Micciah Channel Julie Winter. Program 2

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1984.
Work on world problems can only begin “inside.” Work with peace in your hearts and the need to embrace the totality View Section
Power: power on this plane is the power to choose, and to choose in a manner that is itself empowered is to embrace it all. View Section
Blocks: an attempt to shut out something, something that cannot be embraced. To embrace is to be liberated. View Section
Sex: an expression of energy. It is about choice. Micciah comments on perversions, monogamy, sexual contact where there is no love, love as an awareness of life. “You make sex and sexuality both more important and less important than it really is or can be. More important by focusing on it all the time, less important because you don't always check to see if there is love emerging.” View Section

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