Produced by Jon Child

Transcript of Program 41, 1986

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from the last day of 1985:
• Micciah discusses birth, abortion and birthing ourselves spiritually. View Section
• Are there agreements made by both men and women before birth whether or not to have children? Yes and no. A being is constantly in choice about all aspects of life, including parenting. View Section
• Acknowledging and completing the experience of abortion. Recognize, through ritual and statement, that a channel has been closed, and let it go. It is not murder. Honor the feelings involved; don’t demean them. The soul will find another channel or wait until a more appropriate time. View Section
• The effect of incompleted feelings about abortion on the body of the mother or father. Undischarged or unacknowledged feelings become physically represented in the body or in the person’s physical world. View Section
• The responsibility of parenting. “Your child is entrusting itself to your care... they belong to spirit; they are not objects.” Children and parents must empower each other. View Section
The session finishes. Ordinary life is a handful of gems. View Section

(The original tape drops out for over a minute toward the end. An onscreen transcript for the missing portion is read by Julie.)

   Micciah:  We greet you all, dear friends.

   Julie:  We do greet you, indeed.  This is Micciah Channel, and I’m Julie Winter.  Micciah is an energy entity who works with me while I’m in trance,  and while I’m in the trance state I have access to a point of view that seems to come from a non-physical realm.  This series of programs is drawn primarily from videotapes taken during my regular classes.  We want to expand our circle, and include your energy and interest in our work.


   Micciah: We greet you all, dear friends. And it is most appropriate that you be working with birth and the questions of birth and the notion of birthing one’s self, spiritually, at the end of your year, the way you mark time. This is a most wonderful session to be having.
   Your interest in the choices and the agreements that are made upon entering into this plane of action, this earth plane, are explored very little in your culture, and it is a very rich field of exploration. We would also like to say that in any moment of the totality of All That Is you can be reborn, meaning you can receive yourself as whole and perfect. This is not a metaphor. This is the literal truth.
   One more thing before your questions. In your quest, individually, you seek to dissolve, or dismantle, all that which interferes in any way with your experience of yourself as a celebration, as pure joy, so rich in its quality that it pervades everthing. It is that experience, when an individual has it, or a group has it, that creates healing in the deepest sense. When you work or play with that as your path, you bring healing to wherever you are, the subway — the market. Healing is not reserved, spirit is not reserved, for special places. You radiate that feeling. You breathe it, you pulse it, just in your being.
   Please, what are your questions?

   Lois: I have a question. When we come into this life, are there prior agreements for both men and women to have or not have children?

   Micciah: Yes and no. Let us see how to explain. You, as you experience yourself, are an item, or a thing, yes? You are not, but you appear to be a discreet, unified entity. That’s what it looks like. Actually, you are a pulsating stream, or web, of probabilities. The strongest of which... No, that is not correct.
   There is a certain quality of intention that is necessary for an event, or a circumstance, such as you to appear in the physical world. It is a particular quality of intention, let us say, a particular chemistry, biochemistry, of intentionality. Other probabilities will appear, but not in the physical world. They will appear in the dream world, in the fantasy world, in my realm. But not in the physical. So, this package is actually a whole set of constantly pulsating choices, probabilities. When you choose to create a body — and you create your own body — there are fluctuating probabilities about everything, including childbearing or fathering a child. And those are subject to change, depending on your choices. However, sometimes upon entering the physical world, and forming a body, and having a focused personality, a whole being will make almost definitive choices and commit to parenting upon entering this plane. They have a commitment that a certain focused personality, a particular body, is going to continue to choose out of all the probabilities those which appear as parenting.
   Why would one do this? We are using the model of time. Time is an illusion, but it is too complicated to speak without it, so we are just using that as a model. So, if you have had many lives in the cluster of lives that affect a particular one — you’ve had countless lives, but there are clusters of them that affect, let us say, you as Richard, or you as Ken, in this life — if those lives are yearning for an experience as a parent, or if you and another being want to be in that relationship to each other, that can be more or less agreed upon as a strong system of possibilities. Then you would have to create a body, unless you adopted a child, that was capable of conception if you are a woman, or that was fertile as a man, and you would need to make choices that continue to support that, to not tie the tubes, or have a vasectomy, or whatever.
   There are no choices — should we make such a strong statement? — that cannot be changed. Very few. A few. So, it is not that you make a choice and then you come into the life and you do it. It is much more delicate and creative and subtle than that, because all of these lively probablilities are pulsing, and the more complex your nature, the more variables there are. Being complex is not a compliment, and it is not not a compliment. It is just a characteristic. Does that answer? Some people also choose not to have children, more or less. That is not going to be an experience in this lifetime. But, you see, it makes it sound fated, and you are choosing it. It is not written somewhere. Is that clear?

   Lois: Yes, that’s clear.

   Amielle: In one session a while back I had a distinct memory, among my past life experiences, of having been an aborted fetus. The experience was a tremendously sad one, not because of a sense of its being murdered, because I felt separate from the fetus, but because there was no closure. The small bit of body was just treated like garbage.

   Micciah: Yes. Yes.

   Amielle: I want to know about closure. On the one hand, about the relationship of the spirit to the body in the womb. And also, what can people who do make a choice to do abortion, what can they do to close the relationship with this entity?

