choose in a manner that is itself empowered is to embrace it all. View Section
Blocks: an attempt to shut out something, something that cannot be embraced. To embrace is to be liberated. View Section
Sex: an expression of energy. It is about choice. Micciah comments on perversions, monogamy, sexual contact where there is no love, love as an awareness of life. “You make sex and sexuality both more important and less important than it really is or can be. More important by focusing on it all the time, less important because you don't always check to see if there is love emerging.” View Section

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle,  and include your energy and interest in our work.
   In the session that we are going to look at today, the issues that were raised dealt with the nature of choice and the responsibility and liberation of choice and the nature of sexuality.

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.
   And we wish you to know, individually and as a group, that your own willingness to share your selves, to open your hearts, to share your thoughts and your journey into healing and self knowledge opens the way for everyone to share.
   Now this is to remind you of your power.  We are speaking not of the sense of being grandiose, a “me, me, me” ego power, although a strong ego is fine. (A strong ego, you know, is the easiest kind to be flexible in; it is a damaged sense of self that is dangerous.)  But we are speaking of the sharing of your selves, in the extraordinary ordinary miracle of your lives.
   Now you have asked very good questions about the flow of energy, about being empowered, about sexuality and the energy of that kind of expressiveness. You have asked also this morning about creating the condition wherein all the energies on the planet are aligned with the source. 
   Source is always there, and life in this realm, this realm, is about choice.  When you begin to study metaphysics, study the laws of consciousness, you hear that everything is love, everything without exception. Without love the galaxies would go out.  (This includes but goes beyond personal love.)
   Then you respond, “But if everything is love, why this?  Why are there children starving?  Why are the waters poisoned?  Why are the animals dying?  That is not love.” 
   But the greatest love that spirit has given you, that you are a part of, is the grace of choice, my friends.  This plane of action, this physical world, this, this, this is a miraculous teaching of choice.  It is your choice to align yourselves or to not align yourselves with the magnificence of love. And any being, any being, we say to you, can choose at any time, in the linear sense, in any life, at any moment.  Anyone.
   So when this world is out of balance, there is not some external force that will reach down and fix it, because that would take away the celebration of the meaning of this plane.  Do you see?
    However, there are energies, our realm among them, and what used to be called the angelic realms, and the realms of the divas, in addition to the many non-physical realms, that stand ready to support your choices.  But they cannot make them for you.  Only you can make them.
   It is so easy to know how to fix the world and so much harder to have peace in your own heart.  World problems — easy!  But everything is a reflection, the great and small perfectly mirroring. So, to begin, work with peace in your hearts.  And you must work in community and in group.  The work starts with the self.  It cannot begin “there,” it can only begin “here.”
   And that is only the beginning.  It means also embracing the totality.  In your culture you tend to imagine the “spiritual” world or “spiritual” life as light, quiet, neat, sanitary. This is a concept that is not only unrealistic but dangerous because it negates the whole.
    The physical world contains, let us say, contrasts: light and shadow.  Not opposites, but together.  Sunny days and hurricanes.  Quiet water and great devastating tides.  You need to choose to embrace the whole.  And it is just so on the emotional level as well, at the deep emotional core.  There are hurricanes, there are great tides, there are cold icy winters.  It is exciting. It is extraordinary!
    And deep inside all of the movement is ecstasy.
   In choosing to be powerful — we are talking now about power — the power is in embracing life as it is.  You are not going to meditate the planet into a tidy place.  Life is not so tidy.  You burst forth from your mothers, even though in American hospitals they like to fix the baby up, yes?  Clean it off, wipe it down, wrap it up, and give it back.
   But a baby is covered with blood.  It should be allowed, and is, by some people, to be with the mother until the cord stops beating.  That is embracing life.  A baby doesn’t come out of you wrapped in a bunting.  That is not the truth about life.
    The same point is what we are making here.  Power on this plane is the power to choose. And to choose in a manner that is itself empowered is to embrace it all.
    No. the question has been asked about transforming the blocks.  Blocks are an attempt to shut something out or shut something down, which means there is a part of it that cannot be embraced. (To embrace something does not mean to like that something necessarily.) Sometimes people choose, choose, to fly off this plane of action in an earthquake or a falling airplane. They’re done. They want to leave.  It’s as good a way out as any, hmm?  A lot better than cancer.  That is part of this plane.
   When you are blocked, there is something blocking.  Look for what it is.  Or several things that you are holding away, that you cannot allow, that you will not embrace.  To embrace it is to be liberated.
