Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 41

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from the last day of 1985:
• Micciah discusses birth, abortion and birthing ourselves spiritually. View Section
• Are there agreements made by both men and women before birth whether or not to have children? Yes and no. A being is constantly in choice about all aspects of life, including parenting. View Section
• Acknowledging and completing the experience of abortion. Recognize, through ritual and statement, that a channel has been closed, and let it go. It is not murder. Honor the feelings involved; don’t demean them. The soul will find another channel or wait until a more appropriate time. View Section
• The effect of incompleted feelings about abortion on the body of the mother or father. Undischarged or unacknowledged feelings become physically represented in the body or in the person’s physical world. View Section
• The responsibility of parenting. “Your child is entrusting itself to your care... they belong to spirit; they are not objects.” Children and parents must empower each other. View Section
The session finishes. Ordinary life is a handful of gems. View Section

(The original tape drops out for over a minute toward the end. An onscreen transcript for the missing portion is read by Julie.)

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