   Micciah: The spirit does not live in the uterus... Language is very difficult.
   The Great Self fashions the body, chooses, “Well, in this life I will have a small woman’s body, or a large man’s body.” Those are different experiences. “I will be Black or White or Oriental. I want to be in the web.” The differences, of course, are all illusion. Yes? Ultimately. There is no difference. But first there is a difference, and then there is no difference. So, you choose the body. And again, the personality self may think, some people make some pretty funny choices. Yes, from the point of view of the personality that is true.
   The spirit, if you wish, or the Great Self, oversees the development of the body and is connected to the little embryo and its movement, but it is not living in the uterus, so to speak. When there is a conception that is terminated, either by spontaneous miscarriage, or through an accident, or through choice, conscious choice, aware choice, certain patterns have been set in motion. None of it is a mistake. The channel is closed off, the channel of the body is closed off, the choice is closed off. This is fine, and both the mother and, hopefully, the father as well need to participate with awareness saying, “Yes, the channel has been closed for that particular body which will never come to be born.” And some sort of ritual, whatever they would like, to use crystals, or flowers, or water, or fire, or all of them. And let it go, and take recognition of the fact that this channel is being closed at this time, either through a surgical procedure, or because the body has rejected that fetus, to have the feelings about it on the emotional level, and to create a ritual. It could be done with the couple, could be done in a somewhat larger group if there was a group with whom you felt comfortable. The acknowledgment that this has been made as a choice is of the essence. Very important. Very important.
   We will say categorically, it is not murder. It is exactly the closing of a channel and needs to be acknowledged as such and sometimes mourned, sometimes not. What you have are the two polarities: that the fetus itself is sacred, in false way, or that it is just nothing, just bits of tissue. Well, nothing is just bits of tissue, you need all your bits of tissue, except the ones that get sloughed off. You need them. You need your ears and your fingers. So on one end, there is a trivialization of the process, which is demeaning both to the parents and to the process itself, to the choice, to honor it, a choice. And on the other is a holding up of the developing cells as if it were a person. It is a project overseen by a Great Self, if you will. And it is all right to terminate the project. We assure you that the beings who wish to get into the world do.
   It would be wiser to pay attention to what you call birth control — since you love the word “control” — to pay attention to the rhythms of a body. Women’s bodies, men’s bodies. We have said before, conception can be... There are groups of people who know very well how not to have a child by the rhythm of their bodies. We are not suggesting you go out and try this, however. In lieu of that, you can make the choice as part of making love. It is not just a sort of extraneous inconvenience. It is part of the whole, of the totality of the choice you are making, in connecting with someone in a way that can produce a life. We would like to say that, along with encouraging a ritual and recognition when there has been a termination of a channel.

   Nancy: I’d like to know what happens to the souls of aborted children and how the experience of having an abortion affects the cells in the uterus of the potential mother.

   Micciah: It has much more of an effect on the mother. The totality of it is embraced by the soul. But with the mother, and the father, when there are undischarged emotions, uncared for feelings, unacknowledged trauma, then there is likely to be a physical representation of that scarring, whether it is literal scarring in the fallopian tubes or growths that proliferate in the uterus. What is not cared for and released may well appear, and it could appear in the father’s body as well. It would not have to appear in the genitals, it could appear in some other...
   It is like having a charge, a feeling that is not discharged and therefore starts to collect power around it, and has an impact in the body. It could have an impact not in the physical body but in the creative work or in the financial body. We will give you an example, because it would be not thought of in your culture. If a man fathers a child, and the channel is closed, the child is not brought to birth. If the father does not work with his feelings he may start to have difficulties in finance, in producing, because the sadness, or the anger, or the loss, or whatever, has never been dealt with. It will appear somewhere. That which is not cared for appears. It doesn’t appear as a punishment, it appears as a reminder. “Look at this, now. Look at this, what is occurring. This is important because it is a communication to you. You fathered a child, and the child was never born, and that was a loss. And now,” let us say, “you are losing money. You need to attend to the loss.”

   Nancy: My question is about the responsibility of parenting. It’s been said that children are borrowed.

   Micciah: That is true enough. Yes. Children are not things. Children belong to spirit, they are not objects. Your child is a being entrusting itself to your care. Some trust, yes? It takes an enormous amount of trust to be born into life. That is a big agreement. They are entrusting you to parent them in that particular life, and you are entrusting yourself to parent. The sadness is when a child is hoped to compensate for what the parent has lacked, or to be a possession. The child you bear has undoubtedly been your own parent or friend in other times. Children...
   You ghettoize children, your culture ghettoizes children. They have no power. Because they are not given any real power, they have developed, particularly as adolescents, a kind of wild sadness and terrorism. Children old people, and women are not given any power. So, part of the agreement with a child is that you empower each other, appropriately. We are not suggesting that children make decisions that they are not capable of making but that they have their dignity. They are not little “things.”
   It is a very potent agreement, both to be a child and to be a parent. Very potent. Very rich. It is hard for children to grow up in the nuclear family. It is a hard job. So much in a little tiny unit of that kind depends on the affection of the parents, whereas in an extended family, whether it’s a biological family or a family of friends, the child has other resources.
   We share with you much love. All the circumstances of your life can be unfolded, opened out, to reveal what is precious. Ordinary life is a handful of gems. We bid you a joyful new year and a very good afternoon.


Julie: Channeling is a little like that. That’s the end for now. What we do in class at the end of a session is go over the information, talk about it, evaluate it, find out what works for us individually and what doesn’t, and we invite you to do the same.
   Several final words. The thread that runs through my work of, which the channeling is one aspect, is healing. So, the thread of healing goes through my work with individuals, my teaching, my lecturing, my writing. And that healing, I believe, comes from a truthful exploration of one’s relationship with spirit. Spirit heals through us, and that healing enables us to be with the sacred nature of everyday life. I urge you to use your prayers and meditations toward experiencing the joy and sacred nature of life itself.

   Julie: “This channeling is meant to be a spiritual, emotional, intellec­tual, heartful, mindful journey that I share with another realm, that I share with my classes and that we all share with you. Please go over the material, evaluate it for yourself, and know what it is that you think about it.”