    If you read some of your current contemporary literature on dying, people speaking of their experiences with cancer, you will see that those are experiences of enlightenment.  (That is the same problem, yes?  Light-enment.)  Transformation.  The illness is embraced because it is the truth of what is at the moment in the physical world.
   Not endorsed.  Embraced. 
   And that is liberating. That is liberating.  If you could embrace in your heart everyone on the planet, all those people with whom you do not agree, politically, the “good guys” (and women) and the “bad ones,” you could liberate your movement so you are not fighting against them.  Rather, you are putting your energies toward something that chooses life. 
   The greatest power is to choose the truth of life.  And when the truth is that a body wants to be released, then letting go is choosing the truth.  There have been times when bodies have lived much longer, in linear time, than you do now.  But eternal physical life is beside the point.
   So, now, what about sex?  You didn’t think I forgot?  What is sex?  It is an expression of energy.  It is the gift you are given, a channel through which life can emerge, through which the ecstasy of creation can be expressed.  Many, many varieties, many forms. 
   And again, it is about choice.  It is your choice to use your bodies as you see fit.  You can be powerfully aligned with the loving forces for yourself.  And for one person and another person that might mean very different actions.
   You cannot legislate or dictate what feels right for someone’s body.  The so-called sexual perversions, abuses of children or damaging one’s body, are really not primarily sexual. They are aggregates of other difficulties projected into the sexual arena. 
   There is all kind of pleasure available, sexually, from profound passion — which is a state of union with great energies — to friendly communication. 
   With whom do you want to communicate and what do you want to say?  Monogamy, as you practice it, cannot possibly be natural for every single person for years and years and years.  That is not a choice. 
   One could conceivably choose to have one partner, and then choose it again, and then choose it again, and then choose it again, and keep on choosing to have that one partner.  That’s nice.  One could choose many different possibilities in the course of a physical life.  How can you promise something that will happpen in ten years?  The important piece of information is really whether you are choosing in truth.  Choosing.  Not feeling coerced, either to say yes or to say no.  And to love and share sexual energy with trust. 
   It is not a very good idea to make love with someone for whom you  have very little trust,  not because it is morally wrong, but because it does not honor the self.
   Do not confuse love with the question of whether you want to live with someone or have a family with them.  And your sexual preferences really don’t matter very much either. Love is love.  But sexual contact, the contact of those energies, where there is no love, is damaging.
    It is no different from cooking your food or planting a garden.  Where there is no love going into the planting you get a distortion.  We are speaking not of romantic love but of love as awareness of life. Attention to the life force inherent in the seeds in the food.  Where there is no love felt (there is always love), when it is not experienced, then you can do to the planet, you can choose to do to the planet what has been done, what is being done.  When the abstract mind becomes the ruler, becomes the tyrant, and the connection with feeling and with deep alignment is lost, is severed, then everything goes out of balance. 
   It is the same with sex. You make sex and sexuality both more important and less important than it really is or can be. 
   More important in the sense of going out of balance by focusing on it all the time, which is no different than focusing on food all the time, or focusing on drugs all the time, or alcohol all the time, or work all the time.  And less important because you don’t always check to see whether there is love emerging. 
   “Do I feel love for myself and for this person in this exchange?”  Love.  Not commitment, necessarily.  Not necessarily “I want to be with you for the rest of my life,” which is only one kind of love.  The ecstasy of creation is everywhere. So it is in sex, and it is in art, and it is in making food, and it is in gardening.
   Would you like to ask further, or is this clear?
   And it leaves you back where we started — with choice.  Your body, your choice.  If you treat yourselves in ways that do not feel good, in the sense of being aligned with core, you won’t feel good. 
   When sexual contact is not a celebration of life, of the friendship of life, of the passion of life, then it tends to become distorted.  When food is not a celebration of being nourished, it is distorted.  When wine is taken, or other alcohol, and the body goes out of alignment, then that is distorted.
   So, what are your choices?  You came here to experience choosing. And in this strange time called the 20th century, in this very volcanic city, you have some extraordinary opportunities to choose.
   That this work and work like it can go out through the machines, through technology, is extraordinary.  No one will shoot you or lock you up for watching it.  You are free. You are free to grapple with issues of choice in a very unique way.
   So, blessings on all of this. Blessings on all of you.  We share with you much love and energy and we bid you a very good and joyful day.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”