Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 65

Some of Julie’s early work in channel about channeling from 1987.
Can doing this work, and these rituals, be dangerous or evil? This work could seem dangerous to dogmatic belief systems and rigid thought forms like those in organized religions. Experimenting with and revising your beliefs may seem dangerous. There is no hell and damnation. However, ritual created with the intent to do harm is dangerous to the creator because “what you create is with you.” View Section
What is the purpose of oracles and how can they be used? “[These] draw from your own pool of knowing/not knowing and show you what the inner landscape of your awareness is like.” View Section
Why do some people who begin automatic writing or channeling at first get very positive information, and then it becomes grandiose, punishing and authoritarian? “In the presence of a weakly-developed ego structure, the individual may draw up elements of its own internalized self-hater.” This voice will then take on the mask of a channel personality. View Section

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